Doreen Virtue's Church of Divine Guidance

Doreen’s Divine Guidance Church

Doreen Virtue's Church of Divine Guidance

Not long after the August Eclipse post about Doreen Virtue denouncing the Tarot, I found out that Doreen Virtue was planning to start a Jesus-centred church. These plans were not new, as you might think since she only recently converted to traditional Christianity. The permission for the church was obtained in 2014 under the name Church of Divine Guidance. The public registration records for the Divine Guidance church can be found HERE

Church Plans Revealed in Italian Interview

I only found out about the church plans thanks to an Italian friend alerting me to an Italian interview published in 2016. In this interview, Doreen says it is the next step for her to start a Jesus-centred church (possibly online only) for people who also love fairies and unicorns. This statement was made before her conversion to traditional, Bible-believing Christianity. Doreen claims to be a Bible-believing ‘born again’ Christian as of 7 January, 2017.

Here is a translation of the Italian video transcript of what Doreen says to the person interviewing her:

“I have always had this vision of myself since I did a free seminar in Mexico for the poor.
And it is so clear, I do not know if it comes from a past life, it is a dream to help the poor of other countries.
One of the reasons why I want to retire is to help people.

They are telling me (points to sky) that maybe I can start a new church that is based on Jesus, but without a sense of guilt, fearless and not so focused on crucifixion, but on his life and teachings and is not focused on money. Too many churches are too focused on money.
Maybe it’ll just be an online church, I’m working on it. We already have the state approval to open a new church. 
I find that many people love Jesus, like me, especially in Italy, but there is no church that is good for them, because I love Jesus, but also fairies, even unicorns, and sirens. So I want to create a church – this is my dream – where one can love Jesus and the fairies without others thinking you’re crazy. So this is my next step, the next thing.”

ETA: Someone found the clip for us without the Italian voice over. You can watch Doreen say these words in English HERE.

The revelation of church plans struck me as  odd because the August Eclipse blog post was based on watching Doreen denounce the Tarot in the same Maui TV interview where she denied plans of starting a church. I have spoken to 10-12 other people who also heard Eric T. Richter ask this question of Doreen and heard/saw her laughing it off. I personally don’t remember her answer verbatim (besides a clear ‘no’ accompanied by giggles) but one of my friends who watched the video interview three times back in August says that she denied wanting to start a church, laughed and said something along the lines of ‘Why would I want all that trouble?’

Question About Church Disappears from Maui TV Interview

I decided to have a listen through the Maui TV interview again the other week. Imagine my surprise when I realised that the question for Doreen about plans to start a church had vanished. The video hadn’t been re-uploaded so the only explanation I could think of was that it had been edited in YouTube after the upload. I managed to find quite one obvious edit around the 13:40 mark (you can see it for yourself HERE) that seems a fit with where in the interview the question was asked, so I decided to email Eric T. Richter to ask about it:

Email to Eric T. Ricther about question for Doreen Virtue being edited out of Maui TV video interview

This is Eric’s reply:

The rest of our email conversation went as follows (copied and pasted):

Hi Eric,

Thanks for getting back to me. I’m referring to the version originally shown on YouTube. Please answer my question, ‘Why was the part where you ask Doreen about starting a church edited out?’ I need to know because I mention it in one of my articles published not long after the original version of the interview went live and it is misleading for my readers now that it has been edited out.

Maybe we could arrange a Skype call.

Aloha Lisa,

Do you have a website or a phone #? I am on deadline with Maui Vision until early December.
There have been no edits to our original interview as far as I know. We didn’t ask our producer to make any.
It is on three YouTube channels if you would like to check all three:
It looks like all three are the same length. Sorry I don’t have 33 minutes to try to figure out what you are referring to
(As for all three being the same length, it would make sense that all three would have been edited rather than just one.)

Hi Eric,

There is no point in me talking to you on the phone if you can’t remember asking Doreen the question about starting a church that has clearly been edited out.
Thank you for your time.
(Sent another email shortly after this one.)
Hi Eric, just letting you know that I will blog about this since I’m not the only person who knows about the edit and my readers deserve an answer.

Aloha Lisa,

I don’t have time to look at the raw footage and see if that topic came up until early next month. 
I have a 36-page magazine due at the printers on Monday and I have another full-time job.
If you will be patient, I’d be happy to review the raw footage and see what’s on there, but not until next month when I have time.
Thank you, Eric. Very kind of you to offer! We just need you to remember asking Doreen that question and how she laughed it off, completely denying plans of starting a church (that we know was registered in 2014). We also just need the original YouTube video, not the full unedited version.

Aloha Lisa,

I’m pretty sure there were no edits, I didn’t ask for any, and the original dates of uploads are intact. Are you sure that question got asked?
All I remember was a mild Unity Church bashing as being Jesus – light, and how happy she was at her new church that she and Michael found. 
But remind me next month and I’ll take a look.
Yes, 100% sure. And as we all know, edits can be made inside YouTube.

Aloha Lisa,

Sounds like people are on a witch hunt after Doreen!  You are not the only one. Someone else said she is being investigated for tax evasion, and she just put out a new blog today about how sad she was to shut down the animal sanctuary.
Anyway, I have to focus on getting my magazine to the printer.
(So now I’m on a ‘witch hunt’ for asking questions — sound familiar?)
As a journalist, I’m sure you can appreciate people wanting the truth.

Aloha Lisa,

The length of time listed on the original upload matches what’s online. 
All for now!
There is no proof of the times listed for the original upload matching with the current time, of course, just as there is no proof of the question being taken out other than me and about ten other people I know remembering the question. We know the question was in there and we know it no longer is.
What do you think? Did you watch the Maui TV interview back when it was first uploaded? If so, do you remember the question about starting a church being asked? For me, besides the denunciation of my beloved Tarot, that was what really stood out from this interview… How Doreen laughed the question off, as if it wasn’t even a real question. ‘The lady doth protest too much’ sprang to mind.
Of course, it wasn’t long after that the Italian TV interview cropped up, and a month or two after that we found the church registration records.

Reasons for Setting up an Online Church

Could Doreen have forgotten that she registered a church? Did it escape her mind that she told the Italian interviewer that starting a church was her ‘next step’ and that she was ‘working on it’? She doesn’t seem to have changed her mind about it because her daily videos are very much ‘online church.’
Is it a coincidence that she named the church after her own book by the title ‘Divine Guidance‘ published back in 1998? How far back do the plans of setting up an online church go?
And if she had plans of starting a Christ-centred church at least as far back as 2014, how come she only this year started reading the Bible all the way through? She admits to this in the Maui TV interview, revealing that she had never even read the gospels all the way through until she created the Jesus cards in 2015. So did she read the gospels because she realised she had to in order to make money from Jesus merchandise?
What could the real reason be for setting up an online church (besides not having to bother with real life people)? A person could be forgiven for thinking it could be for reasons of tax exemption.


If this were a genuine conversion with genuine plans of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ, would the timeline for starting a church not be different? I.e…
  • Years of serious Bible study, prayer and contemplation
  • Attending seminary
  • Registering a church

Of, course, there is no LAW that says this has to be the timeline. It is very easy (too easy?) to start an online church in the USA.

What we do have is a timeline that looks a bit like this…
  • Two decades of telling people that Jesus is an ascended master
  • Hurriedly researching whatever New Age subject she can make money from and Hay House holding Doreen up as a paragon for other authors to emulate (i.e. write about whatever makes them money)
  • Sets herself up as an Angel Medium and gives out terrible advice about suicide, claiming that people who talk about suicide never commit suicide. This information is now starting to become common knowledge so Doreen decides to do a Teal Swan and set herself up as a champion for young people with suicidal ideation in this blog post from the other day.
  • Gets into the Tarot game to profit from Tarot which she doesn’t know anything about, together with Radleigh Valentine
  • Reads the Gospels so she can put out the Jesus cards, and – as a side-effect – realises that Jesus isn’t a ‘teddy bear’ but someone with boundaries (see Maui TV Interview)
  • Has a ‘vision’ of Jesus and decides to get baptised in Jan-Feb 2017
  • Starts to read the whole Bible this year, claiming not to cherry pick but telling people to take a literal interpretation of Deuteronomy (Old Testament) when it comes to divination and mediumship, while saying she is OK with homosexuality. Ironically, she says in the Maui TV interview that as a medium, she was put off by people throwing Bible verses at her. On her own FAQ page, she throws Bible verses at people who want to know if it is still OK to practise divination and mediumship. Apparently, you are ‘detestable to the Lord’ if you engage in these practices
  • Puts out a course titled ‘Angelology – A theological doctrine of angels‘ within two months of her baptism and without any theology studies under her belt
  • Claims that sales for the Angelology course go toward the care of the sanctuary animals in their ‘forever home’ (her words) only months before dissolving the sanctuary. (My money going toward the care of the animals was the only reason I put off asking for a refund when I realised how poor the quality of the course was)
  • Publishes ‘Christian’ literature without taking time off to study her new faith
  • Publishes and deletes a video in April 2017 where she casts shade on the New Age movement and claims that lower energy is guiding the practices in it. Also says you have to believe in ‘real Jesus’ to be saved from hell while at the same time, ironically, claims to not be trying to convert anyone
  • Maui TV Interview (which is more of a scripted promo video than an interview) where she tells people she believes that God has told her to stop doing divination and mediumship. Also (as far as I and most people I have asked can recall) tells Eric T. Richter that she has no plans of starting a church. Church question in video appears to have been deleted after church plans are revealed through alternative channels.
  • Refuses refunds for all courses sold on her own site even though it is common knowledge she views many of the teachings as ‘lower energy’
  • Boots paying students from course forums for asking questions about which teachings are now relevant and which aren’t
  • Continues to sell many of the ‘lower energy’ courses and products on her sites
  • Continues to claim that courses bought on the Earth Angel site go toward the care of rescue animals after the sanctuary has been dissolved
  • Suggests that Wayne Dyer would have benefitted from a Christian explaining the gospel to him, while her official version (backed by Hay House) is that she is a non-judgmental Christian
  • Deletes whole slew of her old angel message videos, allegedly including one where Michael Virtue suggests that the sheep make good lawnmowers as they try to get rid of the animals that had been promised their forever home
  • Writes long, apologetic blog post about her version of events concerning the sanctuary after the truth starts emerge. (A friend of mine is about to blog about some of the more obvious inconsistencies in that post since there is evidence and people who donated deserve the truth.)
  • Deletes all Archangels except Michael, Raphael and Gabriel from her site. Though I believe Azrael gets a small mention (unlike the other three who get a page each).
  • Deletes the Earth Angel site after evidence of soliciting for non-registered charity on that site is made public
  • Follows homophobic preachers who believe in scientific creationism (Chuck Swindoll and Charles Stanley) on Twitter (For fundie street cred?)
  • Pumps out daily Bible study videos where she spends a lot of time talking about lower energy, the ‘Enemy’ and poor mouthing
  • Uses one of those daily videos to try to discredit me for blogging about her
  • Claims to always have had the gift of discernment between true and false divine guidance, referring to her book ‘Divine Guidance’ from 1999 in this video as ‘proof.’ This is a gross logical impossibility since in no way can she have been right both then and now. Note how coy she sounds when she mentions the Divine Guidance book as if she can barely remember the name of the book she named her church after.

Whether Doreen’s registered Divine Guidance church goes ahead or not, there is clearly an online church in the making. For thousands who tune into Doreen’s daily Mornings with the Lord videos, following a spiritual teacher who claims the gift of prophecy (formerly divination), denounces her old teachings but claims to have had the gift of discernment all along doesn’t seem to be a problem. Post-truth spirituality is really interesting. I wonder what theologians will make of it all 1,000 years from now.




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  1. You do realise that Doreen Virtue was a brought up in a Unity Church which is new thought Christianity?

    It makes perfect sense that she would register this in 2014. Very logical

    It’s not the same flavour of Christianity that she is following now but it is Christian focussed.

    This would be no different if any ACIM student/teacher registered a jesus centred church then converted to a biblical based jesus

    Half the new age movement teachings are based on ACIM, Unity teachings or Christian Science which all have Jesus associated to it.

    Even Abraham hicks “ask and it is given”

    Please do some more research

    1. Post

      Yes, I do realise that this Divine Guidance church (now dissovled in state of HI) had a different idea behind it compared to where she is supposed to be at now. But the idea to start a church has been in the works for how long…? She’s not particular about the actual faith that goes into it. It will be whatever serves her own agenda best at the time. As we can see clearly, the business model remains the same. She’s not even that particular about repackaging what she is selling as you can see in this post where I reveal that she is still pushing all her New Age stuff in Italy. In the end, when she does start her own church, it will probably be a hodgepodge of beliefs anyway. I mean, it’s not like she is sitting her ass down in seminary to actually learn theology. I’m always doing more research – have no fear! 😉

      1. Foreign royalties are normally left to your tax advisor/financial controller and most business owners really don’t have much of a clue where their royalties are coming from unless advised.

        Anyway what I find the most interesting about your site is just because she denounces her products and say they have no worth – does it make it fact?

        Ultimately the consumer has the power by not buying a product or if you by a product and the product owner states it’s faulty and it works well for you – who cares?

        1. Post

          “Ultimately the consumer has the power by not buying a product or if you by a product and the product owner states it’s faulty and it works well for you – who cares?”

          True – if you are talking about a blender or a facial cleanser. Many people had their faith shattered by Doreen’s antics. I’m sorry you can’t see that.

          As for the foreign royalties, I’m not sure what this is in reference to, but I hope it is not an attemped to excuse Doreen from still profiting from New Age products on her OWN Italian site. You might want to do some more research, Kellie.

          1. I do have compassion for people who trust other people’s wisdom over their own

            Spirituakity is not an tangible or evidence based subject – so it is a high risk area for consumers. Spiritual products, books courses, workshops and cards etc are near impossible to be is a buyer beware industry and the consumer always has the control over their own bank account credit card. Don’t purchase i products from this industry.

            Maybe that’s the learning people can take from this. I personally take the opinion I buy what I like and if it works for me good and if someone “denounces” their own products and I still like it – that’s the product creators issue.

            Accountability flows both ways. I’ve never held any of these spiritual teachers in high esteem to the point I have felt ripped off. That’s my hope for everyone.

            There are plenty of certified Angel readers who don’t give two hoots what Doreen is saying and are making income after her announcement.

            And if anyone bout the chakra cleaning from the Italian website, whoever is hosting that page – it’s an assumptions to believe they feel ripped off.

            I’m sorry that you have been hurt by her antics and hope you can move past the hurt and in future take any spiritual teachers products with a grain of salt and enjoy what you like out of it and chuck out what you don’t like. There’s a huge variety of spiritual teachers out there like a food buffet. Put on your plate what you like and don’t put on what you don’t like.

            1. Post

              Please stay away from making assumptions. I am not hurt by Doreen’s actions in any way. I do hurt on behalf of others whom she hurt though – including the rescue animals that were promised their forever home. Your comment comes across as condescending. I never slavishly followed her Angel teachings and I continue to work with my own system which is based on Planetary rulers. My business was up and running before I trained with Doreen so I never had to rely on her certificates. I do know plenty of people who are genuinely very hurt and upset still though. Rightly so. If you have trained with Doreen (proudly certified by her) and then told that what she taught is demonic, that’s a head fuck that will most likely lead to repurcussions when this goes to court… Not only will this have impacted many of her students emotionally – It will also have impacted their ability to earn from the certificates they invested in… which is WHY Hay House so willingly offered refunds and which is also why they dropped her. I am making no assumptions about the reactions of Italian consumers. I just hope the ones that want refunds can get them without hassel.

              1. I’m not fussed if you think my comments are condescending I read your blog for facts about anything illegal Doreen has done and from my standpoint at this time there is nothing.

                Even in relation to NFP business and purported property purchases.

                If your reasoning for this website is to expose Doreen as a fraud to help heal others and receive monetary compensation(not yourself because you are fine) stick to facts and not emotive assumptions.

                I know plenty of people who went to the last Angel certificate training in Australia and this was after Doreen’s conversion and they happily received the training and the certification. None of them asked or wanted a refund and accept that her ideology has changed.

                From my viewpoint there is no court case here

                Just a lady who had some spiritual beliefs packaged them and people bought them. Makes a profit from it.

                Then she denounced her previous beliefs and moves on to a new ideology and her previous publisher based on you words does PR crisis management by giving refunds (so they can have repeat future customers)

                In this industry people can one day yell the sky is green the sky is green then one day go oops it’s actually blue.

                This whole industry is about describing and selling what is life affirming, love and what is lower energy/evil. Unity/separation and spiritual tools, practices and skill sets.

                People chop and change their mind all the time in this industry – denouncing what they previously thought.

                If you can get a bill or legislation passed to prosecute that.

                That I would be interested in reading about

                Thid whole industry would be in court.

                1. Post

                  For someone who doesn’t find my posts interesting, you sure come around here to comment a lot. Your opinion about whether or not what Doreen is doing falls within the Law or not is completely irrelevant to the people who are preparing to take legal action against her.

                  I’m definitely sticking to facts. If you can prove me wrong on any of them, please do so.

                  Doreen kicked paying students off student forums for simply asking questions and subsequently refused them refunds. FACT.

                  Doreen lied about being too poor to keep the rescue ranch animals. FACT

                  Doreen gaslighted students. FACT

                  Doreen illegally solicited for donations. FACT

                  People have had their businesses impacted because of Doreen’s mismangaement as a business woman. FACT

                  People at the OZ event were unhappy. Hay House were quick to delete the evidence though… as usual! FACT

                  So what’s your real motive for coming here to speak up in defence of Doreen, ‘Kellie’?

                  1. My name is Kellie as you can see that it correlates with my email address. If you would like ID that matches my name I can provide that too. This is a fact.

                    Some of the things you listed above is not “fact”.

                    I came here looking for facts and was amazed at the misleading hodgepodge half truths being asserted as facts.

                    You are asserting it was always Doreen’s intent to convert to Christianity and in this blog post pointed to Divine Guidance Church as evidence of this. That is an assumption.

                    Even in your own reply to me you backtracked.

                    I too do not like half truths and people backtracking as you state you don’t.

                    Im looking at your website from a risk/strategy and application of law perspective.

                    1. Post

                      Are you a lawyer or solicitor?

                      I’ve not backtracked on anything. I stand by everything I’ve said.

                      I have emailed proof to you that not everybody was happy at the Oz event. The screenshot I captured was deleted within hours by Hay House.

                      Unlike Hay House and Doreen Virtue, I won’t be deleting anything. In fact, I keep all the evidence I come across. It’s vital when there is so much covering up going on.

                    2. My job is to investigate entities to know if they are complying with laws – I look at new merging issues and I’m fascinated to know how/if this can extend to this industry. I studied law but I am not a solicitor.

                      I live in Australia and was interested in attending Doreen’s last event however the price was not what I wanted to pay.

                      In this industry there are plenty of spiritual teachers with lots of workshops and I had kind of hit my quota for the year on workshops.

                      I went to the convention centre on the last day of the event as my friend had attended. I met numerous participants and wanted to know their view on the event. The majority felt they had got value for money, some said that it was a hybrid teaching and another discussed with me how it was so different from the one she had previously went to in the States however was pleased with it.

                      Another said that her new ideology was in infant state and it would be best for her to get solid in her view prior to teaching.

                      I honestly was expecting more people to say they wanted refunds. I’m not saying that there aren’t people who wanted refunds I didn’t meet one.

                      There are multiple risks in this industry:

                      My real interest which I am naming “retroactive” liability can you legally hold someone accountable for changing their mind about their spiritual beliefs they have profited from. Is there a law for this?

                      I believe you can’t just peddle whatever you like and make a bunch of profit and go don’t believe that anymore.

                      However what if you honestly believed that at the time and you got a new awareness.

                      If “retroactive” liability laws came into play in this industry which you don’t need any quakififications for – just some beliefs and tools around spirituality and people willing to buy it

                      I think half the speakers and authors would shut up shop now

                    3. Post
              2. Hi Kelli I do understand you completely , same as you I worked with Angels long before I took the course in fact long before she even surfaced in public. I am concerned about the damage she created for so many people and properly animals. I actually wanted to stay away from all this but trough Wikipedia came to this recent video of her

                She is now claiming that she had been possessed while writing all the books ect. by a demon. and Jesus had cast it away. I watched the whole interview and acctually think could it be that she has mental problems now or that she is brainwashed?
                A German lady perhaps Angelight informed the audience that Doreen is still apperaing on an Angel summit in Germany this year online . The German audience is not made aware of her new “state of mind “.
                Angel Blessings 🙂

        2. Kellie, if a teacher is not convinced of his teachings, the teachings can’t convince the student. This is psychological knowledge and proof – and in Doreen’s case it is not only that she is not convinced, she even denounced her teachings and called them a sin, demonic, detestable to the lord. Nobody wants to access teachings of a teacher who called his own teachings demonic. It’s like you have given a spell on your own teachings. Maybe in the beginning some try to still get some use of it but in the long run even for them the magic is lost as the vibration which comes with her books, cards, etc. cannot work. I guess one day Doreen will completely disappear and be unknown in the New Age, no matter how hard Hay House tries to sell her old products and make them seem attractive and still valuable to their clients. The vibration Doreen sent out by denouncing and degrading her New Age students is in the field and vibrates with each of her products even for people who still do not know that she denounced her teachings. Another example, if you have a glass of clear water and you put a drop of black ink inside, the whole water becomes greyish. In Doreen’s case she has not only put a drop of black ink into her teachings, it was a whole bucket which makes the teachings unreadable and invalid to the student.

          1. Post
          2. Angellight I understand your perspective and reasoning however I do believe if there is any benefit that can be gained from Doreen’s previous work (which I believe there is a lot – whether her vibe says so or not) it will be gained – if anyone is called to read her previous work.

            But I do understand where you are coming from and thank you for your perspective and I can understand why people are upset.

            I think it’s important to always trust what resonates with you.
            I firmly believe there is not one human on this earth that knows exactly the whole picture of whats occurring in the spiritual invisible so ultimately it is up to everyone to believe what their truth is and take what works for them.

  2. We would be wise to remember that Doreen is in the money making business. Nothing wrong with her converting. However, what is wrong is her smoke and mirrors approach to doing so. She is trying to wrap up God, Fairies and Unicorns into a church – what? Who ever heard of such a thing. The saying “you are never only a little bit pregnant” certainly holds true in this case. She needs to step aside, and allow the metaphysical community carry on as we always do, with truth, love and integrity. And, quite frankly, how is believing in Jesus and using Tarot cards mutually exclusive? I have to shake my head at how she has embarrassed herself over and over, and over.
    Great research and thoughtful article.

    1. Post

      Thanks Lynn. Yes, of course it’s about the money. Jesus AND Tarot? No problem! Anything done with love is OK. That was the actual point Jesus made. Strange how so many missed it.

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  3. Hi Lisa. I just seen in the intro video from DV, where it suspiciously looks like she is giving a kind of reiki. I’m like ummmmmm…… If churches don’t allow Tai Chi classes, why the heck is she doing reiki. I also seen an interesting video on the old fire and brimstone of death, as NDE experiences of Hell, were she says Michael told her this info:

    1. Post
  4. Post-truth spirituality… great synopsis. I think spirituality has sadly long been a breeding ground for control freaks, predators, and psychopaths. Maybe as truth comes out we can bring some accountability into the world. You can’t just hide stuff once it’s on the Internet.

    What I want to know is how does someone just suddenly realize that having 309 sheep (or whatever) is a big deal? It feels like epic incompetence.

    1. Post

      Thanks Jasmin, I’m starting to see more and more that spiritual leaders are after either cult status/power or money… or both. It’s just not healthy. Accountability will happen, whether now or in a different cycle. In the end, it all balances out. And yes, EPIC incompetence but that doesn’t mean she didn’t lie about the money side of things on top.

  5. Excellent post for compiling the timeline of things. And yes, i watched the Maui video as well somewhere in mid-august and clearly remember the question being asked about setting up a church and doreen laughing it off, saying something along the lines of “oh no no, how would i have the nerves to do that?” When i watched this video again just a few days ago, there clearly was a video edit. how can the editor deny that it was not edited? or maybe he needs to get his eyes and memory checked. Oh wait, i have an idea! I can do a Pranic healing session -or two- (not doreen version, the true one) for him to clear his eyes and crown chakras. that might help him see the video clearer and remember what was edited from the video.

    1. Post

      Interesting, isn’t it – that she is listed as self-employed of her Divine Guidance Church. Why deny it? And yes, they could all benefit from a pranic healing session with you! 🙂

  6. Thank you Lisa for your excellent & revealing articles, they are very enlightening. The truth needs to have the light shone on it… I had no problem with Doreen Virtue changing her path either, I to love Jesus, that change was no problem…. But I quickly became horrified at how she then sat in judgement of so many of her former paying students if they did not blindly follow her, I heard her being so judgmental, if anyone dared to question what was going on & did not agree with her totally they were called as being of lower energy! She sat in judgment & criticized many time & time & time again, so much arrogance, so much hate emanating from her… All said while telling lies about these people & acting the victim…… She spent years telling us that all that she was teaching was good & true, it was approved straight from God, that she had received it all straight from God, now she turns around and says, “oh oops, no it wasn’t.” But! What she says now comes from God???? So with all this change she has admitted that she has been “lying” to us all for many many years just to make money.. She is a proven liar… So why would anyone believe a liar????

    1. Post
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  7. Thank you for compiling all of these facts.
    I remember well doreen laughing at erics question to her about starting a church. It was madening as I had just watched the Italian video.
    It is clear that doreens camp is threatened by your blog. I would think that any liar fears the real light. Lets keep shedding light onto those lies. Harder for them to gaslight a group.

    1. Post
  8. Amazing Tarot post.. So much work was put into that.

    As a Christian I would like to add the following :

    For any Christians who come upon this blog post who may be getting scammed by her Jesus or other spiritual scam claims.

    Doreen Virtue has made claims of being born again over & over .
    People are born again only once . Virtue advocated that those who had prior baptisms to get re-baptized as a “detox” as that is how ignorant she is of the sacrament of Baptism while she claims to be a mystic having repeated visions of the Christ.

    ’16 Hay House Heal Your life post where she mentioned a born again experience when she was 18 in a PR piece put out while trying to hawk oracle cards that have the image of Jesus Christ on them and that have His words on them. Hay House pushes that deck online now as oracle deck though Jesus the Jewish Rabbi would never have promoted oracle card anything. The truth of who Jesus was does not matter , just how much she can make exploiting His followers. :

    A) 2016 born again experience claim 18 yrs of age.

    B) April ;17 Vid Virtue tells people she had a visitation of Jesus, Mary & third figure when she was late teen and she was born again then many decades ago .

    C) Virtue’s new Jesus story Aug 2017 .. where she claims she was born again 2017

    D) Virtue in a video Feb 2016 in a weekly oracle card reading put out to new age consumers that she could see Jesus clairvoyantly just like she the angels of God.

    E) Virtue in Archangels and Ascended Masters published 3/15/04 : ISBN: 9781401900632. Conveyed to the new age community in the name of her spiritual gifts that Jesus was just an ascended Master . He was just one of 77 divinities she told new age consumers to call upon & invoke . Virtue & Hay House published the following claim with the book : “Doreen Virtue carefully studied and wrote about the history of each of the deities, what role they serve today, how they can help us with specific life problems, and how to call upon each one. Doreen spent time in communication with each divinity to ensure that the being was reachable, and to discover the essence of his or her personality and current dealings with the world—and within these pages, she includes a channeled message or impression from each of the ascended masters and archangels”

    Virtue in this video told new agers she could not only see Jesus’s mother Mary but she conveyed a very unMary like message :

    Virtue has made literal claim she has had demons attached to her . She claims they fell off her at her baptism but she has been caught promoting that which she herself says the Bible that she brags she has read several times calls unholy.

    She is seemingly constantly getting caught twisting scripture interpretations these days on Facebook. She lead those who don’t know the scripture astray by misteaching what she has no grasp of . Virtue plays word games with Christians telling them she is not taking profit by her tarot decks sales but most of her decks sale are non tarot oracle decks. to include her deck where she used Catholic images of the Virgin May & baby Jesus on a oracle deck that she sold as of God & that she still sells .. There are tons of oracle decks for sale on her angel therapy .com site.

    Virtue was caught lying to the congregants of St James church in Hawaii 10-29-2017 in the very church she claims to have had visions of the Christ in . Virtue w/ Michael David Robinson ( who may or may not be her legal 5th spouse ) & also by the very priest who baptized her .. told the congregants she was moving to the city of Seattle which she said she had never been to before. Virtue risked the life a desperately suicidal man in Seattle in 2012 telling his mother wrong suicide info & she was here the spring of 2012 at East West books at a book signing event. Robinson knew Virtue was lying but he did not stop her or correct her thus he participated in her deception to the church member.
    See min 55 :

    Virtue has never recanted any of the lies she has put out to new age consumers in the name of her spiritual gifts.. She has tried to shift blame for her lies & her exploitation of new age consumers to the new age itself.

    She falsely tells people that via the “Law of Free Will ” angels can only help one when you ask them, or give them permission to, She spent decades telling new age consumers that demons as fallen angels did not exist as part of God’s creation ..Then when she decided they existed recently she scrubbed her online presence of her prior statements denying that there are any fallen angels.

    Virtue while claiming to be a mystic of the Christian church engages in simony .
    The Bible says simony warrants the 2nd death.
    Virtue has refused to refund students monies for classes where she falsely certified them telling them all her certifications are valid though the Bible says none can buy a gift of God. .

    Virtue certifies people as having gifts they may be completely devoid of . then she pushes people to purchase sessions from these people while she take no liability for harm done by those falsely certified:

    Dec 2-4 ‘ 17 Angel Intuitive Australia course Virtue is having 2 gay male mediums plug oracle deck use as her guests at an event where she is going to for money certify everyone as having gifts with the angels. . “Doreen will be joined by Radleigh Valentine, co-author of Angel Tarot card deck series and Angel Answers. Radleigh will demonstrate how to work with angel cards and teach how card readings are a tool to connect with the Divine. ” ” On Sunday morning, there will be a guest appearance by Robert Reeves, naturopath and co-author, with Doreen, of several titles. Robert will offer readings using The Flower Therapy Oracle Card Deck.” This will occur though Virtue has said God forbids divination.

    Episcopal Bishop Robert Fitzpatrick in Hawaii ( Who Confirmed her in his church just months after her Baptism while she was lying to new agers in her schemes & while she was still suckering new age people in sales of class Realm reader than encouraged them to reject their humanity as souls ) has been made aware of scams and schemes upon the new age community that Virtue ran before & since her baptism & her various contradictory Jesus stories and her abuse to others done in the name of her gifts & he has done nothing to stop it & to call it out as not of God and her a false prophet.

    But Virtue did brag they accept anyone’s life style.. With all this her church sees her as in good standing. :

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  9. One more thing i just discover! If you have a blog and delete the most articles maybe you should take away the categories, Tried to see a old post at DVs blog and surprise surprise clicked on category Godess and “Doreen Virtue’s Blog
    Your search did not match any documents” came up. Tried Astrology and the same happend. Clicked on Angels and there´s was a lot of post. I think Doreen should read her post and look at the false Guiding and at the same time in a mirror. I write it here because I know she or her crue is reading all you share about her.

    1. Post

      Keeping the shell and the category ‘Goddess’ is a good fit for the deception that is going on with the Goddess Oracle cards as well. Ursula tried to ask Doreen and Hay House why she was keeping that deck and only getting rid of the Ascended Masters deck – It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever after denouncing Pagan Deities. Doreen also refused to answer Ursula’s question about the Faery Goddesses. She does not stand by her old teachings but rather than come out and say so she deletes questions that make her look bad and might affect her income stream from products that are not in line with her supposed Bible beliefs.

  10. Another of your excellent work to try people to understand what DV is doing! I don´t understand how so many people in “New Age” and the Tarot Word isn´t more upset of what she is doing! I wouldn´t care about her convert to Christian if she hasn´t told everyone that thats the right faith and Tarot and mediumship and all other Archangels except for AA Michael, Gabriel and Raphael suddenly is lower energies.

    I have read a summary of Enochs books and there`s a lot of other Archangels there. I have read about the Catolic faiths Archangels and there is at least 7 Archangels so I can´t understand why she took away the information on here site.
    I also remember the Youtube clip from Maui Tv where she just laugh about starting a church because right after that you found out the italian clip where she talked about a church with Jesus, Unicorns, Archangels and fairies beliver together united even if she didn´t know if it wpould be only a webchurch or a real one.
    I think it so sad she has been so changed and that in her Morning with Lords or what it is called, her live sending on her page look like she is outburn or sick specially if you compare with the Pr for her new course . A course about using a lot of real old ways, almost like a schaman to take out negative blocks. I don´t get it at all…..

    I think the more I learn about what she´s doing the more I wounder when Heaven/Divinity/Lord/Jesus from Nasareth/Unicorns/fairies is gonna get back to her and really make her pay for what she done to them all. I don´t think they like beeing called Lower energies at all.

    Keep digging so the world have a chance to see what a Real Fraud she has turn to or been all the time. In one way or another she is lying lying lying!

  11. Thank you so much for all
    of your research. My mind is blown. I saw in the document you listed that her husband’s surname is ‘Robinson’, and her sons’ surnames are ‘Virtue’, and ‘Schenk’ respectively. I’ve just found out her second husband’s surname is ‘Virtue’, but her sons and her 4th husband are taking his name now! This is so weird! Why are they all changing their names?!

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