Sex – The Most Overlooked Key to Healing

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“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ~ Oscar Wilde What is man’s primary motivation after survival? To reproduce. This drive is so strong that it completely overrides reasoning. If mankind was ruled by reasoning rather than its sex drive, we wouldn’t have an overpopulated planet. Simples. And anyone who was physically unable to reproduce would opt for adoption rather than IVF 100 times out of 100. Our sex drive gives us...

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Power dynamics and D/s – Mars in the Tarot cards

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Which cards will reveal that what you think of as romance or even true love, is really a thinly veiled power dynamic with all the trappings of a passionate love affair? Before asking the cards, you will have probably already experienced the push-me-pull-you dynamic present in any relationship with power as a core theme. It could even be less subtle, in which case you would probably refer to this is a love/hate relationship. Before looking at individual cards, I want to make...

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