full moon in sagittarius karmic release

The Sagittarius Full Moon on 9 June is about releasing judgement and getting in tune with our Inner Teacher. It is also a karmic Full Moon, with Saturn, Lord of Karma, conjunct the Moon. Saturn can be a stern teacher but there is a good balance with the boundless optimism of the Jupiterian Saggie energies here. Jupiter (ruler of Sagittarius) is stationing direct on the day of the Saggie Full Moon. This provides a wonderful opportunity for balance and finally moving forward in areas where we have been stuck but thanks to Saturn’s close proximity we will have to work for it.

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Sagittarius is concerned with higher learning, philosophy, spirituality and travel. This energy is in opposition with the chatty and sometimes glib Gemini Sun energy. Polarity is highlighted but not for the sake of it… It is highlighted to help us transcend. This is the true power of the Full Moon.

My own Teacher Guide is telling me to keep this post short and sweet because sometimes important messages get lost when we get too wordy, so I will try though I’m fighting my own Gemini Rising on this!

Here are seven things that Spirit wants you to know about Friday’s Full Moon:

  • Clouded thinking can be purged through setting the intent to gain clarity
  • Karmic shit is almost guaranteed to surface
  • Said karmic shit will probably feel oppressive
  • Oppressive feelings will add to your sense of confusion because the Jupiter Full Moon wishes you to EXPAND and these feelings make us contract our energy
  • The only way to liberate yourself is to own your feelings and hold yourself accountable (Saturn loves accountability). Once you accept your feelings, the clouds of confusion will clear
  • You must let go of ALL judgement, including self-judgement – Set yourself free, honey… You’re worth it!
  • Your Teacher Guide is waiting for you to make contact
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Here is a little Sagittarius Full Moon ritual  (feel to modify as you see fit):

Supplies: black candle, purple candle, pen and paper, meditation music (optional)

Light the black candle and invoke the assistance of Archangel Cassiel, ruler of Saturn.

Get pen and paper out. Label the subject you are confused about. Sit with it and see how it makes your body feel. Next, tune into your emotions. Allow your emotions to catch up. Observe without judgement. If you feel really shit about how things turned out, allow yourself to accept these feelings now. Ask yourself how you contributed to the situation. What did you do or neglect to do? Where have you been judging yourself or others instead of acting on your inner guidance? How have you been limiting yourself?

Roll the piece of paper up and set fire to it on the flame of the black candle (use a fire-proof container) while stating out loud: I let go of all judgement. I forgive myself and all others, just as I myself hope to be forgiven. I am ready for absolute clarity about the best way forward and trust that this guidance can come in as soon as I stop limiting myself through judging myself and others.

Light the purple candle and invoke the assistance of Archangel Sachiel, ruler of Jupiter.

Allow your breath to calm your nervous system until you are in a receptive state to meet with your Teacher Guide. You may wish to play some soft music to help you relax if that is helpful to you. Simply tune in and wait until your guide appears. Ask them their name as well as to be shown any symbols associated with them.

Come back to ordinary waking awareness and take notes on what you experienced. Ground your energy back into reality by eating something, making a cup of tea, walking barefoot on the grass or playing on your bongo drums… Whatever works for you!

The Sagittarius Full Moon Karmic Release Tarot Spread

sagittarius full moon tarot spread for karmic release

  1. Where do I need to hold myself accountable now?
  2. What is coming up for release?
  3. What else I must do to expand in the direction of my most magnificent destiny?
  4. Who is my teacher guide? (shows a dominant trait or characteristic)
  5. What is their message for me at this point in time?
  6. Aspect of self that lack of judgement is allowing me to embody fully

In addition to being happy to help with any spread position you may be stuck on, I’ve been guided to offer free mini readings between now and Friday (time permitting). The guidance provided in these mini readings is aimed at helping you develop your connection with your spirit guides and angels. Just let me know if this is something you want help with and I will pull an angel card or two.

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

75 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Make the Most of the Full Moon in Sagittarius”

  1. Thanks so much for your fabulous post! I wondered if you would clarify the last card in the spread – I’m not sure what is meant by “Aspect of self that lack of judgement is allowing me to embody fully”…is ‘lack of judgement’ helping me to embody the aspect of the card? Thanks again. Love your site!!

    1. Yes. Please meditate on this for a while… Understanding of how judgement blocks embodiment of spirit is key to using this spread successfully. And thank you very much for your kind words, Lisa (nice name, btw ;))

  2. May I have a free mini reading as well please…if possible. Thank you very much in advance. I would like to get clarity on which road to take concerning a change in career. Love and Light.

    1. Hi Helen, Friday was the last day of doing these free mini readings and they were specifically on how to connect with your divine support system. I’m more than happy to read on your career changes. Please place your order HERE. Thank you 🙂 Love and Light, Lisa

  3. Love a mini-reading if still open and drawn to doing so for me. Sending love and light! Thanks for another great article and spread.

  4. Hi Lisa, would love a mini reading pls. Really need angels guidance and aspirations. Blessed be <3

  5. Hi Lisa, thanks once again for your insightful posts and for sharing the love with this reading offer.. not sure if my question will fit in, but I will give it a go. I recently connected with the spirit of my dead grandmother that I feel is definitely among my guides. I have dreamt of her quite often, but recently I had a dream in which I was told she had a message for me. Unfortunately I woke up before getting the message, but I am quite confident it is on its way to me. I do lot of inner work through dreams and I do feel the presence of my grandmother even when awake. I have never experienced such a connection with a departed sould before this time ever, and I wonder if the cards have any guidance in this sense?
    Any suggestion about how to dive deeper into this process? Love and light to you

  6. Hey Lisa,

    Thank you for such a fantastic Sag Full Moon report. It was really simple but hits home for me. I absolutely want to do this ritual later on and am going to look at the Tarot as well. I would greatly appreciate a mini-reading from you as well though. Thank you for all the inspiration you offer! I hope this full moon finds you flowing xo


    1. Dear Alanna, I hear your Guide giggling and saying ‘become your own Buddha’… Not sure if you have a connection with Buddhism or if this is something you are thinking of exploring? if you either is true then you have the ability to master the lessons of the Buddha and reach Nirvana. Woohoo! xo

  7. Hi Lisa! If there is still time / availability I would love your input/ feedback on the last ” Healing the Witch Wound ” spread you did. I literally I have 2 of my visual journals marinating in this spread – it rocked my world !! ( I got 3 major arcana cards and an ace in that 5 card spread !!) . I am still working with understanding all the nuances and would love your take . Ok . Thank you !!

    1. Hi Carolyn, sorry – this is not the space to ask for help with that spread but if you share a picture of your reading in the 3 of Cups Tarot Community on FB (along with your own interpretation) I am more than happy to help there. Blessings, Lisa

  8. Thank you Lisa, I would like a mini reading please? I am new and fear I miss messages being sent xxx

    1. Dear Michelle, your worries are keeping you from hearing your Guides. Because you are going through some difficulties, your ego-mind is trying to trick you into believing that you have to be ‘sorted’ before you can have this wonderful connection… when really you only need the kind of peace of mind that comes from trusting that you will get through this lesson by God’s grace. Know that all that is happening now is divinely ordered and for your Highest Good. Reach out and connect. It really is that simple… Oh and breathe! Do you hold your breath a lot when you feel anxious? Love and Blessings, Lisa xxx

  9. Hi Lisa,
    Great post. I would love to take advantage of your free mini reading if you have still have space for this.
    Michelle 🙂

    1. Dear Michelle, you have a beautiful Healing Guide stepping forward to work with you. Make the connection this Full Moon. They will answer any questions you may have if you put yourself in a receptive frame of mind. As I’m typing this I’m getting a pain in the back of my head, so this could be related to something you want help with now (either actual headaches or something that is a pain in the neck). Help is there and waiting for you! Blessed Be

  10. Excellent post!! Thank you. My 52nd birthday is June 9th and I definitely feel shifts happening. I would be honored to receive a free reading. Blessings and gratitude

    1. Dear Elizabeth, the beautiful Archangel Michael is stepping forward for you with a message of trust. Open up to guidance this Full Moon and show your trust by ACTING on it. If any part of you challenges your courage, ask Michael to give you strength. Always trust that you are being supported to do what you are guided to do! Blessed Be!

  11. Thank you so much for this lovely article, Lisa! I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially you’re Full Moon in Sagittarius Release Spread. I must admit, it was a delightful surprise! Many thanks! I would like a free reading mini reading as the rest of these fine folks have received :). I lovingly extend an offer to pull a card or two from my Archangels Oracle or RW Tarot deck for you! Everyone can thrive from support and loving guidance.

    I have no question in specific. I only ask for a loving message from the angels <3

    Thank you once again for your Spirit led messages 🙂


    1. Thanks Marina, so please you enjoyed the article. Was it the reading you did for yourself that was a surprise or was it something in my writing? The message I got from your guides on how to strengthen the connection with them is simple: attune yourself to the cycles of your body, the Moon and nature. Work your way through the stations of the Wheel of the Year and set the intent to harness the energy of each station so that you may grow in strength and wisdom. As you actively engage with this process, you will put yourself in a natural state of flow that will greatly enhance your intuitive ability to hear your inner guidance. Blessed Be!

      1. You’re welcome, Lisa! My personal reading provided me with clarity. You’re spread was Divinely led into my life for which to introduce the clarity. Your spread help me understand “what” was “what”. Thank you for passing along the loving guidance you received through the angels. I am in the process of revamping my inward self. I’ve learning that putting the past behind you is essential to personal growth, rewards and progress. I’ve been studying the root chakra. I am earthing! My walks around my community have started to frequent again! I’ve learned that it is up to me and only me to create the life that I truly want to live.

        Thanks again, Lisa!



  12. Good evening Lisa, Wonderful article. I will also be performing the ritual, and reading the spread. Would love a mini-reading from you. Hint, the label I will be reflecting on during the 1st part of the ritual is career.
    Thank you so much.

    1. Hi Alli, so glad you enjoyed the article and hope you have fun with the ritual + spread as well! These readings are specifically in answer to the question about what you can do to connect with your divine support system. In your case (and this may help your career too), it is about setting a firm intent to manifest the connection in the first instance. You are gifted with powerful ability to manifest but you must learn to focus. This can only happen through a daily meditation practice so start one now 🙂 The Guide that came through for you was none other than Isis. Blessed Be!

    1. Hi Jessica, I’m shown that you have the gift of clairvoyance but that judgement of self and others sometimes clouds your vision. Remember to centre yourself in your heart at the start of each day. Pray to Mother-Father God to see others only with eyes of love and ask how you may use this gift of clairvoyance in service to the divine. Meditating daily and doing exercises to strengthen your Ajna chakra will help too of course. Blessed Be!

  13. Hello Lisa! I love reading your posts, and I find the spreads you create to be most insightful when I pick my cards. If you have the time to do so, I would love a mini reading. I feel like this opportunity has arrived at just the right time–thank you so much for offering it!

    1. Hi, Lisa !
      If you have the time, I would also like a mini Reading.My question to my spirit guides, is, how to be able to get out of the tough situation, Life is presenting me with right now ? Wish you all the best !

      1. Hi Ulrika, these readings are specifically to answer the question ‘How can I connect with my divine support system?’ The guide that is showing for you here is Cernunnos from the Keepers of the Light Oracle. I am shown that the most beneficial thing for you to do to create a connection is to spend more time outdoors. Sit and meditate under a tree as often as you can. You have an Elemental joy and creativity guide waiting to connect. This guide can also help you release any blocks to your sexuality. For your other question, please feel free to get in touch for a private reading. Blessed Be!

    2. Hi Kayla, so glad you enjoy the posts! The message from your Guides is simple. It is SAFE for you to be happy and to express your joy. You are a light house of happiness here on Earth when you allow yourself to just BE. Call in your joy guide now – he is waiting to connect with you. You may find it easier to connect through the arts than in sitting meditation. Blessed Be! <3

    1. Dear Kelli, the message that is coming through from your Guides is that you need to find time to listen to your heart and give it what it needs. Your heart is awakening and you are in the process of integrating the sacred feminine and masculine within. You need to give yourself the time and space to do this sacred work in meditation. In the world around you, pay attention to the flow of give and take. Seek harmony. Blessed Be!

  14. I love the write-up. So much like the Love Dove writings that stole my heart back in the day. Just climbing out of the doldrums of the last lunar cycle its my hope that my scorpio energy is processing the oppressive aspects in a healthy way. Thank you for being you & all you do. Blessings to you & yours.

    1. Ruchi, Commander Ashtar is stepping forward from the Keepers of the Light. I think you have a Star guide (some from a different solar system) wanting to work with you. Never doubt for a minute that they are wanting to make contact. You do have to take action on this daily though and be disciplined with your meditation practice. I recommend a book called ‘Channelling, What It Is and How to Do It’ by Lita de Alberdi. It’s the book that first helped me make contact. Blessed Be!

      1. Thank you so much Lisa ❤️. I very much enjoy your articles and wait for them every week . I have Keepers of the light deck, so I will look up Commander Ashtar to know more . Thank you so much .

  15. Hi Lisa, would love it if you got time to pull a card for me. Really need angels guidance here. Thanks and Be blessed.

  16. Hi Lisa, thank you for all the wonderful and insightful information you provide to the world. I would really love to have a mini reading to help me learn how to connect with my Spirit Guides and Angels. I’m a Sagittarius, December 2, 1982 @ 7:23 am CST, and have definitely been through so much during Saturn’s visit in my sign and I’ve been trying to connect with my Spirit Guides and Angels and I know that I need to do more to fully gain and experience their wisdom. This post about the Sagittarius full moon being a strong karmic one seems to resonate something deep within me though I feel like I’m still trying to grasp what it is (I hope that makes sense). I am traveling to New Orleans to see a psychic empath on Friday to hopefully help me open and understand more on the line of communication between me and my Spirit Guides and Angels. I appreciate any and all helpful guidance and information you have for me and I apologize for the long comment. I felt I had to give you a piece of my story. Thank you very much for everything and I hope you have a blessed day!

  17. Hi Lisa, if you have time to pull a card, or feel guided to, I’m curious about my teacher guide…
    What do I need to know about this and that is missing from my side?
    Blessings to you too and for the guidance you give 😉

  18. Hello from rural West Virginia. I tried the spread and it really pointed to things I need to do to stop blocking my intuitive nature. I struggled with the three of wands in the number 4 position – it didn’t seem to suggest anyone or even any category of person to me. I’d appreciate any thoughts. Thank you for this post!

    1. Hi Max, what I would recommend is looking closely at the visual clues and not worrying at all about text book meanings. Allow the information to arise from your intuitive mind rather than trying to grasp for clues from the left brain hemisphere. What we do know for certain is that your guide has a lot of masculine energy and also a lot of creative energy… This is based on the number 3 and the Element of Fire… I would say this is a guide who is able to help you stay true to yourself. Blessed Be!

  19. Oh wow, what a reality check moment. I’m a Cappy…daughter of Saturn with the Moon in Cancer. Yeap, I must learn to be accountable for my actions but also learn how to forgive myself. If possible, could you please provide me with a mini reading Lisa? Many thanks, Blessed Be!!!

    1. Dear Ellie, we all need a reality check every now and again the Full Moon is wonderful in terms of shining a gentle light into our darkest soul corners so that we can do deep soul healing and shadowwork. The latter is what Spirit prescribes for you. You are being asked to allow any fear you have to rise to the surface completely for acceptance and healing. You are a natural healer yourself and much of your own work will be about helping free others from their deepest fears. Invite your spirit guides to help you with this process so that you can begin to get a sense of how truly blessed and supported you are. Blessed Be!

    1. Dear Jess, the most helpful think for you to do now in order to create a clear channel for your guides to communicate with and through you is to do a daily heart meditation, channelling your breath through the heart to connect heaven and earth.Once this connection has been established you can begin radiating the grace of Heaven into the world. Blessed Be! Lisa

    1. Hi Ilona, thanks! Freya from the Keepers of the Light oracle is stepping forward with the perfect Full Moon message to help you better attune with your divine support system. If you attune yourself to the rhythms and cycles of your own body as well as Mother Nature, you will keep your channels of psychic perception clear and receive clear guidance. Blessed Be!

  20. Love this!! Can I please request a mini reading, from all the way here in NZ :)… I feel that I am on a path of a spiritual awakening…should i carry on what I am doing…many thanks.
    Angela <3

    1. Hi Angela, the mini readings I’m offering today are specifically about how you can strengthen your connection with your angels and spirit guides but I’m sure that ties in with your awakening so hopefully this message will be helpful in more than one way. Lade Portia is stepping forward from the Keepers of the Light Oracle to show you that everything that is happening now is divinely ordered and you can trust your inner guidance 100%. If you FEEL that what you are doing now is right and working for you then please keep on keeping on! Meditate with the colour mauve to clear your ability to channel information through clairaudiently. Blessed Be!

  21. Fabulous post, Lisa. Looking forward to doing the ritual and the spread. Would love a mini-reading – what is on my plate for me right now, as I am in a place of major transition/transformation. My thinking and world-view has completely shifted to one of empowerment, rather than victim. Thank-you!!

    1. The mini readings I’m offering today (as per the info in the post above) are specifically about how you can connect more with your divine support system (guides and angels). Kali-Ma is stepping forward to show you that now is the time to dive deep into the shadows to truly transmute any last shred of fear so that you can begin relying on your inner guidance and ACT on it! Blessed Be!

    1. Hi Briana, what I’m getting for you is that you are already able to channel information through but you aren’t trusting it. I’m shown a past life connection with Egypt and the Goddess Isis. Reconnecting with her will help open the floodgates of spirit guidance for you. Blessed Be!

  22. This is an interesting Tarot spread! I will give it a whirl. I would also love a mini reading as I am hoping to deepen my connection with my guides. Thank you!

    1. Hey, Brigid is stepping forward for you from the Keepers of Light Oracle. You have a creativity guide wanting to work with you to help you be more abundant. Do a little more of what you love every day and trust that you are being guided every time you put yourself in a state of creative flow. Blessed Be!

  23. Hi Lisa, me again :). I would like to take the opportunity to have the mini reading done if possible. In the last few days, after I managed to let go of negative and or doubting thoughts about my ex gf and reuniting with her I am now having little signs showing up everywhere from her initials in car number plates to actually seeing her name in American TV shows, and believe me her name is way too uncommon for her native country, Spain, let along US.
    Therefore I am increasingly looking for guidance in the cards as well as ethereally and the main issue that I have is that I don’t even know who my spirit guide or guardian angel is and would love to find out as well as ways of connecting with it. Hope it is something you can help me with.
    Love and light,

    1. Hi Paulo, More inner work (meditation/contemplation) and higher spiritual studies are needed at this time if you wish to progress, connect and work effectively with your guides. So far you have learned mainly from experience. It is time to hit the books and see what you can learn from Masters who have already proven their worth. I’m getting sacred geometry for you as an area of study that will help you grow. As for the rest, feel free to order a reading with me! 🙂 Blessings, Lisa

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