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Someone asked me on Twitter the other day what the main cards for reconciliation were. When doing a reading to see if reconciliation with an ex will be possible, the following cards and combinations usually indicate success:

tarot card imageThe 2 of Cups, is always a good sign of reconciliation, especially together with The Lovers, The Sun or The World (very ‘happily ever after’). This is the ultimate ‘love
reciprocation’ card.





tarot card imageThe 3 of Cups means ‘happy days’ again – especially together with the 2 of Cups. However, watch out for more 3’s in the same spread, as this could indicate that he will be back but you will not be his only love interest. Although not a commitment card in its own right, together with The Hierophant, it can indicate marriage.





Tarot card imageThe 6 of Cups can indicate the return of a soul mate lover, especially together with the Ace of Cups (in which case it will either be first time you meet in this incarnation or you get a chance to have fresh new start), 2 of Cups, the 4 of Wands, The Sun and The World.





tarot card imageThe 10 of Cups as the outcome is a sure sign that you will settle down and bring up a family together, especially together with the 4 of Wands and the 10 of Pentacles. This is a case of your lover returning because he realises he really wants a future with you.






tarot card imageThe 4 of Wands is the ‘moving in together card’ and therefore it is likely that your reconciliation leads to settling down together, or one of you moving back to be with the other person. This is especially true with any of the Cups cards mentioned above.






tarot card imageThe Hierophant is a card of commitment so if you’ve been dating a commitment-phobic and this card shows up in the future, surrounded by other cards indication reciprocal love and partnership, you will win his heart for good in the end.






tarot card imageThe Lovers can indicate that he chooses to come back. Look for the Hierophant in the same reading to indicate that he also chooses to finally commit. The Lovers together with two or more 3’s indicates a continuation of a love triangle.






tarot card image

Justice together with Temperance and the 2 of Cups can indicate that a marriage heading toward divorce will be restored. If Justice is found in the future position, together with The Hierophant and/or the 3 of Cups, wedding bells will chime even though it may seem it would take a miracle (they do happen, you know!).





tarot card imageTemperance can indicate a lover returning after healing of emotional wounds. If the 3 of Swords is present in the past and Temperance is found in the present of the future, all the bad news brought by the 3 of Swords will be erased.






tarot card imageThe Sun in the future position shows a return of good times in general and can be a strong indication of reconciliation if found together with the 2 of Cups or even the 2 of Wands. A relationship signified by the 2 of Wands shows two headstrong lovers who may have been driven apart by pride and willfulness. When the Sun shows up, it could indicate that they have  learned to compromise. Granted, this will never be an easy relationship but neither will it be dull or boring.




tarot card imageBonus card: The 9 of Cups indicates that your wish (any wish) will come true. However, if this card shows up in a position signifying your hopes, it does not indicate that your wish will come true – only that you wish for something to happen with all your heart. Be careful to weigh the 9 of Cups as the outcome against the original question. If your question was will he come back, the 9 of Cups is a ‘yes’ but it doesn’t give you much detail about under what circumstances or for how long.

Please be aware that these are not the only indicators of a reconciliation but they are the ‘usual suspects’ based on my own experience. Feel free to suggest other cards and combinations in the comments section below!


NB: If you would like to ask a question about the meaning about a particular Tarot card combination, you need to include the question and also if you used the spread with positional meanings. If you used a spread, you will need to share where in the spread the cards fell.

This post was illustrated with images from the Morgan Greer Tarot – a great deck for beginners.

☆ Lisa Frideborg



271 thoughts on “Top 10 Tarot Cards & Combinations for Reconciliation”

  1. Hello, I just did 10 card spread, question was “getting back with C.S” I believe he’s my soulmate. I left for a month from fears and anxieties that needed to be conquered. I am planning on returning next month. What do you think of these combination of cards??
    1-page of wands
    3-5 of cups
    4-10 of coins
    5-3 of swords
    6-9 of cups
    7-knight of cups
    10- 6 cups
    The last one has me worried a bit. I’m a beginner with cards and I’m receiving a positive feeling all around but I’ve done a bad karma move that I feel we both can recover from if I really put my genuine heart forward. I need to restore his trust and get him back! 🙁 I guess I would love a straightforward explanation something short, is this a good sign? thank you for reading… I’m certain of it. But was wondering if there was some sort of warning or lesson or practice I might learn from this spread!

    1. Hi Sleepless in San Diego, welcome to Angelorum. How it works around here is that you provide your own interpretation (with positional meanings for this particular spread), taking into account any combinations that stand out to you, then ask for help with any cards/combinations that you can’t make sense of. Thank you. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you for responding and clarification!!
        The sun definitely represents my love. In so many ways.. The page of wands, is a messenger/messages. I am waiting to hear from him so that we can hold a conversation that can show each other’s depth of emotion.. As they’ve both grown. The 10 of coins feels like how I left security, my job home love everything. The 9 of cups has been in the future positions for a couple of spreads now, as this is something I must work for not sit by idling which could allow the 3 of swords to sink in, it already has, I cry and cry and feel a tremendous sorrow for hurting someone I truly love.. The 5 of cups scares me. But it is the root, my subconscious. The 3 of swords has always been there for me. It’s been my greatest challenge.
        The knight of cups, I’m unsure of, part of me sees this as my love too.. He is hurt right now.. This is certain. And he may not be fully ready to speak.
        Now with the empress and the magician… I know in our relationship, we are to experience in some way or another our parents… We both have similar paths of life experience. I feel like we are overcoming our parents hurt through each other, but sometimes it can be too much for one or the other… Either too much parenting or too much child… However magician + empress cards plus 9 of cups and sun, make me feel how I feel in my heart, is true and supported. The magician shows to me that I can do it! (Overcome my challenges with the swords) I have support from the empress, my life number is 3 as well.. And eventually, 9 + 6 of cups, be with the one I love. The magician (him) and the empress (me)

        I guess my questions lie… In the 5 of cups, and the knight of cups.. This spread seems hopeful, I can sense it, however I feel that I need to give him more time? Also there’s a Mercury retrograde this month :/ that doesn’t help at all!
        Thank you Lisa.. Your efforts are appreciated.

        1. Hi again, you didn’t provide any positional meanings so I still can’t help. Please try again WITH the positional meanings. Cheers.

  2. I’ve had deep feelings for years for a guy who lives very far away.. We’ve gone through periods of not talking and it seems to happen cause each time he becomes too attached to me, he pulls away cause of the distance and his commitment issues.. (recently he was very jealous and even constantly talking about my tasks in a marriage situation but then stopped talking to me cause of a minor argument.. I’ve become very jealous seeing him bring to job events some not very attractive girl who he had long insisted hes not hanging out with and is just a friend.. However this was still breaking me inside until a friend did a reading:
    (left) Moon – (right) Temperance (reversed) – up World – down 9 of swords (and 2 separate cards) Ace of Wands (luck) – 10 of pentacles (future)

    and advised me to be more “balanced” and that maybe not all is as it seems and that I need to concentrate on my professional future.. I followed that advice but I also tried to learn about that girl’s role and over 10 days later my friend’s new reading about the relationship and my actions was this:

    Ace of Cups – 2 of Pentacles (Reversed) – 6 of Cups – Chariot – 8 of Wands (luck) – 10 of Wands (future)

    My friend spoke of many soulmate signs in it, is it true? But also that Im taking all the burden of the relationship which is def true (actually I wanted to travel for him but he wouldnt let me which was the start of my suspicions and root of the argument)
    What is your explanation? With respect, Rita.

    1. Hi Rita, sorry but I can’t possibly comment on a reading done by another reader with an unknown spread… She also includes reversals which I don’t use and I don’t know how she chooses to read then (there are many ways to read a reversed card). Why not ask your friend?

  3. Thanks a lot,Lisa,for your kind advice.
    I use past, present, future, outcome and clarify spread. Past- the death(this breakup since february,2016)the present the emperor ,the future-the devil(heartache with that devil thing),the future and clarify-the judgement and lovers. As i’m asian girl,though wanna run away -psychologically and socially bonded with that devil.Thz again for your helping hands.

    1. The Emperor for the present means he has complete control of this relationship and this combined with The Devil as the future is clear enough for you to not need clarifiers. This is 100% toxic and not in your best interests to continue. Death is a blessing here. What aspect were you seeking to clarify? When you pull clarifiers you must do so with a specific aspect/question in mind – otherwise you just confuse yourself more. Those two cards don’t really add anything to the reading other than to say, ‘You must choose LOVE’ and since this isn’t actually love but co-dependency, now is the time to allow for full Death by letting go and turning away from something potentially very destructive. Blessings, Lisa

  4. Hi,
    As a situiational analysis for the reconciliation with my boyfriend who betray me for another girl,I got the death,the emperor,the devil,the juggement and finally lovers. My interpretation is the death means end of the relationship the emperor not easily to come back..,the devil _my upset things with addidition and judgement and lovers with the chace of aliving back the death things and possible for reconcilation.please kindly expert interpretation.

    1. Not sure why you would want a man back who has betrayed you… and with The Devil showing up here, the advice would be to choose wisely and walk as fast and far away from this man as possible. To further analyse the spread, I need to know which spread you used and what the spread positions were.

  5. Hi I have recently fallen out with someone who I had strong feelings for and I thought we would have a relationship. I’m trying to put it behind me and move on. I asked my Tarot if new love was coming into my life soon. I did a 3 card past present future spread and got Judgement, The 6 of cups and The 2 of cups. Can you help with interpretation please.

    1. Hi Mel, welcome to Angelorum. How it works here is that you provide your own interpretation and then ask about any specific card you may be stuck on. Cheers, Lisa

      1. Hi Lisa. I thought with the 2 of cups as the future card there is a relationship to come. However I was confused by both the judgement card as this can be a sign of past actions being called into account and the six of cups as it can be the return of an old friend or love interest. Therefore I wondered if the 2 of cups was going to be someone new or someone from my past? I would be grateful for your insight please

        1. This could mean someone from your past coming back into your life. I think a past present future spread is probably not the best option if you are trying to do a romance forecast though. Blessings, Lisa

          1. I think your right and this type of spread isn’t the best for a romance forecast. I will try one of your Love & Relationship spreads next time for more clarity! Thank you for your help & insight

  6. Hi,
    I pulled 3 cards asking if I will have a commitment with my ex. We broke up 2 weeks ago but we haven’t stopped contacting each other. I got the sun, seven of cups & nine of cups. Can you please help me interpreting the answer?


  7. Hi I asked about having a reconciliation with an ex boyfriend who recently assisted me in illness. I did 3 card past present future and cards were Lovers, Strength, Tower. I’m confused as to whether it’s positive or not. Thoughts please. Thanks Cindy

    1. Hi Cindy, it is not likely to be the answer you want with The Tower in the future. But it will give you a chance to start over in love with a clean slate. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you..other readings point to new start in every area which is what I have been wanting for a long time..change of house, change of career, new love xx

      1. I just started tarot 2 wks ago. Question being asked “i separated with my wife 3 yrs ago, went with another woman, we however broke up 5 months now. I just went to visit ex wife but we had a big argument, im planning to get a divorce to finalize everything so spousal support will be taken out in addition to child support. If that coincides with the card that came out.

  8. I did a 3 card reading and got knight of cups page of cups and ace of cups.
    My question was who in my life do i need to reach out to right now. Plz help

    1. Hi Claire, Think about the people in your life and who could benefit most from your help… Are any of them a good fit for either of the two court cards? Only you know exactly who is in your life. A clue is that it is young people, people whom you care for deeply. Children perhaps. Blessings, Lisa

    2. August 30, 2016 at 11.25

      I did a 3 card spread to the question…am I going to get over my physical limitations soon… I drew 4 cups, 9 cups, ace pentacles… I pulled a 4th card as a clarifier and got 4 swords.
      I think it means that I will not only get over these but also that things are looking up overall in my life.

      1. What aspect were you seeking to clarify? To me, the 4 of Swords would indicate a continued need for rest and healing through meditation. Could it have answered/clarified the ‘How?’ behind your question?

      2. I used the word clarify but actually I pulled the 4th card to see if it would complement the other cards, thereby strengthening the message. Maybe the message is that it can be attained through rest and meditation…. thank you so much for your input….

  9. I am not in relationship status with this guy but he approached me for a while, And I start to open my heart lately. I did 3 cards spread about “how is the relationship between us” and I get The Empress (past) The Hierophant (present) Justice (future). And one card asking “does he love me?”, I get The Sun. Aren’t those cards too good to be true?

    1. Hi Ginger, How you phrase the question is very important. You already know what the relationship is, i.e. non-existent. You need to ask about relationship potential instead and I wouldn’t do a past-present-future for that since your interest lies in the future. Use Situation-Challenge-Action Advice-Outcome. Is this the first time you have asked a question about a potential future with this guy? That could be the other problem… When we ask multiple times, the cards start messing with us. Blessings, Lisa

  10. I recently ended things with my partner. We had a lot of issues including distance. I did a 4 card spread to see if we could possibly reconcile someday after working on our issues separately. For the situation card I got king of cups, which is the person that I would like him to be… This definitely seems to be his potential, as well as mine. For the challenge I got death which to me indicates the breakup and separation and both of us needing to transform in some way to help the relationship. For the advice so I got Ace of Wands which indicates hope for a future but this is the card I’m kind of stuck on. For the outcome I got hierophant which to me represents marriage. Am I reading this correctly?

    1. Hi Rachel, the Ace of Wands as action advice for reconciliation is a ‘flirt and be in the moment’ kind of card. Unless you have read on this before, the Hierophant could mean long-term/marriage. I find a lot of people who want to know about a reconciliation tend to throw out the cards time and time again, hoping to see their desired result (in which case the cards start messing with you) but if you are not one of those people, I would say this looks quite promising… providing you pluck up the courage and go for it 🙂 Blessings, Lisa

  11. What about the Heirophant, the sun, the world, and the lovers for a reconciliation and compromising of issues? Does this indicate being able to work things out longterm?

    1. Hi Rianna, when you do a three card spread to answer yes/no questions, how do you usually interpret them? Dignities, intuitively, taking reversals into account? Based on dignities, I would say this combo speaks of differences that can’t be reconciled due to the stubbornness of one or both… If you try, you’re just in for more of the same with the Wheel… (picture a hamster wheel!). It is very important to have a method for reading yes/no question that is well-defined before you lay the cards out. Here are a few to choose from: http://angelorum.co/topics/divination/yesno-love-tarot-techniques/ Blessings, Lisa

      1. Reading though the comments section, i guess i was supposed to clarify….Your take on this definitely rings true because of the stubbornness present in the relationship. As well as getting more of the same (that’s my fear anyway). But dignities are new to me, so that’s not how I initailly interpreted it. Through my limited practice over the years, I have usually assigned all of these cards to be a yes except the lovers, which I assign to maybe because it indicates compromise, but it was in the outcome position, so I thought that would mean that we may be able to compromise in the end. The sun was in the obstacles place. Which to me stated that something needed to be revealed in order to move forward. This card was most difficult because it’s a positive card in a negative position but a big part of my issue with him is lying/manipulation, which he knows he needs to address within himself. But I don’t want to be deluded anymore. The wheel, I took as an indication that (since we both hit rock bottom from the break up) that we could only go up from here, but I don’t know if that’s just my own wishful thinking. it was an advice card. And the hierophant in the place of the “issue” position is the card that indicates commitment/marriage to me and I was asking in a way if we “will we be able to commit” and work it out. Im afraid my interpretation is me trying to see what I want to see. Thoughts?

        1. The Sun as the obstacle is ego. The Hierophant as the issue is stubbornness… not marriage. Yes, I think this is wishful thinking on your part and that the Wheel does mean more of the same if you do try again. Sorry.

          1. Thank you! I feared that I was only seeing what I wanted to see. Thinking back on previous tarot readings when emotional stakes were high, I can see how I’ve done this beacuse the actual outcome wasn’t as predicted. I know it’s hard to read intuitively when you’re attached to the outcome.

            Is there a one or two essential books you would recommend reading to help me with interpretations? I’ve done tarot readings on myself for years on and off but there’s something huge that I’m definitely missing.

  12. Hi when I pulled a card about my ex returning I pulled the world what does that mean

  13. Just wondered on your thoughts on the star, the lovers and 9 of cups together please

    1. Hi Shanica, I have never seen this card to show up for a reconciliation. If it does mean he’s back, he won’t be back unattached.

  14. So I pulled 3 cards, to help me to decide whether I should pursue an ex, or just let things lie, I pulled death, followed by the 4 of wands and the hierophant. Now I am more confused than ever! Is this signalling a new beginning in this relationship, which might lead to something more stable and traditional (we were seeing each other for a while but he’s a major commitment-phobe so it never became official and he was always quite distant) or is it saying I need to let this go so that someone new (something to celebrate!) can come into my life?

    Thanks in advance for any comments! x

    1. It depends entirely on how you pulled these cards… Had you decided on a spread/positional meanings? Did you intend to pull just one card and then decided to pull clarifiers? Personally, I always feel a strong ‘NO’ when Death shows up as card number one in a yes/no reading. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thanks for your comment Lisa.

        I did not assign a positional meaning to any of the cards, I was just thinking about the situation and had a really strong flash of intuition telling me to pull 3 cards, no particular spread.

        I agree, that’s how I would usually read Death, but I read the other 2 as such ‘traditional relationship’ cards it really confused me. To me they both read as doing things the right way. Perhaps you are right and the cards are telling me to let him go, to make room in my life for something more serious and traditional?


  15. Hello .i ve made a spread my own cards about my marriage that should be close it revealed the chariot reversed devil and wheel of fortune . I think the chariot means progress in our relationship a reversed devil means that i shouldnt fear new beginnings which are indicated by the wheel of fortune ..plz help me

    1. Hi Sasa, what spread did you use and did you use a full deck? Which aspect of this reading do you feel stuck on?

  16. hey!
    i got the page pentacles (now), justice (past), 6 of cups (future), 9 of cups (advice), 2 of cups (heart matter), and 2 of wands as outcome .
    i was really stuck on 9 cups and 2 wands together
    could it mean that yes, my wish will come ture and we can be together someday but 2 wands it will take time to find that place and take time to fully realize it.
    the two wands and 9 of cups is weird.

    thank you

    1. I’m not sure why you feel this is weird. The 2 of Wands could indicate a dynamic relationship. The 9 of Cups as advice would mean that you will have to make your own luck, not that your wish will automatically come true.

  17. I just saw that we are to put our own interpatation I took it as a yes answer to moving and that there will be some kind of commitment

  18. I asked if I would be moved to Michigan by mid July and I got temperance in the past sun in the present and the pope I’m the present. How should I take this? I am moving to be with someone I met and have been dating for 6 months

  19. Forgot to tell my interpretation…i think the temperance card means we are well suited, the death card could either mean an end to the way things are and starting a new because he is married, so I am thinking the end of that relationship or perhaps the end of ours and the 10 of wands a restart could be slow

    1. After I read your first post, I got the psychic impression that this man was indeed married. Reading on future relationship with a married man is not something I would recommend to start with… but you got your answer – a double NO. Death and the 10 of Wands is not only ‘no’ in this case… it is a ‘never ever.’ The fact that we believe we are in love with someone does not give us the right to future project against their sacred vows nor is it helping our karma.

        1. I did a 3 card spread to the question…am I going to get over my physical limitations soon… I drew 4 cups, 9 cups, ace pentacles… I pulled a 4th card as a clarifier and got 4 swords.
          I think it means that I will not only get over these but also that things are looking up overall in my life.

  20. Asked about a future with the man I love…drew temperance death and 10of wands…what does this mean

    1. Is it the fact that you got the Devil for this that has you confused or are you confused because it is reversed?

      1. Thank you for your reply. Because it is reversed. Think this is the first time i have ever received him reversed and im just learning to interpret it. My friend was disappointed that i left my job without notice. He insists that we are still friends but he wont return my calls or texts for the last month.

        1. Im afraid that he thinks our friendship was not good for his development,and he needs to free himself from people that, in his eyes, act irresponsibly. He said “that’s not how we do things..i dont care what the circumstances are.”

          1. Sounds like you have your answer. For future reference, first decide what reversals mean and only start actually reading with them once you feel confident you understand at least basic reversed meanings. Otherwise you will just end up confusing yourself more. I recommend Mary K Greer’s book on reversals… OR, you could do what I do – not use them and opt for dignities and intuitive interpretations instead.

  21. Hello, I just recently broke up with my boyfriend and I decided doing a three card online reading asking how is our relationship and if there would be reconciliation in the past lovers reversed, present justice reversed and in the future the tower. What you think? I’m a bit confused and overwhelmed by the tower.

    1. Hi Alba, welcome to Angelorum. Any time you ask for help with an interpretation, you need to provide your own interpretation first, along with a specific question about the card(s) you are stuck on. Cheers

      1. Admin, thanks for the answer and sorry for the delay. This is my interpretation:

        The lovers reversed in represent the break up of our relationship due to my lack of self esteem and trust, I think the reversed justice in present is saying that our relationship came to an end because of my own actions and questioning his feelings for me, now the tower confuses me in the future I’m not sure if i telling me that there’s no solution or if it’s telling me that we will rebuild everything again and then we will be back together. Our relationship had only six weeks and I got insecure and clingy and I’m pretty sure this made him runaway from me, he said it was the intimacy that was too much and we haven’t talked in a week now.

        Thanks a lot for your honest answer.

        1. Hi there, Alba, it seemst he Tower here is your own profound ‘aha moment’ about the clinginess and insecurity… You need to rebuild yourSELF before you can think of rebuilding any relationship. Also, if you are still attached to the outcome for this, I would recommend getting a third party reading to help you see more clearly exatly what is going on. Blessings, Lisa

          1. Thanks a lot for your answer, actually I think you’re right that the tarot is actually telling about my moment right now, the tower kept appearing and also the moon, it seems to be saying my own mind status and not really the outcome of this. I’m going through a really hard moment and rebuilding myself is the first step.

            Again thank you, I guess I’ll stop consulting for awhile because it’s making me more anxious.

  22. Hi,
    I’ve had a weird relationship with my ex for a few months, with us splitting and getting back together.
    His job is currently in the army (I’ve not seen him for over 4 months) with him telling me he couldn’t commit to a relationship with me. I was very hurt by this as I have always wanted to support him.
    I decided to perform my own reading in order to see if we could possibly reconcile. For the outcome I drew The Devil (I am very new to Tarot) I understand this card can be about obsession, but I wasn’t sure how to apply this to my situation. I decided to use a clarifying card, and drew 3 of Wands. My interpretation is now that a reconciliation could be possible, but right now he feels he needs to concentrate on other things. I also feel that these cards are telling me to keep busy, with the Devil card telling me not to obsess over the outcome? Like I say, I am completely new to Tarot, and I could be totally wrong!!!
    Any help would be gladly appreciated! Thank you so much 🙂
    Lauren x

    1. also, I forgot to add that I drew The Tower card as his feelings for me. I’m not sure if this means that he’s ‘turned upside down’ by his feelings for me. Also coupled with the Devil card I’m not sure if this is telling me of his sexual attraction to me? Hes often told me that he misses sex with me. I hope this helps x

      1. Yes, strong sexual attraction here with the presence of The Tower and The Devil. He knew (correctly) he wouldn’t be able to provide you the stability you need. The Devil corresponds with Capricorn (who does seek stability) but coupled with the (freedom-loving) Aries 3 of Wands we have two basically different/opposing core needs clashing even in the future. Do focus on you and try to let go in spite of the obsessive quality of this relationship. Try to detangle any possible co-dependent components and negative patterns for yourself to avoid a similar situation in the future. The Devil as an outcome is a red flag of a pattern repeating itself, more than anything, in this context. There is a better way… and quite possibly with someone who is better suited to you and your needs. Blessed be!

        1. should I count this as no chance of reconciliation? I just have this feeling inside me that it isn’t the end of our relationship, but I could be being totally stupid.
          Sorry to be such a pain, and thank you so much for your reply!

          1. It means that reconciliation may well happen, but it won’t be in your best interest and it will not last

  23. Hello Lisa I asked if I was going to see this guy whom I am talking to and I did a 7 card spread and got knight of cups two of cups ten of cups 7 of pentacles the chariot page of swords and 4 of swords and every time I keep doing readings asking about him I keep getting the lovers two of cups ten of cups knight of cups and ten of pentacles can you please interpret this for me thank you

    1. Hi Maria, please provide your own interpretations and then someone will happily help with any card you are stuck on. You need to provide positional meanings along with the meanings as you understand them. Cheers

  24. Hi Lisa
    I am not sure if my comment was sent last night. I am sorry if it repeats. I did a one card question. The first night I asked if my x boyfriend and I would be together again and the card was the 6 of cups. I understood this meant yes. I pulled a second clarifying card and was the three of pentacles. I thought that this means it will not be easy or that it will take time until he gets back. The following night I asked again a question. Is it over between us? The card I pulled was the Fool. My gut response (but I am biased) is that it is not over and we will start anew together making a new beginning. But I was not sure so I picked a second card to clarify and this was the Queen of Cups. I am not sure how to relate the two readings not how to relate Queen of Cups to the Fool. (He is now with another woman, moved on to a new relationship). I thought that in the new beginning I will be important for him like a spouse? (biased) He is the child like man and I have qualities of the Queen of Cups (more mature than him/ emotional). But I always thought I am the empress in the cards. I am Cancer. The first day when I pulled the six of cups I continued to a celtic cross but there were not other relationship love cards coming up. The outcome was nine of pents. But I had started with the intention to only pull one card so I give much more weight that the card that came up was six of cups. A friend and counsellor had told me before the reading that she thinks we might be soul mates. Thank you for your time and insights.

    1. Hi Felini. When you pull a clarifier it is important to know which aspect of the previous card you are clarifying, otherwise it usually makes people more confused than anything. Asking the same question (just worded differently) the next day is also only going to add to your confusion… as is building a spread around the first card, not liking the result and saying it was all about card number one anyway… I hope this gives you perspective on how your attachment to the outcome and desperately wanting the cards to show you what you want to see rather than the truth is creating confusiong for you. This is a classic example of when a person REALLY needs an objective reading by a third party. Blessings, Lisa

      1. Thank you very much for your answer and understanding! I wanted to clarify if the fool is indeed a new beginning together as I thought or it means an end for us. Thanks, Lisa!

  25. Wow! I actually had a dream last night and the 2 of cups followed by the lovers showed up. In my dream my twinflame was talking to me. I don’t remember what he said but I know we aren’t talking as of right now. He ran once again but there’s no negative energy between us. I’m giving him his space & I wish him well. It’s Interesting that those cards mean reconciliation.

  26. Hi Lisa! I did a 5 card spread asking the future with a person (Which cards best describe my future with this person). I got the star, 9 of cups, death, the lovers and the 2 of cups. The death card threw me as it seems out of place with the others. I did this after a recent reconciliation but things in the present are unsettled. What are your thoughts as to the combination meaning. 🙂

    1. Hi Allison, What are the positional meanings for each card and what spread did you use? I will need your full interpretation please.

      1. I did a future spread where the firstly the 5 cards was the nearest future last being later future. Like a glimps of time passing. Or the developing relationship in the future. I’m a little new to the tarot ☺️

    2. OK, the Majors talk about what must come to pass and Death tells us that the relationship must be transformed. Rather than looking at what will happen, how about reading on how to transform this relationship to make it stick this time? The future is not set in stone and reading on it when we have a strong emotional attachment to the outcome is tempting but simply not prudent. Using the Tarot as a tool for real relationship guidance and positive transformation is the way forward.

      1. Thank u so much. Oh boy.. Idk how to interpret readings like that. So I asked what needed to do to transform my relationship so we could have a healthy happy relationship together and I received temperance the empress and queen of swords. I have no idea how to interpret that though

  27. Hi Lisa, I use the deck my grandmother left to me, it is only major arcana cards I believe. Does this change the outcome or meaning? Thanks so much for your insight. I really appreciate it.

    1. It does change it from being definitely fated which it would have been with three for three out of a full deck. More than that I can’t say and it may be best to get an objective reading from a third party if you are very attached to the outcome. Blessings

  28. Hi Lisa, I did a three card spread – past, present and future. I asked ‘is there hope, will he return?’. I pulled the tower (past), death (present) and the lovers (future). I’m now really confused! I’m fairly new to tarot and hope I did this correctly. The first two cards seem to point to negativity but the future card would point differently – or does it point to a future without him? Would my projecting what I want the outcome to be affect the cards? Thank you.

    1. Did you use a Majors only deck or a full 78 card deck? If you used a full deck, the fact that there are three Majors is highly significant. It means that events are fated. And yes, with The Lovers as the Final card, the outcome does look positive. Only you can know the circumstances surrounding the draw and how emotionally attached you are to the outcome, which could potentially affect the reading and which cards show up. A better question to ask would probably be, ‘What can I do to improve my chances of reconciliation?’ I think it’s rarely set in stone… However, with three Majors out of three, it could well be set in stone 🙂

  29. Just curious what the King of Cups mean when you ask the question if I will reconcile with X?
    I am using Heart Tarot if that makes a difference.

    1. It means an answer for a yes/no type question is not available at this point in time. Unless YOU have assigned yes/no meanings to the courtiers OR the King of Cups is definitely your ex and you see this as a positive sign. The King of Cups can also signify an aspect of yourself that you need to develop for reconciliation to be possible. You can find a list of yes/no meanings here: http://angelorum.co/topics/divination/list-of-yes-no-tarot-card-meanings-for-love-romance-questions/

      1. Ok thanks, I was asking it as a Yes and No question. I guess it means not at this time or it can not be seen.
        I always have trouble with Court Cards.
        He is not King of Cups, more of an Emperor type or the Pope. Very dogmatic set in his ways.

  30. I asked ‘will i move on from this heartbreak and will i find love again, be it with him or another, in the coming year’. I pulled death/reaper which I understand is the most feared card to get but can also mean new beginnings? Any thoughts welcome – struggling to come to terms with the end of a relationship and was asking ‘will he return’ but thought this perhaps a better way of framing it…

    1. It’s likely you can’t read on this for yourself right now due to feeling heartbroken and being too invested in the outcome. I would see this card as the Tarot asking you to invest in deep emotional healing first, the kind that leads to transformation and rebirth. Blessings, Lisa

        1. A final one on thinking about your response – is this card a reflection on the fact that there is no hope for the relationship that has been? Or less a reflection of that than on me? Sorry to ask.

  31. I drew the nine of cups first and ten of swords in a two card spread. My question was what hinders my progression. I’ve had somewhat of unending supply of obstacles and exhaustion is settling well around whatever strength, if any, remains.

    1. Hi Marina, It sounds like you could do with some real life support around what you are facing right now even though the 10 of Swords usually indicates a cycle coming to an end. Why not speak to a counselor? Blessings, Lisa

  32. I would appreciate any thoughts. My tarot reading was very confusing. I pulled the prince of cups, the princess of cups (below the prince of cups) at the centre of my reading was king of hearts. They were surrounded by ‘sword’ cards (the seven of swords featured, as well as five of swords). The tarot reader, who didnt know about my situation, said that this showed I love someone very much and he loves me too, and that both he and I are kind and gentle (I probably wouldnt describe him that way – he is a fairly rigid person). She said I want him to grow up a bit but he will mature. This does not reflect things because we have broken up and he says he doesnt love me, is adamant he will not be back and is moving on. The tarot reader was very confused and said maybe I dont want to see what is there and that she would have said he will be back but from what I have said maybe it is showing someone else, but she didnt rly understand. She then said maybe it shows someone else. She was an experienced reader. Does anyone have any thoughts?

    1. I don’t read on readings done by a third party. Everyone has their own way of reading. It is a waste of time and energy to try to make sense of her reading this way. If the reading didn’t resonate, simply ask for your money back next time.

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