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Are you single and waiting to meet your Twin Fame? This is an active meditation you can do to call your Twin Flame to you. While Twin Flames always meet when the time is right, showing the angels that you are ready to trust in divine timing might spead that timing up (a paradox, I know!). Read it through a couple of times so that you can do it from memory or use a recording device.

Angel Therapy card

Angel Therapy Cards by Doreen Virtue

Twin Flame relationships are not like other romantic relationships because rather than being based in a desire to merge with the beloved, they are based in a desire to dedicate your life to divine service together with your other soul half.


Light a pink candle and call on Archangel Chamuel, Angel of Love, who helps us locate a lost lovers:

Archangel Chamuel, please guide me and my twin flame so that we may unite forces for divine service for the highest good of all. In love and light, in love and light, in love and light. 

Sit down with your spine straight and relax your shoulders. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to relax your muscles. If you like, you can hold a rose quartz crystal in your hands. Rose quartz amplifies the vibration of unconditional love.

Ground your energy by visualising roots growing from the bottom of your spine down into the centre of the earth. See those roots wrap themselves around a sparkling crystal which emits white light. This light travels up through the roots, all the way to your heart.

Now visualise white light coming from the centre of the Universe, which is the heart of God, through the top of your head and all the way into your heart.

Allow this white light to expand through the heart until it covers the room you are in. Then see the light expand more and more on every outbreath until it enfolds the whole planet with unconditional love.

Now focus on you heart again. In your heart, you find the most beautiful, fragrant pink rose.  There is a perfectly matching pink rose in the heart of your beloved, and he or she is longing just as deeply to be with you right now.

Watch these two roses being carried through the ether by cherubs, into the arms of Chamuel. She blesses them and sends them back to you and your twin flame. You have now shown to the angels that you are ready for a spiritual union with your Twin Flame and you will begin to be magnetised together in the physical realm, provided that your Twin Flame is also on the earth plane at this time.

Take a few deep breaths and watch the white light you sent out into the world come rushing back to you, carrying with it many blessings of love.

Thank Archangel Chamuel and the cherubs for their help.

All you have to do now is trust in God’s perfect timing. Let go and let God. It is done. Remember that since your Twin Flame is your other half, they are always with you in spirit – you are never truly alone.

Blessed be!



  1. I think I remember my twin flame from years ago but he has not seen or heard from me in years it wasn’t till I experienced a spirit awakening that I recalls him .ive gone my whole adult life with out him .he is married and Stiill lives in the town I met him when we were kids . He can’t possibly know I even exist but I feel him his essence his energy in my solar plexus . I feel love for him and a strong desire to look in his eyes agin . Could he possibly feel it too the energies but be completely un aware of me . I see 11:11 and 44 4:44 1:14 1:44 all the time . There have been signs from universe . Is this a twin flame connection ? Will he ever remember me as well ? Can anyone be able to answer this question ?

    • Since he is married, what are you hoping will happen? Even if he did remember, you could only have a platonic relationship since he is married. Would that be OK?

      • Honestly befor my soul made me aware of him in 2012 along with a accelerated spiritual awakening when I looked him up on face book he was not even engaged . I got signs of urgency inside my self and outwardly I saw psychics who said reach out to him . Ident ine pm on face book like hi this is me from elementary school do you remember me ? And nothing no reply . Then He was off Facebook for along time but the pull in my solar plex went from uplifting and ecstatic to like a panic feeling to a sad feeling but all this time I had no idea he was getting married or anything about him he was not searchable . Then one night with out knowing exactly how to communicate with my angels I tried I begged them to let this go this feeling I have this person I feel and this person I am I want to be in contact with him I asked the angels to please let this go if it is something that cannot serve me and if it something I need then I need a clear sign please . I started auto writing things that just came to me I was writing images I would see I saw a person a man with Sun stained skin and dark hair along his Jaw line. The next image I wrote about was a person a man with his hands for some reason his hands were when I was writing about then I went to bed connect The next day I felt peaceful-in my day when suddenly with out thought or intent . I left where I was and walked a long distance to my car pulled out my cell phone and looked this person up now keep in mind he was not searchable so I don’t know why I did this he wasn’t even on my mind When this happened I looked for him on Facebook and that night before he had put himself back up and posted two pictures the two pictures were exactly of the images that I wrote about the night before . I got chills the angels answered me they gave me clear signs . After that I realized that he was engaged .The energy Pull became more intense and it wasn’t from my head but my chest like an alert feeling .I knew he got married when he did too I could sense it . I’m sorry for this long repli . My thought is I just want to look into his eyes and I don’t have any plans of my own I would never want to disturb his life . I just don’t know why this is happening . I’m newly divorced or about to and a any other man doesn’t feel right ?so why this ? I am baffled . Can I schedule a reading ?

        • You don’t need to know why to let go. It’s enough that he is married. It’s very easy to start seeing the signs you want to see…

          • What would be the reason I’m feeling his energy that I think is him if he can never be in my life ? Why now when I can’t even know him as a friend ? I wouldn’t want to upset his marriage at all .i truly want the best for him .am confused as to why my spirit feels this . Is it to wake his soul up to the truth of spirituality ?is this a twin soul connection . Past life connection would not feel so strong would it . I’ve never felt this with anyone . This guy does not even realize I’m alive he lives far away he’s married I’m getting divorced we are at complete different crossroads . Nothing about this makes sense . That’s why I need a reading g to clarify

          • You could actually imagine that you are feeling his energy because this FEELING is fulfilling a need within you. It could have nothing whatsoever to do with him and the more I hear you talk about this, the more likely it seems to me that you are obsessing about this man because you feel something is missing within yourself. Please read today’s post: You may find it helpful!

  2. what if twin flames can actually be involved in romantic partnership, according to how they can best serve the divine. however it can happen that not both partners are spiritually awakened, therefore separation is likely to follow after a relatively short time union

    • A romantic relationship is a secondary purpose in such a case. It could be argued that an awakened partner would choose to wait rather than get romantically involved with the half that has yet to awaken, as this would be the wiser choice.

  3. Wonderful post, thank you !

  4. Lisa,

    I enjoyed reading this article. How would I know if I’ve met my twin flame? What are the characteristics of a Twin Flame relationship? How is this different from a soul mate relationship?

    Thank you,


    • Hi Kate, A Twin Flame relationship is characterised by a common spiritual calling. This is because you were created to serve together. Hence, you can tell if someone is your twin flame by the fact that they not only complete you but that they have the same/complementary spiritual calling. Blessings, Lisa

  5. Smile. Good luck to all who are seeking love!

  6. Oh my Gosh. This is exactly what I am looking for. Thank you for sharing and posting this! <3

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