Faerie Enchantments Giveaway!

faerie enchantments ian daniels giveaway

It’s been almost a year since I found the Faerie Enchantments Magik Divination Cards on Kickstarter and I have been eagerly looking forward to receiving my two copies. The idea was always to do a giveaway for this deck and I feel so blessed that it arrived today because I don’t really have time to do a proper blog today – It’s one of those mad days where everything is happening at once and I have to take my daughter to the dentists on top!

Some of you may already be aware of the art of Ian Daniels thanks to his beautiful Tarot of Vampyres. Though there are similarities due to the very distinctive art work, this deck is an entirely different kettle of fish. It’s not a Tarot deck and it’s not a traditional oracle deck – It’s a deck for doing magik with but it can also be used for divination, of course.

Take a peek inside the companion book…

faerie enchantments companion book

And check these rose gold edges out… ahhhhhhhh…

rose gold edges faerie enchantments

And here we have some sample card images…

faerie enchantments sample card images

and some more…

faerie enchantments sample card images 2

and some more cards…

faerie enchantments sample card images 3

Bet you are dead curious to find out what the card backs look like?! Haha, there aren’t any! Instead, you have magikal meanings, correspondences and symbols on the reversed side…

faerie enchantments sample card images 4

So here we are – I have one opened deck (which I’m keeping for now)… and one lovely shrink-wrapped deck, hot off the press and looking for a loving home. Will it be yours? This is how to take part:

faerie enchantments win the deck giveaway

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Good luck, everyone!

Faery Blessings

Lisa Frideborg