About Lisa

about lisa


Hello, my name is Lisa. Welcome to Angelorum! Angelorum means ‘of the Angels.’

My interest in all things occult, mystical and esoteric started when I was a young child. My grandmother had Saami ancestry and was a natural-born seer and medium. She would talk about things like seeing fairies or smelling the smoke of a ghost with a nicotine habit. She also had an uncanny habit of putting the kettle to boil just as the neighbour from up the road walked in without knocking. Locking doors or knocking wasn’t a thing up the North of Sweden back in the day.

So from a very young age, and much thanks to my grandmother, I was incredibly drawn to the more mysterious side of life. This is what prompted me to start studying numerology when I was only 10, for instance. But even before that, I had supernatural experiences of my own, like the OBE I talk about in this post.

My First Tarot Reading

Below is a picture outside my grandparents’ house in the North of Sweden. I was 16 years old and the year was 1986. The year before that, I did my first-ever tarot reading. It was for a friend. Without any training on how to read the cards, I was able to see that she was being abused by an older man.

It turned out that her mother’s partner, a priest in the Swedish state church, had been sexually abusing her. Before the reading she hadn’t told anybody about the abuse but after she finally found the courage to get help.

Me, age 16, in Ottervattnet, Västerbotten, Sweden.

The Start of a Faith Journey

Not long after the picture above was taken, I went to the USA on a high-school exchange year. The family I stayed with was Christian. So in 1987, I started going to church with them. Three weeks later I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. The church I went to was a fundamentalist Baptist church. They completely denied the existence of the spiritual reality I had grown up with. This led to cognitive dissonance as I tried to fit in.

After my return to Sweden, I stayed in the Evangelical faith system for a decade+ before doubt and religious trauma pushed me out. By then, I was going through my first divorce and had started studying the tarot in-depth. Around the same time, I completed my Dance Teacher training with the University College of Dance of Stockholm (2000).

Moving to the UK

I remarried in 2001 and moved to the UK with my second husband in 2002, the year my youngest daughter was born. It wasn’t long after my move to the UK that I started a practice of witchcraft. I also studied shamanism and Angel Magick. There really wasn’t a single occult or New Age practice that escaped me after that.

Due to unresolved childhood and religious trauma, I was unable to put roots down in any of these practices. I kept searching and learning until the day I finally learned to trust myself and my calling. In hindsight, I’m thankful for the constant search because everything I have learned now benefits my clients.

For many years, in spite of the emotional abuse I had suffered at church, I found myself missing the safety of belonging to a church family. I didn’t have enough understanding of religious trauma syndrome (RTS) or how to recover from it to be able to both deconstruct and reconstruct my faith on my own. When I left the church in my late 20s, I had a long healing journey ahead of me.

In April 2023 (now in my 50s), I can finally state without hesitation that I have recovered fully. I embrace my own path and practices and feel supported by Spirit in doing so.


In 2005 I got a Level 3 Certificate in Person-Centred Counselling. I completed the TABI endorsement process in 2007 but it would be another 14 years before I decided to go pro as a tarot reader. In 2014, I became a Certified Realm Reader™. I became a Certified Angel Card Reader™ as well as a Certified Bach Flower Essences Therapist in 2015. In 2016 I gained two Jikiden Reiki Certificates (Levels 1 & 2, i.e. Shoden and Okuden). I qualified as an Angel Medium in 2017 and am also a qualified Meditation instructor (2019). In 2022 I qualified as a Spiritual Counsellor, Crystal and Angel Reiki Healer.

In 2016, I was one of the UK Tarot Conference speakers. Fate & Fortune’s Take a Break Magazine and the Northern Echo have featured my work.

I have also created and published my tarot deck, the Frideborg Tarot. The tarot deck project I am working on now may or may not find its way into print. But essentially, the Wyld Godde Tarot is a deck I created as part of my religious trauma syndrome recovery.


In 2009, I trained in EFT. In March 2023, I completed a refresher course. It is such a gentle modality, yet so incredibly effective in terms of removing energy blocks caused by trauma. EFT tapping was instrumental in my recovery from RTS.

My Work with The Tarot

My work with the Tarot is constantly evolving. In some ways, I have come full circle to where I was when I did my first reading. I look at the cards and say what I see, trusting that it is by Divine appointment. And I now fully embrace my calling as a Seer and an Oracle.

Integral Soul Coaching

Being a healer at heart, I have spent the past quarter of a century or so, sampling and learning many of the vibrational healing modalities and coaching/counselling methods out there. I have come up with my own way of using a few of these modalities together with the Tarot. The modality I use in my Skype/Zoom calls is Integral Soul Coaching. This is a form of Tarot life coaching which focuses on spiritual healing and development.