Week Ahead Faery Forecast 19-25 December

Week Ahead Faery Tarot Forecast

Happy Faery Friday! This is the last week ahead forecast before the holidays.  Like last week, I felt drawn to work with the Mother Mary Oracle for the general spiritual guidance in the week ahead. For the three-part Tarot reading this week, I’m using the Flower Spirit Cards together with the Faerie Tarot.

The theme for the week ahead is nourishing and relating. As you can see, all three of the Tarot cards are from among the Courtiers so other people will have a big role to play. Because of this, and because it is not unusual to feel as if there is not enough of us to go around this time of the year, Mother Mary brings us a message of nurturing. We must take time out of our busy schedules to care for our own health and wellbeing.

In all the busy-ness of the Season, we should make it a priority to create a soft, nourishing environment where it’s OK for things to take a bit longer than expected. Thinking of nursing a hungry baby… It takes however long it takes, so breathe and enjoy the warmth and the closeness. The softer things take precedence over presents. The gift of time creates a win-win for everyone and allows us to stock up on oxytocin for when we most needed… usually for when a certain member of the family comes around.

Slowing everything down a titch will actually work really well for getting things done more effectively. So every time you feel yourself rushing simply use your breath to bring yourself back to a relaxed and comfortable pace. You can use the following affirmation if you like:

I move as slowly as I please so that I can get things done with grace and ease.

Monday – Tuesday: Wild Carrot combines with the King of Pentacles to give us a softer edge as we rush around and finish up our preparations for the celebration ahead. Money matters may require your attention at the start of the week.

You may also find that you are a soft touch for people in need… Go ahead, it is the Season of Giving, after all!

Wednesday – Thursday: Evening Primrose and the Queen of Cups is a sign that you will be feeling extra sensitive in the middle of the week. Other people’s words and actions affect you deeply. Be careful to not get into a blame game or to be reactive/act in a passive-aggressive manner.

Focus on getting your emotional needs from within, rather than depending on others. Beware of the kind of entitlement that media nurtures right now. The human dream of the perfect Christmas looks like finally getting everything we ‘deserve’ (or rather feel entitled too), including the love and attention of family, friends and lovers. The divine dream of the perfect Christmas looks totally different. It is about using the empathy of that Queen of Cups to reach out to those most in need…

The Weekend: Globe Thistle and the Knight of Cups is an extremely psychic duo. The Christmas weekend is a wonderful time for dreamwork. Why not make it into a game and ask everyone to share their dreams on Christmas Day. Trust your own ability to interpret everyone’s dreams on the day – you are totally fit for the role of Oracle extraordinaire!

Be aware of a tendency to overindulge though. The Knight of Cups is known for his thirst. If you partake of alcoholic beverages your pineal gland will glow dimly.

All in all, the week ahead looks like it will be filled with love and nurturing, making for a rather lovely time to take some time off work and celebrate! If you’re having to work, focus on being a light to everyone in the workplace. There are many ways to nurture and care for others, and also to include yourself in the circle of care so that you don’t burn yourself out.

I like that there is no emphasis on ‘stuff’ at all in this reading – it’s all about people and making more room for loving and nurturing. The Christmas commercials all make us think we or our children couldn’t possibly be happy without getting the latest gadgets, but we won’t be buying their lies this year, will we?

Happy Holidays!



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