Dating the Queen of Pentacles

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A Queen of Pentacles type Earth Mama is the ideal partner for someone who likes to come home to lovingly cooked meal every night. Especially if you don’t mind the cat, dog, 2 guinea pigs and 4 budgies co-habiting with you. A farmer looking for a wife should pray for the Queen of Pentacles to show up.

This card usually signifies a lady with lots of Earth Element influences in her chart. If you think this might be the Queen of your dreams, then please stay here to get to know this rather lovely lady a bit better. For the shady aspects of this Queen, see B*tch Please (reversed Queens).

Pros: Just being around her has a grounding and stabilising effect on you. You won’t have to wait for her to pop the kettle on and there will be extras (home-baked!) with your cuppa. She often uses food to show her love and appreciation of people.

Her grounded manner extends to the work sphere too and she is more than capable of holding down a career while raising a family. She’s a hard worker.

She usually holds traditional family values.

She enjoys pregnancy and child-birth and is willing to go through it time and time again.

Kids and pets all love her and she will quite happily feed any ‘strays’ that don’t get fed properly by their own parents or owners.

Her natural sense of style has universal appeal. She prefers perennial classics to the latest trends and fashions.

She is connected to nature and the land, and often well-respected by her neighbours.

Cons: She is usually quite set in her ways, even at a young age. If you like to think of yourself as ‘The Real Indiana Jones’ or the kind of guy who likes to play the Devil’s advocate in an argument she probably won’t enjoy your ‘antics.’

Because she is a hard worker, she is not very tolerant of laziness in others. If you describe yourself as ‘laid back to the point of horizontal,’ you’re probably better off looking elsewhere.

She can be quite judgemental of people who are prone to ‘flights of fancy.’

She often forgets to take as good care of number one as she does of everybody else. If you love her, you’ll help her with this.

Type of date she prefers: If you take her out for a meal, you’ll want to make it a place where the food is rated in the Guide Michelin. Otherwise she will compare it unfavourably to her own cooking.

A day out at the local farmer’s market would make a nice second date. Or maybe a hike. Just bring your antihistamines along if you’re allergic to dogs as she’ll have at least one in tow.

How to seduce the Queen of Pentacles: Appeal to her sensual earthy nature and use scents and touch in particular. Token gifts of appreciation will score high points with this Queen. Think real gold rather than gold-plated and puh-lease, not lower than 14K. Quality counts!

Her best match: The King of Pentacles, because a) they work well together and b) both aim for stability with the interest of future generations at heart.

Her worst match: The Knight of Swords because a) there is simply no spark… I get a vision of tumble weeds when I picture these two together b) his quest for ‘truth’ seems like a complete and utter waste of time to her when the cows need milking.

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