Virgo Season Angelscopes 2022

With the Virgo Season Angelscopes, we are moving away from predictive month ahead Tarotscopes in the direction of angelic support and guidance. The angels have shown me that now is the time to do this. The reason is so that we can remain conscious and aware of the fact that we create our future by what we choose to manifest in the moment. This is especially important as our ascension journey is speeding up now. Also, Virgo Season is very much a season of the mind. Hence, it’s the perfect time to exercise our mental faculties to manifest our desires on the physical plane. The mutable Earth sign Virgo is ruled by Mercury, ruler of the intellect.

The angels we are working with for these angelscopes are the Shem HaMephorash, aka the Shem angels or the Angels of the Name. The card images are from Guardian Angel Oracle by Hinkler Press.

Virgo Season (23/8-22/9) puts the emphasis on physical health (digestive issues in particular), learning, writing, being of service, taking pride in our work, humility, paying attention to details, and becoming more discerning as well as less critical.

Virgo Season Angelscopes for All 12 Zodiac Signs

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Aries Virgo Season Angelscope

rehael virgo season angelscopes aries

Rehael rules the second decan of Libra and is ‘the angel of submission.’ This angel is guiding you to establish harmony in your parent-child relationships. Call on Rehael to heal any rifts in your bloodline, whether between you and older generations or you and younger generations.

Rehael can also help you detox both emotionally and physically to restore vitality. This is an angel of longevity so Virgo Season is a good time for you to look at establishing some healthy habits, with the help and support of the Angelic Kingdom of Light.

Affirmation: I create harmonious family relationships

Taurus Virgo Season Angelscope

manakel virgo season angelscopes taurus

Manakel rules the third decan of Aquarius and is ‘the angel of the understanding of good and evil.’ He helps us pierce the mirage of duality to the very core of eternal truth. His gift to mankind is discernment and he helps us learn from evil rather than to feel victimised by it.

Virgo Season is a great time to exercise greater discernment. Invoke Manakel to help you sleep better since a good night’s sleep is essential for our ability to discern the truth. Manakel can also help you find creative inspiration, especially for music and poetry. Lyrical gifts enhance intuition and thus the ability to discern. The greatest truth is often best expressed lyrically rather than through prose.

Affirmation: I intuitively discern the truth

Gemini Virgo Season Angelscope

pahalia virgo season angelscopes gemini

Pahaliah rules the first decan of Cancer and is ‘the angel of redemption.’ He is showing up for you in Virgo Season to help you find your way regarding your career and calling in this lifetime. Ask him for guidance and you will receive it every step of the way.

The way Pahaliah works to help you gain clarity about your calling is to clear out lower vibrational emotions and attachments from your life. Get ready to purge, in other words, and don’t shy back from doing shadow work.

Affirmation: I release everything that keeps me from my true path in life

Cancer Virgo Season Angelscope

cancer virgo season angelscope lelahel

Lelahel’s name means ‘praiseworthy God.’ She rules the third decan of Aries and is the angel of divine Light. Lelahel has a message for you this Virgo season: It’s time to stop hiding your gifts and talents from the world and step into the spotlight. Think about ways of making your work more visible through both paid and organic reach. Network and pray to cross paths with all the right people who would love to help.

If you lack clarity about the next best steps to take to get your work out into the world, simply call on Lelahel and stay open to signs and synchronicities.

Affirmation: I shine my light in the world and others are happy to help

Leo Virgo Season Angelscope

leo virgo season angelscope daniel

Daniel rules the first decan of Sagittarius and is ‘the angel of eloquence.’ Now is a great time to start any project that demands great eloquence and to do so with the assistance of this amazing angel. It doesn’t matter if it is a writing project you had in mind or if you feel called to share your knowledge/inspiration verbally in the form of talks, videos or podcasts.

Daniel helps us speak with compassion and in a way that touches people’s hearts. He does so by keeping our own hearts pure and focused on Divine Love. He helps us speak our truth in a way that never hurts anybody but always serves to uplift them.

Affirmation: My words are empowered with divine love and truth

Virgo – Virgo Season Angelscope

virgo - virgo season angelscopes chavakiah

Chavakiah rules the third decan of Virgo and is ‘the angel of reconciliation.’ If you have been burning bridges with people in the past couple of years, now is a good time to rebuild some of them. Chavakiah especially likes to work with us to heal any rifts in the family. He also helps restore vitality to family times and old friendships that have you have neglected.

Focus on forgiveness and being less critical of yourself and others. Remember, Chavakiah means ‘God who brings joy.’ Decide to be a bringer of joy in all your relationships.

Affirmation: I bring joy to all my relationships and forgive easily

Libra Virgo Season Angelscope

libra virgo season angelscopes hariel

Hariel rules the second decan of Gemini and is ‘the angel of purification.’ His message to you is an invitation to dive deeper into the connection with your Higher Self. Use your gift of discernment to sweep out any puritanical tendencies in favour of true purity of the heart. Recognise the purity in the hearts of others.

Hariel can also help you sweep out any toxic attachments to extremist views that no longer serve you so that you can achieve greater equilibrium. Additionally, invoke Hariel’s assistance in knowing intuitively which foods and substances you are better off ingesting. There is no one size fits all and Hariel can teach you to discern for yourself what truly serves you so that you can serve at a higher level.

Affirmation: I’m guided by the purity of my heart in all the choices I make

Scorpio Virgo Season Angelscope

scorpio virgo season angelscopes mehiel

Mehiel rules the second decan of Aquarius and he is ‘the angel of inspiration and vivification.’ Invoke his assistance this Virgo Season to bring you energy whenever you need it, in a balanced way. Do not rely on things like caffeine to get yourself going. Rather, ask to be shown more holistic and healing ways to increase your energy and vitality levels.

If you start feeling a bit ‘meh’ about any project you are working on, invoking Mehiel can help bring the spark back. Mehiel also reminds you to show your thymus gland some love this Virgo season. Are you doing the thymus tap daily?

Affirmation: I allow myself to feel inspired and naturally energised every day

Sagittarius Virgo Season Angelscope

sagittarius virgo season angelscopes mihael

Mihael rules the third decan of Scorpio and is ‘the angel of fertility.’ Couples invoke him both to conceive and for establishing harmony and friendship within the relationship. But whether you wish to give birth to a child or a creative project, Mihael can assist you.

Invoke Mihael and merge your energy with his when you feel in need of a better balance between masculine and feminine energy within yourself. This, in turn, will enable you to bring any creative projects to full-term.

Affirmation: I am infinitely blessed with creativity and give birth to all that I conceive that is for the Highest Good

Capricorn Virgo Season Angelscope

capricorn virgo season angelscopes ahaiah

Ahaiah aka Hahaiah rules the third decan of Taurus. He is ‘the angel of shelter/refuge and internalisation.’ Pay close attention to your dreams this Virgo Season. Many of the most important messages you will receive from Spirit will come to you in your sleep.

Invoke Ahaiah to keep you safe from external dangers and to literally shelter you from anything that threatens your peace of mind. Ahaiah helps us create harmony between our inner world and the world around us.

Affirmation: My inner and outer world are in complete harmony

Aquarius Virgo Season Angelscope

angelscope habuiah

Habuiah rules the first decan of Pisces and is ‘the angel of healing.’ His message for you about healing during Virgo Season is to seek out and heal the root cause of any dis-ease you are currently experiencing. Invoke him to help you rebalance after a stressful time that is ending now. You can also invoke Habuiah to help you find the best possible healer/medical professional to help with this rebalancing.

If you seek to develop healing ability yourself, Habuiah is a wonderful angel to work with. He will help you to quickly understand how you can best help others by becoming a clear channel for healing energy. Virgo season is very much about serving through healing for you. Even if you only actively work on healing yourself, your work benefits Gaia and all who are connected to Her.

Affirmation: Healing grace flows through me with every breath I take

Pisces Virgo Season Angelscope

pisces angelscope haiaiah

Haiaiel aka Haiyael is the ruler of the third decan of Pisces and is ‘the divine warrior.’ Invoke him whenever you are in need of courage. This angel showing up is confirmation of your current Spirit Warrior status, as well as recognition of all you have achieved for the Army of Light in recent times.

We can invoke Haiaiel on behalf of anyone, anywhere in the world who is being oppressed. Visualise him granting courage to the downtrodden so that they rise up. Angelic courage never leads to hatred of anybody. A Spirit Warrior fights with healing energy and love, not with hatred and bloodshed. If you feel yourself getting angry or filled with negative feelings about a perceived enemy, Haiaiel can restore balance.

Affirmation: Love is the only weapon that can defeat all the powers of darkness

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