shem angel 45 sealiah

Shem Angel 45 Sealiah

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Shem Angel Sealiah

Sealiah, the 45th Shem Angel

There are 72 angels associated with the sacred name of G-d (Shem=the name). The 45th Shem angel is named Sealiah (Hebrew letters Samek, Alef, and Lamed + ‘iah’) and the name means ‘God who generates all things.’ The corresponding psalm is…

When I said, My foot slippeth; thy mercy, O LORD, held me up

Psalm 94:18

or, according to one source…

Let thy mercy, O LORD, be upon us, according as we hope in thee.

Psalm 33:22

Sealiah (aka Sehaliah) is one of the main angels to invoke for healing among the Shem HaMephorash. You do not need to wait until the ‘correct’ date range or hour to invoke him. My guidance for working with the Shem angels is that I can call on any of them at any time. This approach also deftly avoids figuring out which Magus to entrust with the timing. There have been a few different systems developed throughout history.

Of course, the same could be said about the other correspondences but for now, I feel comfortable working with the system outlined in the Tarot of the Holy Light. As you can see, I have chosen a Golden Dawn tradition deck in the image above. Please note that the correspondences we work with here are from the continental esoteric Tarot tradition. For future posts, I will show cards from Marseille-inspired decks. However, the system (once memorised) can be used with any 78-card Tarot deck.

When to Call on Sealiah

  • When you feel stuck and demotivated
  • For healing or to choose the best therapy available
  • Discover and remove a curse
  • Take back usurped rights and power
  • To open up to prosperity
  • For the best possible educational path
  • Energetic imbalances and disturbances

Tarot Correspondences for Sealiah

According to Christine Payne-Towler, the corresponding Minor Arcana card is the upright (daytime) 4 of Swords. The letter Samek corresponds with The Devil in the Major Arcana. The letters Alef and Lamed with The Magician and The Hanged Man respectively.

There is a simple Tarot meditation you can do to align with the energy of each Shem Angel. This mediation is from the companion book to the Tarot of the Holy Light. Place the card corresponding with the first letter of the angel’s name over the third eye chakra (brow). Place the card corresponding with the second letter over the higher heart chakra (centre of the chest, between the shoulders). The final card, corresponding with the third letter, goes over the sacral chakra (centre of the pelvic bowl).

It may feel strange to place The Devil in your brow chakra but here I understand it as the energetic imbalance that has taken root in the mind. The Magician in the Higher Heart chakra has the power to reverse, transmute and harmonise negative energy. The Hanged Man is the new, enlightened perspective we seek to integrate.

In a Tarot reading, we do well to remember Sealiah when the 4 of Swords turns up. This card indicates a need for healing for regaining peace of mind through meditation. The beautiful angel Sealiah is more than happy to assist us with this — all we have to do is ask!

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Decks used: The Guardian Angels Oracle deck by Hinkler Press and the Original Rider Waite Tarot by Rider Books.

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