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Hello, my name is Lisa. Welcome to Angelorum! Angelorum means ‘of the Angels.’ When I first started this site in 2015, I was deep into the New Age and all things occult. Unfortunately, I had fallen for the deception that you can ‘use’ the angels for magick (magick with a ‘k’ to differentiate it from stage magic).

My interest in all things occult, mystical and esoteric started when I was a young child. My grandmother had Saami ancestry and was a natural-born seer and medium. Her interests rubbed off on me. But even before that started happening, I had many supernatural experiences. Below is a picture outside the house of my grandparents in the North of Sweden. I was 16 years old and the year was 1986. The year before that, I did my first-ever Tarot reading.

Me, age 16, in Ottervattnet, Västerbotten, Sweden.

Saved but not delivered

Not long after the picture above was taken, I went to the USA on a high-school exchange year. The second family I stayed with was Christian. So in 1987, I started going to church with them. Three weeks later I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. The church I went to was a cessationist Baptist church. Because they did not practice the Gifts of the Spirit, I never received deliverance, nor did I learn about the need for deliverance.

And I was really in need of deliverance. At age 15, I dabbled in using a ouija board as well as did my first tarot reading. That same year, a psychic predicted that I would be a tarot reader one day. And because of the lack of teachings around these things in the church I went to, it didn’t take long for me to pick my occult and esoteric practices back up. I can honestly say, that I never for a minute stopped believing in Astrology or past lives until after I Christ delivered me from the spirits of witchcraft and divination.

After my return to Sweden, I stayed in the church for a decade+ before I had backslid far enough for that to no longer be tenable. By then, I was going through my first divorce and had started studying the tarot in-depth. Around the same time, I completed my Dance Teacher training with the University College of Dance of Stockholm in 2000. I had two beautiful children and a loving Christian husband but with the occult demonic influences in my life, I took a wrecking ball to it all.

Moving to the UK and life as a tarot reader

I remarried in 2001 and moved to the UK with my second husband in 2002, the year my youngest daughter was born. It wasn’t long after my move to the UK that I started a practice of witchcraft. There really wasn’t a single occult or New Age practice that escaped me after that.

I completed the TABI endorsement process in 2007 but it would be another 14 years before I decided to go pro as a tarot reader. In 2014, I became a Certified Realm Reader™. I became a Certified Angel Card Reader™ as well as a Certified Bach Flower Essences Therapist in 2015. I qualified as an Angel Medium in 2017 and am also a qualified Meditation instructor (2019). In 2022 I qualified as a Crystal Reiki Healer and an Angel Reiki Healer.

In 2016, I was one of the UK Tarot Conference speakers. Fate & Fortune’s Take a Break Magazine and the Northern Echo have featured my work.

I even created and published my own Tarot deck, the Frideborg Tarot. I was 100% dedicated to building my legacy through the work I was doing with the tarot and other metaphysical practices.

20-20 Hindsight

Then 2020 rolled around and I started hearing from God again. On some level, I knew that I was on the wrong path but I didn’t know how to break free. I had yet to learn about the need for deliverance from the spirits that I had invited into my life through my various occult practices. To be fair, I believe some were also generational (familiar) spirits since a few of these practices were rooted in previous generations.

So in April 2020, I tried to break free and in the summer of that year, I even decided to get baptised again. I felt filthy. But the spirits made sure I remained isolated and without recourse to the kind of information that could lead to deliverance and within six months I started slipping back into my old practices. At first, it was tentative but then I threw caution to the wind and went back to what felt familiar. Besides, I was convinced that my work was helping people.

However, the voice of God still managed to break through. For a long time, I tried to combine the Christian faith (or my esoteric version of it) with my divinatory practices but around the end of 2022, I could no longer deny that it was like mixing oil and water.


It was around that time (December 2022) that I started coming across videos about people being delivered from spirits of witchcraft and divination. Trust me when I say, the spirits did all they could to prevent me from going through with deliverance. First, I had to humble myself through fasting. Then I was finally able to pray for deliverance from the spirit of python that had been with me for God only knows how long.

Now there is no going back. I’m finally back on track and I pray that God will use my testimony to prevent others from going down the wrong path. Only Jesus Christ has dominion over all spirits. Spirits that help with divination do not bow to Him. Instead, they do their best to convince us that we do not need Him. Their message is the same as that of the serpent in Genesis 3:4-5 and there is nothing new under the sun. All these ‘New Age’ practices originate with the deception of the serpent:

But the snake said to the woman: “You certainly will not die! God knows well that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like gods, who know good and evil.”

Deliverance Prayer

If you resonate with what I share above, you may be in need of deliverance. Please feel free to use the prayer below to ask Jesus to set you free.

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