Multiples and Pairings in Love Tarot Readings


Multiples and Pairings in Love Tarot Readings

When there is more than one of the same number Minor Arcana cards it has a bearing on the reading. This is what multiples mean in Love Tarot readings:

4 Tens – Responsibilities are weighing heavily on you or your partner
3 Tens – Difficult times are coming to an end
4 Nines – Extreme isolation
3 Nines – An important relationship lesson is being successfully integrated
4 Eights – Powerful and rapid changes, usually positive
3 Eights – You and your beloved are going on a trip
4 Sevens – A deeply spiritual relationship
3 Sevens – Good luck
4 Sixes – A soulmate relationship that goes back many incarnations
3 Sixes – Great pleasure
4 Fives – Diversity and flexibility, an ability to go with the flow
3 Fives – Internal and external conflicts, bad luck
4 Fours – Lasting stability, possibly after a house move or moving in together
3 Fours – A house move
4 Threes – A relationship centred around creative projects and raising children
3 Threes – Cheating, excessive flirting, lack of commitment
4 Twos – Life-long commitment
3 Twos – A wedding
4 Aces – A complete first, a new type of lover or relationship, starting over
3 Aces – Extreme luck, pregnancy


Two Tens – Ending of a relationship or phase in the relationship
Two Nines – One of you needs to spend time alone
Two Eights – You will receive news that affect the relationship
Two Sevens – Self-confidence issues may cause instability in the relationship
Two Sixes – Issues surrounding equality may affect the relationship
Two Fives – Constant bickering, backstabbing and ill will from others affect the relationship
Two Fours – House repairs or looking to move house
Two Threes – One of you are craving more change and excitement
Two Twos – Harmonious changes and communication, the need to make a choice
Two Aces – A new partnership


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  1. I was wondering about pairings and multiples in the court cards and Major Arcana. Any thoughts on these? I recently had three pages in a reading…and several Major Arcana…

    1. Several Majors is an indication of Major Life Lessons and that you may not be able to exert much control over how events unfold. With all the pages present, what you (or the Seeker) must do is pay attention and become a student of these lessons. Make zero assumptions. Take on a beginner’s mind. Watch, learn… keep a journal… The missing Page could then be a clue about what Element the Seeker has already mastered to a certain degree – a strength to use perhaps.

  2. I didn’t know this and I do Tarot! I’m going to share this on my blog 🙂 …and can’t wait to actually see and use this in Tarot…

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