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10 Signs That You Are Called to Practise Angelic Tarot

1. You are an angel lover
You have loved angels all your life and can’t for your life understand how anyone could not believe in these benevolent divine helpers. You probably have images and angel figurines dotted around your house to remind yourself that angelic support and guidance is always available. You may collect angel-themed Tarot and oracle decks.

Root Chakra card and red jasper chakra stone

7 Root Chakra Healers

The root/base chakra is the energy centre located at the base of the spine that relates to issues surrounding survival, security, sexuality, fear and the adrenal gland fight/flight response. Any time you feel fearful of poverty or ill health, this energy centre is taxed and the flow of energy becomes blocked. The main requirement for a healthy root chakra on the emotional level is a basic trust that you are supported in life.

virgo star sign tarot and astrology correspondences for health

Anatomical, Physiological and Emotional Holistic Tarot and Astrology Correspondences

  These are the (mainly) Golden Dawn Astrological correspondences I use in Holistic Tarot readings for health-related questions: 0. The Fool (Uranus/Air) – The central nervous system, breathing 1. The Magician (Mercury) – Speech and communication issues 2. The High Priestess (The Moon) – The female cycle 3. The Empress (Venus) – Skin, buttocks, female fertility, pregnancy and STI’s 4. …

Charlatans, Cards and Curses (with Sample Holistic Tarot Reading)

After writing and tweeting about Holistic Tarot vs Fortune-telling quite a lot recently, I found myself under fire and had to block a couple of Tarot readers who thought it was a good idea to reply with attacks on my person. This is the tweet that drew the fire: A #Holistic #Tarot reading is like the natural remedy which treats …

The Totem Tarot Spread

Your totem animal is a spirit guide in animal form who is part of your spirit guide entourage for either a period of time (in connection with a specific life lesson) or your entire life (personal power animal). You can have more than one totem/power animal and they can change as you go through different developmental stages in life. Totem …