The Lovers from the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz

Doing a love reading for yourself or a friend and not quite sure what to look for? It’s easy to get lost in the many different interpretations for each card, so I decided to put together this Top 5 Love Tarot Cards Guide to simplify your love readings.

Top Soulmate Card: The 6 of Cups. When you meet someone under the auspice of the 6 of Cups you are likely to bond instantly and have the feeling of already knowing this person. That feeling is there for a reason. You have journeyed together in a past life. Look for combinations with the Ace of Cups, Knight of Cups and Wheel of Fortune for incoming soulmates. Soulmate love always promotes growth but can be difficult depending on your karma and may or may not last.

Top New Love Card: The Ace of Cups. In a love reading, the Ace of Cups is the card that tells you to keep your heart open to welcome new love in. Look for combinations with Court cards (also known as ‘people cards’), the 2 of Cups, The Lovers and The Knight of Cups. A court card next to the Ace of Cups might tell you a bit about the personality of your new love. If the Court card happens to be the Knight of Cups, you can expect him to fall head over heels in love with you.

Top Great Date Card: The Three of Cups. Communication will flow and joyful emotional bonding should be a doddle. Be warned though, as this card could easily end up with a ‘Your place or mine?’ scenario. Make your mind up whether or not this would be cool before stepping out and avoid over consumption of alcohol if you want to keep your head clear.

Top Reciprocal Love Cards: 2 of Cups & The Lovers. Look for combinations with The Empress and the Knight of Cups.

Top Commitment Cards: The Hierophant for wedding bells. The Four of Wands for moving in together. The World for lasting love. The Sun and the 10 of Cups for relationship happiness. The 10 of Pentacles for telling your grandchildren about how you first met. Look for combinations with all of the cards mentioned above.

Additional cards you may want to look out for: As usual, the 9 of Cups and The Star signify luck and getting your wish granted.

The Other Knights: The Knight of Pentacles signifies steadfastness and reliability but may be a tad dull. The Knight of Swords will most likely end up hurting you. He may look like your Knight in Shining Armour but he’s not able to care deeply for another. The Knight of Wands is often an incurable flirt – fun while it lasts but don’t count on him popping the question.

Tarot Love Magick: Just as these cards are the best ones for guiding you on your path to a wonderful love relationship, they are also the best for manifesting true love and relationship happiness. Watch this space for future Tarot Love Magick posts!

Hopefully this key to love readings will help you to quickly get an overview of any main relationship theme but don’t get stuck in formulas and always trust your own intuition.

Angel Blessings


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  1. I did a 3 card spread on relationship. You,them,outcome…I pulled
    Wheel of fortune
    King of wands
    First 2 seem like good cards. Does king of wands mean that he’s going to be in control

  2. Hello, I read for myself asking what were my love interest’s feelings for me were today during our time together at college and I got 9 of Wands. 9 of Wands to me would mean the possibility that he’s staying on guard about me because he probably was hurt from a previous relationship several years ago. Or maybe he’s waiting, or he thinks I’ve been hurt before and putting my guard up due to the fact that I was also hurt from a previous relationship. It’s highly possible it would be the latter. And my mind wasn’t clear when I was reading for myself, so I thought it was possible that the cards mirrored my tired energy.

    After taking a good nap I asked again and got Empress. I’m under the impression that he felt motherly and protective of me today. Which Empress is always what I always pull after we go out to eat and drink together. He knows I can’t my beer, haha. When I do drink I’m more open towards him. Maybe he feels loved. Just today my feelings for him were half-revealed. There is a box he has on his desk that I’d put random tiny objects in for fun, and it included a little pink heart gem. knowing I put them in there he showed our professor what was in the box to prove I like to tinker around with his stuff. To my embarrassment our professor said, “Somebody likes you! You got a secret admirer”. I played along saying “hmm, I wonder who that could be” After that my love interest seemed happy towards me but it might be my high hopes blinding me. Other than that I’m glad that maybe he knows my feelings for him which I’ve been struggling to confess for a really long time.

    What are your views from the cards I pulled for his feelings for me?

    1. Hi Annie, not being a fan of asking the same question twice in one day, I’ll stick with the 9 of Wands. Yes, he has is guard up and you would probably not be far off thinking this is due to past hurt. Why not just tell him how you feel? THAT I am a great fan of 🙂 Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you, Lisa. Soon I’ll muster up the courage to tell him how I feel.. Perhaps I’ll tell him today if I see him.

  3. I am also new to readings and I have a spread in this order:

    8 of wands,
    4 of wands and
    ace of wands

    The question asked was regarding the hard work we put into our 8 year relationship especially in this last year, to find if its a relationship with growth even marriage.

    For me I see 8 of wands being we have the fire and passion with us and the 4 of wands as a celebration and coming to and the the ace a new passion even a new kind of beginning and a love of life.

    Please help

    1. Hi Karla, Did you use positional meanings at all? Assuming you didn’t, I would say there is definitely continued growth but also a lot more work. All the cards are Wands and while the Ace at the end looks promising, it is not the Ace I would want to see for a deepening of the commitment or future stability. Blessings, Lisa

    1. Hi there, you can’t attach an image to comments but you can share your reading with me by outlining the positional meanings for the spread you used with the cards you pulled + your own interpretation, along with any question you may have. Cheers, Lisa

  4. Hi there, I’m new to reading and would love to have your thoughts on a spread I did earlier. It was a general reading and I pulled:

    Eight of cups (reversed)
    Six of cups

    I’m new to reading tarot but what I get is that there is an ending of something emotional and I’m having uncertainty about future and not being sure about walking away from what no longer serves me. I look at the six of cups as being stuck in the past, so maybe the outcome is that I’ll be looking back on what is being left.

    I can’t help but to think this is related to a past relationship. There’s been a lot of old people from the past popping up lately and I wonder if this reading is relating to old relationships finding closure or if new relationships with people from the past are beginning. Any insight would be great, Lisa! If you do answer, I really appreciate you taking time out of your day to respond. Thanks in advance! Have a great day!

    1. Hi Elsie, what were the positional meanings for the cards you pulled please? It makes it easier if you share the spread with us. Combinations of cards are always read in context with the question (always best if you have one) AND the spread positional meanings. Cheers

          1. My apologies.

            Challenge- Death
            Advice- Eight of cups (reversed)
            Outcome- Six of cups

        1. This definitely speaks of drawing a line under the past and moving on. However, with an odd twist of fate, moving on will also mean reconnecting with someone from the past a bit further down the line. What you need to decide for yourself is to move on in a way so that you level up emotionally – far, away from past toxicity. That could then lead to reconnecting with someone from your past in a healthier way. PS. Please note that I don’t read with reversals. Here is why:

  5. I’m new to reading and in a bit of a pickle x I just did a little spread with the question will I stay in my home. My back ground is I’m in the middle of a divorce seperatad 7 months ago( pls don’t judge me) but had an affair. Still with my affair chap. My question was would we stay in the house and make a home.
    I use the original Mythic tarot Cards

    Hope you can best advise, I’m unsure if I’m Seeing it correctly.

    I did a four card spread
    1-pros got 2 of cups
    2- cons. Got 8 of cups
    3- question. Got the knight of cups
    4 answer. Got the sun card

    1. Hi Cell, it would help if you could tell me what you see first… I’m not sure of the question/answer positional meanings… they seem a bit odd to me. What do those positional meanings actually mean and what do the cards in those positions tell you. Cheers, Lisa

      1. Well with the divorce it’s do I buy my ex out or do I move to a new house.

        Cross shape 3 = question

        1 = positive 2 = negative

        4= Answer

        I felt the 2 of cups would represent staying in the house and that my affair chap was very much in love with me and I’m maybe not as much but that would grow with time, or it could mean the return of my ex husband

        The 8 of cups meant leaving but in doing so I would feel a great sense of loss

        The knight of cups I wasn’t sure of how it related to my question

        The sun showed that I would be very happy staying in my current home ( have to buy the ex out) and build a new happy life

        Hope that helps

        1. No, it doesn’t really. I don’t understand how you can have a positional meaning labeled ‘question’… so I’m not surprised the Knight of Cups in that position is confusing you. How do you normally read that positional meaning? Is it to give you a better idea of what underlying unconscious motive you might have for your question?

        2. OK, well that doesn’t really explain the positional meaning… Not a spread I’d use. All in all, it looks positive for staying though 🙂 All the best!

  6. Lisa, great insight on the love tarot cards. I have pulled one card with clarifyer cards about a new man potential – asking “what are his feelings for me” or even “what does he desire or want from a relationship with me” and in any combination of asking about our future relationship, I get the Ace of Cups. I once asked for an advice card on top of the Ace of Cups – what to do about it (advice for me to make something happen), and got the Strength card. I’m very hopeful something serious materialises with this man, so are the cards saying “yes, indeed, he wants to start something wonderful with you” and then I’m advised to “be confident, patient, and you will be satisfied?” As a side note, he’s a Leo, I’m a Scorpio – so I loved the lion card!
    Should I just sit back and wait?

    1. The Ace of Cups is always a positive sign. Not sure if these cards mean what they should mean if you’ve been asking the same question a lot though. Strength is a Yang card so it means you need to act on it for things to move forward.

  7. Hello Lisa, I was wondering if you could perhaps help me with a recent past, present, future relationship reading I have conducted. I am still new to tarot so sometimes find it difficult to assign meanings to certain cards.
    I recently met a man with some emotional troubles, and started a physical relationship with him. We agreed to be friends, but to see how the relationship panned out. He admitted he liked me, but things were too ‘messed up’ for him to be with me. I was aware he was seeing other people on the side, and as of yesterday has started a long distance relationship with one particular girl.
    I’m a little upset as I do have feelings for him, so did a past, present, future reading of our relationship.
    For past I drew Ace of Cups, possibly signifying how I thought that meeting him could be new start at a chance of romance for me?
    Present: Ten pentacles, a little hard to for me to decipher as I always thought it meant security, which is something I do not currently feel (unless ‘security’ applies only to the financial side of this card?)
    Future: 6 Of Cups. I know this card is about nostalgia, but I have also read that this card is called the soulmate card. could it be possible that he could come back into my life and we could give the relationship a shot? I am also wondering if this card has any correlation with the Ace of Cups.
    I did a reading regarding his current relationship with the future card being The Devil, so am not sure if this is all somehow linked.
    Apologies for the ridiculously long post, and my awful attempts at interpretation. Any help you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.
    Lauren x

    1. I’m not feeling the cards you pulled for this… Have you done previous readings on the same relationship in the past few days/weeks? It could be the cards messing with you. I wouldn’t recommend reading on his current relationship as that is a form of psychic spying – I’m not surprised The Devil showed up!

      1. yes, I have read twice before, always after the situation had changed between us. In the previous two readings I have pulled Ace of swords as an outcome, and also strength as an outcome in my last reading, if that could be of any help?

          1. Changed as in, certain discussions we would have about us entering a relationship. I can now see the Ace of Swords would point to this situation as it tells of ‘new beginnings’, with Strength quite literally telling me to have the strength to move on?

        1. Why would you need to move on if you have had talks about starting over? Or do you mean you were meant to have those discussions but they never materialised…? If the latter, then yes – time to move on!

  8. Hello Lisa. Love the Web site. I have a question though… I did a soul mate reading and I got tge Six Of Cups which was tied with The Emporer and King Of Penticles… does that have any more significance? Sorry, still a newbie.


    1. Hi Micky, sorry but I will need more info in order to help with that. Which spread and what positions where these cards in?

      1. Yes, King of Penticles was the clarification card pulled and the emporer was the present.

          1. That’s where we have the confusion. You say you pulled a clarifier for The Emperor (leadership, protection, organisational ability, father figure) but from what you are telling me here, it seems you pulled a card to clarify the whole reading on if you will find your soul mate. Unfortunately, that doesn’t work. You have to be very specific about what it is you seek to clarify when you pull a ‘clarifier’ for another card, otherwise it will invariably lead to more confusion.

            Also, the question itself could do with some tweaking. We have many soul mates (i.e. people from the same soul group) in our lives. One of them could very well be your father and that is why The Emperor showed up.

            Perhaps asking, ‘Will I meet a romantic partner and form a long-term relationship in the next 12 months?’ would work better. (Lifetime seems a bit overkill since we create our own destiny and don’t wan’t to tie ourselves down to a specific outcome that we ourselves most likely have the power to change)

            The very best way of reading on future love is to ask, ‘What can I do to manifest a loving, mutually beneficial love relationship?’

            Think about this, take back your power and you will start finding a different rhythm in your readings.

            Blessings, Lisa

      2. To clarify, the past was Temperance, Present was The Emporer, the future was the Six Of Cups and clarification card was King Of Pentitles in the Rider Waite Deck.

        1. I need to know why you chose to pull a clarifier for The Emperor and which aspect you were seeking to clarify in order to offer any advice 🙂

          1. Lisa,

            What you said makes total since and resonates with me. I will keep that in mind for future readings. :). The reason why I pulled the clarification card is because I was expecting something more romantic , instead of a father figure. To find out more about this fellow. 😀

  9. Hi Lisa,

    Very helpful and insightful website! Thanks for your time and attention to us! I would like to ask about this…I received an email out of the blue from a guy who I always thought was nice, but didn’t think about much b/c he was married. He is now divorced. Using a three-card spread with the Cosmic deck, I asked the tarot what’s going on with him, why did he reach out to me? I pulled the nine of cups rx (past) the wheel of fortune (present), and strength rx (future).

    What I interpreted was perhaps he had a wish to stay married but since that did not happen, simply release control and let the Universe work and let things happen as they may? I don’t know where I fit in the picture? Any thoughts from these cards? Thanks much!

    1. Hi Michelle, sorry for the very late reply. Your comment was hiding in the moderation queue – I somehow missed seeing the email notification for it! Perhaps you already have your answer by now… Two things: I wouldn’t recommend using a past-present-future spread to answer a specific question like this. One card might suffice to answer a question about intent and if you feel you need more answer after that, pull more cards to answer any other specific question(s) that arises. I also don’t recommend reading with reversals. Here is why:

      That said, yes, I feel that may be an appropriate take on the three card you did pull and if you feel that you need more info on ‘where you fit in the picture,’ simply ask the cards. As I said, that spread format simply didn’t meet your requirements. Blessings, Lisa

  10. Dear Lisa, I would like to say that I love your website. It has helped me understand tarot on a whole different level. However I would like to ask an advice on a tarot reading I did for myself this morning, as it was fairly unusual combination and I don’t quite know what could it mean. I asked my angels and the tarot to give me a guidance about my relationship with the man I have been seeing. Literary, what is it that I needed to know about my relationship…any insights.
    I pulled The Empress in recent past, Ace of Cups in my position, Ace of Pentacles in his position, 6 of Cups in the middle of the two aces (which stands what is between us now) and Ace of Wands outcome. Does this mean pregnancy? Or a reconciliation with new beginnings of a whole different level? (We had an argument and were “broken up” for like thousands times now)

    1. New beginnings for sure with three aces in the mix, and yes pregnancy is possible. However, if you feel you may be too emotionally attached to read on this yourself, I recommend getting a professional reading. Blessings

  11. Hi, I have been practising Tarot spreads for some time now and for the first time I did past life reading about my and another person´s karmic connections. Somehow, a lot of Pentacles did turn out as for past (Karmic meaning of relationship – ten of Pentacles, Querent´s karmic inheritance – nine of Pentacles, the partner´s karmic inheritance – Ace of Pentacles) and even for the karmic future together – page of Pentacles. Four out of 11 cards. Are there any general meanings about having so many pentacles in karmic spread? It is an Earth and material suit I know and I tend to think it hits there are issues from the past or unfinished business we have to work on. Interestingly, present situation shows Lovers and two of Cups which are love cards – how does this relate to past?

  12. Hi, doing a love reading for myself ( Capricorn) & my ex ( Leo) we are living apart in two separate locations . please, onsite please…
    Five cards layed out in a line : king of wands, Justice, The emporer, 2 of wands and The Empress.

    1. Hi Jen, I need your question, spread used (positional meanings) and your own interpretation. This is not a free reading service but I’m happy to help if you get stuck with your reading. Blessings

    1. You can’t interpret the meaning without the focus of a question… so what question did you ask of the cards? Did you use a Tarot spread? Were there positional meanings?

      1. I picked three card. I asked if he would return. The nine of cups in second and six of swords third position

        1. And the third card was…? It’s really important to know all three of a three card draw to know the correct meaning of the combo. On this card depends if the 6 of Swords means he will return only as a friend or if you will move on together romantically.

            1. you already mentioned the 6 of Swords… and the 9 of Cups… what’s the third card in this three card reading? you’ve only given me two.

          1. Thank you i really appreciate the time you take to respond. Thank you very much and i enjoy reading your post.

  13. Hi…firstly, thanks for your site. Learning tarot and this is really helpful…
    Did a Celtic Cross spread and have 2 of cups in my environment position…can u pls help me interpret that? Thanks

    1. You’re welcome, Marjori! 🙂 This means that a loving supportive relationship is available to you. It doesn’t have to be of a romantic nature – the 2 of Cups can signify a close friendship as well. Blessings

  14. I meditated and pulled out three cards and got 2 of cups, lover and knight of cups. I understand that probably 2 of cups stands for attraction and lovers if the choice we have but for the knight of cups I was confused. Does it mean that he will offer a committment?

    What is your take on these three cards Lisa?

    Love and blessings xxx

    1. I assume you did an intuitive three card draw rather than used a spread wit positional meanings…? If so (and provided this isn’t just one of many readings on the same question) then yes, he is likely to want to commit.

      1. Yes, I did do an intuitive three card draw. I find it very difficult to do spreads but find it easier to connect to angelic voices. And no I haven’t pulled out cards for the same question in many months actually but felt like I should pull out cards when I was meditating. I hope so that he is ready to commit 🙂

        Thank you Lisa for your reply. You are a superb earth angel, always promt with your replies and always putting up amazing posts, always guiding and helping us who come to you. May you be blessed.

  15. Hi Lisa, I asked where my new love interest is at right now when it comes to me, and I got the empress… What do you think that means?

      1. So I just pulled a card to clarify, and I got the King of Cups.. Does that make it better or worse?

        1. Well, it makes it worse in the sense that it doesn’t really clarify anything… just adds to the confusion. Unless YOU are the King of Cups..?

  16. Hello, i just love this page :* i have three cards 5 of wands, 6 of cups and king of pentacles, i just meet sb who is a virgo….can we say is a good combination for a relationship…or could it be a relationship in future or around the corners?

    1. Sorry me again. this is a three card spread only for the future where there will be anything in the future with him

      1. Hi Leda, In that case I would take it as a ‘no’ due to basic emotional incompatibility. The King of Pentacles is the Virgo King and the fact that he shows up next to the 6 of Cups could be a good sign… if it weren’t for the 5 of Wands, which points to conflict/romantic incompatibility. Blessings

        1. i’m trying to learn tarot that’s why i use frequently tarots.
          i got king of swords , the hierophant , 8 of pentacles all upright . So i interpret as i have some hard work ahead, but the results will be even better than i could imagine. so i guess yes

          How coud you interpret it? it is for the same thing just i did another spread…help me Lisa

          1. It is not recommended to read on the same question again so soon. Using a different spread doesn’t change that.

  17. I hope you can help. I did a soul mate spread from a site I found. Its three card. I am a bit confused on it. the first, which is the type of person I am going to attract was death. The second information on how and where was the sun and the last was a timing was the knight of wands. Any help would be great. Thanks

    1. Hi there, Shorna. I would say a Scorpio for Death, or someone intense with other Scorpio traits… and it looks like this Summer (Sun) in the time of Leo (Knight of Wands)… so very soon!

  18. Hi Lisa!

    I need your advice 🙂 In my reading I get The Empress, Knight of pentacles and page of cups reversed as someone’s feelings for me. I kind of get the empress with the knight but with the page of cups, it gets confusing. What’s my cards actually telling me?

    Thank you so much!! Love your blog <3

  19. Hi Lisa!

    I need your advice, in my reading I get The Empress, Knight of Pentacles and Page of Cups reversed as someone’s feelings for me. I kind of get the Empress and knight, but with the page of cups, it gets confusing.

    Thank you so much!! (Love your blog)

  20. Hi Lisa,
    I did the “Nikky Mackay’s 15 Card Relationship Spread” for a relationhip that is fairly new (we were dating 6 months ago, it fizzled out, and now we started dating again), and I got the devil on ‘what I am bringing to the relationship’ and death for ‘where I am standing now, in relation to him’. I am a bit confused (as I am practicing my tarot-skills and trying to learn), but I can’t really work it out. The rest of the cards are fairly positive, with the sun, 10 of cups, 4 of wands, the stars, 9 of cups (as final card), the empress and so on. Also, the tower came up when asking about external influences for me. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Mathilda

    1. Hi Mathilda, the Devil could be about physical attraction. Death could simply denote a strong desire to transfrom the relationship and move it forward. Please try not to look at the cards as ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ – they all contain the full spectrum of Shadow and Light.

      1. Thanks you so much Lisa! great website (found it yesterday!). Are you Swedish? Isådanafall, tack för en grymt bra och lättläst blogg (för nybörjare som jag) 🙂 Kram

  21. I absoultey love your website, it has helped me so much in my readings! I recently did a reading for myself about my exsisting relationship and where it was going and I had many of these cards including the hierophant (central) , knight of cups (cc), the sun( future) two of cups ( outcome) and lovers and 10 of pentacles (last cards pulled to confirm). I tried to figure out what these combos meant and then found your site. From this I feel like things are moving in the right direction and things will start to get more committed. I hope! Am I interpreting these combos right?

    1. Thanks Ad, glad you like the site!

      In answer to your question… If this is the only reading you have done about the future of this relationship recently, and not just the one you chose because it showed you the most positive cards… then yes… 😀

      1. Thanks Lisa!!

        It was the only reading and not with my normal deck either, i wanted it untainted by the deck i handle often, instead I used RW. The last time I did reading was when we first stated dating and I had star , nine of cups , three of pentacles in the future and 10 of cups outcome. I wanted to wait a while before I read again, and the cards from above came up. I was a bit confused about the two of cups outcome as we were already in a relationship but I think it just means a deepening of the relationship.

  22. Hi Lisa

    I asked in a 7 card reading if a past love interest would come back. I got

    Past: 3 Wands Rx – Timing off

    Present: 2 Wands – Possibly still interested and thinking about??

    Future: Emperor – Listen to our own wisdom.

    Answer: Ace Wands – New beginning needs to be initiated.

    Surrounding Energy: Moon Rx – Listen to own gut feelings

    Hopes & Fears: Strength Rx – Have strength

    Outcome: Empress – Possible grounded relationship (as it appears with Emperor)

    Just wondering if I have interpreted this correctly or have I missed an underlying message.

    Thank you


    1. Hi Kim, I don’t read with reversals – I want to use the full spectrum of meanings and possibilities and tune in by connecting the cards to each other and the question instead. I wouldn’t read the 3 of Wands as a timing issues necessarily but I suppose it can be since it didn’t work out. It could indicate involvement of a third party – especially with The Moon Present. Surrounding energy? What does that mean? Outside influences? Other People? That’s such a vague label for a position! The hopes and fears position wouldn’t tell you to ‘have’ anything – it would tell you to look closely at your hopes and fears. With the reversal here, I would guess that you feel you may not have enough pulling power to get him back. Be honest about your fears and you’ll have a better chance of overcoming them! The Emperor in the future would signal to me that any future development may be more on his terms… but yes, The Empress might balance that influence and does look positive for a reunion. The Ace of Wands can act as a torch against the obscuring influence of the Moon here… You do need more information before you can take action!

  23. I’m doing the readings on 3 card love spread, so don’t know how reliable these Internet sites are – a few times the four of wands has come up – but the 9 of swords was also in the reading – which I know means I’m worrying too much about the situation – I’m still learning all the tarot meanings at the moment so am a bit of a novice

    1. Melanie, it is pretty much impossible to read for yourself if you are attached to the outcome… (whether online or not) If you are a novice and laying the cards out over and over without understanding what you are looking at the only result you can expect is confusion. Even very seasoned readers struggle with reading for themselves about love. Please get a reading.

      1. I will book in for a reading as the last one was quite some time ago now – thanks for the advice

  24. I keep getting the four of wands and the empress when asking about my ex, whom I still love – is this a positive sign or should I just move on

    1. Melanie. If you keep asking the same question over and over, the answer you’re getting from the cards is not likely to be very reliable. Also, what other cards are you getting? Or do you always pull two cards? No spread?

  25. I have a question about the five of wands. I ran into my ex earlier this week, after our conversation with a lot of mixed signals, i wondered if I should pursue him. In my reading I got the two of cups, the five of wands and the six of cups. It looks positive to me, but the five of wands. I love your interpretations of cards, what do you think?

    1. Did you only pull three cards? What were the card positions? Which spread did you use? How do you normally read – With our without reversals? Which deck did you use? What was your own immediate impression of these cards? Without knowing the answers to those question, my impression is that the cards are basically mirroring that there still is an emotional attachment and that this is why you are getting mixed signals.

      1. Yes, I only pulled three cards. The two of cups, the five of wands and the six of cups in that order and none were reversed. It was a past, present, future reading. I do use reversals and it was the gilded tarot. My first impression, was a yes, I should pursue him. The two of cups showed me there was love and the six of cups was a return to that love, but the five of wands to me is a battle. The problem is, he is in another relationship and I do believe in karma, so maybe that is why the five of wands showed up. It was seeing that you had the six of cups under soul mates that made me stop and ask the question.
        Follow up, he has reached out to me in the past two days, and you are absolutely correct, there is a huge emotional attachment on both sides, but also confusion.

        1. The Karmic cards are fund in the Majors – Judgement in particular. If you are soul mates then yes, there may be karmic issues to work through but the 5 of Wands is not usually an indication of working through karmic stuff. YES, It’s conflict… but more of measuring each other’s strength and deciding on the best approach. In love, I call it ‘the tango card.’

  26. Ok im soo confused on this combo,,lol I asked how can I win over this person, get attention , ectect..And the first card I pulled was the knight of cups and the second card I pulled was the hierophant.. I only pull two cards second one acting as a filter..over the first..The hierophant always confusses me..

      1. What I meant by the energy around the first card, almost like celtic cross spread the first two cards in that layout, if that makes sense.

      2. So the first card was knight of cups and the second card was the hierphant that I place over it… and the qustion I asked was how do I win over ectect get this persons attention or pay attention and notice me…and I am not dating this person, it is a male more of a distant aquatcian, sorry about misspell lol

      3. oh ok…well I always thought of it as energy around the situation of the first card….So how would you read these two together as a meaning?

        1. Well, the Knight should be pretty self-explanatory but I still can’t help with the Hierophant since I have no clue how you read the ‘filter’… What does ‘energy around the situation’ mean… to you? I think the real problem here is your own definitions of the card positions. Perhaps you could work on bringing them into sharper focus? Sorry to be a pain in the butt, but I hope you understand I’m actually trying to help you think.

          1. Well hes a king of wands looks and im guessing the knight of cups would mean more about feelings, and perhaps I need to control my feelings with the hierphant.. But that does not make sense…

            1. Again, what the Knight of Cups means depends on what issue he is addressing. You never answered my question: Is the Knight of Cups the action you need to take to win his heart? You need more focus both for the question and the card positions!

              1. Okay lets see… If they where side by side..and first card drawn is knight of cups..he would be the action card and the hierphant would be the challenge card…im not use to thinking action position and challenge position.. Maybe thats why I can not figure out the two …thank you for takibg the time to answer me.

                1. If the Knight of Cups is the action to take, it means turn the romance ON! The challenge would be to not get stuck in conventional/traditional ways of behaving in this situation. But I’d get more info from the visual clues if I were you!

                  1. Lol,,,ok visual clues,,i chat with him once every week or so but its only online right now, and I have such ahard time relating to the knight of cups,,im super conservitive and shy. He likes attention,,from the ladys,,,very out going, So I guess I should look up more on the knight of cups,,,hes a libra, so I guess now thinking about it that would make sense.

  27. Dear Lisa, can you enlighten me? When I ask the tarot what are his feelings for me, I get always the same card: the World. Can you help me to understand this?

    1. The cards may be reacting to you asking the same question over and over again. Unless you resonate with the idea that you ‘mean the world’ to him then this could be the cards’ way of telling you to stop asking the same question.

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