Doreen Virtue’s Door Slam

Doreen Virtue Joy of Jesus Book Review

The Joy of Jesus

So Doreen finally published that book which we all knew was coming. You know, the one about her conversion where she gets to rant about her detractors who are obviously used by the Devil. This is why I couldn’t finish blogging about Doreen. There had to be one more post and this is it. This is where we look at her big door slam on the New Age and her attempt to discredit those who spoke out against her. I was under no illusion that this wouldn’t happen… and here we are 🙂

It’s just a bit sad (and ironic) that she is doing it all in a book titled ‘The Joy of Jesus.’ It’s not the first time I’ve felt sad for Jesus because of how she uses him. Doreen using the Time Life Magazine Jesus Vision as the book cover doesn’t come as a surprise either but it certainly fits the bigger picture.

What does come as a surprise is that Doreen doesn’t seem to have hired an editor for this project. The language is not as polished as in her Hay House books. ‘The Joy of Jesus’ is given away as a free digital copy on Amazon and on Doreen’s own site this week and later it will be out in paperback format. 

Why People Write About Doreen

The reason people are still writing about Doreen Virtue obviously isn’t her change of paths. Certainly, that’s not what the focus of my posts have been about and yet Doreen claims that all her detractors are angry about her turning to Jesus. Nothing could be further from the truth. I love Jesus and I defended Doreen staunchly against people who did speak out against her new choice of paths around the time of her baptism in 2017. Heck, I even hung in there for a while after the April 2017 video that got deleted, thinking she was just in the process of understanding some of the stuff she had seen and completely convinced that the fear I spotted in that video wouldn’t win out…

The motivation to write and expose Doreen Virtue is because of how she treated her students and the animals she had promised to safeguard in their ‘forever home.’ And because we cared enough about this to follow up on what happened with the rescue ranch, we soon realised that there were a lot of things Doreen Virtue said that simply weren’t true.  It is dizzying to try to keep track of all the contradictions and alternative facts… Thankfully, Doreen is there to remind us in her own words in the new book.

Online, both on her own sites and on social media, Doreen has been very good at covering her tracks whenever criticisms about unethical practices were raised. Most notably she took down the Earth Angel site not long after we exposed that soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity is illegal in the state of Hawaii. So we are actually super grateful to now have a permanent record of Doreen Virtue’s own words to refer to. This is one reason I don’t mind giving the book cover above free advertising space on my site.

Can This Please Be Over Now?

That said, I still just want this to be over already. I need to get on with my own life and work. Yet it’s a bit like in the movies when you know it isn’t over although the scene looked like a happy ending… You slay the monster but you fail to recognise it is a hydra that keeps regrowing its heads. Or you’re dealing with a zombie and you forget to ‘double tap’… So you put your weapon (sword of truth) down and try to take a well-deserved breather but somehow you can’t relax. Then, out of the corner of your eye, you catch the monster moving again…

When Doreen Virtue called me a liar and threatened to sue for libel (scroll to comments in the linked post) after I shared the video clips someone had sent me about the rescue pigs, we knew she had nowhere to go with that threat since the rescue ranch was not set up in the correct way for her to be soliciting the way she did. Indeed it turned out to be an empty threat which allowed her to appear to be on the side of justice in front of her Christian following to whom she had stated in a video that she intended to pursue people who blogged about her on libel charges. In the video for her Christian following (watch from around 4 minutes), she claimed she would win in a court of law because God had promised it would be so. It has now been nearly three weeks since she made her threats and I have yet to hear from a lawyer.

The Rescue Pigs We All Paid to Keep Safe

In ‘The Joy of Jesus,’ Doreen claims about the rescue pig video that ‘Everyone could see it was a fake video as I have a very distinctive voice pattern,’ which is odd since it is exactly this distinctive voice pattern that made me believe it was her in the video.

Of course, quite apart from that, Doreen Virtue has yet to prove that the 16 rescue pigs are all safe. Are they? Not a big ask when you actually helped pay to keep them safe, right?

Here is the original clip and here is the edited video. You be the judge. I have listened to enough audio of Doreen to believe the video is of Doreen’s voice. So does everyone else I have asked. Had I doubted whose voice this was, I wouldn’t have published the video in the first instance.

Obsessing About the Truth Doesn’t Make You Rich

In the new book, Doreen Virtue persists in trying to make her following believe that my motive for writing about her is to somehow make money from publishing ‘twisted untruths’ with ‘sensationalist headlines.’ The truth is that I have been blogging for many years and also had Google ads on my blog for many years to boost my income from doing Tarot readings online.

If anything, my persistence in exposing Doreen’s shenanigans has hurt my blog in terms of ad revenue and the ability to keep a strong focus on the Tarot which would have been more beneficial by far in terms of gaining new readership/clients. Besides, for reasons quite unrelated to Doreen Virtue, I decided to take Google ads off my blog. With the new EU rules and asking approval to run cookies etc, it looks like I’m going to have to find alternative ways of earning a living in addition to obviously continuing with my Tarot work.

ETA 24 May: It seems it may be worth keeping Google ads after all (just received my April statement) so I’m putting them back on. And for full transparency I don’t mind telling you that I earned £92. It’s not much but that is one week’s worth of groceries that I can’t afford to miss.

Nobody goes into becoming a professional Tarotist for the money (it takes a special kind of crazy to want to do this professionally!) and very few people go into blogging with the motivation to make lots of money. Personally, I’ve been blogging since 2006 and not earning from my blog would never stop me from blogging. I blogged for about five years before the thought even entered my mind to add any form of ads to my blog.

But I digress… Back to the book!

Persecution, Persecution, Persecution

After talking at some length about the various people who ‘persecuted’ her, Doreen Virtue goes on to talk about how she consoled herself by reading the story of Joseph who was sold into slavery by his brothers. She also says she reminded herself of how much worse the persecution is in some countries where Christians are killed for their faith. ‘In comparison my social media persecution seemed mild.’

She then says that her friends were alarmed by the ‘social media hate campaigns.’ ‘Weren’t these the same people who professed to want world peace, love and light?’ And she goes on to say, ‘It seemed to be only women who were after me.’

I find the statement about women telling. I can personally name at least half a dozen men who have spoken out against Doreen and at least a couple of them have done it on her own pages. That is quite a small number compared to the dozens of women I know who have done the same but it is quite proportionate in terms of the demographic of Doreen’s readership if you look at her following over the years.

The statement aimed at smearing people (women) who wish for ‘world peace, light and love’ is equally telling. The New Age movement is being made to appear to be fake and to consist of nasty women who pretend to be into love and light but who really harbour hatred against someone like Doreen and will go to any lengths to tear her down. Personally, I think you get all kinds of people on all spiritual Paths. I don’t buy blatant attempts to create us vs them paradigms any more but I do understand the group think behind it; It is motivated by fear wherever it appears.

Though she does go on to admit that some people in the New Age sent her loving messages of support, she completely omits to mention that many of the people who spoke up in defence of her students and the rescue ranch animals are actually Christian and at least two of the ones I have been in contact with are conservative Christians. That’s because all truth is God’s truth and the truth matters equally to us all, not matter what spiritual Path you’re on. I do believe enough people are starting to see through the lie about this being a persecution scenario that I don’t have to keep repeating myself.

It is not clear which of her detractors Doreen refers to when she says, ‘Clearly, this woman was being used by the devil to damage my reputation, so that people wouldn’t listen to my testimony about Jesus’ but this is supposedly a woman who ‘had so much hatred that she edited a video with her voice’ pretending to be Doreen. On the off-chance anybody suspects she might be referring to me… Wow, anybody with impersonation skills on that level would most certainly not be doing Tarot readings for a living! If it’s not Doreen’s voice in the video why won’t she put everyone’s mind at rest and show us where the 16 rescue pigs are now?

Who Received Refunds for Donations to the Animal Rescue?

As you can see in the screenshot above (thank you Angelika Hallouane for finding and highlighting this misrepresentation of the truth), Doreen now claims to have refunded the people who donated. I double-checked with Diana to see if this were the case. You may remember her from the blog I wrote a few months ago. I thought that even though it does say in the book that Doreen started refunding everyone who donated straight away maybe it has taken a while to catch up. But no. No refund for Diana.

And none for male European donor who donated regularly and who wishes to remain anonymous. He even got the thank you letter from the Virtues you see above. He sent me this after reading about the rescue pigs and pointed out how ironic it was that the thank you letter sent out to donors featured the pigs. This is the letter he wrote to me which I’m sharing with his permission. (Incidentally, it was another man who sent me the edited pig rescue video – Soz, Doreen!)

This person goes on to point out how many of these 36,000+ transactions between May 2016 – April 2017 would have been for course fees. For instance, there were at least 5,000 members of the Fairyologist group on Facebook. They would have each paid $88 or $44 on sale. Even if every single student bought the course at the sale price, this means earnings of $220,000. Remember that these course fees are in addition to the royalties Hay House are still paying out to Doreen. According to Doreen herself, it is only the royalties for Tarot that she donates to the Hay House charity (Maui Source TV interview).

The same person who shared the Earth Angel transaction statements above also goes on to say this:

“I also asked refunds last year from Michael David Robinson (aka Michael Virtue – author’s note) when it comes Fairy Class but he refused. Asked it due to bad reputation. He said he will be very soon back to me when it comes Clairvoyance Class which doesn’t even work on YouTube any more. He never replied me back and ignored all other questions I sent
I think I have no chance to get money back. I would donate them to other charity place for now if I would get them.”

Sadly, refund requests for Doreen Virtue’s Fairyologist course are still being denied, even after the practitioner register which was part of the deal has vanished – along with the whole fairyologist dot com site. The moderators on the Facebook Fairyologist forum don’t seem capable of providing accurate and relevant information about the situation and from what I hear (and have seen in screenshots), they censor questions about this.

As for the supposed refunds of donations, I realise that there are tens of thousands of transactions to refund but if the man who donated regularly up until the end, has not received one yet then who has? Perhaps only some randomly chosen people received refunds? Did you donate and actually receive a refund? If so, please comment below and let us know when you made your donation so we can begin making sense of what Doreen said in the book and begin understanding why possibly some people have received refunds where clearly others have not.

Stunning Revelation About the Rescue Ranch Timeline

Another thing I found really interesting is how Doreen Virtue claims that the eBay auctions started after they were up to capacity with 300+ animals already and claimed to be aware of a need to downsize. I clearly recall animals being added after March 2017 which is when the auctions began, so I asked fairy hacker Ursula Clarke to dig through the archives of deleted evidence. I added one of the videos she found further down.

The screenshot below is from the first finalised auction listed by Doreen Virtue on eBay in 2017. Since the seller feedback by Doreen is on the 11th of March it is reasonable to assume that the first sale took place in the early part of March 2017.

Below is where Doreen Virtue states in her new book that the auctions started after she and Michael realised they were in big trouble (see screenshot below). If this is the case, why did they keep taking on more animals… and why did they do the June 2017 promo pice for the rescue ranch with West Hawaii Today? The message on the Earth Angel site about how proceeds from sales of online classes went to help Doreen and Michael take care of their animals was up until October 2017 when most of the animals were already gone from the ranch.

Wait a minute… Doreen and Michael Virtue knew in March 2017 that they were going to downsize, yet they kept taking on more animals in and kept asking for donations/promoting eCourses with the promise that these animals would be safe in their forever home? That is certainly how it appears…

In THIS VIDEO from the end of July 2017, Doreen and Michael talk about the new animals they have added to the rescue ranch (from about 26 min). They talk about how they could not continue to support the animals without the donations and people buying courses on and the Hay House site (New Age courses only). Does this sound as if they only received $4-5,000 in donations? And why the rush to delete this video and other video evidence of solicitation along with the actual Earth Angel site itself after we exposed that soliciting for donations for an unregistered charity is illegal in Hawaii?

Doreen’s Idea of Downsizing

Speaking of downsizing… What springs to mind when you here the word ‘downsize and simplify’? A $988,000 mountain view villa with a six-car garage, four full bathrooms and two half baths? No? Same here. But that is what it means to Doreen Virtue. Apparently it was more important to go somewhere without tax (because her partner said so) than to keep your promise to all those thousands of people who donated and bought courses to keep the animals safe. Well, thank goodness Doreen herself can continue the luxury lifestyle she has grown accustomed to! Although, Doreen goes on to complain about having to live somewhere as dark and cold as the Pacific Northwest.

This is followed by one of the more remarkable passages of the book where Doreen sheds tears about being laid off by a company which clearly does only the Devil’s work. Hay House has always been a New Age publishing house. How could anyone who goes down the path of fundamentalist Christianity expect to not be let go of by a publishing house which prides itself on all paths of love being One Path? It goes against the New Age ethos completely. More importantly why would a fundamentalist Christian want to stay with them? It makes no sense. Unless you are trying to double dip.

Honestly, Hay House letting Doreen go seemed to work amazingly well because almost as soon as they decided to cut the apron strings, Doreen started coming out with stories like the one about the demon with the bazooka which appeared in one her videos not long after she was let go and has now found its way into the new book:

“One night for example, I woke up because I thought the television had been turned on. I opened my eyes and saw a demon crouching, and holding a black bazooka gun that he was pointing toward me threateningly. There was a sense that he was conveying, that he would hunt and torment me my whole earthly life.”

Or how about the claim Doreen made in the video interview with Steven Bancarz recently that all her New Age channelled materials and divination can be pinned on the python demon who possessed her?

Final Thoughts

Honestly, as entertaining it has been to review this book, I feel so done with all of this now. I’m not going to read the whole book. I know all too well the type of audience she is trying to appeal too since I was once a fundamentalist Christian myself. I do not feel a sincere spirit in her writings for me to stay interested in what was supposed to the the topic of this book, i.e. Jesus (hard to believe, I know).

Doreen has a track record of even editing eBooks after I blog about her, like she did after the review about her snark against the New Age community in the ‘From New Age to Christianity’ book, it’s too late now. We have preserved this version in its entirety and updates are not secret on Amazon.

As hard as Doreen slammed that door on the people who made her rich and gave her the platform she stands on now with her new message, she slammed it into an echo chamber. Most people who used to care have moved on long ago and now that Doreen virtue has hung herself with the noose of her own statements good and proper, there is no need to keep covering this.

I tried very hard to get refunds for everyone but I can do no more now. My heart goes out to all those who spent thousands of dollars on live workshops. I wonder if they know that Doreen never checked their work but had her unpaid helpers do it all…

I also tried very hard to get justice for the animals. The final word has not been said on this matter. The case is still under investigation. Send positive juju for a speedy resolution and full transparency.

If you want to follow Christ, please know that I back you 100%. And if you need a teacher, learn from someone who doesn’t get their theology from ‘Got Questions dot Org’ – someone who has actually studied theology and has a deep understanding of how Scripture applies to our lives and times. Someone who doesn’t write a book titled ‘The Joy of Jesus’ and make it be about her.



PS. As usual this post is a group effort. Thank you to all my home girls and boys who have helped pull the info together since I absolutely did not have time to read the whole book. Other than the ones named in this post, you know who you are. Thank you!

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  1. This is so sad – it sounds like she has had a complete mental break or maybe an old addiction has made its way back into her life. If you look at all her old works, it was all filled with love, compassion and inclusion. This “new” Doreen work is completely fear based; full of blame and victim rhetoric. I really hope the best for her and that she comes out of whatever this is. I also really wish she would give all of us that cared about her rescue efforts an accurate and detailed update on all the animals she was supposed to being caring for. Thank you Lisa for everything you put into following up on the facts of the situation.

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  3. So let’s imagine Doreen has an encounter with Jesus (she doesn’t approve of calling him Jeshua as she doesn’t understand history, or languages, and she has decided what he is to be called)
    Doreen: Hello, Oh Lord, see all the work I have done for you! No matter what sacrifices you demanded, I did it all for You.
    Jesus: I am your brother, Doreen. You treat me as though I am a demon, full of authority and condemnation, not your brother and the brother to all people. So you have come to me for your reward? Your reward will be exactly as you have expected. You too have to pay your taxes, and the wages of sin – which is the abandonment of your true spiritual self – are the death of your true holy spirit. Deep in your heart, you are so deeply wounded and divided, and you know cynicism, hatred and disrespect. By dividing yourself in two you have created judgement. It is true what I said, that it is very hard for a rich person to understand all of this, because of your investment in the kingdom of money and power.
    Fear and hatred cannot exist in the same place as love. My only teachings are love, to treat all beings as though they are me, because they all have the divine within – yes, even pigs, gay people, transvestites, witches, seers and women who you have abandoned and despised are all part of my beloved holy family.
    Doreen: Oh I am so unworthy, I have tried so hard to do the right thing, everything I did I did for you, I gave up everything….
    Jesus: This is not about you but about them. Seek their forgiveness and offer restitution so you can be free of the deep guilt that eats away at your soul and makes you turn away from the Light into the dark. The humblest pig and tarot reader is precious to me. You will be surprised by how gentle and accepting they will be if you just go to them and acknowledge what you did. No one who tries to live in sincere love is ever to be belittled and forgotten. The rest is about beliefs – everyone must believe what they wish about religion, but I myself am not a Christian. Do not judge, so that others will not judge you back!
    Doreen: How do I know you are the real Jesus?

    1. Post

      Though I think this dialogue is brilliant, I really do not think for a minute that Doreen truly believes. Her actions speak to the contrary. The Bible is very plain about restitution in the book of Luke. Not only does she not offer refunds, she LIES about offering refunds and then censors everyone who tries to alert people to the truth. Check out the reviews on – One poor guy left a one-star review, trying to warn people about Doreen’s lies about the refunds. He had his review deleted THREE times! The comments haven’t been deleted though. Doreen herself comments as ‘ByHisGrace’ talking about herself in third person (obviously trying to pretend to be someone else). We know it is Doreen because she wore one of the shirts she recently reviewed on Amazon in one of the Bible study videos from around the same time… Honestly, you couldn’t make this stuff up. No, she doesn’t know the real Jesus… Forgive my cynicism here, but the only explanation for this level of deception must surely be that she has no spiritual faith at all.

  4. Thank you for taking this on Lisa. I have stood by her, supported her, defended her and even joined her for parts of her Bible study group but my uneasiness kept growing… I am busy reading her new book “The Joy of Jesus” and I am at a loss… Who owns this whiny voice? Who is writing these words? Urgh. Personally, I feel she has revealed herself as incredibly narcissistic. So sad. Sending you much love and light Doreen and may Jesus walk us all home. I am proudly a Christian and I have never intentionally excluded or judged another human being for being a non-believer. Only God can do that. But on her Wiki video about the demon of python, she agreed with the guy interviewing her that anyone who doesn’t believe in Christ the way she does (and I was horrified when a specific reference was made to Muslims) is doomed to hell. That is not the loving, unconditional love I have come to know and trust. I am walking away from this fiasco back into the LIGHT x

    1. Post

      Thank you, Katia. I never stopped loving Jesus. Enjoy your miasma-free existence away from all of this. I’m leaving Doreen to face her demons too now. Life is too short <3 x

  5. You are fearless Lisa. You dared to tread were even Jesus wouldn’t go! LOL I will miss the entertaining posts. your passion and your willingness to fight for the truth has been A beautiful thing to watch. Thank you for all your work I’m actually happy that you are not letting her disrupt anymore of your peace. In the words of people way cooler than me you can finally turn to Doreen and say ”Bye Felicia”

    1. Post
  6. First, I wish the to thank you Lisa and all of your contributors, public and private, you have contributed to the messy timeline of the before and aftermath of Doreen Virtue’s “conversion”. As someone who grew up with to distinct spiritual faith’s, and baptized a Catholic because of 500+ years of colonization and enslavement. I feel privy to witness and have confirmation that I am not the only one to see and feel that Doreen Virtue is not Virtuous, and the malady of her dis-ease.

    When my indigenous ancestors greeted Columbus it seemed like an auspicious time for both parties. But soon after there were wars brought on by his men and orders executed by the Spanish Queen to enslave our people or kill them. All in the name of God, but really people it was Gold. Money. I came follow Doreen Virtue when there was a disparity in my life and I needed inspiration and guidance other than my own Native American spiritual beliefs. I started following her 3 year before her “conversion”. I kept following her after her conversion and bought her Jesus card deck. Why? Being baptized a Catholic at the age of 3 or 4 months old, it was already part of the colonial entrapment of freedom within my people culture. I truly believe, after a lot of healing from ancestral trauma, that the Pale One: Jesus the Sun of God is love and synonymous with my Indian ancestors teachings of love. My understanding of Jesus and his teaching, and the King James Version of the Bible, and all political historical facts and spiritual histories of Jesus from other cultures Indian and non-Indian have built my thoughts and feelings for this being named Jesus.

    It was when Doreen Virtue began in the Spring of 2017 into the Summer and there on spewing Christian non-sense defaming her work and the work of other people who follow Pagan beliefs and there on that began to alert me and bring me back to center with my traditional indigenous beliefs. I soon realized Doreen Virtue wasn’t really teaching spirituality or channeling Angels and their words. She was merely repeating many basic precepts of spirituality, found in many ancient cultures and historical records. Regurgitating them for money. “I have been led into a trap” I said to myself. Like leading sheep to their slaughter.

    Oh, those poor Farm animals… I almost gave my money to her for that too… not to mention I did decided to take her Anger Tarot Certification course, and was talked out it by one of my tribal sisters right after. I did get my first installment money back. But to think I would’ve gotten nothing credible back because she believes now divination “frowned” upon in her Bible. Is using 300+ animals to illegally solicit Money, then undeniably sell them off to slaughter, after being used as props, very Jesus like??? Not my Jesus.

    I consider Doreen Virtue’s and her familial executives agents now of this ancient Spiritual Warfare that has been going on since before people were being nailed to a cross. Since way back to the times my people talk about of the peaceful and love centered civilization of Lemuria, when it was conquered by the Barbarians that later on built Atlantis. This is not healing she’s preaching, this is not love that she’s inciting, her facts are all based on half truths we today call “White Lies”.

    Lisa, thank you again for building a testimony of evidence, facts, and truths for the world to reference and gain inspiration to deny false spiritual Gurus any following that will continue to incite wars in the name of God. A true light worker who converts to Catholicism or Christianity or another religion supposedly based on precepts of Love would NEVER illicit such cowardice words and deeds as Doreen Virtue has to date. Justice is not swift, but it is thorough. I may not see justice and healing prevail in my life time, but I know it’s working its way through, and Doreen your legacy goes unnoticed.

    Blessings to you all.
    Kuiaia’aku Ama Bohi’Çiba

    1. Post

      Thank you for your thoughtful comment and for sharing so deeply from your heart about how this has affected you in terms of your cultural heritage, Kuiaia’aku. I feel you, brother. This has been a steep learning curve but I look at people like you and many others who are finding deep strength from within and from their ancestors. We emerge a bit wiser and more connected. Many blessings in return!

  7. I never received refunds for the poor quality Fairyologist and Angelologist courses I purchased in contribution to the farm, and I don’t expect to. Doreen Virtue scammed us because of her greed and showed no remorse.
    Thank you Lisa for exposing the truth about this charlatan. More and more people are starting to realise what a con artist she is.

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  8. I still find it inconceivable this woman who is nothing but greed and lies still has anyone who would believe or follow her after all of this madness. Thank you Lisa for continued light shining on her evil greed. I found the demon part interesting because she brought that onto herself with her lies and greed! I hope he continues to wake her up until she tells the truth about the animals and people she so callously hurt for her own desires. Well done Lisa.

    1. Post
      1. Oh, my Goddess! Lisa, I truly had no plans to comment on this post again (and no, I still have yet to read the entire post after her comment about how most of the hate has come from women), but this obviously BAD attempt at pretending not be her!!

        As someone who watches “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu Plus, I found myself shocked that Doreen Virtue uses a user name which is a common phrase in the episodes. For those of you who do not watch the show, it is based on Margaret Atwood’s novel of a dystopian world in which women have no power, no money, and are essentially indentured servants to commanders who own them.

        Doreen Virtue is sinking lower and lower. And, if she ever realizes her error, she shall receive no sympathy, nor any further welcoming.

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  9. I found out about these changes with Doreen several months late and thank you Lisa for clarifying the entire insanity in a sane in a way that Doreen is obviously not doing. Its a lot to research and yes I agree the focus on harassment is to divert attention away from all the saddened folks. Though I just loved that she offered “pretty” spiritual items, there were some really deep invested followers. I was interested in the Fairyology when I heard of it just to have the certificate in my office, totally shocked to she the site is now DOWN. Wow. Its amazing to see that lots of her followers instantly converted to just keep following Doreen or out of the fear of demons she imposed on impressionable little spirits. The people of the earth are in a very sad state these days and I see this marking changes in the “new age” movement as a whole. Doreen is a trained Psychologist and knows how to manipulate minds. Its interesting that this book “The Joy of Jesus” is a take on the degenerate “The Joy of Sex” with Jesus swapped out for sex?? Huge not so subliminal message there. You are so right that Doreen’s social views do NOT agree with the traditional Christians view and its that comment that made me want to leave a note. Especially with the shift with the Pope today. I believe Doreen has been assigned a new mission and will be helping to mutate Christianity into following the new AI God that’s in the works. It will most likely be all inclusive.. Jesus (or Buddha pick your poison) hologram in your living-room thanks to Amazon and Netflix and there will be stages with foreseen exorcisms too. Absolutely avoiding the fact that 5G/10G is shifting our bodies reality from the rainbow frequencies into the lower darker frequencies. Scary times we are in and people need to become aware of the power of their own sovereign soul in this universe and stop following the failed religions of the earth. That doesn’t mean that you can’t believe in our Creator and be aware of dark forces in the world plus be on a valid spiritually enlightening path. Just say NO to following Doreen anymore please!
    Doreen… hopefully she will think twice on how she is effecting these poor peoples lives because before the internet ladies used to spend their days in the garden and drinking tea, but now they are investigators with lots of time on their hands lol. No ones gettin away with ANYTHING anymore ;O)

    1. Post

      You’re welcome, Amber. I just learned that someone who had been conned through the rescue ranch scheme had their comment taken off the Amazon reviews for exposing the lie about the refunds in the book. You’re right – these are scary times. Very little room for the truth. I did what I could but I don’t have the biggest of platforms and many in the spiritual community prefer to stick their heads in the sand. No tea sipping in the garden for me now though, sadly. I do actually have Tarot work to crack on with haha!

  10. Thank you Lisa for all the work you have put into this matter,always holding up the torch of truth-no wonder the Goddess Hecate who shines her own torch for those who look for it,has been wanting to work with you ❤

    1. Post
  11. Just re-read this a little more thoroughly now that I’m not in a hurry. I love the last part you said about how she took a book that’s supposed to be about Jesus and made it about her. Maybe it should be called the disaster of Doreen 😉

    1. Post
  12. This was a great finish on this subject of exposing this scammer fir what she is! Thank you.
    I did not ask for a refund as I felt I deserved the lumps I took for believing in someone like her. I also felt it was fruitless as they had double dipped for one course I signed up for. I tried to contact them twice and received no response. I let it go as I was under the impression it was going to care for her animals( we were all fooled by that!) .
    Shame on you, Doreen, if you read this,for treating people and animals that way! I will never have respect for you again! And for you crying persecution when you hurt others by calling them demonized and destined for hell! Speak for yourself!
    I find it appalling to write a book that leads people believe they will learn about Jesus only to hear more whining and crying poverty by this person who should be grateful she is not really in poverty as she portrays herself.
    It’s a buyer beware world . Let’s hope less people are fleeced of their hard earned money after your articles. Thanks again to you and all who put hard work to get the facts.

    1. Post

      This is shocking – I’m so sorry you got double dipped as well. Someone else commented with the same on my FB only a few hours ago… I wonder if they had a system of taking money out of people’s account twice for the same purchase…? There are at least three people now who have told me this.

    1. Post
  13. Thank you Lisa (Lilac-willow here) for everything you have done. If it wasn’t for you, I would not have even received a refund from HayHouse, so we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts. I left one of the first reviews from this book over the weekend, but after that Steven Bankarse hahaha love that you called him that, told me to repent (wtf) and it was deleted, I also slammed the door on this situation. After seeing that sweet pig, I stopped caring about the refund and if received, would have given it to charity anyway. They’re dirty people and their money is putrid. I only care about the animals and the genuine hurt they have inflicted on people. She is so self-absorbed, narcissistic and just plain old greedy, it makes me shiver in disgust. It’s all been crap on my health as well, heart palpitation heaven, so I have no choice to stop poking about myself on a few levels. Anyway, I did all that I could do, which was not much, but thank you again for all of the stress and duress you undertook in the name of the right thing. Much love and all of the best to you, your family and your precious fur babies xo

    1. Post

      Thanks Lilac, so glad you feel ready to move on now. While this is over for you and me, rest assured there is more evidence and the baton has been handed over – Justice will rain down on Doreen xo

  14. I wrote directly to her requesting a refund for Angelology as I had purchased it SOLELY for the charity of the animals – she kept saying how much they cost to feed and vet bills, etc… and I felt compassion for the animals and didn’t want them to suffer. I have not completed the course – the “certificate” would be worthless to me anyway. Oh, and I’m A CHRISTIAN. If she has refunded everyone who has requested on, where is mine, sister in Christ? At least with the refunded money, I could contribute to a legal, registered charity and the money can do some good in this world!

    Thank you, Lisa, for posting about her shady dealings. It is clear she does not want to be a responsible adult held accountable for her actions. She will not being doing things the Christian way. She is not loving her neighbors (or even her husband and family with the whoa is me, I’m the sole breadwinner cringe-worthy portion of her book) and she is certainly not a forgiving person. I also want to say, as a Christian, I have never felt judged by you, Lisa. You have been very open and understanding toward all paths. God Bless YOU!

    1. Post

      Thank you, Angela! I love my Christian friends. I’m so sorry this happened to you. Please know that your comment – coming from a Christian perspective – is VERY helpful in terms of preventing others from getting scammed by unscrupulous ‘teachers’ who aspire to tax-free status. Many blessings in return!

  15. Also- I was a fairyologist student who requested a refund via Michael “Virtue” and have heard absolutely nothing in response. Silence. This is just terrible customer service.

  16. Thank you, Lisa for your work.

    I believe Doreen Virtue has jumped the shark! I’m sure her ratings can only tank from here on out.

    After reading some of her comments about women, I’m pretty incensed. She clearly doesn’t understand how little patriarchal faith offers to women, and indeed how much it stands to take away from us. This is nothing to do with Jesus being male (as a Pagan we appreciate many aspects of the male God) but everything to do with the treatment of women in some religions. It’s not about Christianity- of course not all Christians are misogynistic but I believe Doreen in specific seems to be walking down that road and it’s a sad day for all of us, as she is a speaker and public figure who had such a strong female following. In my opinion her book is just narcissistic, self-justifying drivel.

    1. Jasmine..

      Doreen Virtue knows what the patriarchy does . She does not care about you or her other marks.. That is what you all were to her , suckers to be had .

      She does not see you as valuable before God & people she will have to answer to God for how she has swindled you , emotionally abused you , defamed some of you , broken your trust .. lied to you in the name of your angels of God, wasted your precious life time & now denies you all justice you ask for that the Bible says she must give.

      Swindlers do not enter into Heaven. Liars do not enter Heaven. Simony warrants the 2nd death. Those who lie in the name of the Holy Spirit blaspheme in ways even Jesus can’t advocate to the Father for her about.

      The gender thing was about trying to get people to think its just angry or jealous women responding . It is about demeaning you all .. You are just women .. so no one has to listen to you .. She is in a way saying to you loud and clear : shut up you stupid bitches , I have your money eat the loss you are not worthy of justice . This is who she always way Jasmine.

      Remember the girls who rejected her in her youth . They knew she was not right & they did not like her. That angered her about females. How dare they reject her .

      From my take of her story in her 1997 book she is not someone who really likes other women or even really likes men if that makes any sense. She by running scams on other women as she has ,could laugh at you all . To me it seems quire clear that you all were her fools & she was the one who took you all & it made her feel superior.

      But the more she abuses & lies to other women the more she shows us all how all the girls & all the people in life who rejected her were right to do so . She is not really kind or nice & she is manipulative as heck.

      She met her own 1st husband playing games with another man’s affections as if men were toys to be played with. She got prego when she had wanted two sons & she “missed a pill & did not know that would get her pregnant” & then she refused to let the boy she had put in that spot be free of her , she refused to give the child up for adoption knowing full well his family felt them not responsible enough in where their lives were to raise a child together with no actual job skills & the boy having to support them all as just high school graduate w some college. Then when she felt her husband was so not enough, she got prego again , putting even more pressure on him when he was struggling to cope with it all . He may have felt so overwhelming depressed by it all & possibly angry at the sense of being entrapped & mournful of the college days he might have had if only he had never met her . Then she started losing weight & putting herself together not for him but for herself & others it seems & he was jealous possibly due to all he had given up due to her that he would never get back if she left & with him finanically tied to having to support the kids she used him to have.

      When she had her two sons as wanted , then she bailed on him leaving him a Catholic having married her 3 months after the birth of their first child. If the church saw them as validly married before God , he would be expected to be celibate till her death or her return due to her abandoning their marriage as she did. His only hope might be an annulment to let him date another women he could have a real future with & an annulment would mean that not only would Charles who was born out of wedlock be illegitimate but so too would Grant. She left Larry & the kids probably in a faith crisis situation like no Catholic could wish while she bounced from man to man only caring for how things effected her it could seem

      . At one point she defiled her own children bringing them into what would be fully against their father’s family’s faith . scamming people in the name of angels of God. I can’t imagine the dismay of the boys Catholic grandmother if she lived to see them scam people in the name of angels. But the feelings of Larry ‘s side of the family ( his mother in particular ) meant nothing to Doreen ,. you see his mother really did not want her son to marry Doreen . How dare that woman reject her. So her mother in laws wishes for the souls of her grandson seems to have been tossed aside like the future her son might have had without being tied to Doreen. .

      If she cared for other women she would never have sold you all utter stupidity & scammed you all so. She literally made other women’s lives & children’s lives utterly disposable by her putting out & leaving out wrong medical info & when I tried to get it to stop she threatened me for how dare I not let her risk you all . Your lives. your children’s lives. your mental health, your holiness as souls. your economic & romantic/ family well being were worthless to her in ways I have never seen before. She is utterly degenerate & she defiles all who twine to her . You are all better people than she is. And I fear she knows that full well.

      Over & over she uses people to meet her ends. There is no psychologist in this world who loved others who would have certified people in spiritual gifts they don’t have in an angel hustle & the realm reader course is sheer sadism psychologically for her to have done to other women & then tell to reject those who would not accept their made up soul identities.. She has violated ethics tied to psychology as you can’t even seem to grasp all while she touted credentials in a field that would have clearly called her a scam artist leading mentally fragile too trusting people to delusions to take them for their money & possibly for more nefarious reasons.

      Jasmine , I strongly fear there may have been a part of Doreen that not only played this game for the money but it is possible she may have also wanted to make other women in comparison to her to seem stupider & lesser & set them up to be rejected by others in their lives by her teaching them insanely stupid stuff so that other women who were not drenched in the stupid sauce would reject them & so that no good man would want them as their beloved.

      She did a set up that would sabotage you all & leave you feeling stupid & powerless to do anything about what she had done to you . That seems her set up .

      To make other women lesser as she may have perceived others made her feel.
      To be the one in the grand attire that others might wish they had as she had wished she had fancier clothes to impress the girls from her youth with .

      The more she exploits & lies & swindles women & gay men , its not about how grand she becomes but how lesser she becomes:
      .The more unloving. unhealthy & the more worthy of rejection she makes herself.
      She can’t escape herself.

      I don’t know if what I wrote will make any sense to you ..

      1. Post

        I don’t know about Jasmin, but it does make sense to me. The emotional component/motivation is definitely there along with the greed. I have felt the brunt of her hatred myself. I refer to what she has done to her sister as a form of ‘soul rape.’

        1. What has she done to her sister? (I googled it, but I didn’t find anything.)

          And thank you for all your hard work. I was late to finding out about Doreen, and was so glad to have found your Blog! 😀 <3

          1. Post
  17. Thank you Lisa for all your work, for everyone that helped you along and for bringing this in the light! The truth is really out there! Best wishes, Ilona

    1. Post
  18. Thank you for collecting all the information together in this blog post and giving so many people a voice. None I know has received refunds for the donations of the animal ranch and  we still have not seen any evidence where her animals have gone. It would have been much easier to post a video showing all her pigs alive and happy in their new home than writing a book full of victimhood, making up more stories with lies to cover the old lies. It seems that such a video cannot be made otherwise she would have posted it long time ago. Someone who cares for his animals and has nothing to hide would have done it without problem. it becomes more untrustworthy each time. Her book is full of fear, a lot of talk about the devil and demons. She feels perscuted by everyone who seems to think differently or who does not act as she wants him to act. Psychologists have thousands of red flags when a person feels always as a victim and persecuted by the world around. Yes, and she must have known from the beginning when she converted that she would have to leave her publisher if she calls his work evil. How can you work in a company if you believe the company is going directly to hell for their work? It does not make sense. She cannot blame her publisher for her own decision. A behaviour like a little girl whose pride is hurt.

    1. Post
  19. Too many People and Animals have been hurt by her and her buddies
    Vegans Men Woman Healers Card readers New Agers
    All who love our Creator
    The Angels Fairies Unicorns Spirit guides
    Sacred crystals <3

    There are many ways to get to the mountain top
    We are all related <3

    Wow respect Miss Lisa Eddy and indeed its all in her wannabee book written in a way I wonder who the hell wrote all her others??? what a simple low level bullshit.
    Lashing out at people who made her wealthy obssesed with money and the devil hiding behind it all has no freaking way to do with the Real Jesus
    Were is the love D.Virtue?

    Light is love Love is Light and Love doesnt judge

    1. Post
  20. Thank you for this post Lisa. As always you stick to the facts and the actual reality.

    Just like everyone else, I’m still waiting to hear from Michael David Robinson (aka Virtue) about my refunds. He never even acknowledged any of my 5 emails or the actual letter I have sent him regarding this matter. I have given up writing to him, as they all obviously get deleted or thrown out upon receipt. I will put all this down to experience.

    Thank you for fighting for all of us out there who have bought courses, participated in live events and/or donated towards those poor animals. Thank you for not giving up even after receiving threats from DV herself and hate mail from her followers. Thank you for speaking up and being our voice. Thank you for putting yourself out there.

    I just know that this matter will find a speedy conclusion, as the Goddess will not let you down.

    1. Post

      Thank you, Claudia! They are quite happy to old on to that New Age gold, even after blatantly not delivering what had been promised, aren’t they? How NOT like Zaccheus they are.

      1. Yes, I agree with you there. They are too happy to hold onto that New Age gold – actually they are extraordinarily greedy for being such devout Christians. Especially as she constantly points out how “poor” she is now and that Michael doesn’t even have an income they can fall back on.

        1. Post
  21. I will probably never receive refunds from Doreen Virtue for the useless certifications I purchased from her. I tried. I was directed to email her daughter-in-law, who was supposed to “help” in getting said refunds. This too, was a lie. Her daughter-in-law sent me a very “nice” email saying to contact Michael Virtue for information on how to get refunds, and an invitation to follow her (the daughter-in-law’s) work and the son’s work as they were not “following Doreen’s path”. Still no luck. And so, I find your articles cathartic in a sense. After being furious at getting scammed by this woman, there is some comfort in knowing that someone with the ability is able to reach a vast number of people so that they don’t fall prey to Ms. Virtue’s further endeavors. Thank you, Lisa Eddy, for being the voice of many.

    1. Post

      Oh yeah, the family circus – haha! Been there! My pleasure, Marti, and I hope we can all get some closure now even IF we still don’t know where those animals are <3

  22. Lisa, first and foremost, let me thank you for this post.

    Second, I had to stop reading this post after you wrote that Doreen Virtue quote, “It seemed to be only women who were after me.”

    Yes, everyone, I truly CANNOT believe she went down that path!

    I recall one of my personal favorite Spiritual Teachers had treated me to participate in Doreen Virtue’s “Goddesses & Workshop,” in June, 2006 in Manhattan, NYC, and at one point either she or one of her Angel Card Intuitive students had asked all the men to stand up to be ackknowledged; I was able to count the roughly twenty men, in under five seconds.

    Oh, and did I mention there were more than 500 hundred participants?!

    Which means, since I can do simple addition and subtraction, that there were roughly 480 women in the room.

    In addition to being a professional Psychic, I have a side position of employment, and I can honestly say that, in spite of running behind schedule with my professional schedule for said side position of employment, I simply HAD to make the time to comment.

    I love your posts, and I also do not like having things incomplete, so I know I shall finish reading this post. Just not now, and maybe not today.

    May the Goddesses and Angels help all of us regarding Doreen Virtue.

    And may this slammed door bring Blessings to all of us, quickly and peacefully.

    And yes, it looks like the first person to comment on this post is not a woman, but a man.

    1. Post
      1. This is the weirdest thing I’ve ever had in my feed! What’s happened while I’ve not been looking lol? Thank you for cheering me up as I’ve been having the worst time of my life ever! My dad passed away a week ago x

        1. Post

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