Top 10 Tarot Cards & Combinations for Reconciliation

Someone asked me on Twitter the other day what the main cards for reconciliation were. When doing a reading to see if reconciliation with an ex will be possible, the following cards and combinations usually indicate success:

tarot card imageThe 2 of Cups, is always a good sign of reconciliation, especially together with The Lovers, The Sun or The World (very ‘happily ever after’). This is the ultimate ‘love
reciprocation’ card.





tarot card imageThe 3 of Cups means ‘happy days’ again – especially together with the 2 of Cups. However, watch out for more 3’s in the same spread, as this could indicate that he will be back but you will not be his only love interest. Although not a commitment card in its own right, together with The Hierophant, it can indicate marriage.





Tarot card imageThe 6 of Cups can indicate the return of a soul mate lover, especially together with the Ace of Cups (in which case it will either be first time you meet in this incarnation or you get a chance to have fresh new start), 2 of Cups, the 4 of Wands, The Sun and The World.





tarot card imageThe 10 of Cups as the outcome is a sure sign that you will settle down and bring up a family together, especially together with the 4 of Wands and the 10 of Pentacles. This is a case of your lover returning because he realises he really wants a future with you.






tarot card imageThe 4 of Wands is the ‘moving in together card’ and therefore it is likely that your reconciliation leads to settling down together, or one of you moving back to be with the other person. This is especially true with any of the Cups cards mentioned above.






tarot card imageThe Hierophant is a card of commitment so if you’ve been dating a commitment-phobic and this card shows up in the future, surrounded by other cards indication reciprocal love and partnership, you will win his heart for good in the end.






tarot card imageThe Lovers can indicate that he chooses to come back. Look for the Hierophant in the same reading to indicate that he also chooses to finally commit. The Lovers together with two or more 3’s indicates a continuation of a love triangle.






tarot card image

Justice together with Temperance and the 2 of Cups can indicate that a marriage heading toward divorce will be restored. If Justice is found in the future position, together with The Hierophant and/or the 3 of Cups, wedding bells will chime even though it may seem it would take a miracle (they do happen, you know!).





tarot card imageTemperance can indicate a lover returning after healing of emotional wounds. If the 3 of Swords is present in the past and Temperance is found in the present of the future, all the bad news brought by the 3 of Swords will be erased.






tarot card imageThe Sun in the future position shows a return of good times in general and can be a strong indication of reconciliation if found together with the 2 of Cups or even the 2 of Wands. A relationship signified by the 2 of Wands shows two headstrong lovers who may have been driven apart by pride and willfulness. When the Sun shows up, it could indicate that they have  learned to compromise. Granted, this will never be an easy relationship but neither will it be dull or boring.




tarot card imageBonus card: The 9 of Cups indicates that your wish (any wish) will come true. However, if this card shows up in a position signifying your hopes, it does not indicate that your wish will come true – only that you wish for something to happen with all your heart. Be careful to weigh the 9 of Cups as the outcome against the original question. If your question was will he come back, the 9 of Cups is a ‘yes’ but it doesn’t give you much detail about under what circumstances or for how long.

Please be aware that these are not the only indicators of a reconciliation but they are the ‘usual suspects’ based on my own experience. Feel free to suggest other cards and combinations in the comments section below!


NB: If you would like to ask a question about the meaning about a particular Tarot card combination, you need to include the question and also if you used the spread with positional meanings. If you used a spread, you will need to share where in the spread the cards fell.

This post was illustrated with images from the Morgan Greer Tarot – a great deck for beginners.

☆ Lisa Frideborg


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  1. Felini

    Hi Lisa
    I am not sure if my comment was sent last night. I am sorry if it repeats. I did a one card question. The first night I asked if my x boyfriend and I would be together again and the card was the 6 of cups. I understood this meant yes. I pulled a second clarifying card and was the three of pentacles. I thought that this means it will not be easy or that it will take time until he gets back. The following night I asked again a question. Is it over between us? The card I pulled was the Fool. My gut response (but I am biased) is that it is not over and we will start anew together making a new beginning. But I was not sure so I picked a second card to clarify and this was the Queen of Cups. I am not sure how to relate the two readings not how to relate Queen of Cups to the Fool. (He is now with another woman, moved on to a new relationship). I thought that in the new beginning I will be important for him like a spouse? (biased) He is the child like man and I have qualities of the Queen of Cups (more mature than him/ emotional). But I always thought I am the empress in the cards. I am Cancer. The first day when I pulled the six of cups I continued to a celtic cross but there were not other relationship love cards coming up. The outcome was nine of pents. But I had started with the intention to only pull one card so I give much more weight that the card that came up was six of cups. A friend and counsellor had told me before the reading that she thinks we might be soul mates. Thank you for your time and insights.

    1. admin

      Hi Felini. When you pull a clarifier it is important to know which aspect of the previous card you are clarifying, otherwise it usually makes people more confused than anything. Asking the same question (just worded differently) the next day is also only going to add to your confusion… as is building a spread around the first card, not liking the result and saying it was all about card number one anyway… I hope this gives you perspective on how your attachment to the outcome and desperately wanting the cards to show you what you want to see rather than the truth is creating confusiong for you. This is a classic example of when a person REALLY needs an objective reading by a third party. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Felini

        Thank you very much for your answer and understanding! I wanted to clarify if the fool is indeed a new beginning together as I thought or it means an end for us. Thanks, Lisa!

  2. Brit

    Wow! I actually had a dream last night and the 2 of cups followed by the lovers showed up. In my dream my twinflame was talking to me. I don’t remember what he said but I know we aren’t talking as of right now. He ran once again but there’s no negative energy between us. I’m giving him his space & I wish him well. It’s Interesting that those cards mean reconciliation.

  3. Star

    Hi Lisa! I did a 5 card spread asking the future with a person (Which cards best describe my future with this person). I got the star, 9 of cups, death, the lovers and the 2 of cups. The death card threw me as it seems out of place with the others. I did this after a recent reconciliation but things in the present are unsettled. What are your thoughts as to the combination meaning. 🙂

      1. Star

        I did a future spread where the firstly the 5 cards was the nearest future last being later future. Like a glimps of time passing. Or the developing relationship in the future. I’m a little new to the tarot ☺️

    1. admin

      OK, the Majors talk about what must come to pass and Death tells us that the relationship must be transformed. Rather than looking at what will happen, how about reading on how to transform this relationship to make it stick this time? The future is not set in stone and reading on it when we have a strong emotional attachment to the outcome is tempting but simply not prudent. Using the Tarot as a tool for real relationship guidance and positive transformation is the way forward.

      1. Star

        Thank u so much. Oh boy.. Idk how to interpret readings like that. So I asked what needed to do to transform my relationship so we could have a healthy happy relationship together and I received temperance the empress and queen of swords. I have no idea how to interpret that though

  4. Amy

    Hi Lisa, I use the deck my grandmother left to me, it is only major arcana cards I believe. Does this change the outcome or meaning? Thanks so much for your insight. I really appreciate it.

    1. admin

      It does change it from being definitely fated which it would have been with three for three out of a full deck. More than that I can’t say and it may be best to get an objective reading from a third party if you are very attached to the outcome. Blessings

  5. Amy

    Hi Lisa, I did a three card spread – past, present and future. I asked ‘is there hope, will he return?’. I pulled the tower (past), death (present) and the lovers (future). I’m now really confused! I’m fairly new to tarot and hope I did this correctly. The first two cards seem to point to negativity but the future card would point differently – or does it point to a future without him? Would my projecting what I want the outcome to be affect the cards? Thank you.

    1. admin

      Did you use a Majors only deck or a full 78 card deck? If you used a full deck, the fact that there are three Majors is highly significant. It means that events are fated. And yes, with The Lovers as the Final card, the outcome does look positive. Only you can know the circumstances surrounding the draw and how emotionally attached you are to the outcome, which could potentially affect the reading and which cards show up. A better question to ask would probably be, ‘What can I do to improve my chances of reconciliation?’ I think it’s rarely set in stone… However, with three Majors out of three, it could well be set in stone 🙂

  6. Masha

    Just curious what the King of Cups mean when you ask the question if I will reconcile with X?
    I am using Heart Tarot if that makes a difference.

    1. admin

      It means an answer for a yes/no type question is not available at this point in time. Unless YOU have assigned yes/no meanings to the courtiers OR the King of Cups is definitely your ex and you see this as a positive sign. The King of Cups can also signify an aspect of yourself that you need to develop for reconciliation to be possible. You can find a list of yes/no meanings here: http://angelorum.co/topics/divination/list-of-yes-no-tarot-card-meanings-for-love-romance-questions/

      1. Masha

        Ok thanks, I was asking it as a Yes and No question. I guess it means not at this time or it can not be seen.
        I always have trouble with Court Cards.
        He is not King of Cups, more of an Emperor type or the Pope. Very dogmatic set in his ways.

  7. xyz

    I asked ‘will i move on from this heartbreak and will i find love again, be it with him or another, in the coming year’. I pulled death/reaper which I understand is the most feared card to get but can also mean new beginnings? Any thoughts welcome – struggling to come to terms with the end of a relationship and was asking ‘will he return’ but thought this perhaps a better way of framing it…

    1. admin

      It’s likely you can’t read on this for yourself right now due to feeling heartbroken and being too invested in the outcome. I would see this card as the Tarot asking you to invest in deep emotional healing first, the kind that leads to transformation and rebirth. Blessings, Lisa

        1. xyz

          A final one on thinking about your response – is this card a reflection on the fact that there is no hope for the relationship that has been? Or less a reflection of that than on me? Sorry to ask.

  8. Marina

    I drew the nine of cups first and ten of swords in a two card spread. My question was what hinders my progression. I’ve had somewhat of unending supply of obstacles and exhaustion is settling well around whatever strength, if any, remains.

    1. admin

      Hi Marina, It sounds like you could do with some real life support around what you are facing right now even though the 10 of Swords usually indicates a cycle coming to an end. Why not speak to a counselor? Blessings, Lisa

  9. 1111111

    I would appreciate any thoughts. My tarot reading was very confusing. I pulled the prince of cups, the princess of cups (below the prince of cups) at the centre of my reading was king of hearts. They were surrounded by ‘sword’ cards (the seven of swords featured, as well as five of swords). The tarot reader, who didnt know about my situation, said that this showed I love someone very much and he loves me too, and that both he and I are kind and gentle (I probably wouldnt describe him that way – he is a fairly rigid person). She said I want him to grow up a bit but he will mature. This does not reflect things because we have broken up and he says he doesnt love me, is adamant he will not be back and is moving on. The tarot reader was very confused and said maybe I dont want to see what is there and that she would have said he will be back but from what I have said maybe it is showing someone else, but she didnt rly understand. She then said maybe it shows someone else. She was an experienced reader. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    1. admin

      I don’t read on readings done by a third party. Everyone has their own way of reading. It is a waste of time and energy to try to make sense of her reading this way. If the reading didn’t resonate, simply ask for your money back next time.

  10. Mel

    I recently asked what does he want from me and got the queen of cups clarified by the lovers. This is a friend that I had a drunken night with a while back… What the heck does it mean?

        1. admin

          If the Queen of Cups is you then he’s interested (but you’d know that anyway, coz he would have been in touch) and if it’s not you then he’s involved with someone else. We do not abdicate common sense in favour of Tarot wisdom. A guy who doesn’t stay in touch after you’ve spent a night together just isn’t that into you.

  11. J

    Hey there.

    I recently asked a question: ‘Will he attempt to win me back by the end of the year?’ One card draw and got the Five of Cups.

    What do you think? Is the person on the cards, me or him?

  12. Kendra

    I asked..”please tell me what should I expect from person X?”

    One card draw: 9 of cups

    Person X is my boyfriend whom I recently parted ways with. Does this mean he will attempt to reconcile? That is what I want.

    1. admin

      Hi Kendra, It could mean that (it’s known as the ‘wish card’) but if you are very attached to the outcome, this may have affected your reading. I recommend turning to a professional reader for help with this. Blessings

  13. owain

    Hi again what do you feel is the best reading to use for matters of the heart and communication. Ive been using the celtic spread not sure if its the right one

        1. admin

          Alrighty, so the first question is best answered with a yes/no type spread… You’ll find some useful stuff for that here: http://angelorum.co/topics/divination/yesno-love-tarot-techniques/

          The second question… depends on how in-depth you want to go. You could do a simple past-present-future spread or go much deeper with the Heart of the Relationship Tarot Spread http://angelorum.co/topics/divination/heart-of-the-relationship-tarot-spread/

          Don’t forget to look in the Love & Relationship Tarot Spreads Index – there are 50+ spreads to choose from there. Have fun! 🙂

          1. owain

            Thanks very much il have a good look at that. Last thung drew one card for yes and kniw will i hear frim them this month. Drew the ace of wands which i know is a yes but donyou feel that is a strong indication. What does it really tell me. Thanks again

          2. admin

            If it doesn’t resonate, it is probably because the draw symbolises wishful thinking rather than a realistic outcome/answer. If it truly did represent a yes, I would expect him to contact you because he is irresistably attracted to you. Desire is strong with the Ace of Wands. Stop reading on this for a while and/or get a reading from an objective third party. Blessings

    1. admin

      The suit of Swords is about communication. The Magician corresponds with Mercury, so yes… Judgement? Not so much, unless other cards indicate communicating about a life-changing decision that needs to be made. Do you mean communication as in ‘Will he get in touch?’

      1. owain

        Yeah sort of out of the blue type communication. 8 of wand is out of the blue ? Ive read lots of different opinions . I had 8 wands as near future and the sun as out come i very positive spread all in all.

  14. Yesh the Homeopath

    Hi there, I recently asked about my career as I may have to quit my passion driven self employment career in the efforts to look for a job to financially secure and support myself. I asked present situation: 5 cups; what to focus on: the lovers; future outlook: 6 cups and the devil. Lots os sixes? What does this combination mean?

    1. admin

      Hi Yesh, welcome to Angelorum. This is how it works: you share your own interpretation and ask for specific advice on any card that has you stumped, OK? 🙂 Cheers!

  15. farahhashim

    i pulled 3 cards placed them next to each other. on far left was justice followe by 7 of wands and far right reversed temperance

    my energy while flipping through cards was toward an old friendship with a female that arised yesterday after 6 months of no contact she returns with a huge agony and envy and haterd toward me and the problem is .. everything she is saying is not correct and she has been getting affected by some people around her.

    the problem with our friendship was her constant competitive attitude, and lack of trust toward me, and this added more negativity when we worked together on a project and because im the director of that project i got media attention because of my work and she was angry at that and claimed many things about me that were not true. i do not know whether to respond or just let go like i usually did. i feel therei s no hope for a logical discussion between us because she doesn’t want the truth if it hit her in the head..

    1. admin

      It seems to me these cards just represent the current situation and that perhaps you need to focus on a specific question if you are looking for the cards to help with a resolution to your dilemma. Blessings

  16. Brittany

    Hi lisa,

    I pulled a couple cards. I Didn’t use any spread. The first card I asked would there be a possible love reconciliation. We recently got into a disagreement & decided to part ways. I pulled the fool..Then I asked how many days will it take..I pulled nine of cups..what is your interpretation of this?

    1. admin

      Did you take The Fool as a ‘Yes’? Because if you did that totally means ‘When you least expect it’ – Not much point in pulling a card on ‘in how many days’ in other words… Also beware, he may show up like ‘jack-in-the-box’ and be gone again just as quickly with The Fool. Not much of of a promise of commitment there, I’m afraid.

      1. Brittany

        I felt like the fool card was a yes & commitment is definitely an issue but he has clearly told me he doesn’t want a relationship right now. We have feelings for eachother, but he isn’t ready to commit. I wonder if I should move on..Is it even worth it..I’m definitely not the type to do friends with benefits.

    1. admin

      It kind of depends on which deck you are using but I see more of a soul process that leads to understanding of why things didn’t work out rather than a reconciliatio with Temperance following the 8 of Pentacles.

  17. Ara


    I went through a difficult break up four months ago and haven’t spoken to my ex since. Recently I did a past, present, and future reading to see if there’s any chance of reconciliation as I do still love him. Logically stepping back and looking at the relationship, I understand why we didn’t work but truly believe in my intuition and gut, we will be able settle our differences and move forward to a much happier union later on. Patience is what I’m currently feeling and what is stopping me from seeking further contact or closure from him. I know we need this time apart to work on ourselves but there’s still a lingering pull that’s telling me not to give up just yet and ride it out:

    Past – 8 of Wands
    Present – 2 of Cups
    Future – 3 of Cups

    What are your thoughts about the reading and could you please provide any clarity or significance? Thank you so much!

    1. admin

      Hi Ara, this is not a free reading service – please provide your own interpretation with the reading. I’m happy to help with any bit you got stuck on. Blessings and Happy New Year!

      1. Ara

        Hi again,

        Like I mentioned above, I interpreted the reading as patience and not rushing into anything/allowing room for healing on our own and together. From there, I see us heading towards a much more calmer (possible) reconciliation.

        I was just looking for clarification if that’s how you view the outcome as well or if I’m off the mark completely.

        Thank you! Happy New Year to you as well!

  18. chidam

    There is a girl i really like, cant say we were in a relationship but were seeing each other & really liked. we aren’t talking anymore but I’ve always felt a strong connection with her, so i was doing a 3 card reading with the question in my mind as to know if we will get back and how our future together is. I got the cards as below, i find them quiet positive but could you spread more clarity on how this looks like

    King of swords – Past
    King of Pentacles – Present
    Ten of cups – Future

  19. Eva

    Hi Lisa,

    Was hoping you could help me interpret my recent Celtic Cross spread. The question in mind was “What will happen between me and my ex in the future?/any developments?”

    I got
    -2 of wands in “What crosses you good or bad”
    -Judgment in “Heart of the situation”
    -2 of cups in “Root of the Matter”
    -Justice in “What could come into”

    all next to each other..

    Could you interpret these cards together for me in relation to my question?

    1. admin

      It looks a lot like it is all up in the air and very much dependent on the choices you are making now, with all those 2 energy cards. The Celtic Cross would not be my first choice for reading on a relationship though… Have you had a look at the Tarot Spreads and Tools Page? There are dozens of spreads that would work better for this question on there.

  20. kavish khated

    my question : recently a girl breakup with me on family pressure so i ask question on tarot reading what will be my love life if i dont work on this to save relationship.
    as i feel her family wont listen so its better to move on but worryin so ask question on love life . its was 3 card spread : past : the high priest , present: strength and future : the sun.

  21. rhysrod

    Ive done one more with a clearer question of will we get back together. The king of wands 8 of swords and two of cups. Is that a clearer indication. Whats your interpretation of that. Will try again after Christmas thanks for your help

    1. admin

      It’s really the same question and you’re asking again too soon. The 2 of Cups would be a more positive indication for the future but it could indicate wishful thinking at this stage since you are reading again so close in time… How about you focus more on what in your dynamic needs to be transformed for the relationship to be healed? Read on that in a week or two and focus on being happy on your own skin in the meantime. You may well find that you don’t ‘need’ to read on this again if you shift your focus.

          1. admin

            It’s really hard to tell but I’m not getting a great feeling. The current stalemate indicated by the 2 of Swords indicates that a choice needs to be made if you wish to move forward. The Lovers could just indicate that the choice is made and that could go either way…

  22. Roy

    Hi Lisa, I have got a 3-card combination and would like your opinion on it please if you could. The first card I drew is Temperance, the second is Nine of Cups and the third is Knight of Swords.

    I felt like it might be a good combination but would love to hear a deeper interpretation as I am not a skilled Tarot reader and this was my first time ever picking Tarot cards.

    I thank you for any reply and hope you could shed some light on the meaning of these 3 together in the order I drew each of them.

      1. Roy

        My question was a yes or no question, I was feeling down and stuck and I asked: “Will I ever find my happiness and fulfillment?”

        The reading was not in that exact sense per se, but if bent your way – it would be extremely similar (Past-Self, Present-Situation, Future-Challenges/Opportunities):

        Situation – Nine Of Cups
        Self – Temperance
        Challenges/Opportunities – Knight of Swords

        A little background about what led me to asking that question:

        In the past I used to feel that there is hope for me and that I could still be the man I want to be, but in the past 2-3 years it just got harder and harder for me to keep telling myself these things and these days I don’t have any hope to better myself or my situation – I feel stuck in a very bad way like being confined in a prison with no hope of escaping.

        But there is still something in me that refuses to succumb to this idea of myself – I think It would be easier to just face the “truth” and tell myself that “this is my lot in life” and that I should learn to make the best of this because I really and honestly can’t do better. But there is this huge fear in me that “knows” that this isn’t true at all and that I must not accept that, and I must keep on and aim higher and that good things will become eventually if my will is true, and that I just took a very wrong turn somewhere in the past and that this is all “only temporary”.

        It is like the hope (the thing I feel is lacking in my life) is the thing that keeps getting me into this turbulence, as if it is a bad thing for me to have. hope had done me wrong so much in the past that I actually learned to hate it and to blame it – for not doing more for myself without it.

        Even feeling all this, the moment I read about the Nine Of Cups being among the best card in a Tarot (if not the best) – for a moment I felt a bit of hope again and I was really hoping my life will change, that I could finish my university studies and get a good job and meet someone with which to share a meaningful and profound relationship for a lifetime and raise a healthy happy family and to feel happy again.

        Sorry for the long post (…rant?) – these words just pored out onto the keyboard and I felt like releasing them.

        1. admin

          Thanks for sharing but I do not approve of the way you asked about your happiness. Why? Because asking that way is totally disempowering. You are human, aren’t you? You, like ALL other humans, have what it takes to make yourself ridiculously happy… You just haven’t figured out HOW yet. And THAT, my friend, is what you should ask of the cards. Happiness is a choice. And yes, I say that in full awareness that some of us are challenged by anxiety and depression… I was on that path from early childhood and for nearly three decades myself. But I never stopped believing. Neither should you. Blessings, Lisa

          1. Roy

            Thank you Lisa,

            I fully agree with your words and respect your attitude. The happiness I had encountered in the past did come from my resolve to be happy – I just may need to come to that state again somehow in spite of everything else that is going on.

            Thank you very much for your kind attention and for sharing that with me, this reminded me of the healthy mind set I used to have.

  23. Kitty

    Hi, what’s your interpretation of queen of wands, 10 pentacles and wheel of fortune as someone’s feelings for another person? The wheel of fortune was a clarification. Thanks.

      1. Kitty

        I’m not sure if the queen of wands could be me. I just drew these three cards as someone’s feelings for me. Actually, the first 2 cards and then a clarification card. No positional meanings.

    1. admin

      I’m saying this, provided you haven’t recently asked the same question of the cards, that it looks like ‘love put on hold’ and that you will be happily reunited.

  24. Evelyn

    Hello, Lisa! What would you say about The Hierophant, Justice and The Empress for the future of a potential relationship? Many say the Hierophant and Justice is a good sign, but I’ve seen Justice as sharp and reasonable actions many times, which does not mean necessarily a love relationship; but then comes the Empress, and I’ve seen this card as a happy, fertile, self-assured, independent woman, but sometimes lonely too… in some cases, it was actually another woman, although I made a question specifically for us to avoid this lol. Anyway, I had something with this man for some months, we still have contact, we’re friends, there’s attraction indeed, long long story… he’s a commitment phobe, you know. So, I’m puzzled…. any insights?

    1. admin

      On neutral ground, I would say those three spell future marriage. Or at least serious commitment. However, I wasn’t there when you did the reading. I don’t know how many times you had already asked this when those three turned up as the outcome… what frame of mind you were in or if you shuffled the cards correctly… I do know this though, attraction and attachment to outcome make for many a wishful thinking outcome when reading for self… Also, if there is indeed another woman, then you CAN’T avoid that, even though with those other two marriage card, she SHOULD be Venus herself rather than the third party… In case he is indeed in a committed relationship with someone else, I would urge you to not read on this – bad karma!

      1. Evelyn

        Hey, Lisa! I see… You’re right, I agree on the wishful thinking, but I’m such a pessimist on the matter lol I didn’t really expect to be marriage cards because he is so afraid of sharing intimacy, a life and stuff, and the other party was a casual flirt he was dating, actually things already changed a lot from the day I posted the question here and he “left” her!… They really didn’t have anything serious; as I said, he is a commitment phobe and she tried to “boss” him in front of me, so well, the result is what I told you… it was more like a 8 of wands stuff between them, you know? Anyway, thanks so much for the insight! Wheel of fortune is always in mind.

  25. Thusith

    Hi Lisa

    I contacted tarot reading and I selected Justice (past), The Chariot (Present) and The Lovers (future) regarding my career job waiting. I have been unemployed. The tarot reader says the situation I asked about is complex. I would like to know what kind of prediction could be elaborated on this combination, past present and future

    1. admin

      I don’t read on readings done by others but I would say that future employment depends entirely on the choices you make now to stay on the straight and narrow and apply yourself. There may have been legal considerations with your past job loss. You are floundering now and your best future chance of a job is through someone who knows someone. The Chariot indicates that there is a better way and that is to connect with your strengths and use willpower and discipline to develop them. But that is just my take on these three cards with regards to finding new employment. I don’t even know if your reader used a full deck or just the Majors… Please read this to understand why you can’t really comment on the reading of another reader: https://goo.gl/FpR1qt

  26. Mimi

    CC-spread with 2 of cups as past, the star as future and the six of cups as outside influence. Outcome was 7 of pentacles (with the King of Pentacles as clarifier). My own interpretation is that a reconciliation is possible, but that a love relationship will take time and need patience. Do you agree Lisa? 🙂

      1. Mimi

        Yes, I thinks so, he has been showing up as King of Pentacles 2-3 times before. The Star was next to Six of pentacles also. I’ve heard that the combination says ‘keep the hope alive’ or something like that? Thanks for the reply 🙂

        1. Mimi

          The 7 of Pentacles and King of Pentacles could also mean that there is another man coming in.. and that I will meet him, not very soon, but if I have patience: certainly before I die, lol! 🙂

  27. Nimat

    Hi Lisa,
    My spirit guides have a way of getting my attention by flickering my lights whenever there’s news about my ex (I know that’s odd), but I asked the Tarot if there was a message from spirit for me and I pulled, Ace of cups (shadow/base card) 2 of cups, 6 of swords, 10 of cups, and 6 of cups (to clarify 6of swords). (Rider Waite deck, btw)

    I think I’m being told that my ex will return to finish what we started – that he is now emotionally available and is sorry.

    In your opinion and experience, does tarot speak to you without asking something specific? I mean I was thinking about my ex but I didn’t specifically ask if we would reconcile.


    1. admin

      Hi Nimat, in my experience when this sort of thing happens it is more often than not a reflection of wishful thinking. I think it is paramount when reading for self to write a specific question down before we begin the reading – it is all too easy otherwise for the cards and our thoughts to ‘drift’… Time will tell. Blessings

      1. Nimat

        Thanks for responding, Lisa. I agree that only time will tell. It’s just funny that I got this reading once I finally accepted our separation.

        And when a reading does indicate a reconciliation, how can you tell if the person in question is simply ‘thinking’ of reconciling as opposed to actually taking action – a call, text, or a visit?

      2. Nimat

        Hey Lisa, I have an update. As I was reading through my notes on this reading – I wrote down a dream I had 2 days later. In the dream my ex returned and we were cuddled up just like old times so I guess spirit wanted to inform me of an upcoming dream concerning my desires – hence the 10 of cups, lol! I’m still praying for a real reconciliation one day as I feel he really is my true love. You’re advice is always on point!

  28. shivangileo

    Hey Lisa!
    What tarot card spread should be used for this reading? Also, can the ‘3 of Wands’ be a reconciliation card as well? Can it represent an old lover coming back?

      1. shivangileo

        Thanks a lot! 🙂
        Which card positions in the above spread should we hope to get reconciliation cards in? As in, getting a card indicative of reconciliation would be most potent in which position between Card #1 to Card #10?

          1. Rosa

            Hi Lisa, great tutorial. Thanks so much for this! If three of these cards can appear in any position does that also include the past? I got 10 cups in past position with 4 wands as answer and 9 cups as outcome. However I also got Death as the energy surrounding the question of reconciliation. Do you still see this as a positive sign? I’m not using CC but a much simpler one and drew the following: past:10 cups, present: 3 pentacles, future: judgement, surrounding energy: death, hopes/fears: queen pentacles, answer: 4 wands and outcome: 9 cups. I know you’ve highlighted 3 pentacles as possible triangle which is a new way of reading that card for me, usually I get 3 cups to signify that. Queen pentacles usually represents me. What do you think of this reading? I’m trying to be objective but not sure if I’m projecting my own desires, so please, your thoughts are very welcome!! ☺️

          2. admin

            Thanks Rosa. Yes, because the past obviously influences the future… but the outcome card still has more weight of course. 4 of Wands and 9 of Cups as answer/outcome can only mean that you get your wish. Unless, you’ve been reading on this a lot and the cards have started taking the piss, of course. That can totally happen. Blessings

          3. Rosa

            Hi Lisa, thanks so much for taking the time to reply. Yes, you could be right about the cards playing with me!

  29. gretel88

    Ok thanks a lot Lisa, l just feel like we have unfinished business, we ended the relationship because of misunderstandings. So the world as the outcome, which usually means completions, kind of confused me

  30. gretel88

    Sorry, that’s what I meant, outside influence, I find it hard to see the sun as outside influence. So my question was is the sun a bad omen for reconciliation in this position?

  31. gretel88

    Hi Lisa,

    I was wondering what are your thoughts on The World as the outcome in a reconciliation? Everytime I do a reading on my ex coming back I get the world as the outcome card.

  32. LivnDeadGirlXx

    I just got the Temperance card for the final outcome of my relationship along with the 3 of swords somewhere 5 cards behind. I pulled two cards though for the final outcome that was the 4 of cups and the Temperance cards.

      1. Love Rihanna & Katy

        I believe it was now. I am asking for any help I can get. I don’t remember asking for the past but only the present and the future. I am getting several swords cards in my readings and its making me anxious thinking this person I love is involved with someone else. Suddenly he has started ignoring my phone calls and avoided me for the past two weeks. He will answer sometimes but not without being angry with me. He will not give me a straight answer.

          1. Love Rihanna & Katy

            I’m not sure anymore cause I love him I guess and I don’t think he’d care if I left. He just disappears and doesn’t think he needs to explain why to me. He gets angry with me for no reason but lately my cards say nothing but deceit and lying from him. Maybe this was never meant to work from the start. He is ten years older and very bossy and controlling.

        1. Lisa Frideborg

          From the info given here, I can’t give an answer one way or another. I’m happy to do you an in-depth reading on this though. It’s worth doing when it’s karmic as objectivity may be lacking.

  33. carlamacdee


    I pulled the lovers and temperance for the future between myself an another.
    Not currently together at the moment after separation… What would you say about this combo?


    1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Judgement means a final choice will have to be made with regards to this situation. I would see this three card combo as inconclusive with regards to possible reconciliation. The final decision will be made once the full truth is revealed.

  34. Megan Webb Jackson

    Hi Lisa I asked the question “what is the probability of man x and I having romantic relationship in the future” Problem is he is married & I don’t cheat. I had a very specific dream about being in his home about to consumate our feelings when his wife walked in (she had apparently not been in the picture, but she was happy to see me & called me by my name). I felt confused. I have psychic dreams often about significant things in my life. Anyway, that is why i asked the question. The cards were the lovers, the sun, the 6 of cups, and the ace of cups. I always use upright cards. I felt “led” to use four cards. Any insights? Thanks!

  35. melissacampa209

    Hey I did a 3 card spread and we recently went through a separation that was very short and he has been saying he wants to marry me anyway for how he feels I pulled the sun upright temperance upright and the hierophant upright? Could this be backing up his talk about marriage?

  36. Angela

    I did. A spread and obstacle was Lovers, recent past was temperance and recent future is Justice with an outcome of ace of swords.

  37. Cynthia

    Hey Lisa so I did another reading and these are the cards I got;
    6 of cups. (Reversed)
    7 wands
    Queen on wands reversed
    The high priestess
    4 wands and 4 of pentacles

    From the reading it looks like he’s my soul mate and we’re going to move in together? The only thing that confuses me is the reversed cards. Should I read them reversed or did I read it properly considering there are good cards around it?
    Thank again for your help 🙂

    1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Oh dear, I can’t possibly comment about how to read the reversals if you haven’t made your mind up on how to read them before you laid them out. Also… which spread are you using? I will say this though, I wouldn’t book the removals van quite yet with the reversed Queen of Wands next to The Lovers…

      1. Cynthia

        I just asked a question and pulled some cards.. I decided to read the cards the way they would be upright.. I didn’t get any bad vibes from my gut while doing the reading so I didn’t think anything of it, the queen. So does that mean things won’t progress between us because of the queen or that he will move on with the queen?

      2. Cynthia

        Well I didn’t think it was another woman haha.. While reading it I did think it was me because I didn’t feel any other energy but mine and his .. I hope I’m making sense

        1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

          I hate to tell you this, but unless she is always you in readings, this is more likely to be another woman. Then again, I wouldn’t count this reading as you didn’t decide beforehand whether to read with reversals or not. That is a pretty basic requirement for an accurate reading.

          1. Cynthia

            Well I wasn’t sure at first whether I’d not to read the reversals but as I kept looking at the cards that fell around the reversals I decided to read them as upright cards.. And I’ve gotten the queen before.. I never got any bad vibes and I didn’t think anything of it.. But I will keep that in mind when I do a future reading thank u 🙂

            By the way, I had a question, what do I make of a reading similar to this only difference is my girl friend is single and she is mingling but she asked a general question about a guy she met once. Since I’m not a professional we just did it for fun and I told her to make nothing if it.. But she got good cards like the 6 if cups, hierophant , lovers, 9 of cups. The way I interpreted her reading is that things might actually work out for this random person she met 🙂

          2. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

            Cynthia, considering the fact that you haven’t mastered the basics of Tarot yet, you’re probably best off waiting a while and studying up before doing readings for friends.

            You need to be clear on how you read reversals and also the meanings of the court cards.

      3. Cynthia

        If it helps usually when I ask about him and me the chariot card pops up a lot.. Frequently almost.. The only thing I take from that is that we’ll overcome obstacles together.. It sounds like he’s a keeper but I’m not going to base my judgement solely through tarot. I’ve been cheated on before so I do tarot every now and then to make sure it’s not happening again .. Thanks for being so prompt with your responses truly helpful 🙂

  38. biddy9

    I would add the reversed Five of Cups… seeing that you have made a mistake by separating, and then deciding to recommit to the relationship. It may be more driven by missing your partner, though, and you would want to see some positive change cards in the reading to ensure this was sustainable.

    1. Lisa Frideborg Lloyd

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, Brigit. In a combination where someone returns due to regret, this could be seen by the upright 5 of Cups followed by the 6 of Cups if you don’t read with reversals.

      Sadly, there are many people who go through cycles of break-ups and re-unions, without doing much (if any) work on themselves in between… The Devil is often present in readings for such a couple, representing a sort of destructive, yet indelible bond.

      In a reading where there has been true regret and repentance (perhaps not a word we should throw on the scrap heap quite yet), you would expect to see cards such as The Star or The Sun following the 5 of Cups.

      1. joycr

        Hey guys i did the spread mentioned earlier called “how he really thinks” i almost got excited but then i saw that it was telling me he has moved on with a new younger woman because i got the tower in 1st position 6 cups in 2nd. i got an ace of cups but its in the 5th position with the page of wands as the outcome. Am i right?

  39. Sonya Singh

    Hello Lisa, First of all, It’s great to know that I can post now 😀 Hurray ! And second, Thanks a tonne for the post. I love your posts as they make it so easy for me to understand Tarot and inspire me to further explore it 🙂 Keep up the good work !

      1. Sonya Singh

        On that note, I had a small request to make. Often when people come for a reading, I have noticed they want to know more about the feelings of the person in question. For eg. Let’s say Shantell had an argument with Mark, she is now curious to know what Mark feels for her. Would love to see a post on card combinations & spreads that can highlight this subject 🙂 Just a few thoughts !

        Have a lovely Sunday !

  40. Naomi

    when asking if my ex would return i have gotten these cards in the outcome position, nine of cups,three of pentacles,the lovers, seven of pentacles…and he did return 🙂

    1. sophiejoanne92

      Can someone please shed some light on this reading 6 card spread will my ex return. How my exs love life is going at the moment judgement reversed what my ex is thinking about me the hierophant how my ex is feeling about me the sun what my ex is thinking will happen between us the king of wands is their a potential the queen of pentacles and outcome how things are going to turn out is their any advice king of pentacles.

        1. Lisa Frideborg

          Perhaps you should read with a deck like the Psychic Tarot Oracle for the Heart which doesn’t have any court cards until you have mastered them…? In general, when half of the cards are court cards, the general message is that the outcome depends on other people’s involvement.

          1. sophiejoanne92

            Thanks lisa for your help would you say that he has any feelings for me anymore as i dont know what to think about the devil i do get the feeling that hes trying to hide his feelings x

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