full moon in sagittarius pick a pile readings

Full Moon in Sagittarius 2019 – Pick a Pile Tarot Readings

The exact time for the Full Moon in Sagittarius is 9.30 AM BST (UK time). This is a third decan Saggie Moon and the planetary ruler of this decan is Saturn. At the time of this lunation, Saturn is in opposition with Mars. 

In the Thoth Tarot, the title of the corresponding Tarot card, 10 of Wands, is ‘Oppression.’ While this may sound rather glum, I believe we have great reasons for optimism on the day of the Sagittarius Full Moon, especially since the Full Moon is directly aligned with the Galactic Center, allowing for spiritual downloads and mass awakening. And let’s not forgive that all the Tarot 10’s speak of endings which, though difficult at times, can lead to amazing new beginnings.

Free Yourself this Full Moon

Sometimes, becoming aware of oppression, self-imposed or otherwise, is just the ticket for resolving to free ourselves completely. For this Full Moon in Sagittarius, as part of a recent spiritual download, I’ve received information that this concerns freeing ourselves from old, outdate roles we have played that no longer serve us. I touched a bit on this in yesterday’s FB live.

The key to understanding what is going on with this is to realise that trying on new roles does not equal lack of authenticity. In fact, we can conclude that our current role, unless 100% aligned with our soul’s calling is not a true representation of our authentic soul self. So often, the role we play, is 90% on auto-pilot and running on faulty programming due to how we were raised.

The focus on this Full Moon then should be on casting aside those roles that we play like automatons and that no longer serve our soul’s purpose… and then to set the intent firmly for which new roles we may wish to play. Each of us play multiple roles depending on whether we are in a professional or familiar setting – This is only natural. Again, we recognise that playing a role does not make us any less authentic.

So which roles have you been too afraid to try… until now? Which roles did you once dream of trying but simply didn’t receive enough encouragement to go ahead? Here is your green light to go wild and try any new role! And, as always when trying a new role, there will be a phase where you have to practise. You won’t feel comfortable at first… and that’s okay.

Full Moon in Sagittarius Ritual

If you like, you can try a little ritual on the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Pick a physical item for each of the roles you are done with and either burn (safely!) or recycle them. Then you pick a an item for each of the roles you choose as a replacement for your outdated roles.

Go BIG with this! This is the Full Moon to stop making yourself, your heart and your life smaller than they ought to be. Choose a beautiful item and invoke the blessings of your ancestors and spirit guides.  Wear it or keep it near at all times in the coming weeks, until you feel comforable in your new role. And don’t forget that it’s okay to start with baby steps as you venture outside your comfort zone, which, as we all know, is where life begins…

Full Moon in Sagittarius Pick-a-Pile Readings

Full Moon in Sagittarius Pick a Pile Tarot Readings
The Secret Language of Color Cards, Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle and Path of the Soul Destiny Cards

Take a minute to relax, ground your energy and let go of any tension before making your selection above. These pick-a-pile readings focus on how to make the most of the Full Moon energy and the alignment with the galactic center for spiritual growth and heeding your soul’s calling.

You picked pile no. 1

You are a natural healer and your time to shine your light into the world has finally come. Gone are all the issues that used to hold you back. Gone are the doubts about your calling or your ability to fulfil your destiny. 

You finally know yourself and your own inner brilliance which comes from the Divine. It is important that you allow the divine to keep nurturing you now, so that you don’t end up drained. Having excellent DAILY self-care in place is the key. The reason is because many will be drawn to your light for healing.

You know that you cannot actually heal anybody else, you can only hold space for self-healing but they will try to draw on your energy, so regular alone-time (prayer and meditation) with the Divine is essential now that you begin your journey of Divine service as a healer in earnest.

You picked pile no. 2

You have been on a journey of creating more balanced life this year. This could involve some kind of health crisis or health scare but your situation is now much improved. While you have been doing this first and foremost for your own self, it has actually been in preparation for helping you lead the way as a spiritual teacher. 

You see, you are meant to lead by example and bringing your own life into balance is the first step before you can truly serve as a guide to others when it comes to mind-body-spirit wellness. 

You are incredibly supported on this self-healing journey and are getting much intuitive guidance on which healing modalities you benefit the most from. Keep trusting this guidance. You are on the right track and you are not doing this on your own – Your angels and spirit guides are cheering you on and giving you nudges about which area to focus on next, so keep on keeping on.

Next year, you will find yourself in a leadership position if you keep going and stay disciplined. It’s this discipline that will serve to build your confidence.

You picked pile no. 3

Yes, you have tremendous amounts of talent and you are absolutely right to put serious hours of work into developing your gifts and talents… but don’t take yourself too seriously and remember that excellence is not the same as perfection. Your best is and always be good enough.

You are incredibly gifted in an area that the rest of humanity can benefit greatly from. It is time that you have a bit of faith in yourself now. No need to wait until you ‘feel ready’ to show the world what you have to offer.

Share freely from your great treasure chest, trusting your spirit guides to show you which treasures to pull out first. Synchronicity will work in your favour regarding where and how to begin, so don’t ignore the signs.

You have a tendency to be in your head a bit too much and there are some critical voices in there that need to be silenced. Sometimes, the only way to get them to shut up is to do the exact opposite of what they tell you – especially if they are trying to keep you stuck in your comfort zone.

Love & Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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