Grisly Ending to Doreen Virtue’s Rescue Pigs

This post is very hard for me to write… I’ve been crying this morning since I received the latest video evidence…

For quite some time now, we have been trying to find out what happened to the rescue ranch animals from Doreen Virtue’s Avalon Animal Rescue ranch. Doreen Virtue promised that all her animals were given to vegan friends on the island

Sadly, this turns out to be yet another lie… I woke up an email with a video link with evidence of Doreen Virtue selling rescue ranch animals for slaughter. Look what happened to the poor pigs that had been promised sanctuary… The YouTube video below has been deleted, no doubt on Doreen’s orders. I saved a copy. HERE is the link.

You can watch the original video clip that was taken with a phone camera in the video below (this was deleted too – HERE is the link for the copy I saved):

You can find out what happened with Doreen Virtue’s original Rescue Ranch Promo piece for West Hawaii Today HERE. West Hawaii Today then wrote another fluff piece, to give credence to how all the Virtue rescue ranch animals were now safe in the homes of other vegans who according to Doreen Virtue volunteered to look after them.

The Earth Angel site that Doreen Virtue used to illegally solicit for donations is still down. It was taken down shortly after I published a post on FB revealing that it is illegal in the state of HI to solicit for donations for an unregistered charity.

West Hawaii Today are hugely culpable for this cover-up as I presented them with evidence of illegal solicitation and asked them to investigate what really happened to those rescue ranch animals. Instead they chose to do another promo piece for Doreen Virtue.

Thankfully, people around the world are beginning to see through Doreen Virtue’s propaganda machine. They are waking up to the truth that she lied to West Hawaii Today about funding the rescue ranch completely out of her own pocket. (You can read the story of one person who donated $100 that she could ill afford here.) They are waking up to the truth that sadly not all the rescue ranch animals are safe or even alive any more…

Those poor pigs didn’t even have clean water and there is Doreen trying to pawn them off for the highest possible ‘free range’ slaughter price to people who are clearly not vegans.

And Doreen Virtue is still not offering refunds to all the people who bought courses on the promise that they were funding rescue animals to be ‘safe in their forever home.’

doreen virtue animal rescue donation page earth angel site

ETA 30 April: When Doreen Virtue first acquired these pigs, she made a ‘happy pigs’ promo video:

I compared the images in the original video clip above with Doreen’s own video and almost instantly identified the pig below as being present in both videos… a bit older and dirtier in the video where Doreen is trying to sell her pigs but definitely, undeniably the same…



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  1. Doesn’t Doreen as a Christian, know that the bible speaks against suing others, also remaining in an adulterous marriage?

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  2. This is all such a mess and so sad for those animals. Thank you Lisa for all the work you have done.

    Doreen I ‘ve sent Michael several emails regarding my refund. Could you ask him to reply please as he seems to be ignoring me. Much obliged.

  3. Hi everyone, this Doreen Virtue.

    Lisa, you need to stop making up lies about me! I did NOT sell the pigs! That’s a new low level of slander and libel. They were given for free to friends of ours in Hawaii. And for the record, we had full-time ranch hands giving them fresh water twice a day.

    I have done my best to ignore you exploiting me to sell your tarot card readings and boost your monetizing. You’ve gone too far this time, and I am contacting an attorney to sue you for libel and slander. It will be a slam-dunk court case because I have records to prove that everything you’ve said about me is a lie.

    I don’t know why you continue to persecute me, when I gave you a refund, and everything I have told everyone about my animals is the truth. I have been a vegan for 22 years, and I wouldn’t harm a fly. Are you a vegan Lisa? Do you eat animals?

    I’m sorry that my conversion to following Jesus has upset you, but persecuting me it’s not the path of peace. If you would spend as much time focusing on your own path, as you seem to be obsessed with me, you could have peace.

    I forgive you, but there needs to be consequences to your adolescent acting-out behavior.


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      Doreen, I have had nothing to gain financially from sharing your shennaningans with the world. If anything, it has cost my business and reputation… because as you yourself say, it has made it seem as if I am ‘obsessed’ with you. I just represent those of us who want justice and I don’t have the money or the media machine that you have. PR-wise you would always win this, as is proven by the fact that you still have countless loyal followers who call me ‘Child of Satan’ etc. I would have stopped blogging long ago unless others had kept sending me information about you and how your moderators and partner treat those who want refunds. Anybody who uses Google AdSense knows what a joke your statement about monetization is. I have a small-ish blog and my earnings haven’t changed substantially from that for writing about you. I keep sharing information about you because you keep refusing refunds and you keep refusing to share where the animals that people donated to keep safe in their forever homes are. You set yourself up as an unregistered charity and you used those animals to solicit funds… Then you expect the world to just quietly accept that they were ‘given to friends.’ I’m sorry but considering all that I find it really easy to believe this video evidence where you talk about selling a pig for $6,000. That is your voice. Those are your pigs. You want to drag me through court for fighting for justice on behalf of fellow students and animals? Be my guest – Let’s do this! If you have proof that all 16 pigs are safe, I’ll quite happily take this post down but untill you refund everyone who asked, you’ll really struggle to shut me up. FYI I own nothing. I know the truth doesn’t always win in a court of law, especially when the lie is being backed by big money but I’m not afraid.

      1. Doreen, if you think you have a right to sue me, please do. I noticed that on your latest video you refer to the people you are going to sue in plural, so I’m sure I must be on the list too.

        I make a loss on my own blog so I don’t really know what you mean about people making money from you though!

        Does this mean the video that has been shared is fake, did somebody fake your voice?

      2. Lisa,
        I notice that she would rather engage in an international lawsuit than just refund a few people and provide some detailed explanation to where her animals went.
        That speaks volumes.
        Thank you for your work

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          1. Doreen, this has nothing to do with Christianity or with your conversion. I am an Evangelical Christian and I love Jesus. We donated to your rescue ranch in good faith because we trusted you and wanted to help and support your project. You promised to give the animals a forever home but dissolved their home only after 1 year. Of course the donors are shocked and want to know if the animals which they supported are safe. We care for them. If someone runs an animal sanctuary by heart he has no problem to be transparent to his donors. This is his own interest because he loves his animals and has nothing to hide. Why are you not simply giving us evidence that they ae safe? It is so easy. First you took donations from good hearted people and finally you blame them for caring and asking for transparency. You even want to sue them and declared a spiritual warfare, Christianity versa donors of your rescue ranch who are guided by the enemy, the devil, as you said in your bible video. Just ridiculous! Someone who has nothing to hide needn’t threaten people. This is not trustworthy at all and becomes more strange every time I hear anything from you concerning this matter and of course it is your voice in this video.

    2. Hi Doreen,

      May I ask, why not just share the evidence to the contrary? Why go through the long and tedious process of litigation?

      I understand that having this said about you is stressful, however, you are here making accusatory remarks that Lisa is posting to make money of you. You will have to prove this in court.

      Persecution seems like a hotword for you right now, which is understandable. I wish to speak for everyone that following Jesus is not the issue. It is about the refunds that did not happen, the asking for money when it was not appropriate, the missing animals from the ranch.

      Right these wrongs, prove these are not true, and all will be well.

    3. All this chatter, Doreen, but you could just share the outcome of the animals.

      I’m sure Lisa and the rest of us would love to be wrong about this! We all have Christian friends, stop trying to reframe this as religious persecution. This is about your business practices and failure to be transparent about your unregistered animal rescue “charity”

    4. Also? Calling out your new particular flavor of Christianity for being intolerant and exclusive is not persecution. It’s part of free speech in a fair, diverse and just society. Persecution is what is carried out by individuals like yourself who claim to have the only pathway to truth.

    5. Doreen,

      This has NOTHING to do with Christanity. STOP playing the victim card. Many of us are Christians, and I highly doubt you are. You cannot keep hiding behind buzzwords like “divine guidance”. You will look like a nut in court.

      Quite frankly, nothing you do or say seems genuine and you must think we’re all stupid to not see your blatant pandering to whatever religion or widespread belief is in fashion. It’s no coincidence that when things got rocky in the world scene when Trump got elected you had all these radical changes in points of view. End-timers will give all they have to feel comforted. I don’t think you’re love-based, or fear-based, you’re $$$$-based!

      You’d better hope there aren’t any pathopsychologists in the courtroom, sweetie, because you’re as transparent as Saran Wrap.

    6. Doreen ,

      You are absolutely right ! There needs to be consequences to YOUR adolescent acting-out behavior, Doreen. But you think consequence are for everyone but YOU the entitled female egoist.

      Your failure to take responsibility for the wake of harm behind you via your lies ,deceits & seeming never ending excuses to hurt others & try to blame everyone else but yourself for what you do , what you say .. what you publish I would call adolescent but I suspect most 15 yr olds have more moral responsibility for their actions than you take . I fear comparing you to adolescent in lack of taking responsibility for what you do might offend good adolescents. . Doreen there is therapy for those like you who seem to be totally sociopathic & narcissistic .. It might not cure you, but it could help contain some of the the harm in your wake.

      I still remember clearly my utter horror watching you give out wrong suicide information to a black mom of an actively suicidal son & your telling his mom one of the most lethal myths on suicide & then your trying to use the situation to make more profit & sell more of your latest books telling the mom that you were going to help her. You told Hay House staff to get the mom your latest book on Mother Mary & you told them all that Mary is the Queen of the Angels & you worked with the angels as they all knew & that your book placed unread on the mom’s night stand unread would help heal of the energy of the home & the situation.. You made a black suicidal man’s life absolutely disposable in your life & when I wrote Reid Tracy & challenged him that he needed to make your lies right & to dump your fraudlent tushie you did not do the right thing to make right your harm but threatened to sue me ..

      I remember the moment I read that email .I remember the moment I prayed & decided to put it all on the line to protect people from your non stop scams . You then kept putting out massively lethal wrong vaccine info out to the public & scammed people in Chronic & Acute pain in lies they could be pain free if they bought your book with Robert Reeves.

      I had written Reid Tracy & called out that you said there were no fallen angels & challenged him to explain does that mean when Jesus was tempted in dessert was that a statement by you that the Bible was false or were you alleging Jesus was crazy . I called out to Reid your defiling Sacred Holy CATHOLIC art work of the Blessed Virgin Mary & the Baby Jesus putting them on oracle deck blasphemously against all that Jesus lived & Mary lives .. I note you are still taking profit by this blasphemy that you did with that deck & with all your products that you are now claiming in your latest reframe you made while possessed. Doreen to profit by the demonic because you will not follow what you promised the new age to sell all you have to follow Jesus is your grave sin. You trash new age people & tell them they are going to hell & yet you profit by demonic products .. oh what lack of love resides in .. you degenerate vile woman. What not a reason for Jesus you live by your non stop schemes run on new age people ( IE your mass simony event with Hay House Dec 2017 where you risked the souls of thousands in greed out of your lack of love when simony warrants the 2nd death & your scam against new age type people from Japan who did not speak English where you for money defiled them via your March 2018 Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card reader class where you in your disdain for the soul of Radleigh Valentine tried to lure him to come teach what is an abomination before God by your own standards to the group all for your GREED. Then you lured another occultist oracle card maker to come defile the group from Japan because you did not love Jesus or them or the other occultist. )

      I wrote Reid &called out that you were taking away entire food groups from people to impose your whacked eating disorder issues on the new age. You took away food groups tied to the miracles of Jesus Christ & that could harm new age children but you did not care for all that mattered was your ego & your power to impose you will on others.Book after book of lies in the name of angels that you to this day profit by for you do not want to serve Jesus Christ but just play Christian right Doreen? I am so tied of your act.. Time to get real.

      I called out to Reid Tracy over 5 yrs ago that your simony game you ran directly & via Hay House was sheer up fraud .. I know he passed those emails I wrote him on to you .. that is how you got the email to have the attorney threaten to sue me . You knew you were committing mass sin that could harm everyone via your simony 5 yrs ago but you did not love God or true intuition or others .. It was all about what you could get away to get money out of people. You have lived others existing to feed your pockets , for info to make products or to feed your ego is it any wonder other children shunned you the exploiter who uses people as if they did not matter as individual persons.

      You defiled the new age with infused stupidity ..
      You defile the Bible with degenerate false teachings that are so horrible Lisa Eddy who knows the Bible so much better than you do , that she can’t even stand to listen to you twist the word of God.

      You speak without care of knowing of what you are saying for who cares of truth when it’s all about ego & self enrichment? You take no responsibility for the harm of your lies in play to others for YOU seem utterly unable to have true love & empathy for others beyond the act you put on to get their sympathy to exploit them .. Playing them like a fiddle at the expense of all you seek.. true love. .

      Your students have the right to full refunds on all your false spriitual gift certifications per the Bible which calls you a FRAUD .

      The Bible is clear that none can buy a gift of God & to even try is mortal sin per the Apostle Peter who unlike you loved Jesus Christ. You have asserted you know better than the first Pope & the Bible every time you claim your prior spiritual gift certifications are all valid. What a vile egotistical woman to think she knows better than St Peter. But the authority of the church that calls you to do what is right is not the voice you want to hear right Doreen? For you do not serve Jesus .. You service yourself in this act..You will not take up the cross of your sin & abuses to others you made with your vile act. You don’t want to follow the Christ & take up your cross right Doreen ? So screw others & justice for Doreen does not want to be a real Christian while she plays Christian mystic ? Is that how you want to play this.. That so is not what Christ calls you to Girl.

      U stand against the justice the Bible calls you to & the Bible says those who deny justice will face God’s justice & wrath. .

      U stand against the requirement to admit your lies as YOUR lies & to beg forgiveness of those you lied to & about. You disobey the Lord to make it right with those you have harmed before you would dare come to the table of the Lord.

      U stand against your moral obligation to admit you risked lives in wrong suicide info.. anti vaccine info.. that you served up your fans to grave medical harm at Hay House for your sheer greed.

      U stand against your moral obligation to refund the poor you swindled & to show the loving vegans where every single one of the rescue ranch animals went & if even one was killed you must refund all the people all the donations , all the ebay auction bids.. all the classes you sold them that would support these animals.

      U as a psychologist used your skills to lead people into delusions & you have failed to admit you lied to people telling them they are incarnated leprechauns.. fairies, mermaids, angels , aliens . You kept leading people to such delusions after your baptism for you did not love them but only the money you make by exploiting them . You violated all the ethics of the field of psychology over & over & over while you touted you had training in it.

      U used your family to give you false legitimacy to exploit ppl as new age guru telling us all that your father taught you all how to manifest the family car & now you dare use your father’s entitlement at the expense of justice that the Bible calls you to to keep monies swindled because your vile father is entitled to be supported by the economic resources of your demonic activity done to new age people. What type of Father or Mother would let you use their greed to keep swindled money ? They are not entitled to be supported by new age fraud that might cost new age people their souls & if they ask you to do keep doing that they do not love you or others.

      Would you rather lose the soul of Lisa Eddy , Ursula & etc to Heaven than tell your father & mother they can move into low income senior center & your grown kids can earn their own way as over 30 yr old people because you can’t actually do what is right & love others ?

      You basically went on Bancarz live stream from what I perceived & told Christians you can’t live in a tiny apartment due to family obligations rather than admit your whole family was part of the reason you hurt so many & they are no valid reason or excuse not to refund people.

      U stand against your moral obligation per the Bible to not do hypocritical judgement.

      U defiled all who twined to you in the new age getting them to violate all they professed as holy & true & that they claimed they served & now you defile Bancarz.

      U make everything of faith an income stream opportunity & nothing of true service to others. Everything has its twist to serve your greed & ego & its sick .

      Today is #nationaldayofprayer & I pray for your predatory soul Doreen .
      I know you are exploitative l but I don’t want you to roast in hell like a marshmallow Doreen & if I can divert that I want to but your behavior of lies & harm will lead you there no matter. There is nothing holy , nothing true nothing but the profit Doreen seeks to make off all of you .

      Sell all you have to pay off the defrauded & go follow Jesus & move into a tiny apartment Doreen.
      You said you would, so now go do it.
      It will not kill you .. just your selfish entitlement.
      Do penance for your mortal sins.
      Stop with the excuses & lies..

      Lisa is a good lady & she stands for justice for her fellow new age people.

      Lisa, how blessed is the soul of Doreen Virtue to draw to her such a passionate caring cut through the bullshit teacher as YOU ! Keep teaching her Lisa.. How Blessed she is in you who reflects back to her the reality of who she is lived that she does not want to see about herself.

      How much you love her & the new age to do this great work Lisa. ..

      Any can tell another what they want to hear..
      Love is telling another what they need to hear while they harm themselves , harm others & might harm you for it.

    7. Doreen, ALL you need to do is provide evidence that those animals are safe, apologise for how you have disrespected us, and refund the money we paid to keep those animals “healthy, happy and safe” in their “forever homes” . That’s it! It’s not actually all that difficult really, is it?!
      Lisa speaks for many of us, believe me. We all know the truth. We have done for a long time.

    8. I must say that regarding every online “mini-roast” post I have seen were mostly people questioning their funds being misused. These are indeed the most polite and kind people I have ever found leaving comments on line to date. I have seen multiple peoples posts and even the video rants when I was trying to figure out what happened to cause the ruckus. I have had friends that have been harassed online much worse for much much less. So when it comes to that kind of thing Doreen you are fairing pretty well. I do not see it as “classy lady”,loving or kind at all to attack your former supporters especially the women in business that YOU yourself created. And since this is a business you have washed your hands of and are no longer in the lime light, how is any of that libel? After a while the ship seems to right itself and many a churches I have attended preach against suing anyone for anything…FYI they look down upon it just so you know. Plus all of your detractors are posting in one spot, the ease of not having to search all over the internet to see whats being said.(my attempt at humour)

      On the other hand for those digging the knife in, regardless Doreen has asked to move on and I don’t see why the beating the dead unicorn really needs to go on any longer. Everyone has already pretty much let their feelings out.

      And it seems a bit self centered that you seem to still be under the delusion that this is about your change of faith, as many people over and over have told you that its not until they are purple in the face. That doesn’t mean along with this (related to your choice as no one ever goes “backwards” in religion) that everyone cannot comment and state their thoughts on it, its called freedom of speech. Look beyond yourself .. These all seem to be very nice people, I think you should work with them on a one by one basis and resolve their issues. Then they will most certainly give you glowing reviews and apologize for anything they have said. Don’t get carried away remember they are Indigo children!

      IF you are really sincere on this change, poor Doreen, now you have old Christian marm’s to deal with.. I wish you luck in that, you are going to need all of your psychology training. Regardless of your next attack plan, I don’t wish ill will on you lady, and I don’t think anyone here really does…thats all you.
      ~Thats my hay penny.

  4. From what I am seeing, she really knew her audience. This upset me SO much, I’d had enough, so I posted an image on my old instagram account that if you use/post her or Hayhouse products, don’t flatter yourself, you’re no witch. I mean, if anyone apart from Vegans should be up in arms about this, it’s the Witches right? Ha! I mean, the fact that Hayhouse and co have been ripping off Pagan messages for years and sending them out as new age woowoo is crazy, you would totally expect them to be full of positive passion. Anyway, I wrote about your post here and asked them to look into that sweet pigs eyes, then post their pics. I also told them to reread the chapters in their Wiccan books, as they’re all sooooooooo knowledgable about the old, natural ways (apparently), and to pay special attention to the bits about tending to the creations of the Goddess, which, obviously, these sweet little creations fit into that category. But, as you can no doubt guess, it received a few likes and a lot of self-serving comments. Lots of people inserting themselves into the equation, babbling on about ‘their’ thoughts, whilst they do nothing. Lots of encouragement for me to simply bury my head in the sand and unfollow people, and a lot of clarity gained for me about the integrity of a LOT of people.

    I mean seriously, are pieces of paper and cardboard such an important part of a chosen path of individuality, that you will choose to ignore the plight of others, especially creations that are not able to help themselves, to serve yourself. You can see it so clearly, all of those books and decks about f^%^$^%$ everyone else, you are the only important thing in the world. For the last 25 years, this ugh she has no words, has been spreading the good word of selfishness, self-absorption, and self-servitude, no wonder there’s no litigation happening – no one even cares, so wrapped up in themselves they are. It’s just disgusting.

    Very obviously, this is totally present company exempt, and anyone who genuinely cares about this situation in it’s entirety. There’s no point cherry picking what’s good and what’s bad anymore. Decisions and judgements do have to be made against people like this, and you do need to speak out about it. There’s no love and light coming from her, or Hayhouse, and love and light sure did not save those animals. If love and light is what you want, lovingly light a match and ignite your decks and anything to do with these people, and stop supporting this machine of pure, selfish evil.

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      I hear you, Lilac Willow. I’ve been putting up with crappy comments of the kind you mention here since August last year. A Hay House bonfire on Beltane is not a bad idea. All my HH decks are gone already though. Hugs, Lisa

      1. Mine too, even the Wisdom of Avalon, my very first oracle that I’d had forever. I hope more people take a stand and actively boycott her work and everything Hayhouse, but after the self-serving dribble I have seen over the last few days, I won’t be holding my breath!

  5. I cried Lisa seeing the pig auction video. Those pigs seem malnourished. The pigs on the farm I spent time at long ago had much fatter pigs. Where did the money go to feed the animals? . I eat meat and I cried about those pigs not just for the pigs but also the betrayal of poorer vegans trust that Doreen Virtue violated. Do you remember when I posted to you months ago of the animals of my fear for the pigs and how the pigs better not have been made into bacon? That if the pigs get or got eaten hell will be to pay. Virtue risks human and animal life in greed and entitlement and it has me so so sad.

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    2. I meant to say this already, but after she “converted”she put up a blog about helping those who talk about committing suicide. Didn’t the angels say something to her about those who talk about it rarely do it? She’s either nuts or doing some serious backpedaling. Either way, time is up on her never-ending B.S. parade.

      1. Lance,

        DV is the queen of the false narrative of the moment.
        She forgets the lies she has put out before, she has so many of them and she thinks no one will find them .., thus she creates “new truths” of the moment to suit her latest target to exploit..

        She attacks her New age critics as working for the devil when it is she who struggles with any notion of truth.

        She seems to be a pathological liar .

  6. Thank you so much for sharing Lisa, I’ve added the link to my blog and video now. We had the feeling there was something up with where the animals went, and we were right. I have a feeling that Doreen will also receive accountability, and won’t give up shouting about it until she does! <3

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  7. Oh wow 🙁 I can’t even deal with that. How do you deal with that? At least we can attempt to defend ourselves. This is heartbreaking and horrendous 🙁

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  8. I am sooo sad for the animals. The worst expectations what could have happened to the rescue animals have come true…..and furthermore she profited double from these animals, first being she received donations given by donors in good faith that the animals are save in their forever home, second she profited again by selling them for slaughter. Where has her heart and conscience gone to do so? Thank goodness there are people who research and make the truth known.

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      Thank goodness, indeed. So many people have contributed to the wealth of information I have shared already and I haven’t even had time to share it all… there is more!!

  9. Doesn’t surprise me a bit! They were probably for sale all along for free range meat along with the other farm animals. She clearly said the money was much less than what she paid in the video. What happened to these poor animals being divinely guided to her home for rescue like I remember her telling everyone in one of her videos? She is such a liar! And yes they looked ill cared for. Looked more like feedlot pigs instead of free range. She’s cheating these customers too!

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      Yeah, I was thinking she was cheating the pig buyers too with telling the prospective buyer she was getting top price for them… It’s all such a mess.

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  10. She is absolutely repugnant! Narcissistic lying fraud that she is. I can’t believe I ever fell for any of her crap, and I’ve yet to see a refund for the Angelologist course that I bought SOLELY for the purpose of that fake f*cking Animal Sanctuary. Those poor animals!

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      Yes, that’s what I bought the Angelologist course for too… I was dubious about whether or not she was qualified to be teaching ‘a theological doctrine of angels.’ Turns out she absolutely wasn’t.

  11. She has turned out to be a terrible person and a fraud at that! I have trashed everything produced by Doreen. This is horrifying to read, but thank you for exposing the truth and letting us know about it. She has done a real disservice to the light worker and metaphysical community, as well as piss animal advocates off!

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