Doreen Virtue Jesus video April 2017

Doreen Virtue’s Deleted Video

This is the video from April 2017 that Doreen Virtue doesn’t want you to see… It gets ‘interesting’ around 23 minutes. Topics like demon possession, end times and people perishing in purgatory and hell are topics covered. Ask yourself why she deleted it if this is what she truly believes.

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  1. was the people free will to follow her blindly and believing anything that she said and buy every single deck she made…is the expectations that we build around the people who disappointed the most ; after all they are just humans nothing more.She could change her mind or “spiritual path” again and what then ? We need more discernment about what we read,heard and watch in the web and made our personal spiritual discovery and take our very responsibility by the choices we made .
    This is my personal thoughts..

    Again, I find it tragic that Doreen has chosen a totally anti-mystical Protestant path which is literally against the mystical and sensual experience and for the reading of words in a book (which has been altered so much). Protestants are against angels, saints, Mary (all idols!, they say), incense, praying the rosary, praying to Mary or saints or angels. It is NOT allowed to pray to these beings. They are into the intellectual words of the bible only. Totally rigid and closed-minded.

    I would like to share some words from Saint Maximilian Kolbe, who had a Phd in Philosophy, and a Phd in Theology, and who was the most incredibly devoted Saint in the Catholic church. Let me say that all of the Catholic saints recognize Mother Mary, the Immaculata, as the Mediatrix of graces.

    She is the divine feminine and I can’t begin to tell you how many saints have said that “he who does not have Mary as a mother does not have Christ as a brother.” Reading the works of Saint Maximilian, Saint Alphonsus Liguori and others really sheds light on the importance of the GODDESS, the Immaculata, for attaining a state of Christ. I have literally been guided to these teachings as if by magic, or by angels!

    Here is what Saint Maximilian said, from a gorgeous website on him called
    He who loves the Immaculate will gain sure victory in the interior combat.
    The Immaculate is the Mother of all our supernatural life, for she is the Mediatrix of all graces, indeed the Mother of divine grace, so she is our Mother in the sphere of grace, in the supernatural sphere. Also, she is a most loving Mother, for there is no such loving, such affectionate, such God-filled Mother as the Immaculate, who is all divine…Just as we came from God through creation, so too we return to God; all nature speaks to us of that, and wherever we turn our gaze, we see that an action has an equal and opposite reaction, as an echo of God’s activity, even of His activity in creation.

    On this return path of reaction, a creature endowed with free will runs into difficulties and adversities, which God allows in order to increase even more the impetus with which such creature tends toward Him.

    To obtain sufficient strength to achieve that goal, however, this creature must pray, implore such strength from the One who is the source of all energy and who looks to the efforts of His own creatures lovingly, wishing that they sincerely want to come to Him, sparing no assistance toward them.

    And even if such creatures, such dear children of His, happened to stumble along the way, to fall, to be sullied, to become dirty, this loving Father cannot possibly sit back before their misfortune. He sends His only begotten Son, who with His life and His teaching shows them a clear and safe way.

    With His Most Holy Blood, which has infinite value, He washes away the dirt and heals the wounds.
    And lest the soul lose hope because of fear, for violating divine justice, God sends the One who is the personification of His love, the Bride of the Spirit of motherly love, the Immaculate, all beautiful, without stain (even though she is the daughter of a human being), sister of human beings, and appoints her to distribute generously his mercy toward souls.

    He appoints her Mediatrix of the grace merited by His Son, Mother of grace, Mother of the souls that are reborn through grace, that are regenerated and unceasingly regenerate themselves in ever more perfect divinization. — From Consecration to Mary, Writings of St. Maximilian, 1331

    A few years before the war started, Saint Maximilian Kolbe sat with his beloved fellow servants of the Immaculate, at Niepakalonow, & he told them this: My dear Sons you know that I cannot be with you always. Therefore, as a remembrance, I want to tell you something. Oh my dear sons, if you only knew how happy I am. Yes, my heart is overflowing with happiness and peace. It is a happiness and a peace that can be found upon earth despite the difficulties of life. At the bottom of my heart an unspeakable calm reigns. My dear sons, Love the Immaculata! Love her and she will make you happy. Trust in her without limit. Not all can understand the Immaculata. This can only be gained through prayer. The mother of God is Mary most holy. We know what mother means. She is the Mother of God. Only the Holy Ghost to give the grace of knowing his spouse and this is to whomever he wishes and whenever he wishes.
    All right I will tell you I have told you that I am very happy and filled with joy. And the reason for this: I have been given an assurance of heaven!
    Oh my dear sons, love the Madonna. Love her as much as you know how and as much as you can. I have revealed my secret to you. I have done this so as to strengthen your current and your spiritual energy for the difficulties ahead. –From Knight of the Immaculata.

    Lastly, here is a story about Padre Pio: Padre Pio used to tell a story: “One day Our Lord making rounds of Paradise saw some strange faces.
    He asked Peter: Who let these people in? Peter: ‘There is nothing I can do.’ The Lord: ‘But you have the key.’ Peter: ‘There is nothing I can do, and you can’t do either.’ The Lord: ‘What do you mean?’ ‘It’s your mother. She has another key. She lets them in.’

    Doreen, you would do much better guiding your supporters to pray the rosary and consecrate themselves to the Immaculata!!! It is a mystical practice! and it is aligned with Christ and the Divine Feminine. The world needs the Immaculata, not another bible thumper living in fear of hell.

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