Full Moon in Aquarius 2019 Reading for the Collective

Full Moon in Aquarius 2019 Tarot Reading for the Collective

Full Moon in Aquarius 2019

A Full Moon means that the Moon is opposite the Sun. The Sun is conjunct both Venus and Mars in Leo at the time of the Full Moon on 15 August, 2019 (13:29 BST). According to some forecasts, this opposition could mean high drama and aggressive outbursts.

However, there is other, VERY interseting stuff going on at the same time, such as Jupiter being exactly aligned with the Great Attractor. Jupiter, as you may be aware, recently went direct in its own sign Sagittarius.

A Time for Release

A Full Moon is a time for reflection and release. Some aspects of what was begun at the most recent New Moon are culminating now.

When the Moon is full in Aquarius, we become more concerned with the Highest Good of All. It’s not a lunation that promotes intimacy but is more interested in bringing people together to create positive change in society.

The quickest change to create these changes is to BE the change we seek. Aquarius sometimes errs on the side of trying to use their intellectual ability to convince others about the best way forward instead of showing the way through their actions.

Release the need to be right and focus more on being kind.

Tarot Correspondences

The Tarot card corresponding with Moon in Aquarius is the 7 of Swords, a card titled ‘deception’ in the Thoth Tarot and depicted with a thief in the traditional RWS Tarot imagery. I’m not sure why the Tarot has chosen to focus on the shadow of Moon in Aquarius because it has many positive qualities.

Full Moon in Aquarius 2019 Tarot Reading for the Collective

Perhaps it is because a heart (Luna rules the emotions) that is too detached, aloof and disconnected from the realm of emotions expresses cunning rather than compassion when the latter is what is needed. That said, Moon in Aquarius in its balanced and harmonious expression can bring us peace, deep concern for the Highest Good of All and a sense of freedom that is truly divine.

In my experience, Aquarian energy is always aware of the possibility of choosing love in every moment of the eternal now but often lacks the sense of urgency to do so since it’s more often focused on innovation and other purely intellectual pursuits.

The Archangel I associate with Aquarius is the Archangelic ruler of Uranus, Uriel. Uriel/Uranus corresponds with the Tarot Fool card. The Tarot card corresponding with Aquarius is The Star.

Full Moon Reading for the Collective

Full Moon in Aquarius 2019 Tarot Reading for the Collective
Decks: Tantric Dakini Oracle and the Thelema Tarot

This is a time to release any tendency toward perfectionism as well as any fixed goals that we are not 100% sure are rooted in Spirit. If what we are working on is not establishing Heaven on Earth, why are we even doing it?

This is a time to embrace ourselves AS our Higher Selves and to unfurl our wings. We can be angels to everyone we cross paths with. We are able to always make this choice, so let’s commit now to staying on the high road.

Together, we rise above a consensus reality based on Newtonian physics… which is kind of ironic since Newton was a kabbalist (quantumtastic!)… and move toward the era of quantum miracles being made manifest (as they always have been) but also witnessed and explored by science.

We do so, centred in love, for it is from the heart our wings unfurl to touch the heart of the Divine, as well as the hearts of those around us.

We embody the Divine Feminine and Masculine in equal measure, whole and complete, wanting for nothing, seeking our nourishment only from the Heart of the Divine.

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Full Moon Blessings

Lisa Frideborg

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