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We’re coming to the tail end of the Eclipse Season… and just WOW, what an intense few weeks it has been! The masks are coming off. Spiritual teachers and gurus are getting exposed… wrongdoings within the legal system and big business are being exposed too… You really can’t hide anywhere from these strong energies, nor should you want to – we all NEED this purge.

This is true on an individual level too. These public figures that are being exposed now embody different archetypes that live within is all. The best thing to do now is to go within for some serious mirror/shadow work. What you don’t want to do is emerge on the other side of this eclipse with any remnants of beeing a sheep (blindly following a guru) or a fake (attracting followers based on something other than your true Self).

I made the following statement earlier today on my FB page which summarises what this eclipse has brought me:

What’s been falling away from me this eclipse season is the need to follow in the footsteps of another. I’m putting my big girl boots on and forging my own path, following my soul’s calling and inner truth. I also no longer need to have my inner child validated by anyone else than me. It got messy for me to fully get the message… and I’m grateful for it all. Sometimes it’s not the teachings of self-professed spiritual teachers we need to be aware of but instead how they act as mirrors for our own journey. We are all Seekers… and the wise know to go within for truth  Sat Nam (truth is my name)

For the week ahead readings, week of Monday 28 August, I’m working with the Faery Forest Oracle by Lucy Cavendish and the Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild.

To choose your card for the week ahead, take a few deep, centering breaths, relax your shoulders, ground your energy and choose the door you feel most drawn to above. Alternatively, you can choose your card using the digital randomiser over at www.random.org (it’s just as valid!). Then scroll down to your message… The central message for everyone for the week ahead comes to us in the form of Our Lady of Fire:

Our Lady of Fire from the Mother Mary Oracle by Alana Fairchild

Our Lady of Holy Fire is really the remedy against all the fake religion and spirituality out there. She’s about connecting with the Divine Fire within our own hearts… our deep passion and longing to know God/Source/The Universe/Brahma/Allah/Yahweh (I honestly couldn’t care less what you call It). God is Love and Love is Truth.

Don’t try to know it with your head… or try and fail but least have fun trying – there are too many dour-faced spiritual fanatics out there claiming to be in possession of ‘THE TRUTH.’ Make love to it in your heart… Make up your own intimate names for the Beloved. Listen to the Beloved whisper yours. This is what She has been longing for all along… To be truly yours and for you to be truly Hers.

OK, so on to the readings…

Faery Forest Free Friday Reveal

  1. You chose door number one: As this door opens in the week ahead you will begin attracting more of the right people into your life because you are giving off more of a ‘true self’ kind of vibe than before. You can also actively seek out more kindred spirits, trusting your inner intuitive guidance all along. This has the potentially to be a really fun week if you remember to bring a light-hearted energy to any gatherings you attend.
  2. You chose door number two: This week is best used for integrating everything that has happened during the past few weeks. Quiet time, journalling and reading the Tarot/Oracle cards for self-reflection will do you a world of good. Trust your Inner Teacher even when the understanding doesn’t surface immediately. Be patient with yourself. Keep surrendering and going within. You can also call in the guidance of Owl – don’t surprise if you get dream messages from her!
  3. You chose door number three: You are ready for new beginnings. Not everyone has to wait until eclipse season and Mercury retrograde has blown over! Follow your creative inspiration and begin now! Spend as much time outdoors as possible to allow for Mother Nature herself to inspire your new creative venture. You have the blessing of Spirit for whatever you feel drawn to begin… How lovely!



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17 thoughts on “FREE Fairy Reading Friday – Pick a Card for Your Week Ahead Forecast”

  1. Hi Lisa thank you for these beautiful readings truly resonating and accurate guidance to us. You inner purity shines through. You express them very creatively, I really like your postings. The other day we spoke about hypnotherapy & I wanted to reply but was busy traveling outstation. I like your interest & honestly would love to have a personal research session some day. Let’s see how future shapes up, I have given my friends your reference as required they will proceed. Dr. Newton was an eminent personality. There’s also Dr. Brian Weiss very respected in this field, he features on the Hay House panelists. Another famous name is Andy Tomlinson whose books are based on the research subject of clinical hypnotherapy & regression. One book – Transforming The Eternal Soul – has medical techniques for past life therapy. I had read a book titled Conversations With A Spirit – Between Life & Death by Dolores Cannon based on real life cases of souls, she is a well known senior specialist in hypnotherapy, alien / UFO, angelic & spirits phenomenon & author of many books like – Jesus And The Essenes, Keeper Of The Garden, Search For Secret Hidden Knowledge etc. Another book Astral Dynamics by Robert Bruce, teaches about Quantum Science, Consciousness and OBE’s, Astral Projection, Akashic Records etc. Personally I feel understanding our past lives sometimes become necessary to balance our karmas & clear out debts, awareness of our real life purpose & how to fulfill it. Appreciate your educative insights. Thanks & God Blessings! Regards!

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed the week ahead message. You are way ahead of me with regards to past life research. I must admit, my own interest waxes and wanes… I felt a bit ‘done’ after reading Dr Newton’s books and managing to regress myself to the Akashic records where I discovered some of my key past lives. I know people who have had extremely powerful past life regression healing sessions though so I’m not knocking it. God Bless!

  2. Hi Lisa, I’m so grateful for your writings, it’s good to know that one is not alone in this crazy world! Thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts with us

  3. Hi Lisa, I just discovered you this week after following the trail of controversy around DV. I look forward to getting to know you!

  4. Thank you Lisa! I love the message of Our Lady of Fire, as well as the message behind my chosen door#3. Namaste!

  5. you are so right about everything. it has been amazing. i chose card one. thank you for offering this! have a blessed weekend Lisa.

  6. Thanks Lisa! I chose card 2 and I also felt a theme of recognizing your mastery and achievements up to this point. It can give perspective to reflect back, just for your moment of “aha” and then looking forward again! 😀 And on the note of DV, I will say that while it has caused some problems initially, my feeling is this will clearly carve marketing changes that allow others (you?) to step apart. Diversity is good! 😀 <3

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