Learning to Trust Again – The Whispers of Love Cross

Learning to trust again after you have suffered deep betrayal or cheating in love can be very tricky. One reason for this is the feeling of confusion after you find out that what you thought was real was a complete and utter sham – counterfeit love…  You dreamed of True Love, got too close to the sun… You crashed and now you’re wondering if your wings will ever grow back out again. The fear of experiencing this kind of pain again could make it tempting for you to isolate yourself.

There is a way to start trusting again but the truth is that love will never be a risk-free venture. The best you can do is take your time in getting to know someone new before you go giving your heart away. In fact, make sure you know all of his friends and his family too! Leave no stone unturned to make sure he is worthy of your affection. In the end you will have to take a leap of faith but it’s up to you how big a leap. Do you really need to attempt the Grand Canyon and possibly end up with someone who was after your bank account, your daughter or a Visa from your country of birth?

Other than taking it slow, you need to surround yourself with loving people as well as think only the most positive and loving thoughts you can, both about yourself and about love relationships. This ensures that you grow better and not bitter.

Let’s ask the Angels of Love for a wee bit of help with this. There is this beautiful, positive and gentle Love Oracle called Whispers of Love. The deck itself inspired this spread and you can use the 5 card Oracle Spread on its own or combine it with the Tarot which I have chosen to do below.

The Whispers of Love Cross

The Whispers of Love Cross

1. Central card. New love theme for you to contemplate. This ties in with what awaits around the corner.
2. East/Air (right) Bear this in mind. This is the most important thing for you to be mindful of in relationship choices/problem solving you might face right now. Make a positive affirmation of this card’s theme and repeat it to yourself often.
3. South/Fire (bottom) Be courageous in this way. This will take you outside your comfort zone.
4. West/Water (left) Have faith/rejoice in this. This adds a feel-good factor. Remind yourself often to think/do this!
5. North/Earth (top) You can manifest this. This is something you will soon be able to manifest for yourself in physical reality if you keep visualising it.


1. Central card: Romance + 2 of Wands. A new relationship with lots of spark is waiting just around the corner. The 2 of Wands carries a warning that there may be a temptation to dive head in first again. Nice and steady does it!

2. East: Like Attracts Like + Knight of Cups. If you truly wish a deep and heartfelt romantic connection, be more like the Knight of Cups!

3. South: Choose Love + 4 of Pentacles. Find a healthy balance between expressing love and keeping your boundaries intact. Don’t let fear hold you back but only push past your comfort zone in the name of self-love.

4. West: Love Endures + 3 of Pentacles. Partners who work together stay together. What would being together with a lover who works toward the same goals as you feel like? Capture the joyful essence of this feeling in your heart and let inspire future choices.

5. North: True Love + 3 of Cups. You will very soon be able to manifest a celebration of true love.

Blessed be!


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  1. Hi Lisa 😀
    I have got king of pentacles for central card and king of Wands for north. I find it kind of conflict between this two card or I should say I don’t quite get it.. would you mind to explain me a little?

    Vienne 🙂

      1. Hi Lisa 😀
        Thanks for your reply! Yeah I guess normally I used to read courtiers as people so it’s a little hard for me to understand it as a whole or a situation.. as I know king of pentacles and king of wands are completely two types of person.. since central card is the new love theme and north is what I can manifest, so I find my cards a little conflicting here ><


        1. Well, I suggest reading them as qualities within yourself for the purpose of this spread. But this really is a deck-specific spread and you’re meant to interpret the Tarot cards together with the oracle cards. The whole purpose of the spread is to feel supported in the process of learning to trust again and that is why I chose to work with the gentle energy of the Whispers of Love Oracle.

  2. I tried this one, and everything felt so spot on, and then I got Hanged Man/Unrequited Love as what I can manifest . . . Feel like I’m fighting a losing battle here.

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