April Soul Growth and Lunar Forecasts

Soul Growth Forecasts

Hello beautiful souls,

This week I won’t be posting the week ahead forecasts because it turns out I simply do not have enough hours in the day to spend on uploading, editing and publishing YouTube videos on a weekly basis.

Instead, starting from the month of April, you will receive a monthly forecast for your Zodiac signs (Sun, Moon and Rising) in a brand new format which puts the emphasis on your spiritual journey.

Notably, one card kept popping up and that was the 7 of Wands (Gabriel in the Archangel Power Tarot). That is why I feel I can safely say that this card applies to all of us, more or less… We need to be prepared to stand our ground on issues close to our heart in the month of April.

You will find the individual video Tarot forecasts linked and listed at the bottom of the post. Do check out your Moon and Rising Sign forecasts as well as your Sun Sign!

Finding your Sun, Moon and Rising Signs

Most people know their Sun Sign, it’s also known as the Star Sign and it changes every month. There are 12 Sun signs in the Zodiac. However, finding out your Moon and Rising signs can be a bit tricky, especially if you don’t know your time of birth. For the rising sign you do need the exact time of birth as well as the location but for the Moon sign, you can be 100% certain without knowing the exact time IF the Moon did not change signs on the day you were born. The Moon changes signs approximately every 2½ days.

You can enter your birth data free of charge to find out your Moon and Rising signs over on www.astro.com. If you are not aware of the time you were born, astrologer Helen Tremeer, specialises in finding this out, together with her spirit guides.

The Rising sign is our persona and how people perceive us. The Moon is our emotional self. We may identify more with one than the other and which of the three we identify more with is likely to change with age and experience. In my case, I felt much more like my Pisces Moon than my Capricorn Sun until well into my 30’s. Because our persona (Rising) is reflected back to us through our interactions in the world, this too often becomes how we perceive ourselves.

The Sun Sign, is what you grow into and part of the blueprint for what you must learn and achieve in this lifetime, where as the Moon and Rising signs are already part of your soul essence.

The Sun, Moon and Rising Sign together form the foundation of who we are and how we move in the world. Knowing just these three signs, an Astrologer would be able to tell you an awful lot about you!

Lunar Forecasts April 2016

I would also like to take this opportunity to give you the heads up from Spirit on the two main lunations of the month, i.e. the New Moon in Aries on 7 April at 12:23 UTC and the Full Moon in Scorpio on Friday 22 April at 06:23 UTC. We have FOUR out of FOUR for Major Arcana cards, in addition to the two oracle cards I pulled, in these two readings… so DO attune yourself with the lunar energies in April; Major breakthroughs can be expected for those who do.

New Moon

New Moon Forecast April 7

The New Moon puts the emphasis on harmony in our relationships, both with regards to friendships and romantic relationships. This is a chance to start over if you feel you haven’t been surrounded by the best crowd or if you perhaps haven’t been the best friend you could have been yourself.

The twist with this Moon being in Aries is that you return to friendships with greater self-acceptance a feeling that it is OK to be you. And maybe that was the piece of the jigsaw that was missing all along…?

Full Moon

Full Moon Forecast 22 April

The Scorpio Full Moon begs us to stop being so darn serious and to reconnect with our inner child through games, daydreaming and allowing things to just be, rather than trying to organise our ‘reality’ endlessly. Flip the off switch on the voice of your inner Father. This Moon is a time to go outside and play with the faeries and to be spontaneous.

Tomorrow, you can strap on your big girl/boy boots again and show’em who’s boss… but this one day, you really need to connect with your fantasy world, from whence your creativity in the world is born. Beltane is just around the corner and magick is afoot… Or it will be if you just take some time out to play!

Soul Growth Forecasts

Let me know how you feel about this new format and apologies to those who prefer weekly forecasts!

Blessed Be!