the end of the road for doreen virtue

ETA 26 November 2017 – As more lies and poor mouthing keep emerging, I have decided to NOT stop the blogs about Doreen Virtue. As Ursula Clark points out in the comments below, Doreen wants us to stop. And let’s face it, as the diehard Doreen devotee pointed out in the message below, I simply don’t have enough of the following for the truth to reach enough people on my personal FB page… However, the blog itself does have reach and people deserve the truth.

god will protect doreen virtue

The original post from 7 November starts here. This is the end of the road for my blog posts about Doreen Virtue. In this video, she claims that I blog about her for clicks and monetization purposes, saying she ‘created a cottage industry.’ How do I know she is talking about me? She refers specifically to THIS POST. In this post, I blog about Doreen Virtue’s teachings on the Archangel Michael page where it says women ought to submit to their husbands. As of yesterday, Doreen Virtue claims to have never written that. Apparently, someone else (who?) wrote it and it was missed it out in the proofreading process before it was published. It’s not like a typo or two got missed out, is it?

Incidentally, my wee blog is full of typos. I don’t have anyone to come up with ideas, type or proofread for me. I do it all myself and I’m damn proud of my cottage industry which was up and running long before Doreen Virtue appeared on my events horizon with her duplicity and fraudulent ways. My blog was also monetized long before I started blogging about Doreen.

My main source of income is not from blogging though; it comes from the Tarot readings I do. In the name of transparency, I would like to publish a Google adsense screenshot of how much I do earn from advertising:


As you probably realise, my website is not large enough for me to make a living from just writing and that is just fine. I love my Tarot readings even if they are an ‘abomination to the Lord’ 🙂

In the name of transparency, Doreen Virtue (now that I know you check my blog out) – Can we please have screenshots of how much money you have been raking in for the animal sanctuary and how that money was spent? We all know the numbers don’t add up but please show us!

ETA 13 November – and now we have cold, hard evidence of charity fraud

The only reason I kept blogging about Doreen was that people kept sending me info that they wanted me to share because though my blog may be small in comparison to anything Doreen and Hay House can produce, it is indeed one of the bigger ‘cottage industry’ blogs out there. Contrary to what Doreen says in her video, people aren’t interested in persecuting her for her new faith – They are interested in having duplicity exposed, especially when that duplicity happens in the name of religion and spirituality for big $$$$$$$$$

I suspect Doreen Virtue has a rather vague idea of what spirituality actually means. I posted this comment under her recent blog post and it was instantly deleted. Surprise, surprise.

The video link I share at the top of the post sent to me by someone who appreciates the truth. I honestly don’t have time to follow Doreen’s many social media appearances myself. The links for the promo videos that Hay House have produced for Doreen Virtue’s new ‘Healing with Heaven’ online video course were also sent to me by others. There are two versions of the promo videos for this course. One that is clearly more aimed at Doreen’s new Christian audience:

And one that is clearly aimed at the New Age audience:

These videos are for the SAME COURSE. The Christian version of the video was originally posted to Doreen’s Angel Therapy site. It has since been taken down. Some of the people in the Christian community were talking online about holding her accountable for staying true to scripture and said they would talk to her about this. I’m guessing that’s what happened. They talked to her and she took it down. Tricky trying to play people when everyone knows what goes down online, isn’t it?

Pranic healer and Reiki friends in the New Age community were genuinely upset about these videos and wanted me to share. I totally see why. She has stolen spiritual healing techniques repackaged them with a Christian wrapping and is now SELLING them for PROFIT in a dumbed down version.

I want it to be on record that I applaud the Christian, Bible-believing online community for sticking to their guns on this. You can’t claim to follow Scripture and then act as if you can do whatever you want as long as it means money in the bank. I do not have anything against Christians or people believing whatever they want to believe. What I’m against is duplicity, abuse and fraud.

Will I stop speaking up just because I won’t blog about Doreen any more? Probably not. I will keep continuing to share when asked but it will probably happen in the public posts on my personal FB page. I don’t mind lining the pockets Mark Zuckerberg if it means getting the truth out there.

So you see, Doreen, it was never about the money… or even specifically about you… It was – and continues to be – about the truth. 

Lots of Love,


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  1. Thank you, Lisa, for fighting the good fight. I have some of Doreen’s decks, which I liked, but wasn’t as fussed about her books – taking them with a huge grain of salt. I didn’t mind buying things from someone who supported (or so i thought) animals. When she converted, I truly wasn’t worried – I never thought how judgmental and condescending she could be (interview with the man in Hawaii where she said the Holy Spirit must have worked on Reid Tracy for him to accept her books). I understand how, at times, animal rescues close BUT she rushed to get rid of the animals – if it had been apparent that they were losing money, they could have slowly and ethically found those animals loving homes in a much more humane and less traumatic way. I found her remark regarding Louise Hay’s passing as callous and ungrateful; DV had so much support from her. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s path you can be respectful of them. Her latest video was incredibly passive aggressive – whining about no longer being with Hay House – how she had to return the advances on her books, etc. One thing that was very telling was the remark she made about how “Michael said we have to move to a state without an income tax”. She also kept referring to the Book of Hebrews – there are Letters to the Hebrews. She is really going to mislead a lot more people. Anyway, thank you for continuing to monitor all of this. You are helping so many.


  2. I’d like to thank the person who made the ironic comment below for a) allowing me to highlight that for some of us it is part of our life purpose to be whistleblowers and b) increasing SEO for this post by taking the time to comment.

    ps. I checked the email addresses of the two most recent comments. They are not associated with anything else online so were clearly set up for trolling.

  3. When you put your focus on energy on what other people are doing you lose touch with your higher purpose. Put all your energy in what your gifts and talents are then maybe you’ll be able to monetize your gifts and benefit. Otherwise you just look like a jealous judgemental person….Whilst doing free advertising for her as some people will be intrigued and go and find out for themselves by purchasing her stuff. Honour your own needs in this and let it go. Otherwise your work will not come into fruition in the fullest capacity it could. This is all about you. Nothing to do with wanting to warn and help others….very ego driven.

    Free your mind and then the rest will follow (En Vogue)

    1. Don’t you think this is rather ironic, ‘Light of Love’? I stick to presenting the facts and you judge my motives/ego… without even knowing me OR my work – which I’m very happy with by the way. My energy has, for a short season, been put into exposing lies and wrongdoing. Of COURSE I’m going to be judged by the likes of you. That goes with the territory. I’m curious about YOUR motives now…? Why go through all this effort to come to the blog of a person you don’t know just to pass judgment – Doesn’t really jive with your supposed philosophy, does it, ‘Light of Love’? 😛

    1. Why do you consider her to be a fake? She is providing information and wants each of us, the reader to draw our own conclusions. The information on Doreen & Co is all over the web. I would encourage you to do your own research and then, share any information you may find showing that she is a fake.

  4. I’m for truth. Always have been. I just hate to see someone do stuff like this to people. Its not right. I hope more people will become aware of her intentions.

  5. Thank you for letting people know about this. I to notice only good comments. She probably do delete the negative posts. Don’t worry. Karma going pay her back.

  6. I posted a comment on the “live video”. I only see good comments on there, so perhaps they are deleting the not so happy ones? We shall see. I screenshot it a couple times. Gearing up for the “spiritual warfare” she spoke of. It is on.

    1. I will say this though, it seems the tide is turning. If you go to the latest promo video push for Doreen’s new online course ‘Healing with Heaven’ the MAJORITY of the comments are negative and it seems that Hay House have finally realised that deleting that many comments mean they are shooting themselves in the foot so they have no choice but to leave them up… This gives me hope!

      1. Perhaps rethinking their strategy and pausing before their next move. They really went about all of this the wrong way. Hope they are learning.

  7. Doreen Virtue is predatory .

    She seems to expect that all the other writers at Hay House will funnel feed to her lies & harm.
    So far most of them have sold out their ethics to plug her stuff & Hay House summits where consumers are funnels fed to all the other authors while none of them call out the wrong & dangerous stuff that the other authors put out. ..

    Reid Tracy decided to let Doreen Virtue have a pass to risk lives literally in her con game & to do so repeatedly . . She has no sense of true empathy or love other others.

    She seems a full blown sociopath/narcissist and it is no wonder she is on her 5th spouse w/ 4 divorces. Lisa, did you see the way she defamed her 4th spouse Steven Farmer & the court system & lied to people in the one video from April 2017 where she told people her ex got ALL the money & ALL the property ? That is not how divorce works in California people. She actually lied about her divorce terms in the middle of Jesus testimonial ! Her ex must be so happy to have dumped her & moved on.

    There is no Christian who should be enabling or excusing her hustles,

    I’ve at least 3 different videos of her making claims of seeing Jesus .
    Feb 2016 video where she told pppl she could see Jesus clairvoyantly like she sees the angels of God.
    April 2017 where she claims to have had visitation from Christ. his Mother & 3rd figure at age 17 & to have been born again then.
    She takes down the April video very fast after she put it up assuming it would seem that people would not have snagged copies .

    Aug 2017 Video she claimed she finally knew Jesus was real when she saw actually saw him Jan 2017 appear to her .. But she has a Hay House Heal your Life blog post from 2016 where she professes Jesus as real ..
    . In April 17 video she admits the Bible forbids divination & mediumship & she tells people the Bible is true.

    Also Aug 2017 : Video with Steven Bancarz. , she uses Jesus testimony video to thumb her nose down at those who follow what she taught them’s reaction to her suddenly claiming a new truth that calls for the rejection of all she told them was true after she told them all her lies she did as truth in the name of angels & their dead people. . She admits she had demons attached to her. She affirms she is staying at Hay House , though ethically no Christian could stay there with all they plug that goes against the Bible & with the mass amount of medical misinformation that goes or had gone out from Hay House authors: Teal Swan, Esther Hicks, Louise Hay, Christiane Northrop, Kelly Brogan & Joe Mercola , For a Born again Christian to lead others to authors who put out wrong medical info while you say nothing would be mortal sin & utter devaluation of human lives.

    Sept 2017 she affirmed that all her false spiritual gifts certifications ( simony) were valid. This would seem to be her falsely affirming prior frauds she ran before her baptism as real to continue to defraud people from refunds they are due. The Bible says thieves shall not enter into Heaven.

    Dec 2017 for $650 a pop DV & Hay House are certifying people as Angel Intuitives with gay mediums Robert Reeves & Radleigh Valentine part of the show to be there to plug angel oracle decks.. though the Bible condemns simony, mediumship, divination & lying. Screw the Bible & God & truth & others it seems ( as usual for Doreen ) , she is all about service to her wallet.

    Then there is the Archangels & Ascended Masters book & deck that Hay House put out . . Oh the written claims of having been in contact with every single divinity she plugged to people & she claimed Jesus as what people?

    ” Archangels and Ascended Masters is a thoroughly researched book in a lively encyclopedia format, listing 77 divinities from Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Asian, Babylonian, Tibetan, Buddhist, Celtic, Theosophical, New Age, Catholic, Cabalistic, Jewish, and Christian roots. Doreen carefully studied and wrote about the history of each of the deities, what role they serve today, how they can help us with specific life problems, and how to call upon each one. Doreen spent time in communication with each divinity to ensure that the being was reachable, and to discover the essence of his or her personality and current dealings with the world — and within these pages, she includes a channeled message or impression from each of the ascended masters and archangels.” Ref:

    There is Jesus Oracle deck .. Loving words of Jesus that I have the video of her first announcing this deck clearly as an oracle deck. Her putting Christ’s words & image on a divination deck using a Mormon artist’s paintings. ..

    Doreen Virtue’s Mary Queen of Angel Deck using what seems to be sacred Catholic art work of Jesus & Blessed Virgin Mary that she misused for her personal profit against all Jesus lived & taught.

    Then there was the time she plugged oracle decks on kids so tiny their hands could not hold regular size oracle decks because getting kids doing the forbidden younger is so Doreen Virtue holy .. She promoted all her deceptions in the name of angels & her gifts.

    She has put out wrong suicide info ( Sept 2012 ) & highly dangerous anti vaccine messages that risk vulnerable persons. Her Hay House book she did with Robert Reeves where they deceive those with chronic & acute pain that using their angel methods that no more must they suffer chronic or acute pain is despicable. Her video with him where he tells people that beyond the illusion of their pain they all have perfectly healthy bodies shows what type of delusions they want to lead people.


    Doreen Virtue
    AKA Mrs Robinson
    ( You are Michael David Robinson’s” wife” right )

    You have lied for decades to good new age people. You lie now to good Christians.
    You are not being persecuted, you are an egotist manipulative liar.
    You are being called out for your lies & scams that harm others .
    And I call you out on Lisa’s blog as the Bible commands . .

  8. Wow, she is an unbelievable piece of work isn’t she. I actually listened to one of her videos yesterday for the first time, and she was going on about saving people money from exploring other faiths, as she has been down the rabbit hole checking all of the glittery things that supposedly work, and she knows that it is only voice of the one true God blah blah blah blah blah. How people still believe in her BS is beyond me. It is just so blatantly obvious how full of it she is. Oh well, she’s getting old now and the younger generation don’t want old, they want new, and they certainly are not interested in regurgitated information from a burnt out old hippy wannabe! I was so angry about this yesterday, after watching that crap filled video, but on my afternoon walk I was given some form of ‘message’ from my guides to not worry about it because she is not going to be as successful as she thinks she will be, because she left this reinvention too late. Soo ha! I hope that is true. Plus, she babbles on about being some sort of master of assertiveness, and there’s the whole, oh, I didn’t proof read the bit about submissiveness, but what about her addiction to drama??? A lot of her messages are about diminishing drama in your life, but my goodness, can she fan the flames of this drama any harder? All of this stonewalling, terrible customer service, her passive aggressiveness in her videos = fan,fan,fan. Anyway, sorry for the rant, but my poor husband has had his ears chewed off, so I thought I would share my own babble around lol

    So sorry that she accused you falsely, but she had no choice, you have become an essential player in her victimhood now. I even love how she looked all dishevelled, like, she was actually stressed. That UGH, whatever she is, is soooooo callculating, she probably splashed water on herself to look a little sweaty.

    I hope you are doing OK. I have left messages on both videos and will probably be banned too now, but am still right behind you every step of the way xo

    1. I’m crushing so bad you your rant, lilacwillow – it was AWESOME! Thank you for sharing and thank you for your support. Together we keep on keeping it real 🙂 xo

  9. Thank you Lisa for all your efforts in seeking the truth for all our sakes. Once again, DV’s actions are disappointing but not surprising! Max respect for standing up to the mighty HH machine! Xx

  10. Doreen needs to be accountable for her actions and languaging.
    Her faith is her business, I’m happy she found Jesus truly.

    1. New Age may have been (and still is) Doreen’s business, but in my books, Jesus is NOT a business. Anyone that would use Jesus (or the Bible) for profit is not a Christian.

  11. Great post Lisa. Doreen would probably be delighted to hear that you have stopped blogging about her though! I’m sorry she felt she had to attack you publicly in her latest video. It really shows her true colours. Big kudos to you for continuing to speak up about the truth, I’ll keep at it too! 🙂

    1. Not as delighted as I am – I don’t like populating my blog with poo like this. I won’t stop speaking up elsewhere though… have no fear!

  12. THANk you for writing this and putting the information together. It makes it easier to spread the truth which is what the world needs right now.

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