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Chakra Clearing Certification Course with Doreen Virtue

ETA 6 Feb 2018: Three days after exposing Doreen Virtue’s double dealings in foreign countries and the chakra course has just now been taken off the menu on the Italian site… but the automated oracle readings are still there. You can ask questions of the the Angels HERE and the Unicorns HERE. Most shocking of all, she is still selling TAROT decks on this site!! Maybe they will disappear too now that I have pointed out to English-speaking readers that Doreen still encourages ORACLE & TAROT READINGS on her Italian site. Let’s see…

ETA 11 Feb 2018: The Chakra Clearing course was presumably pulled from Doreen’s site by the company that manage it for her at her request. Why did she not request to have all her New Age courses from their site while she was at it? They are still selling her Card Reader course which means she is still making money from teaching people how to connect with ‘lower energy’ and engaging in practices that are ‘detestable to the Lord.’

Yesterday, it became apparent that Doreen Virtue had participated in the German New Age Flow! event. I posted about it on my Facebook Profile page. As usual, Doreen found out about my post. I’m not sure who from camp DV is monitoring my posts, but you may recall it wasn’t long ago they made several significant changes to the ‘From Christianity to New Age’ book after I reviewed it (including removing a sentence where Doreen Virtue dissed New Agers). She issued an official statement with regards to the German event:

Doreen Virtue claims she didn't know she was taking part in the German New Age event

A couple of people asked some relevant questions in response to this post… This one stood out to me – mainly because Doreen quite incredibly actually answered the question (well, sort of) rather than just block and delete which is what used to happen to many of us on her student forums…

And this is Doreen’s reply…

Doreen Virtue logical impossibility

So, if this is a valid ‘skill set,’ why the need to disavow her old teachings… and to go several steps further and denounce them, referring to those who use this skill set outside her own very specific religious context as ‘detestable to the Lord.’ If the skill set was valid, how come it made Doreen Virtue get everything she taught in the past so incredibly wrong in the eyes of her new fundamentalist followers?

Could it be that Doreen never had the skills she claimed to have? Is it possible that renaming and repackaging products and courses isn’t going to fool as many of her Christian followers as she hoped? Who will buy her repackaged oracle cards which are now called ‘divine guidance cards’? Could it be that she needs the income of her New Age products to pay for the upkeep of her million dollar house (yes, that’s what Doreen means by downsizing)?

My own response to her denial of knowledge of the Flow! event is copied and pasted from my FB page earlier this morning:

Thank you, Doreen and fans of Doreen’s, for being such avid readers of my posts. Since it has now become apparent that Doreen doesn’t know she is being part of New Age promotions and conferences, can I please alert you to the fact that all of Doreen’s New Page products are being pushed in Italy on a Facebook Page in her name, which I’m sure she is in no way associated with or aware of  😏

As for Doreen Virtue not profiting from being part of the Flow! event, can she please tell us where the money from the book sales went? Did she donate these profits to the kind people who took care of the rescue animals that had been promised their forever homes?

Angel Therapy is Doreen Virtue’s own company and is not managed by Hay House at all as far as I can see on the Italian site. This means that she is not under contractual obligation to sell her New Age courses there. Yet she is, and my Italian friends tell me that most people in Italy have no idea about Doreen Virtue’s conversion to fundamentalist Christianity.

I decided to check some facts and figures out on Similarweb. My Italian friends aren’t lying about Doreen Virtue being a big name in Italy. She ranks in the 5,000’s on Similarweb (meaning only 4,000+ other sites get more traffic than hers).

Does Doreen Virtue not know that this site which peddles many of her New Age products and some of her courses exist? Does the right hand not know what the left hand is doing? Who is getting the money from the sales on this site? Why is so little effort made to put the message across – on Doreen Virtue’s own site – that she herself now finds these teachings and practices to be ‘detestable to the Lord‘?

As far as I know there is no other owner to the Angel Therapy franchise than Doreen Virtue herself. If I’m wrong, please step forward and correct me.

Is Doreen only getting the takings for the courses sold on this site or is it all going to charity? Why sell this course that Doreen Virtue would now advise her new following is of lower energy/demonic. The course is selling at a reduced price of €165… What a bargain for learning how to open portals to demon possession! I jest of course, but these fundamentalist Christians that co-authored from New Age to Christianity genuinely believe this to be the case.

chakra clearing course doreen virtue order button


To the Italian audience landing on Doreen’s web site, it appears that her Chakra Clearing course is brand new and her latest offering…

as if nothing has really changed.

And Doreen clearly doesn’t want the world to know about this. Someone posted on Doreen’s FB page to ask about this and the question (below) was almost instantly deleted… Deleting questions like this is not a smart move. It makes people want to investigate further…

question for doreen virtue about chakra certification course

ETA 4 February: As expected, Doreen Virtue now claims on her latest Mornings with the Lord video that she had no idea that her foreign publishers were still promoting her New Age courses and materials. So she has been profiting from New Age publications and courses being sold across the world on non-English-speaking sites for over a year since her conversion, raking in the money and not realising where all those millions were coming from? Please DV fans, tell me you are not that stupid! 






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  1. Hello Lisa, I found your blog doing a Google search for a card image, and spent several time yesterday and today surfing the Tarot Spreads (which I appreciated very much). Then I came into DV topic. I am in friendship with the Celtic Fairy on Facebook, and I am also the Fairyologist student who was banned from the group for talking about Ascended Masters Oracle Cards (versus Keepers of the Light by Kyle Gray, but this part was omitted). I know the matter much more than DV, because I studied Theosophy and Gnosis before, and Metaphysics after, and I am also a Wiccan since 2001. I still use some of DV decks for my lectures, both public (on my page) and private, together with a lot of other HH Oracle and Tarot decks, but I use also a lot of Australian decks and a couple of Italian ones. Yes, I am Italian, but even if I started reading Tarots in 1999, I have no certification. I bought some DV courses with discounts, but no Oracle or Tarot ones, because, frankly, I needn’t them. Unfortunately there is an Italian blogger who takes profit from DV courses and Italian decks, and blocked also my Astrology work with the terrible Astrology 101… her last buy is Crystal Angels in Italian version (I bought the English one, but had to wait more than 3 months because Italian mailing service lost the pack from UK) and now she claims to be a crystal therapy like me… with only a card deck… while I’m studying since 2004… but I was speaking about the Italian decks, which, btw, cost much more than original and are of lesser quality. MyLife in about six months published Fairy Tarots, Butterflies, Angels of Abundance, Archangel Gabriel and Crystal Angel, and soon will publish Archangel Raphael and Healing with Fairies. For not speaking about the books… Whom go the profits? In Italy Doreen is still loved and most followed… Blessings of Light from Morgan Le Fay, admin of WP blog and FB page “Avalon l’Isola delle Mele”

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      Hi Morgan Le Fay, I’m sorry but I don’t know exactly how the profit from foreign language deck sales are divided up. What is certain is that DV only gave up royalties for the Tarot decks so all other decks that are being sold with her name on it, she still receives royalties from. You do you and you can’t go far wrong. Feel free to point Italian customers and clients in the direction of this site, as well so they can find out the truth about DV. I know not everybody speaks English but I will install a google translate app they can use. Like you, I was already in business and had studied way more in-depth than the DV courses could ever provide. Life goes on and I know better now than to pay for someone else’s name and fame. Blessings to you! <3 Lisa

  2. You’re amazing Lisa! Thank the stars that there is someone as tenacious as you nipping at this charlatans heels. I, and many others, would not have had the stamina and you have achieved results! Absolute champion for what is just and fair. Makes my Mars in Libra 9th House so happy 🙂 xo

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  3. Thanks for sharing; I think a lot of DV fans don’t know about this two-faced behavior.
    If she really doesn’t know then she needs to acquaint herself with products using her name. At the very least this demonstrates incompetence… or bold faced lying.

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      Yes, that’s what I thought. Gross incompetence and negligence and definitely not someone whose business I would want to support. But I’m betting on the lying 😛

      1. For years I bought Doreen’s Angel cards and books, I also bought Louise Hays books until I had an epiphany that they were charlatans just out to make millions. I realised the whole concept of Louise Hay was that she healed herself from cancer by positive thoughts and healthy eating yet she has no proof she ever had cancer as no medical evidence or Doctor can confirm..sorry bit off topic but I then further researched Doreen and also realised that her PHD in psychology was bogus too. I felt cheated really for buying into their messages but to fair I was only young!! Really I believe the only thing these women are experts in is how to make a fortune. They change their tune to suit their bank balance.

        1. I’m just glad I never built my own understanding of the Angelic realm around DV’s teachings. It never resonated. I thank my higher wisdom for sticking to my guns on that and working with the planetary rulers instead. I still used her cards but with my own twist/understanding… Now I can’t even look at her cards… Got rid of most of them. One or two decks still left just because I haven’t got around to shifting them yet. 😛

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  4. In any normal business transaction, if a product becomes defective (or, as in this case, invalid), the business owner refunds the money for the defective product. That is how proper business is conducted. In the case of Ms. Virtue, however, she has closed down websites, refused refunds, and is currently collecting monies from sales of her products in other countries. If Ms. Virtue would contact me (and countless others) and offer refunds for the books, cards and courses that she has made millions off of for the last 20+ years, she would never hear from me again. Such is not the case. This is why I am thankful for Lisa Eddy and her determination to print the truth. If I can’t get my money back, then the least I can get is some satisfaction knowing that Ms. Virtue will not be able to dupe other unsuspecting people in the future. I will continue to support Lisa’s efforts. This is not obsession….. This is determination that the truth about a con artist extraordinaire be brought to light

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      Absolutely spot on, Marti. You know, Doreen’s refusal to issue those refunds is just further proof about the lack of sincerity in this CONversion. Thinking about the Bible story about Zaccheus in Luke 19:8 – ‘But Zacchaeus stood up and said to the Lord, “Look, Lord! Here and now I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount.’

      1. Exactly!!! I would also quote Mark 10:25. “It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God”. Perhaps because the love of money is the root of all evil…… I guess DV and the other prosperity folks have not read the entire Bible.

  5. Thanks for continuing to make people aware of the way that spiritual charlatans will cheat us.
    Doreen has chosen a new path, and that is not the issue. It was never the issue. The problem is that she is continuing to play to both sides to profit from both.
    If she was genuinely abandoning New Age practices, she would have done so, and wouldn’t be slyly selling New Age courses elsewhere. It’s unfair to the Christians who are buying into her new work, and the New Age crowd who are being duped as well.
    As a Christian, I don’t deny Christ to anyone. Jesus never turned anyone away. But what he did have a problem with was duplicity and hypocrisy.

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      Thank you, for sharing your point of view as a Christian, Rachey. You are so right that this was never about Doreen’s change of path, as she is trying to con people into believing. A charlatan, is a charlatan, is a charlatan no matter what path they claim to be on. She now claims she is waging spiritual warfare against the lower energies working through her detractors… I wish someone would enlighten her that it is impossible to wage spiritual warfare against the truth. Such a waste of energy. We can easily deflect whatever nasty energy she sends our way because we stand firm in Truth, infinite Love, Power and Wisdom <3

  6. When a fraud and charlatan like Doreen Virtue is on the loose we need someone like Lisa to continue exposing her. I thank you Lisa for doing this and being able to continue posting articles like these. The truth must get out there. Especially when we know that Doreen herself actually reads these articles. She really needs to know that not everyone are blind enough to not see what she’s really doing and what’s going on. I’m glad I woke up and I hope many many more will too and that very soon *keeping fingers crossed*
    Hugs to you Lisa and stay strong <3

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  7. Thanks for summarizing. It requires courage to speak about this topic in public. I really appreciate you for this. Many people are aware that Doreen is a fraud and false spiritual teacher who stole her angel material from other authors, claimed to channel the angels and having had visions she never had. Many Christians and people in the New Age, her former students, co-workers, etc. who know her well are aware that she is a fraud but not many dare to speak up. All of those who spoke up on her facebook site to create an awareness for her fraud have been directly banned by Doreen. She does not want her fraud to come out, neither does she want a fair and honest dialogue with people….but no matter what, truth always comes to light. No matter how many comments Doreen deletes and how many people she bans. Many have fallen for her victim game in the beginning as we experience here in this case again. The flow! Summit was advertised for months with her picture on the top photo and a link to her own site, not to Hay House. Of course she was aware that it took place and the money went into her pocket. Being trapped by her Christian camp she turns around facts, playing the poor victim who did not know. We have seen it so often. Instead of taking responsibility for her own actions she blames the devil, enemy, people, etc. All false prophets, spiritual teachers, gurus, etc. play this game. Please be careful everyone and use your discernment.

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      Thanks Angelika, and thanks also for alerting us to Doreen’s involvement in the flow! event. As a German-speaker, you were able to give an accurate account of what went down there. I’ve had to rely on my Italian friends for help with what is happening there and how Doreen isn’t known as anything other than the ‘Angel Lady.’ It’s shocking to think that people will actually believe her now that she claims in her lates Morning with the Lords video that she didn’t know how she was being promoted abroad (obvsiouly in response to this article). It’s been more than one year of her receiving funds for her New Age teachings in foreign countries (probably millions of dollars). There is no way she would not know but she is hoping yet another lie will fly… and it will because people don’t like to think for themselves.

  8. She told people someone told her about it. She called Hayhouse to complain and they said they would look into it.She was not happy about it.

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      It is not likely that she wasn’t aware of The German event (which I assume you are referring to rather than what this article is actually about). They have been advertising for a couple of months. It is more likely that she had a knee-jerk reaction because she was found out. Either way, as I do show in the article she is still – without a doubt – actively marketing New Age materials.

  9. Why are you so obsessed with her? Don’t you have a life of your own? Criticising her and still promoting your card readings. …That is distasteful and such a low move….. probably there is a lot of contracts around her courses and products. Where are yours?

    Stop spreading hate. You are simply frustrated because you don’t have and you will never have the amount of success that she had and has.

    1. Post

      Is that how you counter facts… with assumptions about my morals? I would much rather the proper media channels expose her since the only platform/voice I have is a middling blog and it would be faster if someone like OM Times Magazine wrote the truth about all this. However, nobody in Spirit Biz will touch it with a barge pole out of fear of seeming ‘negative.’ I don’t give a shit about how I come across – I care more about the truth. I’m quite happy to stay the size I am (business-wise), so your assumption about my aspirations for success is wrong. Hopefully, once the authorties deal with the bigger financial issues, this will get the media exposure it deserves so that people who continue to be conned by Doreen (used to be me!) can start spending their hard-earned cash on better things… Like maybe study the sources from which Doreen borrowed the material that she hastily threw together in her multiple publications and never believed in herself.

      What’s wrong with promoting card readings if you don’t feel there is anything wrong with card readings? The problem with Doreen is that she is promoting practices that she has disavowed and profiting from products and services that she claim are ‘detestable to the Lord.’ I have made no such claims, so my conscience is clear in that respect.

    2. It’s fine to be successful, but not fine to build your success by engaging in questionable practices. It’s not ok that she puts down the students and practices that made her wealthy. It’s not ok that she denounced her former work and refuses student refunds. We deserve to know the truth- I’m glad this blog is sharing it.

      Also as someone who formerly has taken courses from Doreen and followed her weekly readings, I have learned far more from Lisa about tarot. Lisa knows her stuff- if Doreen is successful it’s due to a sales personality and an effective marketing campaign. It’s not because she was a proficient reader

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        Thanks Jasmin, so glad to hear you’ve found this site valuable for learning the Tarot. Doreen has always had a massive PR machine behind her. I am embarrassed to admit that I fell for some of the sales tactics myself. At least HH made good and refunded everyone, if only the business woman Doreen would take a leaf out of their book and do the Christian thing.

        1. I think a lot of us fell for it- she was charming. So it’s good you’re talking about this because it might help others from getting sucked in

    3. So so much wrong with your comment! Its hard to know where to begin! Except Is that you Doreen (kidding)!??? Enjoying your SUCCESS AT RIPPING PEOPLE OFF?? Also telling the TRUTH is not spreading hate its simply helping people to make an informed decision and to have all the facts. I for one am happy I have found this site it confirms what I already knew that Doreen Virtue is full of XX it. I bought her books and cards and I would love a refund actually.

  10. Holy moly has she no conscience? What a lying liar that lies!
    Every time she is caught doing something she says she isn’t doing she pulls out the victim card. Oh boo hoo I didn’t know…I’m so innocent…blah blah blah. More lies. How do we know doreen is lying? Her mouth is moving, she’s making vdieos and belching out card decks left and right. May the real jesus actually help her soul.

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