Faery Forecast 7 – 13 November 2016


Namafae, Faery Lovers! Happy Faery Friday! The forecast for the week ahead, beginning on the 7th of November, brings a focus on personal power and owning it like a BOSS!  Faeries don’t fall prey to the temptation to feel powerless because they SEE how everything is connected and understand their own role in creation… Do you?

Do you know that there is nobody more powerful in your life than you? Do you know that nobody else can hold power over you unless you give them permission? Do you know that it is YOUR boundless power that seeds the creation of your own destiny? These are questions worth pondering in the week ahead…

Monday-Tuesday: Your confidence receives a boost thanks to someone recognising a job well done. Bask in the glory of this public recognition but understand that true confidence comes from within and trusting yourSELF. Whomever we give the power to lift us up, we also grant the power to tear us down. That is why wise people in the public eye never read what the press prints about them.

Wednesday-Thursday: A beautiful time for making your dreams come true. Be careful what you wish for because your powers of manifestation are growing by the minute as you start trusting yourself and your ability to make things happen. Be wary of sending out mixed signals to the Universe. Use positive affirmations to overcome the temptation of doubt. This Watery 9 corresponds with Jupiter in Pisces. It could be easy to overindulge or to come across expanding in more than one direction at once. Maintain your focus and temper your intake of food and drink. Do not let addictive substances steal your power.

The Weekend: Your analytical ability is keen now. Use it to establish your path and how to best grow your career. Do not let people take advantage of your kindness. Remember to charge your worth. This card can also indicate a need to be cruel to be kind. Someone may need to hear a few home truths – don’t be afraid to deliver them. If you lose them from your life because of it, they were never meant to be there in the first place.

Faery Tarot Forecast

The image of the Moon in the first card is a nudge to pay attention to the lunar cycle this week. The Moon is waxing, so this is a good time to grow and expand – just make sure to do so with precision and faith that you are supported so that self-doubt doesn’t get the best of you! That way you set yourself up for a wonderful celebration of the sweet Taurus Full Moon on Monday, the following week. The Taurus Full Moon is auspicious for both love and money so work away at both those areas patiently and with confidence in the days to come…


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