Full Moon in Libra 2019

Full Moon in Libra 2019

Full Moon in Libra 2019

The Moon is full in the sign of Libra this week on Thursday 21 March at 
01:42 AM GMT (UK time), a few short hours after the Sun enters Aries and the Vernal Equinox (Autumnal Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere). Depending on where you are in the world, the Full Moon happens either on Wednesday or Thursday.

The Full Moon on Thursday is at zero degrees Libra which brings the fullness of the potential of the Libra Full Moon, for all of us, no matter what our birth sign happens to be. This is also a Super Full Moon, so the Libra energy from Luna will be extra powerful.

Let’s not forget that the Sun is in Aries at the time of the Full Moon, and the opposition between Luna and Sol, as well as the equinox energy, is what creates a focus on a need for balance – More specifically, how do we balance our own need to express ourselves individually (Sun/Aries) with the needs of those we share our lives with (Moon/Libra)?

The Full Moon in Libra brings in the qualities of harmony, beauty, peacefulness, diplomacy and sociability. Thus, for anyone looking to express themselves in speech, art or writing, try a new look/style, or who is looking to find new friends or even a new partner, this Full Moon is a good time to put yourself out there, as what you say and display is likely to be well received, provided you come from a place of genuinely wanting to share yourself with others.

With a zero degree Full Moon, we get the feeling of a brand new cycle starting in the areas ruled by Libra. This is a great time to recharge emotionally and leave the past behind.  So let’s see what message and further spiritual guidance the Tarot has for all of us about this upcoming Full Moon… 

Full Moon in Libra – Reading with the Frideborg Tarot

Full Moon in Libra - Reading with the Frideborg Tarot
Frideborg Tarot

The 10 of Swords speaks of a difficult cycle drawing to a close this Equinox Full Moon. This will be welcome news to those of you who have been struggling with a pattern of isolating yourselves in particular, since the 5 of Pentacles speaks of breaking free from isolation and from thinking of yourself as someone who has been left out in the cold.

You finally have the strength to get out of a victim mindset with regards to this and start making your own meaningful connections with the kind of people who are willing and able to reciprocate.

However, this will mean acquiring some new life skills and re-learning old habits. The Page of Pentacles shows us that now is a GREAT time to sit our asses down and study up on the skills we are aware that we are lacking in. There is no shame in having a beginner’s mindset when it comes to social skills if what we’ve done in the past hasn’t been working!

You can find a couple of different Libra Full Moon Tarot spreads HERE and HERE.

Love and Light,

Lisa Frideborg

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