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The Big Cats Are Gathering

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Big Cats

Hail Sekhmet, Bast, and Mafdet!

The Leo Full Moon was shining brightly when I got up at 4.30 AM. I could really feel the majestic feline energy of this lunation as I basked in her silvery light with mischievous February gusts howling all around me. However, it was not lions that had appeared in my dream last night but cheetahs.

Why cheetahs? Well, they are the fastest animals on earth, dontcha know? This can only mean one thing, events are about to speed up and you will have to speed up too if you don’t want to be left trailing behind. An awful lot of people are having the rude awakening that the narrative was never about a virus and always about a ‘Great Reset.’ The need to hurry up and get all caught up on what is actually happening in the world.

Rest Required

However, the energy expenditure required to generate the kind of speed that cheetahs are capable of also means that they need to rest and sleep a lot. In fact, they spend even more time napping than your ordinary house cat. Unbelievable, I know!

Awakening Now?

If you fall into the category of people who are currently going through the third wave awakening, you will no doubt need a lot of rest in order to integrate all the intel you are absorbing now. Switching from being spoonfed by legacy media to knowing what alternative sources to trust also takes a lot of energy. Go easy on yourself. Talk to people you trust who have been on this path for longer.


And if you fall into the category of people who have been aware since early doors of the plandemic (or even before it all started) know that we are building momentum toward a grand finale now and in the early spring. Some of the things that have been predicted in terms of the undoing of the WEF-puppets and their masters will be witnessed. It won’t be massive at first but enough for the momentum to keep building.

You too will need to get plenty of rest. Look after your central nervous system most of all. You want all your fast-twitch muscles to be precise and in pristine working condition when you do need to use them.

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Big Cats, Now Is the Time to Commit!

Are you a Big Cat? Are you ready to turn from the hunted to the hunter? Now is the time to commit to the cause of freedom and sovereignty if you haven’t already done so. Now is the time to commit to change and birthing the kind of future that mankind and our beloved Moder Jord/Gaia-Sophia deserve.

Do so in the knowledge that Mother herself is guiding us in the process. This is all part of her own correction as foretold by the Gnostics 2,000 years ago. This is the beginning of the end for those who wish to enslave mankind and rob us of our humanity.

If you are not sure about what your role is exactly in this apocalyptic moment, don’t be afraid to consult the oracle, whether it be runes, Tarot cards, or some other type of oracle. You need to ask, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘What am I for.’ But know this before you even ask, you are for bringing in the new. Innovation is needed for correction to become possible.

Therefore, go forth and be majestically feline in the best way possible. Observe quietly, rest whenever needed, and pounce at max speed when the opportunity arises… You’ve got this!

Love and Blessings,

Lisa Frideborg

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Decks used: Stardragons Oracle Cards, Gilded Reverie Lenormand, The Witch’s Familiar Runic Oracle