The Queen of Swords from the Simply Deep tarot

Dating the Queen of Swords

So you have the hots for the Queen of Swords, huh? Want the lowdown and learn how to win her mind? Yes, I said mind. She often considers romantic love too cheesy to consult her heart. That’s not to say she won’t fall in love but it has to make sense to her.

The Queen of Swords is usually heavy on the Element of Air in her chart. Her Sun or Rising sign is likely to be Gemini or Libra. She gets off on the subtleties of word usage but sometimes enjoys sarcasm to the point of turning into a bit of a bea-otch. If this is the case, you may find B*tch Please (reversed Queens) to be of more use to you.

Pros: She is witty and holds her own in any conversation which definitely helps in a first date scenario. Less of the ‘awkward silence’ moments! She has an opinion about lots of things but is usually tactful enough to avoid coming across as arrogant.

She’s too level-headed to fall head over heels in love or start planning what she’s going to name your children after the second date.

She’s fair and not prone to emotional manipulation.

Least likely to aim for ‘kept woman’ status.

Very little reading between the lines is needed… Ah, but you still need to learn what women really mean:

deadly words used by women

Cons: She might struggle with making her mind up and usually don’t mind dating (or talking to) a few guys at the same time. Develop an intelligent strategy to capture her mind if your intent is to capture her heart long-term.  If you’re insecure about your own intellectual prowess, you would do better looking elsewhere. (I.e. if you had to google the meaning of the word prowess.)

Also, if you’re the type of guy who thinks a good woman should talk less and cook more, this one’s not for you! Prepare to fork out for meals out and take-aways. Don’t worry, she’ll usually offer to go dutch in the name of fairness and equality. The kitchen simply isn’t her domain, dah-ling – she has more important things to do, don’t you know!

She’s not very forgiving.

Type of date she prefers: First date would be somewhere quiet where you can talk and get to know each other. If you’re lucky enough to get more than one date, take her somewhere intellectually stimulating or for a hike in Nature if her mind is buzzing and she needs to ground. You probably won’t need to guess which would be the better option as she’s likely to tell you.

How to seduce the Queen of Swords: Always remember that her brain is her biggest erogenous zone. She might get off on dirty talk. But make sure you get to know her very well first before you broach the topic. Foot in mouth disease is not something she forgives in a hurry.

Her best match: The King of Wands, because a) visionary men (yes, plural) tickle her mind and b) she’s not too attached to her homeland to go roaming the world with him.

Her worst match: The Knight of Cups as a) she might to try to diagnose him with bipolar disorder because of his emotional ups and downs and b) because his love poems leave her cold.


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  1. Hey Lisa,

    I always get the QOS during Tarot, but I’m mostly made up of Earth signs in my natal chart (6 of them!). Does it matter though Venus is in Gemini for me? QOS fits me to a tee, though I may be able to attach myself emotionally much easier than her. Well then again, that is typical women, isn’t it?

    Great post, as usual 🙂

    1. Thanks auy! Venus in Gemini definitely matters as it affects how you relate in intimate relationships. Also, which HOUSES your earth sign planets reside in would be of interest. Any planets in houses 3, 7 and 11?

  2. I only know my sun sign (Libra) and I am the QS to a tee. I should present this to anyone considering dating me. KW fits too (air and fire are highly compatible, air feeds fire and fire warms air). 🙂

  3. What if she is a QoS in disguise? ;p I am actually both QoS and QoC, it makes for intersting mood swings and that is probably why I have not been on a date in like forever 🙂

    1. With Moon in Pisces and Gemini Rising, I sympathise with that comment, Anton. No person is 100% only one archetype… We’re a mix. To identify with only one court card would be a bit like identifying only with your Sun sign in astrology. I’ll let you in on a little secret: I really struggled writing this post as I’m close to my own Moon time therefore closer to my lunar self 🙂

      1. I often think of the Queen of Swords reversed as being the wounded woman–she may be edgy (or as you said a bitch) but it normally comes out of pain…What are your thoughts?

    1. Pretty much all dysfunctional personality traits are signs of woundedness and of not being loved unconditionally during our formative years – it’s just how we defend ourselves that varies. The Q of S defends herself with her tongue.

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