heron spirit message alignment light language activation for the 6th sun on the full moon lunar eclipse in sagittarius 2021

6th Sun Alignment and Light Language Activation on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

6th Sun Alignment and Light Language Activation on the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse

The arrival of the 6th Sun in Aztec prophecies coincides exactly with the arrival of the Age of the Holy Spirit. The gateway for this energetic shift is today’s Full Moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius. At the same time, we are also transitioning from the Age of Pisces and to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Aquarius is the first Age in the larger cycle of ages known as the Age of the Holy Spirit or the Age of the 6th Sun.

A Message from Heron

The message from Spirit below is about assimilation and letting go to make room for the new from the perspective of the wise and graceful Heron. Heron is the totem for this transitional period which is set to last for six years according to the Aztec prophecies. Feel free to use this message as a series of affirmations. Use them as often as you need in the coming weeks and months. Speaking these affirmations out loud can help clear your energy field of anything that no longer serves you. This is helpful when you step up to serve humanity in a bigger, more fully embodied way than before:

  • I assimilate the wisdom of the Age of Pisces
  • The white 6th Sun guides my inner work, as well as the evolution of the collective
  • I release any outdated modes of perception that have kept me stuck
  • My spirit is at peace within me
  • I patiently wait for my inner guidance to prompt any action I take
  • Old, reactive ways of doing things are released with ease
  • I call on the Holy Spirit if I ever feel stuck or lost
  • My guides and angels gather near to bless me now
  • I am free to start over with a clean slate
  • I commit to serve humanity for the Highest Good
  • Wisdom, peace, patience, and compassion guide me as I move forward with authenticity

Allow the light codes in the video below wash over you. You can watch the imagery, keep your eyes closed or do both if you watch more than once. Trust your inner guidance on which to choose.

light language activation 6th sun

6th Sun Alignment and Light Language Activation


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