Top 10 Romantic Tarot Decks

Today I am revisiting some of my favourite Tarot decks for love and relationship readings. I should probably mention that the Golden Tarot of Botticelli and the DruidCraft both do double duty – the former is perfect for readings about prosperity and the Druidcraft is an excellent ‘all rounder.’ I have revised this list slightly since it was first published on the Tarotize blog, to include the Tarot of Sexual Magic which wasn’t published at the time this article was first posted and which quickly became a real work horse for me.

Tarot Card Combinations for Soul Mates

Sometimes people come into our lives and we feel as if we already know them. In cases like that, it is entirely plausible that we have a past life connection to the other person. Could this be indicated by tarot cards in a reading somehow? Yes, absolutely! The main card from the Minor Arcana that indicates that we have a past …

Avoid These Top 5 Tarot Reading Mistakes

Many people are quite nervous when they first start reading for others. Thankfully, most tarot readers are motivated by wanting to help others. This is a great start since sincerity goes a long way. However, there are pitfalls along the road to becoming the great reader you know you can be. Here is the heads up on what to be aware of and what to do about it.

The “Help I’m Single Again!” Tarot Spread

It’s OK to take a time out from dating if you are recently single but you know best when you are ready to start dating again. People are often quick to tell their ‘single and looking’ friends that ‘It will happen when you least expect it.’ I know for a fact that isn’t always the case. The cards gave me the heads up when I was months away from meeting the man I’d end up marrying… and they could do that for you too!

The Mystical Sign Tarot Spread

Have you ever had something quite extraordinary that seems to defy natural explanations happen to you? It seems to be some kind of miracle or sign that cannot quite be explained but you know that it is highly significant. I created the 5 card spread above for just this kind of event. It is an adaptable Tarot spread and can also be used for dream interpretation.