Hay House let Doreen Virtue go - You're Fired

Hay House Let Doreen Virtue Go

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go - You're Fired

You’re fired!

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go. You can hear it straight from the horse’s mouth in this the latest daily Mornings with the Lord video.*** There is a time when I would have felt this would have been a good move by Hay House because of Doreen Virtue’s mistreatment of students. Sadly, after all that has happened around Doreengate, too much has been revealed about Hay House for me to be able to trust them with any more of my money.

Animal rescue ranch

I want to address some of the things that Doreen Virtue says in the video, especially with regards to the supposed lies and rumours that people like me have spread about the Animal Rescue Ranch. If what I shared fell into the category of libel, don’t you think I would be in court by now? Doreen says in the video that she can prove that the rescue ranch lost her money. She literally says ‘I have a paper’… OK, maybe now would be a good idea to show ‘the paper,’ though I think in a court of law you would need to show more than just one paper.

Losing money as an unregistered charity is something you need to count on. Because otherwise it would explicitly be for profit.

  1. 1.
    an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
    “the charity provides practical help for homeless people”

Doreen Virtue could easily have registered the charity and gone down the legal route of raising funds for it but she didn’t. That is a fact. Instead she chose to raise funds by soliciting donations without having a registered charity. That is not legal in the state of HI as we found out when we investigated this. We chose to investigate because of the utter lack of transparency and because we cared about what happened to the animals. We had been promised that these animals were in their ‘forever home’ in return for our financial support.

Speaking our truth with love

Me and others chosing to expose the above facts, unlike what Doreen Virtue would have you believe, has nothing to do with not loving Jesus. If anything, it is because I side with Jesus against the Pharisees that I chose to speak up about this.

And yes, we should speak our truth lovingly wherever possible. However, the wording Jesus chose when confronting the Pharisees was ‘brood of vipers’ and ‘whitewashed tombs.’ He chose those words against rich and powerful people who were profiting from the same people they were oppressing. Jesus was kind to those who deserved it and well… not so kind to the others. Remember how he turned those tables over in the temple when people were trying to profit from God?

It could also be argued that holding someone accountable is an act of love. Better now than at the pearly gate, right?

We want the truth, Doreen Virtue

Other than showing that ‘paper’ you claim to have that shows that the rescue ranch drained you of all your savings (though we have records showing you own property worth millions HERE, HERE and HERE), maybe you could also explain why the Earth Angel site went down and stayed down? Was it to hide the audit trail for the donations you received through that site?

How about some kindness?

What I want to know now is, where is your kindness, Doreen? How was it kind to gaslight, lie to and lie about your students? How was it kind to have your moderators be rude to people who were genuinely seeking answers after the confusion you left them in? How was it kind to refuse refunds to students that you had blocked from the student forums for just asking questions… and how was it kind to send them notes like this for sharing the truth about what was going on…? Passive-aggression when communicating with customers is neither kind, nor businesslike, Doreen.

Incidentally, everyone else who has tried to get a refund from any of Doreen Virtue’s own companies due to mistreatment has been denied one.

I hope you stop lying to people this Christmas, Doreen. I think Jesus would really like that. I think he would approve of you apologising to all the students you mistreated when you hand them those long overdue refunds too.

But I’m guessing you will continue to do daily promo videos for your book in your million dollar WA mansion where you continue to play the victim instead…

The biggest lie of them all

Doreen Virtue’s biggest lie is of course that those who are speaking up against her are used by the Devil. Yep, she literally says this on several occasions, sometimes calling it ‘lower energy’ and other times ‘The Enemy.’ I’m pretty sure that those who are called by God to embrace the Christian faith will not be stopped from doing so because some of us spoke up against Doreen Virtue.

Here’s the thing, I would love for everyone who wants to ‘return to God’ to do so. I have nothing at all against Jesus Christ… or Jesus of Nazareth (I don’t think he cares so much about the Nazareth bit TBH)… I love people who love the Lord. I want them all to find their way if that is what they are called to do… But how can they find their way if they trust a spiritual teacher who won’t tell the truth?

Hay House let Doreen Virtue go… too late…

As for Hay House… too little, too late to recover your reputation with the customers whose comments you deleted and who were banned from your FB pages for questioning how you were dealing with Doreengate. I’d say ‘I hate to say I told you so’ but that would be a lie. I am quite happy to tell you now that I’ve seen the true face of Hay House…




*** Here is the direct link for Doreen’s Mornings with the Lord video since some have mentioned issues with accessing the video – copy and paste: https://www.facebook.com/DoreenVirtue444/videos/1830595033648466/


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  1. Someone said Doreen is “using God”. Funny that someone gives their life over to Jesus and suddenly they are “using” their new faith in Him to hide their own corruption. First thing non-Christians do when someone publicizes their belief in Christ is scrutinize and criticize every thing they do as “Not Christian-like”. Christians are sinners just like everyone else. Only difference is that we’ve asked for and been given forgiveness (redemption through the grace of God). It’s not something anyone can earn. And to hear Doreen speak so courageously, proudly and publicly about her belief in Jesus Christ leads me to believe that He is guiding her life to do what is right because she is now a representation of His love for all of us.

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      Hi Kelli, if someone said that in the comments, it would be fair to publish your comment under theirs so that they can reply. Cheers 🙂

  2. What difference does it make? Shes a free person and can do what she wants. I don’t think she owes anyone an explanation. Move on.

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      Sure, everyone can do whatever they want. However, as a business person who mistreated paying students and someone who illegally solicited for a non-registered charity, Doreen needs to be held accountable. It is also good to hold spiritual teachers accountable for lies, don’t you think?

  3. I. don”t understand why everone is angry with HH.If they kept her outrage, they let her go? People are happy.but are still complaining.

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      Hi Sheila, you can read about some of the issues people have with Hay House here: https://hayhouseboycott.github.io/

      As for how they handled things, with DV, those things have still not been put right. HH are customer care for Doreen Virtue’s Angel Therapy site, yet refused refunds from purchases on that site. Anyone trying to get refunded for purchases from the Angel Therapy site were passed from pillar to post and mocked by both Hay House and Melissa Virtue. I am one of those people and have saved the email evidence… but I’m not the only one.

      1. Ok thanks for the link. It is more complicated than I thought. I was not as emotionally invested as a lot of people apparently were. I bought 2 or 3 of her courses along the way and I enjoyed her weekly and yearly readings and missed then when she stopped. As far as refunds go if I get a download from any source i don;t expect a refund once I get it. I know it is because of her certifications that she says are still valid but people still want the refunds. I do think she could have handled the conversion better. If she was slower and kinder and not as severe I think people would have understood more. She went from 10 ( people knew she was a Christian before this)till 100 in a nano second. As far as the rescue ranch goes: I thought it was a good idea at first and I think it unfolded naturally but got out of hand with costs. What I got uncomfortable with is after I think 100 or 150 animals ( I can’t remember now) she asked for money for help with the feeding. I thought she should be living within her budget like everyone else and it was a bit unfair to ask. I don’t understand not going the charity route in the end. They strike me as the type that don’t like too much government interference like many Americans so that is what I had thought ended up being the reason. Some people are saying that Michael is the one driving all of this but I always saw her as the one wearing the pants in the family ( sorry i know that is outdated for 2018 but it is how I feel) I am trying to not get too caught up in all the harshness and drama on both sides of it all. I have failed on that regard lol.

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          Sheila, she adversely affected many people who built their businesses around her certifications and that is why people are asking for refunds. Hay House got busy honouring those kinds of requests once the realised that a lawsuit might be the end result otherwise. This goes far beyond the value of any videos downloaded and I expect that some people who have suffered financially because of Doreen not only denouncing her former teachings but referring to people in the New Age as being under demonic influence will seek class action against her for courses that are not covered by HH. Of course, she will turn around and say that this is lower energy working through her ‘detractors.’ Personally, I have been called a ‘child of Satan’ by her fans for speaking up about these issues. And yeah, there is no good reason for not registering as a charity if you are going to solicit for donations since it is actually illegal to do so in the state of HI.

        2. Thanks again for the info. I doubt very much you are a child of Satan. I was going to lol but it really is not funny to call someone that. It sounds like something has happened to her.I agree HH dropped her because of liability issues and has become more trouble than she is now worth to them.

  4. Hello, since my phone has had recent updates, I’ve lost the Angel Numbers app, because the developer needs to update it… is this something that may or may not happen?

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      Hi Denise. Sorry, can’t help you with that. I’ve heard that the DV apps have been discontinued without refunds but I haven’t verified this for myself. Who did you buy the app from? Hay House? If so, you need to contact their customer care team. Let us know how you go and if you find any answers. Love, Lisa

  5. Jenny Lynn you don’t know me so how can you know what my motives are for asking about the animals welfare. Those animals were just props.
    I can’t speak for the others you are talking about but I paid good money for Doreen Virtue courses only to find out I was banned with no explanation . As a paying customer I asked for a reason or a refund. Neither was forth coming. Do you think then that people in business should just be allowed to shirk their responsibilities? What would you do if it happened to you? Would you ask for a refund? Of course you would because you want accountability and the truth nuff said x

  6. and you all are spiritual good people? Not! Just a bunch of people full of hate. You are ok with the government having their greedy little hands in everything we do? So they can steal all the money themselves? Sorry, but it’s none of their business what Doreen or anyone else does to help animals. This will all be stopped anytime with Trump as President. It costs a lot of money to house all those animals with her quality of care/organic food etc. that she provides. The only ones you are hurting are the animals. Doreen could have continued to help way more animals but some of that is lost now because of all of you

    1. The only ones hurting the animals is Doreen using them as tools to emotionally blackmail people into giving her their hard-earned money with zero accountability, spiritually, fiscally, or otherwise. “Oh, but think of the animals.” They were easy enough to palm off to ‘friends’ (I’d like to see where they really go) as soon as they no longer served her purpose because people questioned her after feeling like she’d been ripping them off – and quite rightly so. I’m (not) sorry, but I’d rather have Lisa on my side than Doreen any day of the week because she’ll tell the truth even if it hurts.

      That said, although we disagree on this topic, I do send you sincere wishes for a happy Christmas.

    2. It is Christmas Eve & you are spreading false claims of hate on the page of woman whose is traveling to deal with a relative who may pass this very day .

      When I asked Lisa would she pray for the soul of Doreen Virtue with all of Doreen Virtue’s lies & her history of defrauding not only Lisa but others .. Lisa said she would pray for Virtue no matter all her lies to Lisa. .

      Lisa has stood this year with integrity to face her false teacher Doreen Virtue who defrauded her & others of thousand of dollars over numerous years in lies in the name of her false spiritual gifts .

      Lisa has declared that all the people lied to be Doreen Virtue deserve truth for they as people matter.

      She affirmed that women in the new age matter more than the money to be made exploiting them.She affirmed that manipulating new age members via their love of animals to exploit them for Virtue ‘s rescue ranch scheme which was illegally soliciting donation for an unregistered charity was wrong.

      She has asked for Virtue to address her defamation against the new age itself. Virtue has made false statements about the new age & new age members .

      You don’t under the law get to lie people about what is going on to defraud them via your unregistered illegally soliciting charity & say but the animals . What is wrong with you that you think Doreen Virtue is above the law & that new age consumers don’t work hard for their money?

      Lisa has affirmed the value of new age lives & she has affirmed the value of new age consumers.
      Lisa has asked that she & the other who were lied to by Doreen Virtue have their money compensated to them & that there be a public admission of the lies Virtue has put out with Virtue taking responsible for the lies that come out of her mouth.. from her pen and via her social media.

      Lisa has been attacked by horrible born again Christians who falsely accused her of being a satanic probably because idiots like Steven Bancarz put out that the new age is like Satanism and Luciferianism.
      Lisa has been slandered by Virtue with false allegations that she was reporting of the situation seemingly implied by Doreen Virtue just to get hits to her page to make money off the story . Lisa & her friends who have been defrauded & lied to by Fake Christian mystic Doreen Virtue then had her spread falsehood that those calling Virtue accountable do not love/like Jesus and want to keep people from following Him.

      Lisa stood for justice for herself , her friends and for the whole of the new age.

      Lisa I am praying for your loved one & you now..
      I am going to Church today & Mass tomorrow on Christmas & I am going to be praying for you , your loved one & your whole family .

      Blessed Christmas .

    3. Well I donated my money to the sanctuary only to find out it was being dissolved, so that’s hardly “none of my business” when she used my money to fund it. I want to know what really happened.

      You talk about organic food – you should probably know that Trump doesn’t really care about the environment or that sort of thing :/ please inform yourself.

  7. Full disclosure: never met her, never took any classes from her, online or otherwise. I like the cards of hers that I have bought (Archangel Michael and more recently Mary,Queen of Angels *brought up Catholic, what can I say?*), but something about *HER* put me off even then.

    I was working at a metaphysical book store in the late 90’s and the subject of Doreen Virtue came up, regarding how “great her books were, how great her cards were, she’s really tuned in, she’s got it down, how everyone should take all Doreen Virtue’s classes…”

    No offense to anyone here, please–but for example, I could never take the thought of her teaching “angel classes” too seriously, especially at what she was charging back then–and I thought then as I do now, that if you want to study angels or develop a relationship with angels, there’s plenty of literature out there, much of it historical (different cultures, etc. etc.).

    I felt like–what exactly makes her any kind of authority? It’s kind of like being “certified” in Tarot. You can get a cert that you took some classes that have a particular bent, hopefully from knowledgeable and experienced teachers—but your legitimacy comes from the feedback from your clients. How connected are you with Spirit, or the Universe, or the Angels for that matter? Only you can really put the effort in, only you will get the feedback from the Universe, and your clients if you have them.

    Which is a lengthy way of saying, she may be nice in person–but I just didn’t trust her, and I only ever saw her image on the book jackets.

    I don’t wish her ill, and yet I do find it annoying that suddenly “she’s found God” and seems to be using God, however you view him/her, to skate or to blow smoke on some very serious issues (like the animal sanctuary); kind of like a prisoner hoping to get parole.

    As a Roman Catholic Tarot and Runes professional, I am not amused when some stomps on some spiritual practices while using other spiritual practices as a “beard.”

    None of this is what Louise Hay would’ve wanted as an outcome, I think.


  8. Dearest Lisa,

    Perhaps Hay House has not completely abandoned Doreen Virtue. I found the following product on their website:

    I do remember from Virtue’s January 2017 YoutTube.com video that stated SHE had chosen to remove her name from all Tarot products…then went on to condemn Tarot….ugh. This inspired me to finally record my online webinar on the “Spiritual & Biblical Roots of Tarot” to show the true connection between Christian history and its influence upon the Tarot…among other spiritual themes…a fact she chooses to remain ignorant on as she continues to profit from her own brand of spirituality.

    Interesting side note….I was in Sedona, Arizona (USA) a few days ago and noticed every New Age store carries Virtue’s decks, often to the exclusion of others. I was shocked and fascinated by this consistent presentation. I’m thinking of making it my mission to open this “vortex” to the power of real Tarot decks and books.

    Carry on with the updates on this issue….I have compassion for the hurt you and many others have suffered under the mis-guidance of Ms. Virtue.

    Love & hugs,

    1. Post

      Hi Katrina, Hay House probably have contractual obligations with regards to any newly launched online courses. This doesn’t change the fact that they dropped her. I’m not just speculating about this. In the daily Mornings with the Lord videos she has mentioned it herself and has also talked about going self-published next. Ms Virtue will continue to cash in on back stock for a very long time yet. She is far from poor and with all her property investments, I doubt she’ll ever suffer financially – unlike many of the people who put their trust in her and saved up to line her coffers. Thankfully, there are many in the Tarot community who are aware of the spiritual roots of the Tarot and also the medieval Christian influences. I have blogged about it myself as well 🙂


    2. Post

      PS. Compassion is beautiful but I think you’ll find that what people want and need is to have their rights as consumers protected and for justice to be done.

  9. A little off the subject but it makes me wonder what other Hay House authors are doing shady things. I know there’s one particular author I used to adore and now over the years, she seems so different like even her voice has changed in a more monotone way. I guess we shall see!

    1. Post

      There are some that spring to mind though I don’t know who you are talking about. I don’t think the constant touring and social media exposure is healthy or normal for authors… and that’s something they are forced to do when they sign with HH. Maybe they start talking in a monotone because they keep telling the same stories over and over again. HH turn authors into circus monkeys.

  10. You know, the more that I think about this, the more uncertain I become. Something just felt off when i was watching this video, and I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it’s the timing. I think this was part of the plan all along because they’ve ‘separated’ right after the Hay House Australia engagement. It’s just all too convenient, and she honestly did not play the ‘poor me’ card as well as she could have if them dumping her was genuine. Perhaps they are starting a publishing company together, herself and Reid, one that will focus on Christian material. Then she will have her family with Hay House, and a new business enterprise for her new direction in faith. Because faith is ALL about the money, right!

    Time will tell 🙂

    1. Post

      Time will tell indeed…. As soon as she said ‘God told me another publisher will approach me,’ I must admit I thought ‘She wouldn’t say that unless someone already had approached her.’…..

  11. This is wonderful news! Not that it will make much difference for HH. I will never buy from them again as I’m sure others won’t . They chose not to listen to their customers therefore they have less. One thing got me. Did she expect to make money on an animal rescue? Really? She’s an educated person and a shady one who was counting on good hearted people to make her rich. Good work uncovering this scam. I think this may be the beginning of the end for her empire.

    1. Post

      I hear you, Sandra. HH won’t get another penny of mine either. I don’t know what Doreen Virtue expected in terms of funding an animal sanctuary. But she seems upset that she ‘lost’ money over it (if that is indeed the case). I thought the whole purpose of setting up a charity was GIVING. In any case, taking the site down from which they collected the donations seems to indicate that something is being covered up. We’ll have to wait and see…. The truth can only be hidden for so long. 🙂

  12. Thank you again Lisa & all your supporters for finding out & writing such a brilliant article & exposing the truth, done in such an open & honest way, I noticed DV’s subtle threats in this video of hers again, she is threatening that we will all be hit with karma or that Jesus will not save our life, all because “her lies” are being revealed. That does not come from a place of love by any means, & will come back to her.. I have a completely clear conscious & a close relationship with Jesus, I know he hates what DV is doing & her continual attacks on innocent people, she sounds so full of hate.. I also will not be buying anything more from HayHouse.

    1. Post

      Thanks Lillian! I agree that she is not coming from a place of love. I picked up on the threats too but they are water off a duck’s back because I have only shared the truth 🙂

  13. Well done Lisa and I am very proud to be part of the 5% being manipulated by the Devil to expose the truth about this woman. Not one fact that has been mentioned by this 5% has not been validated by outside sources, and that cannot be supported legally. This woman is a horrible piece of work, and is still blatantly spinning garbage in this video. There are lies in all of this, and all roads lead to the Virtue’s!!!!

    Thank you for shouldering all of this Lisa. It cannot have been easy in any shape or form but you stayed strong with the truth by your side.

    Much love always xo

    1. And if Hay House thinks this will do it, they’re wrong. I will NEVER buy from them again. I want my messages to be free of materialism, thank you very much, and free of branding, marketing, or by someone driven by a bright idea who wants to make their first million!

    1. Post

      Thank you, Tara – couldn’t have done it on my own. Many have helped and Ursula has done a great job of looking into the animal sanctuary situation. <3

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  14. Brilliantly put Lisa. The truth is indeed out now. I for one will never purchase from Hay House again. Thank you for your fantastic and enlightening blog posts over the last few months x

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  15. Thank you Lisa for all the work you have put into this and how you were able to open a lot of people’s eyes in the process. Thank you for being honest and upfront about everything. I do agree with you that it is too little too late from Hay House, but I must say, without your hard work it would never have come to this. I’m rather amazed at how long it took them to actually get on with it, but then again, they underestimated to snowball effect your blog posts would have. I also agree with Ursula and can’t wait for more exposures to come out.

    1. Post
  16. Well said Lisa, and Hay House have continued to sign authors who have questionable motivations also. It’s all about the money for them and this whole thing has really shown that. They let her go because they were losing money on all this. It was always about the money for Hay House and Doreen. Can’t wait to see more exposure come out, and I’m sure we’ll get a hold of official records that show Doreen was charged with fraud at some point.

    1. Post

      Thanks Ursula! I feel the biggest blessing in all of this is that so many other fraudsters have been exposed since Doreengate. Hay House have definitely pulled the wool over our eyes for far too long.

        1. Post

          Yes, closure in a way… and in other ways it opened a can of worms for me. I’ve uncovered so much corruption while digging for the truth about this… *shudders*

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