Faery Forecast 12-18 December

ängsälvor av nils blommér

Happy Faery Friday! As usual on a Friday, we are celebrating the Goddess and getting our guidance from the realm of the Fae. Today I felt drawn to dig out my Mother Mary Oracle for the spiritual theme in the week ahead. The Water faeries were calling to me for the general, three-part guidance so here we find the Oracle of the Mermaids.

Faery Forecast 12-18 December

Spiritual guidance for the week ahead: Our Lady of Becoming brings a promise of things unfolding under the surface to help you blossom. You are meant to blossom into the fullness of who you are because you are unique and bring unique gifts to the planet. When you begin aligning with your life purpose, you will meet both support and resistance. If you trust yourself enough to know the difference, you will understand to say no to the ego and in a timely fashion say yes to your Higher Self instead.

This week is a time of purification and allowing everything that isn’t a true reflection of who you are deep down to be washed away.

Affirmation of the week: I surrender to my purpose and trust my inner guidance.

Monday – Tuesday: Experiments speaks of a need to get back to a more natural way of living. Give your food and beauty product choices and overhaul and make sure they are as natural and cruelty-free as possible. You are already one of the ‘good ones’ if you are reading this. You are a natural empath and you don’t want any part in the cruel experiments that are taking place on our planet. However, you may not have been checking to see if your make-up has been tested on animals or if the cleaning products you use pollute our oceans. There is always more we can do to help Mother Earth.

As for food choices, most fish and other forms of ‘sea food’ come from unnatural exploitation of the ocean – an ocean already so polluted, you are probably better off going plant-based for that reason alone!

Wednesday – Thursday: Time and Tide tells us that the middle of the week is a good time for ritual purification and being in communion with Mother God, either under the light of the Moon or by the sea.

We all have individual ways in which we relate to the Great Mother, so I won’t advice you on the how… but please, do seek her in stillness and with some sort of formality to let all of creation know that you are in her service.

The Weekend: Song of the Siren is about freeing our voice. You have a unique sound and your voice has a signature which can unlock great treasures that nobody else can unlock. If you are afraid of making your voice heard or if you think you can’t sing, ask the Mermaids for help with unblocking your fifth chakra. Sign up to join a local choir or practise making a speech – chances are that one day you’ll be called on to speak in public!


I have also been told to share the video below because it will help you understand the magic of your voice.


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