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Unplugging from the Matrix Mainframe

living roots - unplugging from the matrix mainframe and reconnecting with Gaia

This is part my own thoughts and part activation from Mission Control for any Starseeds reading this. Many of the thoughts in this post popped up as a direct result of the liberation of my mind that also allowed me to write ‘Divorcing Jesus‘ the other day. This is the phase of my life where I get to set up a new framework, thanks to breaking free from the Matrix mainframe.

Like so many of you, I often felt in the past that I ought to fit inside an already created metaphysical framework. Unfortunately, that never worked for me. Now I see clearly that it was because those frameworks were part of or tainted by the Matrix mainframe. Quite possibly, you are reading this because Spirit is nudging you to break free and create something new too…

But before I dive into today’s theme, I’d like to pause and thank Doreen Virtue for the role she played. Without her steep descent into the kind of fundamentalism that I thought I had long since left behind, I wouldn’t have had to face my need to deconstruct this pernicious belief system. It was absolutely 100% necessary to do so before I can innovate a healthy, new framework. Doreen’s conversion set off an internal rollercoaster for me. This, in turn, acted as the trigger for my deconstruction process. Thank you, Doreen!

An ever-present threat

I think it is important to touch on the temptation of surrendering to fundie-style Christianity. The reason is that I see many in the truther community falling down this very dark hole. Trust me, as someone who has been there, I can relate. I understand the temptation.

Cosmic Empress nails it in this video when she says what the temptation is all about. It’s about the need for only having to make one more choice. One final choice, where you hand over all personal power (and therefore responsibility) to God. You basically incapacitate yourself to the level of a 3-year-old. I was there myself in the spring of 2020. I can vouch for how tempting that is when the world spirals down into chaos.

Cosmic Empress is also right about the karmic implications of falling for this temptation: When we hand over personal power and responsibility, we simply put a lesson on repeat!

The need to unplug from the Matrix mainframe

My current understanding of religion (yes, all of it), is that it has been tainted in the extreme. As for the Judeo-Christian/Abrahamic versions, please read my most recent post about Melchizedek, as it explains the roots of the faith that so many of us are born into.

Everything that involves money (and which religion doesn’t?) has been tampered with by those who have unlimited power and financial resources (the ‘elites’). Therefore, there is no religion that is a good fit as a framework for doing spiritual work, engaging in soul alchemy, performing divination, or doing magical workings.

That’s not to say you can’t engage in these modalities anyway. You certainly can and quite successfully… but not as successfully as you could within a sound framework. Our shamanic ancestors knew this. Their spirituality was integrated into religious frameworks untainted by archontic forces seeking to control them.

As an aside, there is nothing that is as tainted as the pseudo-religion New Age. This is not me saying that money is the ‘baddie.’ It’s just another example of how easy it is to contaminate a system that has large amounts of money flowing through it.

Creating my own framework

Thinking about creating my own framework for divinatory and alchemical workings, I imagine this framework as based on ancient Sophianic/Pagan gnosis as well as the lore of my Norse shamanic ancestors but dogmatically bound to neither.

The central component is always going to be my own experiences. I never did understand why we should take someone else’s word over experientially verified, personal gnosis. Think about it, ‘UPG’ (Unverified Personal Gnosis) is what all religion is based on anyway. The only difference between UPG and supposedly verified gnosis is that a few people agree. Whether or not they have actually experienced the same thing is hard to verify though. They could just be in agreement because it sounds good or plausible or useful.

So, in that sense, it’s to be a framework that is based on the connection of my heart to the heart of Gaia and Creator Spirit (Mother-Father God). I hope to understand this framework through and with the help of the runes, as well as with the help of my fetch and helping spirits. In my experience, the runes are living, intelligent forces that can illuminate us from within if we seek them sincerely.

A need for innovation

I have been thinking about the need for a brand new framework for some time. 2020 kind of forced this process. I keep finding that the already existing frameworks I try on for size are too small. It’s only a matter of time before I explode them with my mind. This is not a statement of personal pride. Rather it is an observation that many Spiritual Warriors are making now concerning a need for innovation.

You could say that Gaia-Sophia’s correction demands innovation.

It’s as if Spirit knows how sincere my quest for a decent framework is. Synchronicity is hard at work. In the book I was reading this morning, the word ‘framework’ popped up a couple of times. For instance, for the Elder Futhark rune Perthro:

“Perthro is the cup or framework from which, or into which, the runestaves are cast for a divinatory working.” (The Big Book of Runes and Rune Magic by Edred Thorsson)

Tarot Classic

The reading above confirms that the impetus to invent a new framework is indeed a higher calling (Judgment) that will help me create a psychic framework (4 of Cups) that can help me with my alchemical workings (Temperance).

Over to You!

Are you meant to innovate and bring something new to the table too? If you’ve read this far, I’d say, ‘Yes, you are!’ I’m sending you much love and many blessings. Go forth, brave soul, and shine your unique essence into the world–It’s what you came here to do!


Lisa Frideborg

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