Hadraniel Lionsgate Channelled Message

A Channelled Message for the Lionsgate Portal Event

A channelled message from Hadraniel for the 8/8 Lionsgate portal. Love & Light oracle card by Angela McGerr.
Hadraniel – Exist, transform, become greater

We arrived back home from our holiday in Crete on Tuesday evening. The following day, I had lots of little jobs to catch up on and by the late afternoon, I realised I was too tired to blog or vlog. During my week away, I had three major epiphanies about the crossroads I found myself at and I hadn’t even had time to integrate all that was happening.

However, as I started connecting with the powerful Lionsgate portal energy which is reaching it’s peak today, 8 August, I felt my energy levels rise back up and I was guided by the angels to share a Tarot message for Starseeds for today. Further guidance is coming in today: I am to be a guide for Starseed Lightworkers from this day onward, through my blogging and the videos I make.

As there are others who are doing this work, I asked Spirit to be more specific about who my audience is. I was told that I am to help those who are now in their 30’s and upward, who got lost and derailed from their mission due to severe trauma which has continued to create 3D entanglement.

I am equipped to act as a guide to older Starseeds because this used to be me. I will be 50 in January 2020 and I have been in a state of resistance to my calling for pretty much every step of the way. I easily got sucked back into 3D drama… UNTIL I surrendered, made myself and my spiritual calling a priority by establishing a daily meditation practice as well as following other self-care steps that allowed me to bring mind, body and spirit into alignment.

I am also equipped to act as a guide to older Starseeds because the Angels showed me how to reconnect with guidance from the Angelic Realm and the Star Nations at a stage of my life when I (or rather my separate self) had almost resigned myself to being ‘too old’ and it being ‘too late.’ It is never too late to allow the Divine to revitalise you by surrendering the separate/little self – Not until you draw your final breath… and even then you will eventually be given a chance to begin again.

The message from the Angels for today applies to all whom this message resonates with. It is from Hadraniel (‘Majesty of God’), an angel who can help us feel the love of the Creator in the Earth and who revitalises/expands our heart chakra.

The Hebrew letter associated with this angel is He (The Emperor) and the corresponding numbers are 1 (ruby red/root chakra) and 4 (emerald green/heart chakra).

Channelled Message from Hadraniel

Drink deep from the chalice of grace today, beloveds. Allow new roots to sprout and spend some time allowing yourself to feel nourished and revitalised by the Spirit of Gaia in nature. Allow this energy to travel up to your heart chakra, feeling it expand and radiate with a brilliant green light – a healing light that connects you with all of life and ends the grief of isolation.

Turn your face toward the spiritual sun, Sirius. Know that your intent is enough; You do not need to see the star. Intend to become a clear channel for wisdom from the Stars. Give thanks that it is so.

For it is gratitude that opens the channels of divine wisdom and the abundance this wisdom brings to Earth. Do you wish to hear the voices of angels? Give thanks that it is so. Do you wish to reconnect with your star family? Again, give thanks that it is so.

Set the intent to begin a new journey today. Set the intent to expand, grow and become the best version of your Self. This is what you came here to do. Your days of playing it small are over.

Set the intent to lead a spirit-guided life where each moment is eternal bliss and there is no pain of separation.

Allow your heart to explode with gratitude at the gifts of life, love, light and laughter that are yours to claim and pass on now.

Angel Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

Deck used: Love & Light Angel Cards by Angela McGerr