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My Angelic Encounters

guardian angel

Recent events have made me think about what knowledge of the angels truly belongs to me and isn’t an overlay of things I have unconsciously ‘magpied’ from spiritual teachers and stories that others have told me. This post is about me getting clarity for myself… and if it inspires you then so be it – I hope it will… 

My first angelic encounter dates all the way back to 1976 and the Out-of-Body experience I had back then. I was falling asleep in my bed when I felt a big hand scoop me up and into the heart of the cosmos. I was six years old at the time and much has faded from memory but what I can report back is that I know with certainty that this was an out-of-body experience because I came back with a knowledge of the existence of higher realms. I had been shown colours that don’t exist on earth and I heard the singing of what was most likely choirs of angels.

While I cannot be 100% sure about the meaning of this experience was, I know it gave me hope. This was a direct experience of a realm of unconditional love and beauty that simply had no equivalent on Earth and though I didn’t know how to label it then, I think it’s safe to say it falls under ‘angelic encounters’ – this is my inner knowing of what happened and I choose to trust it.

I was also returned to my body with a deep inner knowing and faith in God – our loving creator… and I remember feeling as if I had visited my true home and now I had to back into this foreign land.

The next encounter happened when I was 15 and was rescued from a rapist by my Guardian Angel. It was also evidence of a strong psychic bond with my father who went into a trance when this happened and – unable to move – sent my sister to go and get me.

This happened in the summer of 1985 in a big park in Stockholm City. I was sunbathing close to the edge of a wooded area of the park. It was quite far away from any other people so you can imagine my terror when a man emerged from the trees and pinned me down, face down on my blanket. He started whispering all the things he was going to do with me and I have probably never been more terrified. Then a calm came over me and I heard a voice shout ‘Go!’… I did as the voice told me and though I was still pinned down, I managed to shake the man off as if he as light as a feather and run almost all the way back home which was about a mile and half away when my sister came running in the opposite direction.

We were both out of breath and she asked me ‘What happened? Dad went all weird and shouted at me to run and get you because he said he could see you getting raped.’ This may sound really weird but I believe an angel had put my dad in a trance state because there was nothing he could do about what was happening… Kind of a ‘We’ve got this!’

Even weirder is that I never talked to anyone about this for many years… I guess I was in shock for quite a while after the event.

I think my own Guardian Angel intervened physically in this instance and for this I shall be ever grateful.

Speaking about Guardian Angels, my third encounter is me finally meeting my Guardian Angel. He introduced himself while I was resting on my bed. I wasn’t sleeping or even falling asleep… I was just deliciously relaxed. Suddenly I feel a change in air pressure above me and a warm, tingly sensation all over my body.

There is someone hovering above me and I have an inner knowing that this is an angel. Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to ask his name. He introduced himself as Jeremiel. I know that he is there and I have received some information about the angelic realm by him but I don’t chat with him that much. I just don’t feel the need. In truth, I feel that Angels don’t want us to focus too much on them. They want us to focus on our mission instead.

The next encounter happened about a year later. Again, while I was in a very relaxed state during a Reiki treatment at a holistic fair. With my eyes closed I perceive a huge angel next to the healer… A blue light angel. After the session, I asked the healer if she knew there was an angel in the room. She said, ‘Yes, I always call on Archangel Michael before I begin.’

Archangel Metatron has also appeared to me in meditation and I can’t remember when this first happened but I would say it is within the past couple of years. Because I felt a personal connection with Metatron, I decided to try this attunement key and I felt his presence keenly while I signed the key over my leg. I guess this is a ‘mixed encounter’ since it was guided by another but I invite you to try it for yourself and see…

The other reason I mention Metatron is because I actually find him easy to talk to. He revealed to me that one of his incarnations is as Merlin (sic!). Other than that, I found that Angels are beings of few or no words. I think it’s good to be weary of people who claim to be channelling reams and reams of angelic information. Some of it could well be of ego rather than from Spirit.

As for other angels who have appeared to me in meditation, there have been a few but I don’t really count those as bona fide ‘angel encounters’ because there has to be some form of outside confirmation and/or physical change for it to count. The OBE, though not verified by outside sources or affecting physical change, is mentioned because I was shown a different dimension and came back with faith in God that is rock solid. I may have lost heart and faith multiple times in life… but only over what others have taught me, never in my own inner knowing of the existence of a loving Creator.

My biggest disappointments have been with churchianity and the realisation that Christ’s teachings had been so completely bastardised as to hardly be recognisable. My heart was greatly soothed by coming across the Gospel of Mary Magdalene because it shows why (yes, patriarchy) things went so wrong and how Christ still is a teacher for us on the inner planes. My second biggest disappointment has been with the money machine behind the New Age movement. Christ consciousness is a wonderful thing but again, bastardisation has taken place… and the reason in both cases of perversion of the true teachings of Christ are as always money and power.

My most recent angelic encounter happened earlier this year. Outside confirmation was received though it took place in spirit or the ‘nous‘ rather than on earth. I was tuning in to the angelic realm to receive messages for a friend who had volunteered to be my guinea pig for psychic readings without the cards. Archangel Azrael appeared next to her in my vision and she confirmed to me that she has been actively working with him for the exact things that came through in the message.

So there you have it. These are my true angelic encounters. If I remember that I forgot any, I’ll come back and edit this post.

In my experience, angels don’t always appear because we invited them – contrary to much New Age literature – they appear when they are needed, as you can see above.

What angelic encounters have you had? Please share in the comments!



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  1. I dreamed of my guardian angel with the appearance of a television actor. Shortly afterwards I dreamed of another angel and asked, “But my guardian angel has blond hair oxygenated?” And he answered me yes.
    Then a few months later, I met casually a lady who “saw the angels you were next to” and described these two angels perfectly, especially the second.
    I admit that I did not feel anymore alone. And sometimes I felt calling by name.
    I have dreamed my angel several times over the years, but it has been so long since it does not happen anymore.
    But I’m convinced that he keeps an eye on me 🙂

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  2. Hi Lisa…! I have had some powerful experiences, here are a couple that may or may not be Angelic incidences that happened to me.. One happened thru a dream back in the early 1990’s … I’ll spare you the details, into the dream came a ‘Black Angel’, dressed in a beautiful red & gold full gorgeous gown… I have never forgotten it. She came into the dream, hovered over me in my bed, then picked me up, and carried me down the stairs and out the front door! I believe She brought me the answer I was in need of at the time. Was it an Angel, Was it the Black Madonna? I cannot say for sure, but I believe it was the Black Madonna bringing me an answer I was seeking at the time. But who really knows…it was an amazing experience is all I do know for sure.

    The most bizarre experience was back in 1973, I was living in a dorm near a business school i was attending in Buffalo NY. I remember thinking what a beautiful day it was,.. I had taken the usual short cut thru the alley by myself, since all my friends had left already as I was running late for class. Suddenly I was grabbed from behind by a very tall young man who threw me up against a wall and tried to rape me, I am only 5’1″ tall, and I was never so scared in my life.. so scared to death in fact at 19 years old, I froze completely. .. I could not move a muscle to fight or to run.. to this day, I do not know exactly how this happened but I heard a really loud booming voice come into my head out of nowhere, that just yelled at me to kick him and kick him HARD and run .. ! I was apparently more scared of the loud voice in my head than this I suddenly felt him put his hand under my skirt, the Voice kicked in at that moment and my leg came up out of nowhere and kicked him in the you know where, as hard as I could, then as he buckled over in pain I ran like hell to get to the main street, fearing he would kill me for sure if he caught up to me, and I made to school never daring to look back to see where he was. I do not know how I was able to move my leg to kick him, it was as if something else had taken over my body for a split second and enable me to kick and run. I was a wreck the rest of the day.. lol.. but never was able to explain who, what, or where the voice in my head came from who or what it was etc… was it my Guardian Angel? was it God? I still have no answers after all these years, but I do know that Voice saved my life that day…. And for me to freeze like that.. is not like me either.. so I can really explain none of it. But I have never been able to explain it or forget it! These are some of my experiences that I really cannot explain, but they instilled that belief in me there is so much more we know nothing about, and it keeps me on my quest to keep learning more…

    Sending Love & Hugs your way Lisa….

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      That’s s awesome, Lynn. Before you mentioned the Black Madonna that’s what had popped into my head. Just like you, I was totally frozen in fear until the booming voice shouted ‘Go!’… It’s amazing how much loving protection there is from the Divine. Sharing these stories is important so we don’t forget <3

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  3. I so resonate with your perspective on angels God and Christ. I feel very connected to the angelic realm and had my fist encounter during a near death experience when I was about 2 years old. Everything went dark and I was sitting in the center of my heart and then I was moving towards a massive wall of gold waving energy. For a split second I recoiled and wondered if I would be hurt again but immediately realized I was encountering the purest love and they were not even capable of hurting me. I got as close as possible to them without crossing into the field they were in and it was a beautiful exchange of love. At that point I went back to my body. Dealing with the earthly side of that near death experience has been extremely difficult but I have the love to help me now.

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  4. My only experience with what I thought was an angel was when I was driving way too fast on an expressway because I was in a hurry. I came up too close to a care in front of me and could tell I was not going to be able to stop in time to avoid an accident caused by my own making. So I prayed for help. And help came immediately in the form of an energy I could actually feel. It slowed my car so powerfully that I was experiencing the effects of the reverse power being exerted. My life was saved that day and possibly another life (or lives) too. I did not see or hear anyone, but the way it happened felt like a Divine Intervention to me and I have always thought it was an angel protecting me.

  5. I loved reading about your personal encounters, this is so real. I am so very glad they saved you from that man My own experiences have been different – just from a young age having a strong sense of a warm and loving intense Presence visiting me when I was on my own, it would come quite often. It was a feeling, and I could locate specifically where it was in the room, but there were rarely if ever any words. I also used to see blue orbs circulating in the room when I was a child, and occasionally I would hear brief words spoken in my head such as “trust me”.

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  6. Hi Lisa, I totally resonate with everything here – I too have been spending the last few days clarifying what I truly believe where Angels are concerned, and seperating it from what I have read from others – so I suppose these recent events have been a blessing in disguise.
    My first Angelic encounter was in 1998 when Archangel Michael appeared to me in a dream. I was going through one of many very difficult times in my life (I suffered domestic violence at home until aged 25). I will never forget the words he said when he explained that he would always be with me, no matter how hard things got, I would never be on my own. So comforting – and yet I could feel the strength from this Angel. A few months later I had another dream where a choir of Angels were singing outside my bedroom window. Again reminding me that there was this connection, and all was well. Fast forward to the present day, I have been following my joint passions of both working with Angels as an oracle card reader and therapist, and helping women via the Red tent movement, and my own workshops for women who have suffered childhood domestic violence. Archangel Michael and my own Guardian Angel – Jebidea have been with me throughout all of this, protecting me, and providing strength and courage. Like you, its not full blown conversations, its keywords, signs, synchronisities, visions etc. Archangel Raphael, Metatron and Sandalphon have also helped in many ways both big and small. I too have linked in with the beautiful energy of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and their path of divine love. When learning of MM’s gospel, and the school of thought that the Holy Spirit was seen as ‘female’ I felt such anger towards ‘churchianity’ as you describe it. In my Red tent circles I always call in the Angelic energies, the Grandmother energies and the Goddess energies to help us, and to me the Angelic energies of pure love and light, strength and protection are an extension of the God’s love, for S/He loves us all. I believe we are all doing our best, and there is no right or wrong way, so I really struggle when others try and dictate. I also have to say that as an Indigo (in the true sense – an empath who cannot tolerate unfairness, and needs to stand up to what is not right etc) I have very much struggled this week with the hypocrisy and fickleness of DV and the way in which alot of people are following blindly, and not questioning the apparent about-turn, having churned out all these products etc. But that is another matter, and not for this post (Although I must say that I am so glad that during this weeks palavar I have come across your blog Lisa, as you have so eloquently expressed everything I too have felt about all this). So yes, I don’t worship them – never did! I see them as providing such comfort and insight to people – and helping to bring people into the light X

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      Thank you for the beautiful share, Helen… You’re a fellow Indigo! 🙂 I loved hearing your experiences and the other blessing in disguise is that without Doreengate I would never have been blessed by this share… Many silver linings still waiting to happen too, I feel. Lots of Love, Lisa

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