Faery Tarot Forecast 21-27 November


Happy Faery Friday, my lovelies! Friday belongs to Nature, the Goddess and the Fae here on the Angelorum blog. As usual, I am sharing my forecast for the week ahead this morning and today I’m working with the MAGICAL MESSAGES FROM THE FAIRIES and FAIRIE TAROT.

Faery Tarot Forecast 21-29 November

Spiritual message for the week ahead: You’ve Got the Power!

“Sometimes the reason God doesn’t show up to win your battles is because he already put inside of you the power to end it.”
― Shannon L. Alder

It’s a little annoying when you find a quote that says exactly what you want to say, only better and in a more succinct format… but there you have it and I have little to add to the quote above… except maybe something I posted on Facebook earlier this morning:

When we are at war with ourselves, we often don’t even know what we are fighting for. You will SEE what it is you are fighting for when you BELIEVE it. Have FAITH in Love and Truth. Place yourself in a state of EASE and watch the floodgates of grace open up.

Monday – Tuesday: 3 of Swords

OK, so the week isn’t exactly starting on a high note but let us find the grace in this the most dreaded of Tarot cards. The simple grace in the 3 of Swords is that being severely wounded allows us to open up to greater levels of grace.

“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.”
― Rumi

On a practical level this means that you need to accept the pain for it to start easing up. What we resist persists. The pain and sorrow you feel in your heart is not there to bring you down but to teach you how to raise yourself up.

Wednesday – Thursday: 9 of Swords

Are you looking around you more than you are looking to heaven for help and guidance? Then that is why you find yourself battling anxiety or worry in the middle of the week. Sure, there are many things we could be worrying about…  but you are here to not only raise yourself up – you are here to help your neighbour.

‘Who is my neighbour?’ I hear you asking. Anybody on your path who could do with a helping hand or even just a smile. By empathising with your neighbour, you move the buzzing nervous energy from your head to your heart.

“When you’re nervous, focus on service!”
― Doreen Virtue

The Weekend: Page of Pentacles

Spend some time studying this weekend. Engage in activities that ground you, bring you health and help you develop new perspectives on the world around you. Look at things around you as if you were a child. Question your habits – especially the ones that make you ill or hold you back.

Now, on the Waning Moon, is a good time to detox and let go of stuff that is not a reflection of how truly powerful you are. Saturday is the day for any ritual of banishment. Use a black candle to banish any negative influence or habit.

“Ego expands to fill the space not filled with knowledge.”
― Jeffrey Armstrong


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