The Warrior from the Tarot of the Sidhe

The Ace of Wands is called The Warrior in the Tarot of the Sidhe and I can’t begin to tell you how much I love that the Fire/Wands cards are Warriors in this deck. Among the Earth Angel realms, the Galactic Knight is one of the realms I resonated most strongly with and considered before I realised that I am a Shapeshifter of Arcturian origins.

We need more people who are truly on fire for our beloved home planet and busy manifesting their dreams and desires. Nothing can change for the better without this spark of Fire… and boy do we need change on this planet!

Complacently we eat the same old meat produced in industries where animals are tortured and killed. Without discernment of what our souls and minds need to blossom, we watch the same old soaps that turn our brains to mush. With icy cold disregard, we buy our clothes in shops that use child labour and sweat shops in the manufacturing process…

When will the warrior within awaken?

An invocation to the Fire Sidhe

Fae of Fire, passion and strife
Ignite in us the spark of a life
That is worthy and true
Inspire us to arrange a coup
Against the consumerist mind
Help us look within and find
the memory of what we once knew.
Help us see that we are blind.
Open the eyes of our hearts and light the flame –
Make wild again that which society made tame!

Fairy Blissings,


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