Labour Pains

labour pains - ancient power mysteries and runes

Labour Pains and Heavenly Support

I’m not talking politics here. Let’s face it, there are only clown parties. The Dying Powers still handpick the ‘leaders’ of our nations. And these ‘leaders’ dance at the ends of the strings of the powers behind the globalist movement, as we all know by now. No, I’m talking about the labour pains many of us are experiencing in the days leading up to the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on 15-16 May.

But I suppose the two are tied in together. At least to the extent that part of the reason we are experiencing rebirthing is that we know the old is too dysfunctional to sustain any longer, whether we are talking about power structures or our own way of relating to the world around us. So there are two kinds of rebirth going on during this eclipse: a collective rebirthing of power structures and an individual rebirthing of a more fully integrated True Self.

There is no denying that the energies leading up to the eclipse are intense. If you are sensitive, you will already be feeling them. Just know that you are not alone. Also, please understand that Heaven wishes to support you through the process.

The Remedy for the Labour Pains

Tuning into the current energies and what we can do up until the time of delivery, I pulled the sistrum card from the Isis Oracle. When we rise again like the phoenix, we will rise with a stronger, more authentic voice. So this week is a good time to practice. How? By issuing fiats and saying our prayers out loud. By chanting. And by allowing ourselves to be moved by uplifting music that can nurture our souls.

The runes (Berkana, Raidho Rx, and a Bindrune for Initiation) speak of a time of waiting to give birth after dying to the old self completely. An initiation in other words. There was no surprise there, and I would expect no less at a time such as this.

Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter in Aries in the Run-up to the Eclipse

Tomorrow, 10 May 2022, Mercury stations retrograde and Jupiter moves into Aries. Some good journaling prompts for this week as the energies shift:

  • How am I allowing my own negativity to hold me back?
  • How can I slow down enough to do the inner work?
  • What does my soul need to feel nurtured now?
  • Where might I be tempted to rush in without enough forethought?
  • Why might I hesitate to move forward when I ought to be?
  • What habit patterns and addictions can I release with the momentum of the current celestial influences?

You can allow your Higher Self to guide you to the answers. However, you may also find it useful to allow Tarot cards pulled in response to each of the questions to act as a mirror for your soul.

Archangel Azrael

The main angel to work with this week leading up to the Scorpio Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is Archangel Azrael, ruler of Scorpio. This angel corresponds with the Tarot Death card.

Eclipse Prayer to Archangel Azrael

Blessed Angel of Transformation, Azrael, comfort and guide me this day. Help me to release anything that is not part of my authentic Self. Show me the burdens that are no longer mine to carry. Ease my heart in the midst of these labour pains and draw me into the radiance of the rising phoenix, to be reborn into the being of Light that I was created to be for the Highest Good. Amen and so it is!

Underworld Goddesses

Don’t worry if you don’t feel connected to the angelic realm. There are also plenty of Underworld Goddesses you can work with at this time: Hel, Persephone, Nephthys, Hekate, and the Morrigan to just mention a few.

Or you may wish to just turn to Divine Mother/Goddess without naming her. The following prayer can help ease your heart and carry you through to the rebirth you desire:

Rose and Fire of Heaven Prayer

Rosa Caelestis (celestial rose), unfold in my heart and guide me from within with your delicate fragrance.
Ignis Caelestis (celestial fire), burn away all fear and doubt from my mind so that I can rise again in my true form. Thank you and so it is!

The main thing to be aware of this week is really that it’s okay to not feel okay. And it’s more than okay to ask for help. Your team in Spirit is eagerly awaiting your request. They have volunteered to help you because that is how they evolve. So you are helping them by asking for help!

Love and Blessings,

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