Do This During the Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

neptune retrograde in pisces 2022 - 5 things to do

Neptune retrograde snuck up on me. In 2022, the dates are 28 June (yesterday) until 3 December. Neptune was in my blindspot for a reason. It has been transiting my 10th House Mars, North Node and Moon in Pisces for like forever. I was fed up with feeling like I was drowning in the Waters of Illusion and I was so over Neptune. I’m a Capricorn Sun sign and I need to get sh*t done! But Neptune retrograde is not a bad thing, not if we are willing to go within and do the work.

Make the Most of Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune is an outer planet so the influence on our personal life may be quite subtle but it really depends on your own natal chart placements. I’ve got Neptune right on top of my Moon right now and there is nothing subtle about it!

So in today’s post, we are going to look at how to make the most of Neptune Retrograde in Pisces. We have just over five months to play with for shedding our illusions and setting some medium-term goals.

The main benefit of Neptune Retrograde (if we stay present and avoid projections) is that things tend to become a bit clearer and come into sharper focus. We may no longer feel so prone to just fantasise about doing things and actually get to work instead.

Also, in relationships, any rose-tinted spectacles tend to fall off and we see the other person and the relationship for what it is, rather than for what we hoped it would be. We can decide if there is enough substance there to make a proper go of it or if we are better off on our own.

And instead of just happily bobbing along, hoping for the best, this could be a good time to choose a destination and hoist those sails. Hone in what truly matters and where you are able to make real progress between now and the end of the year… Then get to work!

5 Things to Do During Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune rules all things hidden, such as the spiritual realm. Pisces is the most spiritually most connected sign. Retrogrades are a good time to go within for realignment. Hence, Neptune retrograde in Pisces can help us tune into the subtle realms and help us realign spiritually. That is why most of the suggested activities for this season will have a spiritual flavour.

1. Dream Work

Start a dream journal if you haven’t got one already. Set the intention to remember your dreams before falling asleep. Write your dreams down as soon as you wake up. During Neptune retrograde in Pisces, messages from your subconscious mind may intensify and become more easily accessible. This is priceless so do make the most of it as it will greatly aid your personal and spiritual development.

If you have ever wanted to give lucid dreaming a go, this is also an excellent activity to engage in during Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Here’s a good video to get you started.

3. Purge and Detox

Neptune Rx in Pisces may make it easier to discern any self-destructive patterns that you have engaged in. This is especially true of escapism, whether that be in the form of buying things you don’t need or ingesting consciousness-altering substances that you know are toxic to your system.

You may even find that any substance cravings naturally fall away. That is great if that happens but make sure to support your body while it detoxes. Drink lots of water and use herbs that support the detox process like nettle, dandelion and milk thistle. Dry brushing is also excellent to help the lymphatic system.

The more clarity you gain as you detox, the more clarity you will crave and the less tempted you will be by the things/substances that tempted you in the past.

3. Establish a Daily Spiritual Discipline

You don’t need any tools to establish a daily spiritual discipline. You literally only need focus and your breath and you’re away. Mindfulness and breathwork are two basic tools that all of us can benefit from using and they are FREE. Spending time in Nature is also free and a great way to feel more spiritually connected. But please do whatever floats your boat on the vast waters of Neptune Rx in Pisces.

Maybe pick up some spiritual wisdom literature or learn how to do automatic writing. Connect with your higher self through journaling or become a Prayer Ninja. Work with the angels. The sky is the limit. But be disciplined, focused and consistent, and set aside at least ten minutes a day for your new practice.

4. Set Boundaries

As you are now focussing on your personal and spiritual development, it is more important than ever to have firm emotional boundaries in place. Neptune in Pisces is a difficult placement for this. It’s about as boundariless as energy gets. However, the retrograde actually helps us pull back from dissolving altogether. This is especially important for those of us who have been experiencing the Neptune transit strongly.

If you are a person with strong Pisces placements, you are probably like a magnet for energy vampires. They love that your boundaries are so flimsy and that your compassionate energy tastes so delicious. Neptune Rx is a GREAT time to stop feeding these narc sharks!

5. Honour Your Emotions

Neptune retrograde in Pisces can make it easier to keep it real. If we have a tendency toward escapism and projecting our feelings on others, this is a great time to get that tendency under control. Emotional honesty begins at home.

Own how you feel, as soon as you feel it. Speak your truth. Take action based on where your emotional signposts are pointing. Between now and 3 December, vow to stop bulldozing over or escaping your feelings. Swear to cry as much as you need to until every single feeling has been allowed to make itself felt. This is how you heal. There are no shortcuts.

You can, of course, use the Tarot to support yourself emotionally. I recommend journaling a daily draw of 1-3 cards, using the Tarot as a journaling prompt to connect with your heart.

I hope this action plan helps you make the most of Neptune retrograde in Pisces!

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