Just Show Us the Pigs, Doreen

In response to my latest blog post, Doreen Virtue is now threatening to sue for libel. You can check her comments on the blog. I have also copied and pasted them below, along with my reply:

My reply:

I was curious if Doreen would reference this in her daily Bible Study video since it is clear this is a play to her Christian audience. There she is, on a Tuesday, dressed in red (ain’t nobody going to convince me she isn’t still using magickal correspondences!) announcing war. Watch from around 4 minutes. She uses blogs, videos and Tarot readers in plural. As far as I know, it is only me she is going after this way.

As stated in the comment above, I have only kept blogging about Doreen because of the many people who keep writing to me with reports of refusal of refunds and with proof of ‘alternative facts’ put out there by Doreen. I’m doing this because I want justice, so I do welcome this going all the way to court even if I don’t have the vast financial resources she has.

To take someone to court in a foreign country is extremely costly but I suppose she can afford it since God has promised her victory.

All we ever asked for was to be refunded for the now worthless certification courses and for there to be justice in the case of the illegally solicited funds for the unregistered charity. The truth still stands: Doreen Virtue booted students from her forums without refunding them because she didn’t like the questions they asked. She only refunded me and Celtic Fairy to shut up and stop blogging about her. Now that she is threatening to sue someone who has had the courage to speak out about this injustice, maybe some people in the US will go ahead and start class action. Finally, since it is long overdue.

Wouldn’t it be easier for Doreen Virtue to show us video of  all 16 pigs? Like I said in my comment, I’m more than happy to take yesterday’s post down if she does that. She knows full well that this has been a struggle for truth, transparency and fair refunds all along. Nobody I know who has been fighting with me for truth and justice has anything other than love in their hearts for Christ and his teachings. In fact, we feel strongly He supports our efforts.

She is using her new religion as a shield, claiming ‘persecution’ as soon as someone brings up something that makes her look other than saintly.

Her claim that ‘they’ are doing this (blogging, sharing videos) to keep people from Christ for business reasons is a blatant lie and if I could afford to countersue for slander, I might do just that. I have Christian friends that I get along with just fine. Some use Tarot cards and some don’t. No big deal.

Just show us the pigs, Doreen… and refund everyone who asked!

But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.” (Luke 19:8)

ETA: Someone just sent me this link. Turns out at least Missy the Magnificent is safe… Yay! Only 15 more pigs to account for!



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  1. Just a thought Lisa, instinctively I have doubts about the author of that post (DV). The typing is very tardy, she was a trained secretary I recall. Are you sure it ‘is her’ or could it be an imposter?

    Blessings, KE

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      Hi KE, This was posted the same day she made a similar threat in her daily Bible study video (see link in post). The IP address is a match for her current location. If it were not her, she would have come out and denied it by now since many have called her out on it. It is an empty threat and I think it was rushed/written while angry which could explain the language. I am a former secretary too and make many typos when in a rush. Who else would do this and what on earth would their motive be? Blessings, Lisa

  2. Well even if she proves the pigs were safe or whatever, doesn’t she still have a huuuuuge list of incriminating things against her? Does she really want to open that can of worms?

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      Thanks, Lance. Well, if it were I who had set up an animal rescue and there was cold hard evidence out there of solicitation for said UNREGISTERED, hastily and not transparently abandoned chairty, I wouldn’t even think of trying. Add to that the fact that she continues to refuse refunds to students whom she gaslighted and booted from student forums for asking questions (also with plenty of evidence from lots of sources), I think it might prove foolhardy. The counter lawsuit would probably be pretty epic.

  3. lol what the heck, she taught tarot readers. Those dern devil worshippers!!!! You know, I thought legal action actually started with a letter from a solicitor, not blog comment threats and a youtube video? But hey, what do I know!

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  4. Wearing Red on a day ruled by Mars. Mmmmm. Just a coincidence I’m sure. Justice will be served and it will not be in her favor.

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  5. As I see it, it is a threatening answer from Doreen Virtue, something I wouldn’t expect from a spiritual teacher. It frightens me a bit.

  6. I’m sure Lisa would love to be wrong about these pigs! Show us!

    -also I wanted to say that it is very much ok to not tolerate intolerance. If a path is discriminatory to other faiths it’s not only ok but crucial to call that out.

    Blessings Lisa. You’re doing some brave work.

  7. I was one of the former followers of Doreen Virtue. Admittedly, I felt betrayed, abandoned and kicked to the curb when she denounced all she had taught and believed to become a fundamentalist Christian. That being said, I realized I could not move forward in my spiritual life and health by holding onto my grudge against her.

    It took a new spiritual professional to help guide me towards letting go of her with love and recognizing that she had no option but to follow her beliefs, as we all do. As I forgive her, I let go of my fear of taking back my spiritual power and beliefs. I feel strong in them again.

    I don’t agree with her interpretation of Jesus because hers is not nor will be my interpretation, nor indeed my relationship with Jesus. I had to follow my heart and my soul and I now feel free from the betrayal, abandonment, and curb kicking that I felt for a long time.

    I’m not a vegetarian or vegan. I don’t feel bad about eating meat or fish. Maybe one day I’ll make the change and I didn’t follow Doreen’s path on that. I don’t feel called to it.

    If Doreen says that anything but Jesus through the Bible is the only way to salvation, I can only forgive her judgement as I must forgive my own. I let her go in love and light. May she find her truth and freedom as I have.

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      I don’t believe in holding a grudge either, Loretta. It is soul-destroying stuff. Luckily, asking for accountability when it comes to poor business conduct doesn’t have to be tied in with holding a grudge. I don’t believe in rolling over and letting people get away with murder just because they claim the status ‘spiritual teacher.’ If anything, they are the ones who should really be held to higher standards. She mistreated a lot of people and continues to refuse refunds. I guess what I’m trying to understand is… If you are so free from all the ‘betrayal, abandonment and curb kicking’ you felt ‘for a long time’ what are you even doing on this post, commenting about something that doesn’t even really relate to the topic discussed in the post…??

    2. I posted this because I had posted before about my feelings regarding Doreen’s conversion and just wanted to post that I had come to terms with them, that’s all.

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      1. Lisa & Ursula .

        Discovery is Delicious .

        If she sue you claiming you lied about her tied to her ranch or earth angel.com .. your lawyers will get to look at her books as you could never get to see any other way . She would have to take the stand.. If she get caught lying in the US on the stand she could be sued & jailed.. What are the penalties in the UK for getting caught lying under oath?

        If she sues you , counter sue immediately .

        She has defamed you in reference when she said the people saying the things she did not like were working for the devil & I can personally testify in court about how some of her fans massively verbally abused you due to what she put out tied to her critics working for the devil. .

        Remember to have saved off line Bancarz Doreen Virtue latest video April 2018 .. He let her put out that people were writing about her only for money ..

        Lisa did you realize that Bancarz who let Virtue claim people only right about her to make money is making bank on his new age trashing ministry by taking direct donations via Patreon. https://www.patreon.com/reasonsforjesus & he has this thing where he seems to try to be building webpage back up like he had in new age.. He used to make bank on ad revenue . The webpage money making set up he seems to be running now is get others to make him content & offer them 50 % of ad revenue for the first 50 days .. after that it seems he makes 100 % off the content ad revenue. Did he & his people have trashed atheism, new age , etc for ad revenue Lisa. .LOL If I were to follow his & Virtue’s logic since he makes money on what they write he must only write what he does to make money on it right ? http://reasonsforjesus.com/about/

        You might try reaching out to those who run ads on Bancarz page Reasons for Jesus with the clearly provable wrong things Doreen Virtue has done after being promoted by Bancarz that swindled new age people. Maybe if he won’t listen to facts or reasons .. if his ad revenue declined he would do the right thing. I am sure the people who sell the Bible software would be aghast that Bancarz when I asked him to have Doreen Virtue return the swindled money via her Dec 2017 angel intuitive event told me she does not owe new age people anything but truth & Jesus . I am sure they won’t be fond of his enabling fraud against the Bible to those he claims he wants to witness to . The video April 2018 where Virtue declares she can’t live in a small apartment due to her parents entitlement , combined with the video about how her father insisted on having his own seperate home on her property that comes at the cost of refunds to swindled new age people not getting justice might be very interesting if this breaks to the 700 club.. I have the video saved of Doreen Virtue trashing them on his show .. I am sure they will love seeing that. I am sure they will just love seeing him not challenge her that she would continue to take profit by demonic items made while possessed due to her greed & that part of that formula was the entitlement of her two adult sons who are both mediums from what I found online.

        Bancarz has trashed Deepak Chopra client Lady Gaga if I am reading this right .
        If Virtue sues: ask the Gaga fans to help with crowdfunding … http://www.wakingtimes.com/2016/04/17/lady-gaga-really-experienced-awakening-nope/

        Lisa keep the email forwarded by me to you & Reid Tracy tied to Bancarz having received before his April 2018 live stream with Virtue : clear evidence of Doreen Virtue’s prior Jesus testimonial of 2016 & her being born again as a teen & her April 2017 Jesus testimonial which echoes the same & how she lied about her divorce agreement with her 4th ex spouse it would clearly seem from her property holding in that video & her lies to exploit new age ppl telling them she lived in 1,000 sq foot postage stamp home when she lived ov 20,000 sq foot mega compound & her realm reader scam among other things..

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          It would have to go to court in the UK. It’s amazing how much money she would have to find out of thin air for an international lawsuit when she claims she couldn’t afford to keep the rescue animals or refund her students. We have more evidence than we know what to do with. Don’t worry – we have it all saved.

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