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Doreen Virtue Vision from Time Life Magazine Cover?

Doreen Virtue Vision from Time Life Magazine Cover Life of Jesus

It’s uncanny, isn’t it? Darken and curl the hair, lengthen the beard, brighten the face so the eyes stand out and voilà! Doreen Virtue’s January 7 Vision of the ‘real Jesus’! I’m so amazed at how exactly she managed to tune into the classical painting featured on the Time Life Magazine cover, adding just a few touches to make him appear to be more authentically ‘Jesus of Nazareth.’ 

This discovery came to me thanks to a friend who sent me this image…

doreen virtue vision time life jesus image

But I also want to give props to another friend who made me smile with this image…

doreen virtue jesus vision curling tongs

A few months ago, someone on Facebook alerted us to the fact that a piece of art of Doreen’s Jesus vision would feature heavily in future merchandise. They knew someone who knew the artist, apparently. Could have been just gossip, of course but then BAM! like a letter in the post – here we have it! Like I said in yesterday’s article, I kind of knew that would happen anyway because Doreen is as Doreen does. If she can’t monetize something, it simply isn’t real to her.

Sincerity is the way of heaven. ~ Confucius Click To Tweet

In THIS VIDEO from 7 January (watch from 7:45) Doreen describes how she instructed Howard David Johnson exactly how she wanted him to paint Jesus. The Time Life Magazine was published 22 December, 2017. Interesting, huh?

I asked several people in a Facebook group if they had experienced visions of Jesus. Many of them had and none of them had turned to fundamentalist Christianity because of it. Nor did any of them describe the Time Life Magazine version of Jesus. Some had words, others just eye contact. What they all had in common was that they were visions of pure love. None of the people who experienced them felt a need to go out and monetize their visions. Reading those stories brought me great comfort in contrast to what is happening above.

When sincerity fails, the offer of money usually works.
~ Mark Fuhrman

Have YOU had a vision of Jesus? I would love to hear about it in the comments!



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  1. I have been reading and watching Doreen “conversion” stuff for a few days, I feel terrible now because I believed in her. It seems that she took advantage of her knowledge in psychology to manipulate people at her will and she did it sooo god with new agers… Now, do you think her teachings were satanic? She states that she was under the influence of demons when writing and bla bla…
    These are my Doreen theories:

    1)She is, was and will be possessed by “demons” or is some sort of living deceiving-demon.
    2) She is in the business for the sake of $$$$, she only changed her target market.
    3) Her Cristian husband drove her nuts with all of his fanatical religious stuff and she abandoned her “old” beliefs fearing hell and took these “new” ones.
    4) Are demons taking over her mind now?
    5) Nuts, nuts, nuts, and nuts.

    So she sorta turned all us in Satanists (for what she says) what is she doing to fix her mistake?


    I read some time ago that a psychic saw demons entering the bodies of the participants on a DV event during a meditation (or something like that) WHAT KIND OF SH*T I WAS EXPOSING MYSELF TO? I mean, I used to do her guided meditation mp3’s.

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      Hi there, I don’t believe her partner (I hear they’re not actually married) is a Christian. I have good reason to believe he is a con artist. His actions in the wake of recent event certainly seem to indicate that he is. He may be manipulative but so is she. They run this together. Money and power are the main motivators. It is much more convenient to have a ‘flock’ of followers that cannot argue back now that she claims to be teaching the ‘Word of God.’ Her teachings in the past weren’t even hers. She did research and cobbled stuff together for a quick buck. She followed the money so I guess you can say the intent isn’t exactly divine… I hear body language experts say that excessive blinking is a giveaway for liars.

      Your own best protection is intent.

  2. It’s one issue—to be angry about Doreen Virtue’s betrayal to her clients and constituents, by invalidating the courses that her clients paid for, believing they were certified. There is a legitimate cause to be skeptical of her newfound beliefs. It’s admirable you remained committed to getting the refund,due you, to speak up and to encourage others to follow suit. But th–whatis post mocking Doreen over her. vision of Jesus is not admirable. Doreen Virtue’s path has clearly diverged sharply from yours. Power tp her. Power to you. But as for her, what do you intend to do you intend to do ? Make a lateral career of holding her up for further scrutiny and to invite mocking and make yourself superior? You’re not exempt–from mistakes or pain or whatever–she’s doing—we all have our sways of coping. But to invite this kind of feedback is cruel. Because she has done wrong–does not justify this. That’s mean-spirited. You need to pull cards and find out–what’s really beneath this? Doreen Virtue has her own God, so do you. Your not her God or conscience.I will be unsubscribing-I do not trust your readings. Doreen Virtue is not up for grabs for internet entertainment. And no, I am not happy with how she behaved–just as I am unhappy with this. Pray for her. Pray for light Pray for justice–pray for each other-but don’t do-this. Wish you peace and closure.

    1. Sorry for all the typos;ie-your instead of you’re-, sways–instead of ways.-etc etc. Wish we could proof and edit.

      Anyway, the caption of mocking Doreen’s —curling the hair–it’s mean and nasty as can be. The Time Photo,by the way–is hardly an original. It’s a classic template..

      .but apart from that—you do not know WHAT is going on in DV’s head and all you have done is invite speculation and internet GOSSIP..i would never ask you to pull cards or trust a reading.after that sort of activity. We, who are intuitive lead by example –living our truth-and if this is an example yours–of how you confront your anger with Doreen—-I find it limiting and incompatible–with my struggle in seeking light.

    2. Post

      Hi Kayte, I wish you could see the irony of you coming here to judge me for judging Doreen… Oh well. As for the Jesus with curly hair joke, it made me smile. We clearly don’t share a sense of humor. So yes, probably for the best to part ways. Thank you for stopping by to comment and wish me peace though – I wish you the same (even IF your assumption that I don’t have closure is erroneous) Blessed be!

      1. Kayte,
        A sense of humour is not un-Christian. And you’re right – we don’t know what is going on in Doreen’s head. She hasn’t got the faintest idea herself!

      1. Post
  3. Unreal! I always thought there was something a dodgy about Howard David Johnson, and this confirms it. She may have guided the artwork with her magazine cover inspired ‘vision’ *LOL*, but he ultimately put it together. I guess that answers why she hired a ‘lower energy’ inspired artist, he has no morals either!

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  4. Jesus with arms outstretched is a very common way to depict Jesus… but if you look at the hands/sleeves, her “artist” just superimposed a new head onto the Time cover image. Yikes.

    1. Post

      To me, it looks like the artist just played around with the head too… changed the shading, added some curls and a longer beard… dunno. Looking at the timing for this is interesting. The Time Life Cover was being sold weeks before the great unveiling of this art piece which probably wouldn’t have taken long to produce for such a seasoned artist.

      1. This may not surprise you, but she does the same thing with lots of her oracle cards. I realized it when I took a humanities course, and a lot of the paintings we studied I recognized from being altered on some of her decks :-/

    1. Post
    2. At first I thought that, but she was never lacking $$ from the New Age community. She’s actually lost a lot of money with the wave of refunds for her programs, especially the Angelologist program.

      She’s mentioned before that Hay House prohibited her from speaking too much about Jesus ~ this is not uncommon if you’re under contract with a publishing house, since they don’t want you to alienate your audience and lose money.

      So she’s broken away from Hay House like Miley Cyrus from Disney. Only instead of skimpy suits and short hair, we have Doreen running around talking about Jesus. Part of me feels happy that she’s pursuing her path, but she could have done so without leaving a trail of disaster behind her.

      Just my 2 cents.

      1. Post

        Oh please. She is still cashing in from the New Age community all over the world. Please see my article about her fabulous Italian New Age biz – just as one example http://angelorum.co/uncategorized/show-must-go-doreen-virtue/ She even shamelessly sells and promotes Tarot (gasp!) decks on that site lol. It’s her own site. After the article I just shared there, I had shamed her with the Christian crowd sufficiently to take the Chakra clearing course down at least… (Note to self: make separate post about DV still selling, promoting Tarot and Oracle decks). As for refunds from the Angelologist course, to date I know of only two people who got refunds and one of them was partial. If you know of others, please let me know since I was heading a group to help people with refunds for that course. I would like to get in touch with any of your friends who received refunds. You can read about my own struggles with this here: http://angelorum.co/topics/reviews/theological-doctrine-of-angels-my-arse/

        Doreen never changed paths – she knows only one path and is decorated with dollar signs.

        1. You would make a fantastic journalist, and I say this seriously. Thanks for the extra info. I guess part of me still wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt.

          I actually got a refund for the Angelologist and CACR courses. I posted a comment about it on another of your blogs just yesterday.

          For the Certified Angel Card Reader refund, I had purchased it through Hay House and they refunded it politely and quickly.

          With the Angelologist refund, I had to email a few times (no reply from them) and then suddenly the refund appeared in my account.

          Both of those were towards the end of 2017, AFTER many people struggled trying to get their refunds.

          1. Post

            Wow, thanks for this, Yari! Michael Virtue had sent out a letter in legalese, stating that nobody would ge refunded. Had you started your course? The only other person I know who got a full refund had not yet started vieweing the videos. As for giving DV the benefit of the doubt, I used to be one of those who defended her. She can be VERY convincing but she is also undeniably a prolific liar and con artist, and Michael is just as bad. I think he is the one who invented the lie that they had to abandon the rescue ranch because they were too poor to keep the animals.

  5. Naturally this had to turn into monetizing. She doesn’t even give things enough time to settle before pushing her next merch. The sad thing is, many will follow along and eat it up instead of questioning how it is she can go so fast from New Age beliefs to Fundamentalism in one fell swoop and yet NOT CHANGE ANY OF HER BUSINESS PRACTICES! The only thing she changed was the label. Other than that, it’s the same old marketing program. She likes to pump out new merch about every 6 months so she has at least two things on the market in any given year. I wonder when her next Learn to Love with Jesus-type class will be?

    1. Post

      Yup, she’s a money-making machine. It will be difficult for her to give up those multi-million dollar checks from Hay House but I’m sure she will find a way around that too… and it’s not like she stopped getting the money with all that back stock still flooding the market AND putting out new oracle decks though she calls them ‘divine guidance’ decks these days lol And on top of that she sits in her WA mansion crying about losing her job, making her followers believe she had to give up the rescue ranch because of Jesus-related poverty.

      1. It would be interesting to find out what happened to the Jesus in her vision from early last year, with the heart , radiating light, similar to a lot of Sacred Heart dipictions I have seen. Now “This” is what Jesus looks like. So where does that leave the “real ” Jesus from last year? Was he not commercial enough?
        Make up you mind, Doreen!
        And yes he sure does look like the cover.

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