the masks are coming off new age teachers

I’d like to start this post with a two-fold apology, the first being for the random image that illustrates this post (Pixabay as usual) and the second for blogging about Doreen Virtue again – I honestly didn’t think it would be necessary…. As for the picture… Well, things are pretty surreal right now. The masks are coming off false teachers and we find ourselves in unknown territory, having to think entirely for ourselves (also yay!). 

The reason for this follow-up post is that Monday’s post about Doreen denouncing the Tarot went viral to the point of crashing my site a few times. More than 10,000 people have read that post and it caused waves in the spiritual community. Those waves generated many helpful and healing discussions with people who feel betrayed by Doreen’s public denunciations and some less than helpful discussions where I was accused of ‘bashing’ Doreen. With regards to the latter, I made the following post on my private FB page this morning:

I wish people would be discerning enough to separate out someone’s spiritual truth from their business dealings, and their rights to that truth from their right to avoid accountability.

Those who claim that I am bashing a certain public figure seem to have completely forgotten that customers/clients/students have certain rights, no matter what the guru status of their former teacher is. I am disappointed with how the organisation behind this public figure have dealt with things as well and will not support them with any more of my pennies.

Thankfully, the article I wrote the other day was extremely well received for the most part, with many people commenting as well as contacting me privately to thank me for speaking up. May aim for writing this article was not, as some claim, to bash this public figure but to reach out to those who felt heartbroken.

I feel I managed to do just that and was prepared to take any backlash from it. The backlash was not direct, it came in the form of a video response from this public figure which redirected the focus back to her own sacrifice and loss of income now that she is serving the One True God.

Don’t worry, she has many streams of income still going on from many of the classes and products she wants nothing to do with. The fact that she states that the money from her Tarot sales now goes to charity doesn’t change that. She will be continue to be very well off from the income stream she generated via teachings she nows feel a need to denounce in public, thus sabotaging the efforts of her students to build a career around the certifications they paid a shit load of money for.

Right, I’m off to write a letter to the organisation mentioned above. I know I’m not the only one who’s doing this.

Have a great day anyone and don’t go putting any spiritual teachers on a pedestal… Their fall can really hurt you! 

Not long after that, I wrote the following letter to Hay House and also tweeted it to both the US and UK offices:

I have not heard back from Hay House yet. If I do I’ll not blog about it but you can find out about future developments by following me on Twitter.

The backlash (there always is one when you stick your neck out) didn’t take long to manifest. Taking criticism isn’t something Doreen Virtue does (she calls it ‘drama’ so that she doesn’t have to be held accountable). I found out that I had been banned from the CACR FB Page when I tried to go over there to have a look at something a friend had posted. That is without me commenting on their page, so I guess Monday’s post put me on the radar.

Here’s the thing, I’m a spiritual warrior and an indigo. Other lightworkers may prefer to smooth things over. One sweet soul just now suggested that I don’t ‘need to be angry’ with Doreen because I don’t need her teachings for my work. This is true but a) please don’t tell me (or anybody else) how to feel and b) righteous indignation is still a thing. I feel strongly on behalf of those who have had their hearts broken by a dualistic traditional Christian judging their beliefs which many got from the person judging them in the first instance (talk about gaslighting!)… and businesses ruined when realising that their certificates were based on a bunch of a lies from a teacher who never really believed in any of it.

Oh and by the way, when you say that you are a non-judgemental Christian but still feels a need to publicly denounce New Age practices, you are in fact lying – You’re judgemental AF. Add to that that you were the one teaching those practices in the first instance and it makes you downright two-faced. Besides, many of us haven’t forgotten the highly judgemental video from this spring that was quickly taken down, where Doreen talked about the demonic origins of Ascended Masters and the importance of worshipping only the Biblical Jesus. Unfortunately, I was that confused by all of it back then that it didn’t register highly enough on my indignometer for me to write about.

The only logical conclusion we can draw about how Doreen now views her old teachings is that many of them aren’t just no longer relevant, they are demonic in origin. Yes, she is tapping a whole new market here of hyper fundamentalists. And she has outright referred to those who criticise her as being taken over by lower entities who are trying to prevent her from bringing Jesus to the world (told you it was surreal!). I’m sharing this quote from her own FB page:

“The lower energy sees that I’m in a position where I could introduce a lot of people back to Jesus, and the lower energy is furious about this. So it is attacking me, including finding people to attack me. I appreciate those of you who are praying for me.”

As you can see, the Messianic complex is strong in her and has caused some people to worry about her mental health. I’m not a mental health professional so have no further comment on that but my feeling from watching her most recent videos is definitely that her energy is off.

The fact that I, as a Certified Angel Card Reader, had been blocked from the CACR page without actually interacting on it is a bit of a giveaway: a) Doreen is actively monitoring people who speak out against her (in spite of claiming to never involve herself with ‘drama) and b) I’m considered one of the people who are being used by ‘lower energy.’

So the reason I’m blogging today is quite different from my reason for blogging on Monday. On Monday, I came from a place of deep compassion. Today, I invoke the protection of Archangel Camael, so that I can stand in my truth against injustice.

When you are a spiritual teacher, you are not immune against criticism from people who have handed you millions of dollars. You have responsibilities. You must make yourself accountable. It is highly unethical by Doreen to keep selling courses like the Angel Intuitive course which contains many practices that she has now denounced. My sister is halfway through the course and no longer feels like going on with it, knowing that the teacher no longer believes in her own teachings… and I feel guilty for getting her to buy the course. She won’t get a refund, of course.

Because there is ZERO accountability.

So now what? If you have been affected, you should definitely get in touch with Hay House and let them know how you feel. Your voice matters and if we all speak up, the will have to listen.

For my own part, I’m very lucky that I established myself as a spiritual professional before I got my first Doreen Virtue Certification. I am a professional energy healer, Tarot reader and Bach Flower remedy practitioner in my own right. I don’t need an Angel Intuitive certificate to connect with the angelic realm for my work which I do all the time.

Those of you in the world of Tarot who are thinking about working with Radleigh instead, please understand that Radleigh bases his Angel Tarot Course on teachings that Doreen no longer believes in. She only acknowledges the Biblical angels now – I know this from her Angelologist course. This may not matter to you but I think it’s good to know what you are buying.

I’m getting a headache from thinking about how all of this trickles down and affects the work of tens of thousands of lightworkers so I should probably stop now. Besides, this post is getting ridiculously long. Again, this post is for those who understand the difference between bashing a person and/or their beliefs and being genuinely upset about how the business side of things has been handled by both Ms Virtue and Hay House.

Before I go, please know that my services haven’t been affected by all this. I still do Tarot and healing work. I still work with Angels and I always preferred to work with the 7 Archangelic Planetary rulers because that felt more natural to me than Doreen’s system of 15 Archangels.





51 thoughts on “My Doreen Virtue Certificates Are Worthless – Now What??”

  1. Lisa, do you think it is at all possible that Louise Hay’s health was failing, and they timed the major bomb drop to happen this close to her passing? Because they know that whilst there will always be the people who keep attacking them, that most have good, kind hearts and will step back because of Louise? My mind didn’t even go there, or hear it when properly when a friend asked me the question when discussing this issue. Then I thought about the timing. I mean, even Radleigh has announced the CATR, which I am assuming is a replacement course for the CACR. My mind still doesn’t want to accept that they could be so calculating as a bunch, but do you think it’s possible?

    1. I really, really wanted to know what Louise Hay had to say about what’s going on. I actually was waiting for any comments from her. She is the most and dearest to my heart. When I heard she passed I couldn’t help but think if the Doreen situation added a little stress to her frailness. Not to blame anyone. But I do feel it would help everyone if Hay House would step up and at least comment or make a statement and then everybody can go on their way.

    2. I prefer not to speculate but if I did, I’d like to think that Louise Hay decided ‘enough’ and moved to a higher dimension because she couldn’t be arsed with this nonsense.

    3. I would like to let you all know I reported Doreen Virtue for risking human life at a formal Hay House event. She told a black mother of an actively suicidal son that those who talk of suicide do not do it.. They just want attn. They need counseling but they don’t ever do it. “, She was completely unable to read people at the event I observed & she said some of the most whacked stuff I have ever heard anyone in the new age say up till that time.. I contacted Hay House online and by phone.. Finally I got ahead of Melissa who was present and she confirmed with me what I had heard Doreen Virtue say on suicide was what she heard and she told me if she had stopped the event she was sure she would be fired.

      I wrote Hay House CEO after getting his email from Sonia Choquette. I wrote him and told him that human life mattered and he needed to correct Virtue’s wrong suicide info. They never fixed the wrong suicide information and they kept letting her put out more wrong statements in the name of angels on everything from false pain treatment claims in living pain free , to angel detox.. to her false claims that she implied that organic food did not have pesticides on it.. I called for Reid Tracy to address Virtue encouraging people not to get vaccinated for the flu which could series harm or kill someone.

      I called out Reid Tracy & James Van Praagh & John Holland for continuing to plug Doreen Virtue as real to the public knowing full well she was risking lives in lies & derailing others mental health. James Van Praagh though I was a student of his mastering mediumship class blocked me when I asked him to address her fraud & he kept plugging her as real to the public with no care to how hard we work for our money or the value of our lives.

      I filed a compliant with the Florida medical board against Dr Brian Weiss for plugging Doreen Virtue has real with all the wrong medical information she gives out & leaves out and with her encouraging people to think they are special by denying their very humanity and trying to get them to think they are incarnated magical beings to include angels. fairies, mermaids.. aliens.elementals & leprechauns. There is no way an ethical psychiatrist would ever plug Doreen Virtue with all the stuff tied to her that clearly is false & derails those with vulnerable mental health for her gain.

      I want you all to know I have been pushing for Hay House to stop plugging Doreen Virtue’s fraud for 5 yrs some this Sept 22,2012. That was the day she gave out wrong suicide info to the black mother in front of 700 other people. I filed a complaint with the local health dept.. with the mayor’s office & with the attorney general of WA & CA. The complaints with the attorney generals office are part of public record & you all should be able to reference them. The complaint I filed with the health people in my state is here :

      I want to affirm to each of you that none of you should be making your choices on the flip of a Doreen Virtue deck as all of you .. each & every one of you .. are sacred & your choices matter. But they did not matter to Doreen Virtue or to Hay House. Imagine if Donald Trump sold people decks telling them to make their choices that way.. none of you would buy it.. right?

      I want to let you guys know I am seeing the whacked stuff Doreen is putting out & as a Christian I want to affirm a few things for you all:

      A) the woman who lied to you for decades to take your money probably has not had Jesus really appear to her and if she did she would be taking responsibility for her actions and her lies. If you notice she takes no responsibility for anything she does.

      B) She claimed she saw Jesus in Jan & had massive changes happen but I can see her clearly plugging oracle decks all over her facebook & her website. Doreen Virtue has claimed she had read the whole Bible and yet guys the Bible prohibits all divination. She has been plugging what she knew was forbidden to you .

      C) She has seemingly tried to put out that her spiritual gifts certifications are valid still. I want to tell you as a Christian the Bible is 100 % clear that no one for money can buy a gift of God or with angels.

      The Bible in the New Testament makes it clear that the penalty for simony is eternal death before God.;KJV

      Doreen Virtue as a Christian can’t sell spiritual gifts certifications nor can she affirm to you that her false sale of spiritual gifts was valid.. You all deserve your money back .

      ( )
      I see that Doreen Virtue is trying to falsely represent the verses in the Bible to manipulate you all that you are made that she lied to you in the name of angels and took you not only for your money & trust but also from your time and others choices. I want to make it perfectly clear to you all that this game she is playing saying you must not judge her for clear fraud she ran on you is BS and not what the Bible says at all. She is misusing the Bible verses to try to make it so you all won’t hold her accountable. There is no spirituality where this is no responsibility for actions, words& what one had failed to do that one should have.

      Doreen Virtue when I saw her speak in 2012 had people walking out on her as she was talking she was so bad.. At one point she decided to tell the audience that all the people who say bad things about her or post bad things about her all low vibration. She was manipulating people to try to get them to fear speaking about her being a fraud.

      For those who would like your money back I would suggest you write Hay House publishing CEO & that you put skeptic magazine Michael Shermer CC on your emails about this. You can try to file a complaint in the state you got suckered by Hay House in if you got suckered by her at a live event.

      I am going to put my email from Reid Tracy for all of you to see along with written statement of what I saw happen:
      Video of my calling out James Van Praagh for plugging Doreen Virtue :

      My petition tied to Doreen Virtue :

      For those who want it :

      Reid Tracy
      President Hay House, Inc
      PO Box 5100
      Carlsbad,CA 92018
      (760) 431-7695 x 114
      (760)603-1736 direct fax

      His email:

      1. Thank you for sharing this information. I had already come across the false suicide info material you shared on your blog and posted it to my FB page because I think it is important for the world to know this and take it into consideration. I see you shared a link to Doreen’s latest video here. I honestly can’t watch any more of her lies as they make me sick and since I have distanced myself completely from her work, I don’t feel I need it it either. Those who feel guided to take legal action will no doubt do so – I know a few of my friends are thinking of going down that route. Personally, I have to start using my energy for other stuff now. As for whether or not divination (divining Higher Will) is Biblical or not, you and I will have to agree to disagree. I think it is perfectly fine and even an act of Divine Service to help people this way. We must each follow our own inner guidance on this and in the end, my ultimate allegiance will never be to a man-made document consisting of 67 different books with contradictory information that was put together as part of a political process in service to Patriarchy. I am a follower of the Living Word, not a a slave to the Bible. Here is my post about the Bible and Divination:

  2. I accidentally stumbled over this blog and what I read is nonsense! Give the woman a break (Doreen that is). If you have chose to take one or several courses, then for god sake be honest and responsible enough to stand up for it. It’s not Doreen’s fault, is it? You have your free will and your own brain to think with. And Doreen is doing and following whatever religion or belief system she wants! She has no obligation whatsoever to give explanations or justify her choice. And all this crap about how much money she makes while you, yourself, is doing your best to make a business out of your spiritual activity, only too bad, your not as successful as she is. Talk about hypocrisy! And jealousy ! What I read here and the absolute BS people are putting on YouTube about Doreen is tenfolds worse then what you are accusing her for. You go on like she has committed some kind of a crime, well I can tell you, she has not. She has chosen to belief in Jesus and the Christian religion and it’s none of your business and it’s totally irrelevant if you agree or not,she does certainly not need your approval. The whole reaction from her former fans is pathetic and/or plain evil. Live and let live! And use your own brain to figure out if using tarot cards is something good or bad. For god sake, grow up! And remember that people change and evolve. Please let them do so in peace. And skip the BS.

    1. I’m not sure if you’ve heard the full story, but Doreen is actually actively kicking people out of her page and Facebook groups for asking questions and especially when they are from faiths other than Christianity. She claims not be judgemental but her actions show otherwise.

      Here is my full post if you want to know the whole story behind my experience:

      She’s fully entitled to believe in whatever she wants but she should have accountability. She is actively selling the Fairyologist course on her website, where she talks about Celtic goddesses. Yet she denounces worshiping other idols.

      In my opinion she owes it to anyone who has not completed the course a refund and should also stop selling the course. She is a fraud. Is fraud not a crime in your book?

      1. Thank you Tangent Fairy, I know you speak the truth as I have been able to verify this all for myself. However, I don’t think Anja is open to hearing the facts (I hope she proves me wrong) 🙂

  3. Maybe the current flooding of the metaphysical marketplace caused Doreen to lose the lucrative hot spot she held back in the day. Finding Jesus (nothing against JC, all for him), could offer a new gig as a televangelist….salvation for a fee. You never know. If she is anything, she’s the consummate marketer and self-promoter.

  4. I went off her years ago, and Hay House, too. I’m glad that I never went through with her certification courses, but am sorry that you and others invested in her, and her products, only for this to happen.

  5. Just so you know, I’ve had to rewrite this comment twice bc your site will bug up and the Post Comment button disappears. Something REALLY does not want me bringing my LIGHT here.

    Well deal with it.

    Creatures like Teal Swan are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They draw power from dominating us, conning us, indoctrinating our thinking, and causing someone to commit suicide gives them fucked up power. It is like the pagan concept of a Wicker Man blended with sacrifice- the idea is that you convince them to commit suicide so that they are a sacrifice for others creatures to ensure success.

    I know bc these creatures tried to do this to me and they failed.

    If Teal Swan gets put on a spiritual platform, this ‘person’ will see it as a feeding zone and frenzy off their students psychic energy- all the while the student is paying for it.

    1. Apologies for not including this in its original thread all tidy and neat, but I’ve been battling your website and it just wouldn’t let me.

      Ironically, I asked Jesus for help so I could speak my Truth…and then it worked. Thanks JC!

      1. Hey, asking Jesus is always a good idea! 🙂 Thank you for sharing. I totally agree with regards to Teal Swan, based on what I have heard from her own mouth.

  6. Hi! Thank you so much for posting, I agree so deeply with everything you have said. I have been banned from Fairyologist myself and I’m just wondering what you think my next step should be? The only thing I did was ask questions. So I’m just wondering if you think I should blog about it. It’s really sad what is happening but I think it’s a blessing in disguise. It’s forcing everyone to speak their truth and is showing up what is genuine and not. I am thankful for that 🙂

    1. Hey there, if blogging is your jam, you absolutely should blog about it. You don’t need my permission to do so either 🙂 This whole mess is making some of us speak up and it’s making some go around telling us we have no right to do so. Censorship is a big thing with the DV crew. Yes, it’s good to move on from it all… just doing more and more of lights us up. If you have a connection with the Fae and feel you want to do that kind of work, there is nobody to stop you. You never needed that certificate in the first instance. Did you find the fairyologist quite shallow too? It did lead me to study more-indepth and I had fun with it all but the actual course wasn’t worth the money.

      1. I didn’t actually complete the fairyologist course so if I can’t get back into the group I want a refund as I didn’t get what I paid for. I can see fairies and talk to them. I’ll definitely be doing more work with them. But yeah I will probably video something, I don’t want to keep quiet. I’ll comment here with it later!

          1. Sweetheart all you need to do to contact the FAERIE is show up and be sincere. They love gifts (seriously who doesn’t?) and they love being drawn. That’s it. Just be polite. You don’t need a teacher to get in between you and the FAERIE.

  7. I thought I was loosing the plot the video I saw several months ago she did say she wasn’t involving herself with the ascended masters as they were tricksters or something a kin to that I’m so glad you put this blog up as it’s excactly how I feel but thought I was being too harsh, the ramifications of all those that took her courses and are advertising being certified by her courses, we are all in dismay, she has every right to choose her path obviously but everyone who is running a business based on her teachings are now left in a predicament, and to be honest how are we to believe anything further that she teaches what if she does another about turn? I truly wish her well on her journey, and I personally will follow my own intuition but it goes mske you wonder why she is stopping print on her ascended master cards and taking her name off of the Tarot cards, I wonder why she needed to publicly announce these changes to be honest she could of just gone forth with what she was doing without denouncing any of it, what I can’t get my head round is if she says we should be only looking to God and Jesus and not to ascended masters surely Jesus is the original ascended master ? If we are only to be looking at God and Jesus why are all the other cards still going to be in print ? I’m confused by it all to be honest

    1. She explains in the Maui Inter Video ( that some of the things are still in print because she feels responsible for the employees of Hay House Publishing, being very careful to point out that she is still their bestselling author. There is something so very pompous and patronising about that statement and it goes completely against what she has said about now serving God and not Mammon. Surely those employees would not suffer if she pulled ALL ‘demonic material’ from publication? Surely the One True God would look after them too…? She has no faith, plenty of FAKE but zero faith.

  8. Hey, Lisa! What do you recommend for resources for those of us that want to learn more about angels and working with them? I had Doreen’s angel course on my radar as something for the future but obviously, I’m not doing that now.

    1. Hi Angela, my course bundle which includes a 6 week Angelic Tarot self-study course is now on an end of summer giveaway. I felt guided to do this as an alternative for all those who felt like they had lost out and been let down by Doreen. There are other teachers out there. Personally, I never resonated with her Angelic correspondences and prefer to work insteady with the classicaly planetary rulers. This also works better for Tarot correspondences and tying it all together. I think a lot of people who still like her Angel Tarot don’t realise that she now only works with the Biblical angels, i.e. Michale and Gabrile + the apocryphal Raphael, implicitly denouncing the rest of them. I learned this on the Angeologist course. It’s sad that Rad is left to teach this system that the creatrix now no longer believes in. But he must be happy doing so or he wouldn’t. Here’s the link for my Tarot Giveaway:
      Blessings, Lisa

  9. I have three certifications from DV. Two of those are from Hay House and one is from the EarthAngel website. I assumed that because Hay House was the company behind the certs, they would back the validity of the certs. I will have to write and find out.

      1. They are still valid for insurance purposes, so there is that. It’s up to you if you *see* them as valid. Personally, knowing that she has denounced many of her former teachings (though now she claims she hasn’t – contrary to the Maui video interview evidence). She has basically shown herself to be a liar, so I’d feel embarrassed to show mine for any other purpose than insurance… still – it’s up to you!

  10. lol and you kicked my butt back in the day *shaking head* Anywayyyyyyy, thankfully, this did not affect my work in the long run but man oh man, I am still pissed at the money that went from our tight budget into her judgemental pocket. I feel conned to the max. I no longer work with angels on any level, and feel no need to. Thankfully, this time of ‘awakening’ on a spiritual level has brought me closer to my own faith, so this doesn’t hurt as much as it did with her original video, but my heart genuinely sinks for everyone else who is having the same realisation as I did back then. This false leader, this empty, false and deceiving prophet, will make more money than she ever has, and feels nothing for those who are fragile that she has left in her wake. It’s just awful.

    1. Did I? I’m sorry. I didn’t have the full picture back then… I’m not sure even she knew where this was heading. I think that now that it’s more out in the open (thank you, eclipse), it is easier than it must have been for you… We can sing the tune together. Again, I’m sorry you felt you got your butt kicked. I make mistakes. And unlike Doreen Virtue, I’m happy to admit it.

      1. It’s all good, honestly, I have healed, but I have been keeping a morbidly fascinated eye on how this is evolving. She is doing the whole ‘damage control’ thing that she did last time – reverting back to the fairies when she makes an announcement that draws a kick back. But, just like the last time she used the evil Pagan tools to keep the money rolling in, it isn’t genuine, she is just abusing her audience like she always has. She is a liar and a fraud, and I hope that the ‘lower energy’ of the law catches up to her. You can’t take people’s money then call them evil because they’re upset when she takes all meaning away from their investment. I feel really sorry for Radleigh with all of this. What a nightmare to be left with. Horrid woman. I have nothing Hay House in my home and never will again, and my only regret is ever parting with our hard earned money. We are not well off by any means and she is not worthy of a cent of people’s well intended investment in her empty and shallow words. She is a false prophet in it for the profit. Funny how those words intertwine!

        1. I was about to jump off the HH ship anyway, after I learned they took on Teal Swan, who I watched on YouTube not long ago brag about how she got a woman to commit suicide.

  11. Lisa I’d like to say thank you for doing this. You have put exactly how I feel in a much more eloquent way than I could. I’m furious at this ongoing saga! And the fact that I saved up to get her CACR course!
    And I for one will certainly be writing to Hay House UK for clarification

  12. As for me, it matters not that the queen of drama herself no longer backs her previous teachings. I feel like this: the material was an opening for many people to the world of angels, tarot, and healing, etc. Do I now care that she denounces the work? No. And the reason is that those of the light and serving the light will ALWAYS encounter situations where darkness in any form inserts itself. Personally, I’m working in the light and serving the light. This, IMHO, is just such a situation. I wish her love and light and ask that Divine Source reaches into her heart and open it in a way that she no longer profits from the material she now denounces. Profiting from it demeans those who are stepping up to live more fully into the light and being beacons on this planet. I wish her well so that I am disconnected from her energy and I will continue to utilize what I learned along the way and expand it every more fully. I love your honesty, Lisa, and the genuine approach to the situation. Exposing it to the light only serves to propel others to a place of divinity and a place of being in service to the planet in a meaningful way. Sending love and light to all who read this.

    1. Thanks Sandy, I care deeply because I have seen dozens of people completely heartbroken and questioning their certificates as well as part spiritual guidance they have received. Good for you that you don’t feel this way… This post is for those others.

  13. Doreen has simply moved on in her beliefs … that’s all. What you gained from her previous teachings is what you needed to open yourself to your own gifts . It’s your gifts that now help others. And as you , your own gifts will grow even further and develop even more . Our teachers are there to open the mind to other pathways or to let us peak through other doors . But it is up to us to walk through those doors … on our own ! Leaving our teachers behind with only our gratitude. You have your gift .. your ability … and no certificate is necessary for you to express / offer that to others. Doreen has set her students free …. now fly !

    1. I thought I was quite clear about who this post was for. It’s ironic how you talk about just moving on with nothing but gratitude yet couldn’t just move on even after realising this post wasn’t for you… but thanks for the sermon. I don’t need Doreen to set me free – I need her to be held accountable as a business woman.

  14. I don’t know what to say more than
    Wtf? Even if you grown out of your former thruths maybe you could do it in a better way then Doreen have??! Suddenly Im really grateful that my economy never let me buy her courses. And that Every Thing that happens has s reason even if you can’t see it when it happens.
    Love to you Lisa for standing up for your self and how you feel <3
    No matter what comes from you in the future I'm always will see you as my tarot mentor. You have learned (and still are) me so much about both Tarot, runes, Angels and planets.

    Blessed Be my Spiritual Warrior and Light worker <3

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