7 Ways to Create Support and Clarity for Yourself

Support from Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue

Earlier today, I was involved in a discussion about the importance of mental clarity for being able to give clear readings and to channel information from other beings. Somebody asked me what I had done to achieve greater clarity and I thought that writing all the changes I have made in the past few months would make a fabulous blog post. However, I wanted it to be about more than mental clarity; I want to help people feel truly supported on their path because I feel there can be no clarity unless you do feel supported.

Today’s Angel card from the Healing with the Angels Oracle was confirmation of this and of the fact that the more clarity we gain, the more supported we start feeling. It becomes an upward, positive spiral of faith, love and communion with those loving spirits we cannot always see or sense.

So, in no particular order…

7 Changes I Made for Clarity &  Support

  • Cut back on and then completely stopped drinking alcohol. It’s been a very gradual process for me. I used to enjoy red wine with my meal almost daily for a while and I know that my body really did not like this. It’s quite easy to tell when you have a couple of underlying autoimmune issues. My mood is much less up and down than it was and the quality of my sleep has improved too. This is pretty basic stuff for both mental clarity and feeling balanced/supported. I don’t miss alcohol at all. If people ask me what my favourite tipple is, I just say ‘Green Fairy‘ and wink, knowing full well that nobody in this country is stocked up on absinthe.
  • Stopped eating meat (mainly plant-based diet but with fish occasionally) and bread/gluten. I still allow myself bread or cake as a rare treat but I know that my energy channels will be clogged up for the next 24 hours.
  • Intermittent fasting was a key move for both making me more sensitive to my body’s needs and more spiritually attuned to that still small voice within. It sensitised me and made it easier to shed a ton of bad habits. During my two weekly fast days, I focus on spiritual development. I held up with the fasting for a couple of weeks to see what would happen… I missed the fasting too much because rather than having felt deprived, those days enriched my life so much spiritually. It is true what they say, ‘Man shall not live by bread alone’
  • Positive affirmations. I get up and do my daily Tarot + Angel Card reading for myself and then I create two positive affirmations to use throughout the day.
  • Prayer. I start and end each day with prayer. There is nothing better for helping you feel supported. I try to maintain an attitude of prayer and thanksgiving throughout the day.
  • I stopped comparing myself to others and telling myself that there was something I had to achieve to be enough, and vowed instead to re-member my own magnificence.
  • I reconnected with the Elemental realm. The longing to do so started back in 2011 and had been growing stronger again for a while, when I was guided to take the Fairyologist course with Doreen Virtue. I immersed myself completely and this really helped me re-member who I was, as well as to finally understand my own Earth Angel Realm, the Incarnated Muse, which had not yet been discovered but which I have now been able to channel through a lot of information for.

I hope this inspires you to find more clarity and support on your journey. For every problem and every heartache there is grace, if we only remember to lift our eyes and ask for help. Each of us have several spirit helpers who are literally waiting for us to reach out: angels, spirit guides, faery and animal guides, dragon guides and departed loved ones… you are in their circle of love right now.

So close your eyes for a minute and feel their love…


Angel Blessings