FREE Angel Card Reading and Healing for Creatives

FREE Archangel Gabriel Oracle and Angel Tarot Cards Reading

The Archangel Gabriel Oracle arrived yesterday. It is a beautifully illustrated and very special Oracle deck, especially for anyone on a creative path of divine service. The companion booklet is full of great advice for anyone seeking to maximise their creative potential.

As we have the Full Moon coming up this weekend, I was nudged by the angels to offer both free healing and a free mini reading for any creatives out there who are feeling stuck and in need of direction. It doesn’t matter if you are currently earning a living in any form of creative/artistic work, desiring to earn a living doing what you love, just starting out, still studying or doing it as a ‘hobby.’

Previously I have offered these types of readings on the Angelorum FB page but I’ve had a few people contact me now, saying they wish I would offer them elsewhere too since they have shut their FB accounts down (or were never on there in the first place).

Anyone who comments with the crystal they feel drawn to (clear quartz, turquoise or amethyst) in the post comments will also have their name entered for the FREE Full Moon Group Healing session that I will be doing tomorrow (Saturday) night. I will invoke the assistance of Archangels Cassiel and Michael to clear any blocks and cut any cords to poverty consciousness and Archangels Sachiel and Gabriel for help with refining your artistic vision and give birth to new projects that will enable you to generate abundance.

Below you will find the video unboxing and mini review I did of this deck yesterday.

The reveal will take place on the blog on Monday, so don’t forget to check back and do let me know how the message resonates.

Angel Blessings