the end of the road for doreen virtue

The End of the Road for Doreen Virtue

the end of the road for doreen virtue

This is the end of the road for my blog posts about Doreen Virtue. In this video, she claims that I blog about her for clicks and monetization purposes, saying she ‘created a cottage industry.’ How do I know she is talking about me? She refers specifically to THIS POST. In this post, I blog about Doreen Virtue’s teachings on the Archangel Michael page where it says women ought to submit to their husbands. As of yesterday, Doreen Virtue claims to have never written that. Apparently, someone else (who?) wrote it and it was missed it out in the proofreading process before it was published. It’s not like a typo or two got missed out, is it?

Incidentally, my wee blog is full of typos. I don’t have anyone to come up with ideas, type or proofread for me. I do it all myself and I’m damn proud of my cottage industry which was up and running long before Doreen Virtue appeared on my events horizon with her duplicity and fraudulent ways. My blog was also monetized long before I started blogging about Doreen.

My main source of income is not from blogging though; it comes from the Tarot readings I do. In the name of transparency, I would like to publish a Google adsense screenshot of how much I do earn from advertising:


As you probably realise, my website is not large enough for me to make a living from just writing and that is just fine. I love my Tarot readings even if they are an ‘abomination to the Lord’ 🙂

Now, in the name of transparency, Doreen Virtue (now that I know you check my blog out) – Can we please have screenshots of how much money you have been raking in for the animal sanctuary and how that money was spent? We all know the numbers don’t add up but please show us!

ETA 13 November – and now we have cold, hard evidence of charity fraud

The only reason I kept blogging about Doreen was that people kept sending me info that they wanted me to share because though my blog may be small in comparison to anything Doreen and Hay House can produce, it is indeed one of the bigger ‘cottage industry’ blogs out there. Contrary to what Doreen says in her video, people aren’t interested in persecuting her for her new faith – They are interested in having duplicity exposed, especially when that duplicity happens in the name of religion and spirituality for big $$$$$$$$$

I suspect Doreen Virtue has a rather vague idea of what spirituality actually means. I posted this comment under her recent blog post and it was instantly deleted. Surprise, surprise.

The video link I share at the top of the post sent to me by someone who appreciates the truth. I honestly don’t have time to follow Doreen’s many social media appearances myself. The links for the promo videos that Hay House have produced for Doreen Virtue’s new ‘Healing with Heaven’ online video course were also sent to me by others. There are two versions of the promo videos for this course. One that is clearly more aimed at Doreen’s new Christian audience:

And one that is clearly aimed at the New Age audience:

These videos are for the SAME COURSE. The Christian version of the video was originally posted to Doreen’s Angel Therapy site. It has since been taken down. Some of the people in the Christian community were talking online about holding her accountable for staying true to scripture and said they would talk to her about this. I’m guessing that’s what happened. They talked to her and she took it down. Tricky trying to play people when everyone knows what goes down online, isn’t it?

Pranic healer and Reiki friends in the New Age community were genuinely upset about these videos and wanted me to share. I totally see why. She has stolen spiritual healing techniques repackaged them with a Christian wrapping and is now SELLING them for PROFIT in a dumbed down version.

I want it to be on record that I applaud the Christian, Bible-believing online community for sticking to their guns on this. You can’t claim to follow Scripture and then act as if you can do whatever you want as long as it means money in the bank. I do not have anything against Christians or people believing whatever they want to believe. What I’m against is duplicity, abuse and fraud.

Will I stop speaking up just because I won’t blog about Doreen any more? Probably not. I will keep continuing to share when asked but it will probably happen in the public posts on my personal FB page. I don’t mind lining the pockets Mark Zuckerberg if it means getting the truth out there.

So you see, Doreen, it was never about the money… or even specifically about you… It was – and continues to be – about the truth. 

Lots of Love,