Doreen Virtue Advices Witches, Mediums and Tarot Readers are Detestable to the Lord

Why should anybody care that Doreen now advises that mediums, Tarot readers and witches are ‘detestable to the Lord’? Shouldn’t we just let her get on with her fundamentalist Bible-believing Christian teachings – ‘Live and let live,’ right?

We should care because there is dishonesty from both Doreen herself and Hay House about this. Doreen is playing New Agers and Christians off each other, while at the same time profiting from both camps.

There was a recent New Age event in Sidney Australia that Doreen taught at. This event promoted divination and divinatory tools, all of which Doreen continues to profit from while blaming/shaming those who use divination in a non-Christian way.

It is most unfortunate that this event was allowed to go ahead since Hay House were misleading the public with how this event was advertised. When we tried to help people see how Doreen’s beliefs had changed, our posts were deleted and many of us were banned from posting on the Hay House Australia page on Facebook.

In the meantime, this is the version Doreen Virtue is feeding the Christians in the New Age to Christianity Facebook group:

Doreen Virtue's supposed spiritual warfare against the New Age

And yes, people are mad at Doreen Virtue but not for the reasons the people in the Christian group might imagine… People are mad at Doreen and Hay House because she keeps deceiving people on both sides of the fence, playing both camps for idiots and laughing all the way to the bank.

Dear Christian sisters and brothers… If you are reading this, please understand that divisive tactics are being used on purpose and Doreen Virtue is lying to you when she says that we are angry with her and/or you because of your faith. That simply is not true. We are angry about the lies and that people like the poor woman who left the comment below on the Hay House Oz FB page have been deceived:

Doreen Virtue Angel Intuitive Australia 3 December 2017 Commented Deleted by Hay House Detestable to the Lord

Doreen Virtue’s Angel Intuitive Event in Australia

The comment above was made by someone who attended the Angel Intuitive course in Australia on 3 December, 2017 and realised they had been taken in by false advertising. She is clearly emotionally distraught and felt judged. Yet Hay House continue to back Doreen in her claim of being on a non-judgmental Christian path… And guess what. The comment was deleted within 24 hours – Hay House censorship at its finest. Unhappy customers? No problem, delete the evidence!

So yes, there is a war going on… and it’s a war for the truth. When someone is trying to play two sides against each other for financial gain, we are dealing with someone with less than virtuous motives. Until this stops, we are going to keep calling Doreen and Hay House out on their lies, gaslighting and censorship.

‘Detestable to the Lord’ Will Hurt Doreen’s Bank Account

And because Doreen has already proven herself an avid fan of my blog by taking down the ‘wives ought to submit to their husbands’ quote from her website after I blogged about it, as well as giving me honorary mention in one of her videos, I expect her to be reading this too. Perhaps she will realise now that telling people they are ‘detestable to the Lord’ for doing what she taught them to do is not the way forward in terms of financial viability (because yes, exposing this will impact her bank account). As a result, she could very well make some changes to her FAQ page too, so I’m saving some screenshots…

FAQ quotes from Doreen Virtue's Angel Therapy site Tarot readers are detestable to the Lord

Is Radleigh Valentine Detestable to the Lord?

I saved the question about Radleigh Valentine for a couple of reasons but mostly because he still hasn’t answered my questions in the Open Letter I wrote to him a while back… Of course, Radleigh was on stage with Doreen Virtue for the Angel Intuitive event in Sidney. He had everything to gain and nothing to lose from siding with Hay House and Doreen Virtue who deceived customers with false advertising.

The fact that Radleigh and Doreen are still such great friends ought to be a big red flag who thinks Doreen’s conversion is about anything other than money. No self-respecting Tarot reader who knows this would go on stage together with the person who claims that they are detestable and that what they do is detestable.

We demand that Hay House and Doreen immediately refund everyone they have been deceiving. We demand full restitution to all students who were gaslighted by Doreen herself when the lies became apparent back in August/September. Please visit the Hay House Boycott site for more information.


Blessed Be!




16 thoughts on “Doreen Virtue Advises Tarot Readers, Witches and Mediums are ‘Detestable to the Lord’”

  1. Well Written Lisa !! Yes she should live and let live .
    God is all about love , besides its a gift that he has given some of us .
    Why should we not go out and help others .
    And her cheating so many innocent ppl is not detestable to the Lord ? Really ?

    1. Any scenario where Doreen makes money is a good scenario to her. If she would have been sincere about her conversion, she would have refunded everyone who asked, no questions asked!

  2. If God / Jesus didn’t want us to use our “clairs’ for any reason, then why did He give them to us? I know that there are so many people who have been helped and many who have been hurt by both practises. I feel that our gifts are from God and He does want us to use them for good. There are those that use them for self gain however that is rampant in both the Church / Christianity / and New Age. It is what is in your heart and how you use it that matters. My point is, God gave us our gifts in hopes we would use them for the highest and best good of all. That is the only right way to do anything. Thank You

  3. If you love and help with love in your heart for another you are guaranteed heaven Jesus taught to love one another and take care of others have empathy for others. To help others because of the need of person. Not for reward to do the right thing even if is not in favor of the crowd.God gave you the gift of healing and help others. It is a wonderful gift to hear spirit and telling others about the future and it heals people,it helps people let go of things they needed to. Wayne and Louise are in heaven they helped many people.

    1. I don’t think heaven is a location but yes, we manifest heaven on earth when we are kind and loving. As for what awaits on the other side, I don’t know… but I don’t think you go to ‘the good place’ based on what religion you are… 🙂

  4. Thank you Lisa for another brilliant expose of the lies & deceit being practiced, deliberately trying to turn people against each other for their own greed. What DV & Hay House are doing is exactly what Jesus opposed.

  5. I concur, I care less about her conversion, and believe more power to her as she has always stated she was Christian. However, the lies, the denunciation and despicable comments whilst still teaching is fraudulent behaviour from a blatant charlatan.

    Gypsy’s and thieves these people are, nothing more than gypsy’s and thieves.

  6. I agree with you non Christians are not the only ones being played with here. She wants Christian cash too and will say whatever tickles the ears to get it. I have read quite a few articles written by Christians who were pointing to areas of her “new path” that went against Christian beliefs. People aren’t stupid and sooner or later this “God’s prophet” claim of hers will hit the wall. I am a former Christian. I remember telling myself if I ever return to my former faith it will not be by the influence of someone so pompous as to proclaim herself a prophet! No Jesus wasn’t a teddy bear as she says, but he was honest, humble ( yes, even he didn’t raise himself above others , but showed loving care), and promoted love among people. Not war or strife. Well done , Lisa

    1. Thanks Sandra and well said. I’m a former traditional Christian too (I know my Bible), like you, and not so easily fooled. I pray everyone will wake up and see through the lies.

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