Theological Doctrine of Angels, My Arse!

I’ve had half a mind to review Doreen Virtue’s Certified  course for a while now, to help prevent others from throwing their money in the bin but something happened this morning that made me realise I have waited longer than I ought to. I felt ‘OK’ with giving the course fee away because it was going to an animal sanctuary. However, this morning, I received a document in my inbox (happy to forward to anyone who needs it) that made me realise that Doreen Virtue‘s animal sanctuary is now being dissolved. **ETA I have obtained permission from the lady who created this document, June Goldburg, to share it directly in the post – She calls it ‘a simple fact checker.’**

Were those poor animals used as props for her videos and as grounds for asking people to donate ever more money? We were told this was to be their forever home – a true sanctuary. And now what? The Virtues (pun totally intended) are moving and Michael is making a video appeal for people to take the animals off their hands, ‘They make good lawnmowers.’

*** ETA: The video from the end of August where the announcement about downsizing and getting rid many of the animals has mysteriously disappeared from YouTube. However, I have it on good word from several friends who watched it that this is what is happening. There is also a reference to a possible move in THIS VIDEO (watch from around 31 min) from the end of July. A sanctuary where half (or however many) of the animals are given away is no sanctuary and the last thing those poor souls need right now is another move. ***

I am gutted. It’s one thing to have been conned out of money buying certificate courses that are totally worthless… I can take that on the chin and admit my own folly. But those poor souls have done nothing to deserve this.

Anyway, on to my review of the course that is supposedly based in ‘theological doctrine’ – See screenshot from the website above.

My Review of Doreen Virtue’s Certified Angelologist Course

There is one lesson a month over a period of 12 months. When the course was first announced, the first video lesson had not been produced yet and you can tell they are rushing the material together month by month. The hastily researched course material consists of videos, varying in total length between 60-120 minutes from month to month and a PDF of ‘course notes’ (more about those later).

For much of these videos, Doreen is reading from a book, mostly the Bible, jumping from passage to passage and not weaving it together in a coherent manner. A big clue that Doreen is not familiar with the material she is covering is that she mispronounces words and keeps changing the pronunciation as well, which makes it even more confusing and difficult to follow along.

After the third month the monthly test system crashed and no clear guidance was given so people had no idea what was going on until an announcement was made that we had been moved to a final exam instead due to technical difficulties. Instead of the monthly tests, we were given a PDF quiz that has the answers right below the questions. Before that, the course notes existed only of Bible passages without any explanation or context.

Then there are the factual errors. Rather than discussing them here, I will provide screenshots below with the questions I asked on the course forum below. These questions have yet to be answered… (Bless the student who commented though!)

My question about the KJV version of the Bible being ‘the first English translation’:

King James Version first English Bible Translation

My question about ‘the Word’ in the context of Hildegard von Bingen’s work:

To teach a theology subject you need a degree in theology. The fact that Doreen Virtue does not have one is blatantly obvious for those of us who have sat through the first torturous six lessons… or in my case five and a bit since I couldn’t bear it any longer…. Who certified her to certify others in a subject she doesn’t even have the most basic knowledge of?

Finally, here is my request for a refund that I posted this morning in the forum:

If I have learned thing after it became apparent that Doreen Virtue was going to start demonise both her previous teachings and any students who dare question her was to screenshot everything. Many of my friends and fellow students have had their questions deleted. Whole post threads have disappeared and many of us have been banned from the forums.

As for my own Angelology studies, I have decided to buckle down with a book by theologian Dylan Potter. The learning never ends but I will be much more discerning about who I learn from in the future.

*** ETA 11/9 *** Doreen Virtue has made a statement on the forum. See below, along with my reply and the requests made by two other students in addition to my own – for reasons as legitimate as mine though slightly different. The final picture is the reply made by one of the students who originally requested a refund and who also is not happy about Doreen’s lack of transparency.

The requests for refunds

The reply by another unhappy student to Doreen’s statement

And yet another request for a refund because of the poor quality of the course

I’m sharing this here as I’m anticipating deletion of further posts and possibly getting blocked from the forum. I think it is important that people know the truth. If you feel the same, please give this post a share.

ETA 12 SEPTEMBER 2017: Last night I found the following in my inbox… I guess you have to ask yourself – If what I have shared is ‘untrue’ and ‘illegally slanderous,’ why not sue me instead of send me money? I have stuck to facts all the way through and I definitely don’t hate Doreen Virtue. I hope she recovers from whatever THIS is…

ETA 27 November: Doreen admits that she is not qualified to teach even a free online Bible study in this video (around 13 min), yet continues to refuse refunds for the Angelologists course which is supposed to be a ‘Theological Doctrine of Angels’

ETA 8 February, 2018: This just in from someone who commented under THIS blog post:

Angeologist Refunds Now Given by Doreen Virtue

So it would seem that some are getting refunds now… Worth a shot then if you have tried and failed in the past! If not and you live in the US, please consider taking legal action.



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  2. I suppose I was one of the ‘fan girls’ for a while.

    When I first saw and heard of DV, I thought she sounded flat and fake; I couldnt stand the drone of her bored voice. I’m not sure why but later on I re-found her works and they seemed better somehow, she must have gotten some coaching. I purchased many books and decks and bought several courses.

    Then the conversion happens. For whatever reason, I only saw and heard the fluffy videos and thought that DV could follow her own path and that I will keep on keeping on. Continue to use my certificates and decks. Even defend her in a way saying that people can follow their own paths and why cant we just let her go on hers?

    But now the videos that others had seen, that I searched for and could not find, that were said to have been deleted and replaced…they finally surfaced into my view.
    There was DV herself saying what the others said she had. I was blown away. I felt tricked.

    Another thing is that she looks different to me now. Like her wig never looks good anymore, she physically looks worn out or something. No more happy glow.

    Before I saw through the facade, I did a reading that was very interesting to me.
    I usually get a lot of information during reads but this time I got nothing. It was very flat. When I picked up a different deck from another author…messages came through. This was a message in itself.

    I too will be asking for refunds.
    Thank you for getting the truth out there.

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  3. I am so disappointed after reading this. To use dramatic terms like gas lighting and demonizing is so counter productive. The woman had a change in philosophy. They can’t afford a giant ranch in Hawaii. Do you know what the costs entail?! So they are downsizing. They blew brought their savings. I have a friend who runs a sanctuary – she pays unbelievable amounts in taxes and utilities and mortgage and then on top of that vet bills and feed. It’s ridiculously expensive. They had to downsize. Calm down people. Maybe she needs our loving prayers and support right now. This woman has helped millions of people and has brought SO much light into the world. She is clearly going through something and I’m flooored that so many supposed intuitives and psychics aren’t tuning into this accurately. Send her love and compassion and distance reiki. That s what she taught me. All your anger and venom and threats and drama are exasperating all of this.
    The world is under a remarkable change. Our leader is creating great harm and Mother Nature seems pissed. Use your gifts for good. Don’t attack your beloved teacher!! Go and send love. All this anger is a massive distraction. We are needed elsewhere. Our focus should be on LOVE- the way Louise and Wayne and Brian Weiss all of our teachers have taught us.
    I urge anyone reading this to react only with love and to sending Doreen much love and light. ✨

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  4. I would love to request Doreen to study the theological teachings of Saint Maximilian Kolbe who had two phds, in theology and philosophy. It is all about the Immaculata, or as they say, “to Jesus through Mary!”

    Angels, Christ, and Mary or the “Theotokos” are the foundation of the Catholic and Apostolic Orthodox church, and she could do so much more good by giving people the practical practice of praying the rosary and doing the consecration prayers to Mary. This is a direct mystical “gnostic” experience and not just her speaking words from a book.

    She needs to realize there is a lot more theological mystical knowledge than she knows, and the Protestant church is not the end-all and be-all. In fact, in the Catholic tradition, it is considered disconnected and heretical (gasp!).
    I personally am not about any organized religion but i Love the mystical experiences of saints, and they mostly say that the rosary prayer is key. Stop listening to your husbands and your church, Doreen. Don’t be codependent.

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      While I’m not in favour of telling others what they ought to believe or practise on their path, I admit it is rather baffling when someone moves away from mysticism toward ‘sola fide, sola scriptura.’

      1. Exactly. And she is a spiritual leader and role model for hundreds of thousands of people, most of whom are sensitive, intuitive persons.

        She used to be a gentle, feminine leader who was all about connecting to your intuition, angels, God, love, and Jesus too, but from a place of heart and inner gnostic (meaning direct knowing) connection. She was a divine feminine nurturing figure, which the world needs.

        Now, she has gone away from heart and intuition to following the words of a book which was rewritten under the control of a very patriarchal controlling force, which, for example, demonized tarot because they wanted people to not go inward to seek knowledge in themselves psychologically, but only to go to the Church and its controlled structure, all for fear of hell.

        I respect that she promotes God and Jesus, and I love that she shared her beautiful vision of the Divine Mercy heart (originally a vision of Saint Faustina), but the fact that she demonizes everything else shows a very rigid, anti-life, anti-feminine, anti-intuitive stance. (and she doesn’t even promote the Immaculata, and mentioned that she was just into worshipping idols…pure Protestant speak).

        I mean, does she really not realize that the Bible REALLY was totally rewritten by the men who wanted to control people, and they literally burned feminine intuitive women at the stake as witches?

        Any woman with red hair (which she taught us were the mer people!) and intuitive knowledge was burnt at the stake because the church was so threatened by anything other than total and absolute control and power. That is why they changed the bible to suit their need for control. Does she not know this?

        Why doesn’t she read the original words of Jesus in the Essene Gospel of Peace, translated directly from the Vatican by Edmund Bordeaux Szekely? (which are vegetarian and promote angels!)
        Why doesn’t she read the more mystical gospels like the Gospel of Thomas or of Mary Magdalene, or the other more precise unaltered scriptures which were not thrown out by the controlling church?

        Why did she go from such a divine feminine stance to such a backwards rigid one? It is strange.

        My only thought is that she entered an astrological saturn phase and requires structure, or she is recovering from some sort of PTSD, and maybe the viewing of those NDE Jesus hell videos put her in ptsd and her response was to hold on to a rigid book and community for comfort.

        I actually feel pity for her because I believe she is good at heart. But the problem is that she seems very set on her rigid Protestant, anti-feminine stance, and she wants to force everyone else into it.
        I even have the impression she is desperately trying to impress the Protestant Christians and get their approval and belong to them, in a codependent way. She really wants to show off that she is a good Christian, so people will approve of her. Again, I feel sorry for her and sad.

        However, does she not empathically realize that by standing in her rigid damning stance, she is actually traumatizing some followers by saying that they are in demonic energies? I think she just doesn’t see this….

        I am very deeply saddened that she has to sell her ranch and get rid of half the animals. I feel for the animals.
        But then that is partly her fault since she gave up all of the monies from her books and tarot card sales to hayhouse. I mean, did her husband tell her to do that in the name of Jesus and not going to hell? Did she not realize that by giving up all the monies, she will have to let go of a home for the animals? I can understand she wants to do what she feels is right, and she is afraid of going to hell I guess if she accepts the money for the sale of all her books, i guess? But why collect 300 animals then get rid of your income, while also damning your followers? She must be so in fear that she is not thinking things through…..

        I am baffled, to be honest. Saddened, and wishing the best for her and these animals, but baffled….

        Again, thanks for letting me rant and get this out. I followed her for years, and I know that many are traumatized by the grief of losing an almost Mother-Mary like figure who suddenly turned fanatical and damning. It is scary.

  5. Wow, I am floored, and my heart breaks a little bit more over being conned so heavily. I have been so worried about you in all of this Lisa, and I hope that you are OK and have not been too hurt.

    I am still buried deep on this one. I just do not trust easily, and after many years of working in this industry, she is the first one in which I invested my trust. Whilst the loss of financial investment stings, it’s the trust element I am struggling with. I just feel so stupid and gullible. Back in the early 00’s, I said she was a money hungry fraud preying on the gentle, and sadly, I could not have been more correct. I just have to work out how I went from that point a, to this point b, with a stack of certificates that I burned at the equinox and a sad heart.

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      It’s OK to get things wrong. I got this wrong. I was going to just take it on the chin. Being wrong is no biggie to me. I quite happily accept that I am human and fuck up from time to time with things like placing my trust in the wrong people, buying shit that doesn’t really serve me etc… The thing that kept me going is people like you… friends of mine that were hurting. People who suffered loss and when they voiced this loss, they got gaslighted. That made me rise up and fight. I am better for all of this. I thank you for your concern and I appreciate your care. You will see that those of us who are burning our certificates and leaving the old behind will rise up, stronger and better aligned with our life purpose than ever before. A true sisterhood (with the odd brother thrown in), still willing to serve and more discerning. You will be able to trust again, especially now that you for DEFINITE know that you can trust your gut. Lots of Love, Lisa

      1. This is very true, and thank you for that 🙂 I am going to give myself today to contemplate exactly why I backflipped into this…….whatever it is….then I am done with it. I will support anyone who needs it in this fight, but after today, she is definitely not going to receive anymore of my energy. That little shadow pocket has drained enough of our resources, she can go smog up the church world now.

  6. I took her Fairyologist course when it first came out … something my granddaughter and I could do together … but it was not worth the money. What it did do for me was show me that I, too, could do readings for others. For “that”, I am grateful. It also showed me that one only needs a name to “sell” something and that quality is unimportant after one has a name … at least for DV. I have tried to get into and understand several of her books and they, too, just ramble and are incoherent, as are the videos for the Fairyologist course. I tried to resonate with what she was teaching, but just couldn’t find alignment … and I easily study with a LOT of people and get straight As in college classes. I sensed early on that her rescue ranch was just a way to have lots of animals that others could help pay for. And that she was kind of like the proverbial “cat lady” but more. Their petty comments in the “refund” are amusing. I also got the feeling that she was creating as many things as possible for passive income because her “household name” sells things. I’ve been feeling the need to sell or give away 2 of her tarot decks but kept telling myself I was being silly and that there must be something of value there … now I know my “feelings” were spot on.

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      Thank you for sharing, Debi. We are all learning to pay greater heed to our internal red flags after this. Good branding/PR team doesn’t mean good quality teaching. Yep, it’s been an eye opener, for sure!

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      Who knows. All I know is that she is not qualify to teach this advanced theological subject. I feel conned and pissed off about the money I spent on those poor animals that now have to be rehomed again, so soon after the previous move. I’m asking for my money back on the Angelologist forum and thankfully others have started doing the same but we are being hounded by the fan girls to stop being so ‘negative.’ You’d almost think we have no rights at all after all the money we spent.

      1. Well done, Doreen used this beautiful animals to make money for her gain,
        Animal cruelty should be call to investagate her,
        And where are the donations to feed them gone ,

        Investagate her now ,

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  7. Thank you Lisa. I agree with every word you write.
    I feel betrayed by DV. I haven’t even commenced the Angelologist course yet and I want a refund! I too thought I was helping her many animals to be healthy, happy and safe in a loving home. How could she abandon them? I am heartbroken for them.
    DV is clearly unstable. I should have seen it when I realised she had been married five times! She’s obviously looking for something she hasn’t found and can’t commit to anything.
    I completed the Fairiologist course, which was very basic. Then I did the Angel Intuitive course. DV sat there throughout the video looking bored, disinterested and matriarchal. During the audio which accompanied the course, a lovely lady called in. She was very excited to be speaking to her idols and DV actually told her to shush!
    I find her disrespectful and dismissive of the people who have taken the time to follow her and spent their hard earned money to make her a very rich lady indeed.
    All of her content is repetitive and I feel devastated to have been duped out of my money. I have been conned!
    Shame on her for abandoning the many animals who were finally settled and cared for. How dare she preach to us and then delete comments she does not like? Caring community? Police state more like!

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      Thank you for your comment, Angela, and I’m so sorry you too have been duped by this woman. Everything that is happening now is very revealing and hopefully, we will emerge the other side of it with a world that is now wise to what DV is all about.

  8. Thank you so much for this post, Lisa! I’m sorry to hear that you have invested in the Angeologist course and that it has proved to be a disappointment! I must confess that I have always thought that DV courses were expensive but poor in content. I did appreciate her CACR Course as it helped me to find the courage to do angel card readings. However I eventually had to delve deeper with the help of other teachers. About DV’s treatment of her students and animals I personally think that if one doesn’t love and respect other human beings one can’t truly love animals, and vice versa. I believe that the farm was a publicity stunt and that she has never been honest with herself and with her fans. Hay House works for the money, they don’t really care about “people”. About Dv’s conversion I personally come from a Roman Catholic background, but I eventually stopped going to church when I was 18 and I’ve turned Atheist for a while before finding my “personal spirituality”. I know what it means to be persecuted for one’s spiritual belief in a Popish Country (I live in Rome, not too far from the Vatican!). I am reduced to hide my spiritual identity from my own family (except my parents who also are no longer Roman Catholics) as they think that I play with the Devil. Therefore I don’t like what DV is promoting right now. It is us, “spiritual” people who feel persecuted, not the other way round! By the by I have no problems talking and connecting to (the real) Jesus, despite all! 😉

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      Thanks for sharing, Silvia. Your English is excellent. I have such a love for your country and culture, so it interests me greatly to hear your perspective. All I can say is that I totally sympathise and empathise with you and I have ZERO doubt that you are connecting with the REAL Jesus 🙂 Bacci!

      1. Dear Lisa,
        You’re right! Italy is a beautiful Country, and sometimes it pains me to see it abused by its own inhabitants. But things are changing and we’ll hopefully create a more loving version of the Earth for all!
        Thanks for the compliment, I actually have a B.A. in Foreign Languages and Literatures (specialisation in English and French) and I am graduating with an M.A. in European and American Languages and Litterature (specialisation in English and American Literature and French language) in 2018. 😀

        Hugs and Kisses! <3

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          Oh how fun, I love language studies! My native tongue is Swedish and I worked as a medical translator into Swedish for about three years. Boring stuff though – much happier translating Tarot symbols! 🙂 xoxo

  9. Wow just wow! Firstly I agree (being a psych nurse) my very first thought was she is having some kind of break down or something scared the shit out of her. Part of me says good riddance take your crap and go, the other parts says oh no you don’t get off that easy!!!
    For me personally my decks that I have purchased are my tools, they are mine and I will continue to use them. I feel very strongly that she had little to do with many of the decks as there is a co-producer on almost all of them! As for the certificates, well I earned them sometimes sitting through hours of useless babble. I told people not to spend the money on the CACR course, instead get the Big Book of Angel Tarot as it has all you really need to know about the deck. The only thing that made her CACR worthwhile was Radleigh and a few times I felt infuriated as she would cut him off. He knows those decks better than she does!! I also signed up for the Angel Intuitive course which is just sitting there at this moment. Has anyone taken or completed that one?
    As for the animal sanctuary….I too bought some little courses more to support than because I wanted them. To be honest not even sure I watched them! I am beyond upset with this. I cannot even think of words to describe my feelings. Would greatly appreciate if I could have the document forwarded to me 🙂

    Thank you Lisa for putting this “out there”.

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      Thanks, Eve! I have sent it to the email you used for this comment. I can’t feel sorry for Rad – he knows full well what he has gotten himself into… The fact that he is staying in it speaks volumes…

  10. Well said lisa. My thoughts exactly. I feel a fraud as i now think my certificates stand for nothing and are worthless, how can i now teach my students what i have learnt through DV… she is back tracking on every single thing she has said and done. I said to a fellow angel university friend last year that i thought she was too commercialised and i had been looking more towards Diane Cooper and Kyle Grey.
    She installed in us that we are to love everything as all living things have souls. Well im sorry DV but what about the souls and feelings of those poor animals in her sanctury.. you dont do that. Thoughtless, selfish, fraudulent, manipulating, and just plain wrong.

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  11. I’m a bit surprised because we have been taught since our childhood that Word (Verbo, in Italian translation) means Jesus Christ, not the Bible. How cannot she know it? It’s the first explanation which appears on google! I know I’m getting repetitive, but you can’t teach something you don’t know. Theology IS a subject you must study, it’s not based on someone’s channeling about Jesus, or your OPINION about him. It could work with New-Age, in a sense, but not with a two thousands years old religion!

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  12. Well said, Lisa! Goodness this a torrid time for you and all DV students, fans, followers etc. I’ve never been a massive DV fan myself, but have understood what she has brought to people over the years, and have several books and card decks that I felt resonated with me at the time. Her Archangels and Ascended Masters book was of great comfort to me some years ago – of course that book, and myself are now operating from fear and lower energies….sigh! I admire what you are doing to gather and put out there all the new information regarding DV’s transformation. I imagine you must have found it difficult and even upsetting at first, knowing how much you worked with, and invested in, her teachings. Now though, I can totally understand your anger and disbelief at her actions. I’ve watched the various videos of her denouncing all ‘New Age’ things – I honestly feel she is in the midst of a breakdown, or severe mental health happening. The inconsistency, incoherence and rambling nature is both bizarre and uncomfortable to view. I can’t believe Hay House is allowing her and her courses to run seemingly unchecked, they are coming out of this very, very badly. Keep up the great work you’re doing to unravel her nonsense 🙂

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