Sex – The Most Overlooked Key to Healing

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“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.” ~ Oscar Wilde What is man’s primary motivation after survival? To reproduce. This drive is so strong that it completely overrides reasoning. If mankind was ruled by reasoning rather than its sex drive, we wouldn’t have an overpopulated planet. Simples. And anyone who was physically unable to reproduce would opt for adoption rather than IVF 100 times out of 100. Our sex drive gives us vitality, a sense of wellbeing and power when it is unfettered. The latter this is precisely why those in power sought to fetter it… so that they would be able to control us through fear (first chakra/masculine sexuality) and guilt (second chakra/female sexuality). The simple truth is you cannot be completely healed unless you are emotionally free and you cannot be emotionally free when your sexuality is enslaved/subjected to fear and guilt. So how can we liberate ourselves sexually? By understanding that… * Your body is yours and as long you do not hurt/harm another being, nobody can impose restrictions on how or with whom you express yourself sexually * All religion is inherently flawed precisely because it disempowers people sexually * You need to have sex regularly (sex with self counts too!) for your immune system to remain fully functioning * Sexuality as portrayed by most porn is heavily flavoured with the fear and guilt mentioned above * Tantra (sacred union) is the way forward for total healing and wellbeing * There is nothing shameful about our naked bodies * We need to teach our children to love and respect their bodies and stop talking about sex or certain body parts (bits? WTF?!) as dirty/naughty * In Victorian times a woman who enjoyed sex was labeled clinically insane (this is only a few generations back, people!), so women are still especially prone to shaming (slut shaming, anyone?) if they happen to be healthy and actually really love to fuck * We are moving away from a binary view of sexuality… You are not either male or female, straight or gay… there are a multitude of flavours out there and they are all OK Do you struggle with loving your body and its drives/urges? You have probably been programmed to believe this is life-long struggle. You have been lied to. You can let go of the shame and guilt right here, right now. You can revisit past memories which make you blush with a new, compassionate understanding that you reacted a certain way to certain circumstances only because you were disempowered and now that you know better you can do better… and begin to simply ENJOY! When I was a Physiotherapy student at the Karolinska University of Stockholm, Sweden, I had the pleasure of sitting through a lecture about our immune system. Apparently, research proves that people who have sex frequently have 30% higher immunoglobin levels than...

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Power dynamics and D/s – Mars in the Tarot cards

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Which cards will reveal that what you think of as romance or even true love, is really a thinly veiled power dynamic with all the trappings of a passionate love affair? Before asking the cards, you will have probably already experienced the push-me-pull-you dynamic present in any relationship with power as a core theme. It could even be less subtle, in which case you would probably refer to this is a love/hate relationship. Before looking at individual cards, I want to make clear that all relationship dynamics serve a purpose and hence there is no judgement associated with any of them. They exist to teach us valuable lessons and have been created by subconscious portions of the self, looking for an expression in order to be brought to the light and healed. In the Tarot, cards indicating a (sexual) power dynamic often relate to the Mars cards. Mars is the masculine expression of the sexual energy and is found in both genders but to a higher degree in men since it is directly related to blood testosterone levels. The Mars cards are: The Tower (Planetary trump of Mars), 2 of Wands (Mars in Aries), 3 of Pentacles (Mars in Capricorn), 5 of Cups (Mars in Scorpio), 7 of Wands (Mars in Leo), 9 of Swords (Mars in Gemini), 10 of Cups (Mars in Pisces) In terms of dominance and submission, The Tower itself is pure dominance and the most submissive of the Mars cards is the 10 of Cups. Mars in Pisces is prone to lack (healthy) boundaries and very eager to please. Tower sex is focused on sexual gratification for the sake of sexual gratification and it will take what it wants when it wants it. If you’re in the mood to be ravaged, you have nothing to fear but if you are looking for a more delicate and romantic expression in love-making, you will want to steer clear of the Tower. 10 of Cups only cares about the needs of the Other. The biggest turn-ons for a 10 of Cups type of person would be being told what to do and to be made to feel as if they are of service. This applies regardless of gender. However, the 10 of Cups usually does not usually feel the need to express their submissive tendencies overtly and is highly adaptable in a sexual relationship. It is only when they meet a sexually dominant partner who coaxes them on that they are likely to start experimenting. In and of itself, the 2 of Wands can describe a relationship based on a power dynamic. However, this need not always be a negative thing. Properly channelled and provided there are other redeeming qualities, the tension between these two partners can be used creatively and in positive ‘competition’ where both parties spark off each other and want to be the best they can...

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