Tarot Card Combinations for Soul Mates

Sometimes people come into our lives and we feel as if we already know them. In cases like that, it is entirely plausible that we have a past life connection to the other person. Could this be indicated by tarot cards in a reading somehow? Yes, absolutely! The main card from the Minor Arcana that indicates that we have a past …

3 of Swords Frideborg Tarot

Healing After Loss with Tarot and EFT

The other day, I was contemplating the sense of communion that accompanies the 3 of Cups. This led me to examine some of my own blocks to being fully in a state of communion with the All that Is and people around me. This may sound like a painful undertaking but I was motivated by an optimistic sense of curiousity …

Avoid these top 5 tarot reading mistakes

Avoid These Top 5 Tarot Reading Mistakes

Many people are quite nervous when they first start reading for others. Thankfully, most tarot readers are motivated by wanting to help others. This is a great start since sincerity goes a long way. However, there are pitfalls along the road to becoming the great reader you know you can be. Here is the heads up on what to be aware of and what to do about it.