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Facebook has made headlines recently as being a relationship destroyer and social media is abuzz with rumours of how this or that person’s marriage was wrecked due to an affair that started on Facebook. Even the legal system now recognises Facebook as a factor in divorce proceedings. It can no longer be denied that Facebook has the potential of being a real threat to relationship happiness. Over my years of social networking, I have experienced this first hand as well as witnessed it among my friends.

Granted, there are common-sensical things (which are far less common than they should be) we can do to keep ourselves more or less bulletproof, like keeping it real and curing bad cases of digital diarrhea. However, sometimes we could all use a bit of spiritual guidance to make sure that what we put across online is actually a true reflection of ourselves.

Use the tarot spread below to check on the heart health and love potential of your own FB page, but don’t just read the cards – implement the changes suggested by them! Can you afford not to?

The cards reveal your strong points as well as your weak spots and help you to start using your social networking time constructively instead of letting it drain you and potentially destroy your most cherished relationship(s).

So make yourself a cuppa, sit down with your cards and end virtual foot-in-mouth disease today.  If you act on the advice in this spread, you will give yourself the social networking edge!



  1. PERSONA – This is the image you are putting across on your Facebook profile. Is it a true reflection of who you are and where you’re at?
  2. FLIRT FACTOR – This shows your ability to sparkle and attract people (5th House/Leo energies).  You may not wish to come across as flirty at all – that’s fine as long as your profile is a reflection of your true desire. How entertaining you are shows up here too. Do people come to you for a giggle or do they stick around to comfort you?
  3. RELATIONSHIP – This position reveals how your Facebook usage affects your partner and your most intimate relationship. Or, if you’re single, how someone who you might be interested in attracting as a partner would perceive you. (7th House/Libra energies)
  4. GENERAL CLOUT – Here you can check your ability to influence people (10th + 11th House Capricorn/Aquarius). Do people listen to what you have to say? Do you only ‘like’ and :)? Are you afraid to put your opinion across, not wanting to offend anyone? Or are you a perhaps a thought leader? (in which case you’ll offend people on a more or less regular basis – can’t be helped!)
  5. LESS – Please do less (or none at all) of this and save yourself and keep your relationship(s) sound.
  6. MORE – Doing more of this will make the time you spend on social networking an investment instead of a drain.

Finding the balance between the socialising and networking online isn’t easy these days. Hopefully things will seem a bit clearer once you’ve worked your way through this spread.

Blessed be!

Lisa Frideborg

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  1. Interesting spread, I gave a shot and here are my cards.

    Persona: Magician – multi-skilled or able to work with variety of elements/subjects. Somehow I don’t see myself as a person with accomplishment thus the magician’s manifesting abilities seems to be less concrete for me but obviously not for FB community.

    Flirt factor: 7 Cups – all is a matter of desires and illusions, it question importance of the flirt factor, its value or what values rather are. Not all is as it seems, many desires/illusions there, just make sure to pick a realistic one.

    Relationship: 10 Swords – as single, be cautious I might attract a wrong person or make impression of defeat or being under attack. Indeed I got a few questioning friends request. Maybe FB isn’t a path of romance for me.

    General clout: Devil – attention to people who get too attached, obsessed, I can be very convincing, watch out. Or dependant on FB? Oh, yeah and having influence on vulnerable people. FB is a place that need Divine help and personal integrity.

    Do less: Ace of Swords – too many ideas get me distracted, rather focus on one to develop before exploring next one..

    Do more: Tower – shake the ground, confront and be like lightening on the card more regarding your usage of FB. Don’t be afraid to express yourself more but be also prepared for consequences that might seem destructive but are for greater goodness.

    Overall, very interesting cards but still I would like to ask you, Lisa, for a comment as a great intuition and the author of the spread. Thank you.

    1. Post

      Hi Mira, thanks for sharing. The Magician is a good fit since you communicate in a direct way AND have an interest in things beyond the realm of the five senses. Of course, this fits well with the ‘do less’ Ace of Swords, since the Magician’s shadow easily gets trapped in the realm of ether and we do have to live in the real world. The Tower is great as the ‘do more’ card. When you focus your mental energy, you have the ability to be a true Warrior of the Light. The Devil is another sign that you can get a bit obsessive about the realm of ideas (The Magician/Air) and you need to balance this with the other Elements. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Hi Lisa,

        thank you for your comments, it give me more clarity. You have summarised to the point my light and shadow attributes very well. I particular enjoy explanation of Devil. Blessings. Mira

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