“What was the lesson?” Break-Up Tarot Spread

No lengthy introduction is needed for this spread. We’ve all been there… We thought he was the One and it turned out to be just another lesson. Sometimes it’s worth not looking over your shoulder but certain relationships leave you thinking there’s a lesson you were meant to get. If that’s how you feel then that’s your truth and you need to honour it… Tarot to the rescue!

Angel Heart Healing

Heart-Healing with the Angels and Tarot

This is a simple three card spread you can do if you need heart-healing after a divorce or break-up. It can also be used for any other types of grief and loss. Simply get your cards out, light a candle and invoke your guardian angel. It doesn’t matter if you know your angel by name – s/he will still hear …


The “Help I’m Single Again!” Tarot Spread

Layout for the ‘Help I’m Single Again’ Tarot Spread **********13*14*15********** ******************************* *****3*******1(2 )*****7***** ***4*5*6***********8*9*10** ************11(12)*********** Cards 2 and 12 cross cards 1 and 11.   1. Where you’re at 2. Your biggest challenge to moving forward 3. The main influence in your most recent relationship, or what brought you together 4. What you brought to the relationship 5. The quality …