13 Basic Tenets of ChristoFaerianism


The great religions are the ships, Poets the life boats. Every sane person I know has jumped overboard.
~ Hafiz of Persia

    1. Jesus Christ is the way, the truth and the life.
    2. Grace. His mission and redemptive work has made salvation through grace possible for all souls who incarnate in 3D and who exist in 4D, such as the Fae and souls of humans who are waiting to ascend on the other side.
    3. Christ and the Fae. Jesus Christ works directly with the leaders of the Elemental Realm to stabilise life on Earth long enough for all souls to ascend. The crystal staurolite carries the vibration of the Fae and Jesus Christ more strongly than any other crystal and is used to hold the connection for those of us on a ChristoFaerian Path. The actual physical crystal is not necessary. Saying the names ‘Fairy Cross’ or ‘Staurolite‘ works just as well, as an ‘on switch,’ and allows the ChristoFaerian to channel the highest possible Elemental messages.
    4. Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ has sent the Holy Spirit to be with each soul who seeks the Highest Good of All, for guidance, comfort and power. This Spirit is the Light that infuses and inspires spiritual texts and religious scriptures on all Paths. It is the Spirit that makes ‘miracles’ possible.
    5. Deities. All deities exist in some form of trinity. Jesus Christ is part of the highest trinity known to mankind, Elementals and all ET’s currently in communication with mankind. Some prefer the term ‘Ascended Masters’ but we are talking about the same thing, just as ‘Source’ is just another name for God.
    6. Angels. The Angelic realm is in service to this trinity which sprang forth from the One Cause of all existence. The Angels do not have free will and never interfere with free will but willingly assist anyone calling out for help.
    7. Angels and the Elemental Realm. As part of their service to this trinity, the Angels work as overseers of all life on Earth, in very close connection with the Devas (the most powerful Nature spirits), who in turn delegate tasks to other Nature Spirits, down to the elemental in charge of just one blade of grass. The four Archangels in charge of the four elements, Fire (Michael), Water (Gabriel), Air (Raphael) and Earth (Uriel), are overseers of the salamanders, undines, sylphs and gnomes respectively.
    8. Star Elementals. Elves, Dragons, Unicorns, Star Dolphins and Muses are Fae who were first seeded in other star systems. They came to share their wisdom with the Earth Elementals and any humans open to receive. Some are new to Earth life and some have incarnated many times over on Earth. J.R.R Tolkien is an example of a human who was very attuned to this wisdom.
    9. Scripture. There is no written material for the ChristoFaerian Path, other than these basic tenets, which are by no means to be considered dogma, although that may change if more channelled material comes through. All texts, including many parts of the Bible, containing Source Light can be considered good soul food on this Path. Please ask the Spirit within for discernment and above all always trust your inner guidance. You are divine too and will always be able to recognise the Light by how it brings peace. It may help to visualise the White Dove of Holy Spirit if you are ever in doubt.
    10. Places of worship. There are no temples other than the Love we feel for Christ and Mother Earth. Jesus Christ never built a temple and never instructed his disciples to do so. ChristoFaerians may worship in their own homes, in Nature, in Christian Churches or in any form of Interfaith gathering where people come together in the name of light and love.
    11. Freedom from judgement. There is no judgement or condemnation of other living beings. Nobody is too evil to be redeemed should they choose to surrender to love. In the end everyone will surrender because the illusion of fear is temporary.
    12. Non-duality. There is no duality, other than the illusion which is the 3D hologram created for our soul’s benefit.
    13. Magick. ChristoFaerians attune to the cycles of Nature, the Wheel of the Year and the Moon, and understand that there are spiritual forces guiding these cycles. Working together with these forces using magick tools to create change (always for the Highest Good of All) is one form of ChristoFaerian magick. It is White Magick of the highest order. The other form is pure imagination, which is how Source creates. The latter will become the only form of magick once we ascend into 5D and is already the only form of magick needed/used in 4D.


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